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  1. True that, plus it's 3 hours difference for you as well. You probly love them. Too bad we get Gruden next week
  2. I'm officially old. This is the first game ever I complained how late it was Give me 1 pm or 4-430pm
  3. It's sad. It's on Reese (the OL/Flowers), but sadly, Perkins is JAG with good feet and vision nothing else..and not feautirig Marshall today was criminally incompetent of the coaching and Eli
  4. Time to fire Macadoo... 3 points.. No targets to Marshall.. Pathetic.. Seen enough
  5. Test test test https://m.imgur.com/kdgna76
  6. Glad they moved on from Deayon.. I liked him but he's simply too small.
  7. Thanks for posting. I like what they did with the TE/FB situation and the RBs/WRs
  8. Josh Johnson cut!! Looks like Geno won the backup gig
  9. Ew ew ew for me Nosebleed won.. or Lug
  10. Nice, I like it. Cuts are today?? Crazy
  11. No doubt. I might miss some of it. If we did 10 pm I'd be a lock I'll plan accordingly
  12. Sadly Saturday is better then Friday for me but if we do Friday later at night that is better Let's decide a permanent draft time by tomorrow afternoon so I can set auto picks if needed
  13. In 3 years we will read of a similar story to Adrien Robinson, except with a much worse ending since he's more crazy then AROB
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