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  1. Test test test https://m.imgur.com/kdgna76
  2. Ew ew ew for me Nosebleed won.. or Lug
  3. No doubt. I might miss some of it. If we did 10 pm I'd be a lock I'll plan accordingly
  4. Sadly Saturday is better then Friday for me but if we do Friday later at night that is better Let's decide a permanent draft time by tomorrow afternoon so I can set auto picks if needed
  5. I can do later then 7 eastern if it helps rik. I can draft as late as needed Friday night most likely
  6. Wtf was that lol?? Hey. Can we not re-draft next Sunday please. Any day but Sunday por favor
  7. Make sure you all send me dick pics. Thanks in advance
  8. I def wanna keep Michael Thomas if I have him
  9. Damn I missed the cut!! I trust you lug I don't want Ap
  10. Gotta plug my iPad in it's so dead
  11. Ok I'll join later today and set my keepers
  12. You.. Oh you. You guy you!!! You !!
  13. Nah leave the time. I have a wedding to attend the 3rd Your beat Nosebleed. Every year you complain about the draft time. Lug, great draft time selection buddy!
  14. Nice I'll check that old email soon... that account has thousands of emails on it soooo gross
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