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Martellus Bennet, is he our future TE?


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The guy hasn't even turned 25 yet.


6-6 255 real good blocker and has all the tools to be a really good TE.


He was a huge underachiever in Dallas

Considered lazy

Not coachable

Bad attitude.



I think a change of scenery and being surrounded by a locker room full of winners could unleash the beast out of this kid.


We can probly get him on the cheap side and he hasn't turned 25 yet!!


I think it's definately worth exploring if Reese, and Coughlin think they can tap into this guys potential.


Hes already a real good blocker, and has tremendous pass catching ability. He was behind Jason Witten his first 4 years so ya.


I do have concerns about how well he can pick up the offense though.


But if we signed him to a nice economic deal, this kid could end up being a FA homerun or even a grandslam.

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In the 4 years Bennet has played for the Cowboys. Never have the words "Good" and "Blocker" ever been used in the same sentence to describe him.



Pass... This guy is more concern about his 'Clothing line' than his Football career.

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I think we can all agree that he is young and talented.


If we can get him dirt cheap then why not?


If he doesn't seem serious in camp then cut him.


I don't agree with that at all, he's not that good, I don't see how he stands out over the guys we have now.

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I don't agree with that at all, he's not that good, I don't see how he stands out over the guys we have now.

Well as of now going into next year we have



And Chandler


Wouldn't hurt to add some more bodies to compete for the job. I believe Bennet can play at a high level if he gets his head on straight.


Visanthe Shiancoe maybe a better short term



Is Tony Gonzalez a F/A??


Bottom line...


We need to add a TE or two this offseason.


Beckum and Ballard will NOT be ready Togo next year.

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I'd take a shot on Bennett for the vet minimun or something near it. I certainly wouldn't give him a sweetheart deal.


Honestly, Bennett isn't much different than the guys we have on the roster except for being healthy. However, that's a huge distinction.

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Here is the list of the free agent tight end class at TE:


Top Free Agent TEs

Jermichael Finley (GB) - Finley is an elite talent at the position and a big part of the tight end revolution sweeping the league by storm. With his body control, hands, and ability to win jump balls, he's proven unstoppable at times and drawn ample attention from defenses. After a 2011 season that featured numerous dropped passes, he failed to live up to his talent. The Packers will probably still attempt to keep him, whether it's through the tag or a long-term extension. If he hits free agency, he will surely attract a lot of attention even after a subpar season.

Fred Davis (WAS) - Fred Davis has surpassed Chris Cooley in the pecking order in Washington and is a talented receiving tight end that can get separation and eat up zone coverage. Depending on his own desires, he may receive a decent extension, or have the opportunity to play on a one-year deal to help him break bank next year.

John Carlson (SEA) - Carlson is currently rehabbing a torn labrum that has sidelined him for this entire season and his production dropped in 2010. That makes Carlson a potential sleeper pick-up in this free agent class. Though he's not a dangerous tight end in the mold of a Gates, Graham, or Gronkowski, he could become a sturdy combo-tight end in the more traditional sense.

The Rest:

Reggie Kelly (ATL)

Kris Wilson (BAL)

Scott Chandler (BUF)

Jeremy Shockey (CAR)

Kellen Davis (CHI)

Bo Scaife (CIN)

Donald Lee (CIN)

Alex Smith (CLE)

Martellus Bennett (DAL)

Daniel Fells (DEN)

Dante Rosario (DEN)

Joel Dreessen (HOU)

Jacob Tamme (IND)

Anthony Becht (KC)

Leonard Pope (KC)

John Gilmore (NO)

Tory Humphrey (NO)

Visanthe Shiancoe (MIN)

Randy McMichael (SD)

Justin Peelle (SF)

Billy Bajema (STL)

Stephen Spach (STL)

Michael Palmer (ATL) - Exclusive Rights

Richie Brockel (CAR) - Exclusive Rights

Zach Potter (JAC) - Exclusive Rights

Jeron Mastrud (MIA) - Exclusive Rights

Jake Ballard (NYG) - Exclusive Rights

Bear Pascoe (NYG) - Restricted

Matthew Mulligan (NYJ) - Restricted

David Johnson (PIT) - Restricted

Kory Sperry (SD) - Restricted


I don't think the Giants will devote very much money in free agency to this position. That said, I fully expect a free agent signing of a guy that could start, as well as a draft pick at the position. I think John Carlson is a very good fit. I think he would come at a reasonable value. I also wouldn't mind a return of Shockey, however, he's almost always getting hurt. But he played in 15 games this past year and 13 games in each of the previous two. I think at this point in his career Shockey would not command a huge salary and he is definitely more mature than he was during his tenure with the Giants. That said, that bridge may be burned, we don't know. I like Shiancoe and Randy McMichael as well, who would not be a costly signing, either.

The thing with Eli is he could take most of the guys on that list and make it work, so don't expect the Giants to make a sexy move here. I just hope we get a guy who develops into a top flight TE through the draft. And I'm a big fan of Bear Pascoe, too.

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I don't agree with that at all, he's not that good, I don't see how he stands out over the guys we have now.


We kindda don't have anyone now... aside from Pascoe. Although I heard this kid we have on the practice squad has a huge upside (sorry I'm not good with names).

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Lets bring Shockey back


Is he any good? Serious question because I don't think he lived up to the hype beyond his rookie year. Granted I don't think he'll have much of an attitude seeing how a. he's been humbled and b. Eli is hands down the leader ofthis team

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isn't tight end supposed to be really strong in this year's draft class?

I'm not sure, I here good things about the kid from Stanford ...Fleener i think?! Supposedly some kid from Clemson is pretty good. I'm gonna look into this in The upcoming weeks. I should have a full offseason report coming in a few weeks around the start of F/A

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What's up with Ballard? Or the amazing unreleased potential that is Beckum?


The problem is Ballard is a RFA and both he and Beckum will start the year on PUP because of their ACL's. So you can't go into next season with just Pascoe... a TE, probably 2, will need to be brought in.

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