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  1. Can't believe you bought into that before the season. You're never going to hear, "Yeah, we're a young team and we're going to have to transition this year more than likely to a rookie QB, so we expect to have some growing pains with our young players and lose a lot of games." But you probably should've expected that, I certainly did. I still like our young corners, V.
  2. They are raw...but Ballentine in particular, he is such an athlete. Among his position group at the combine, he was: 12th in 40 time with a 4.47 10th in bench press with 15 reps 5th in Vert with 39.5" 1st in Broad Jump with 11'3" 6th in 3-Cone with 6.82 seconds (Julian Love was 3rd, btw, with 6.72 secs) 9th in 20-yard Shuttle with 4.14 seconds (Love was 6th with 4.10) He's just an overall tremendous athlete and the early returns are good. I'm actually more excited about Ballentine thus far than Baker, even though I'm a believer with Baker.
  3. That was the perfect video to show before this season gets started. Gets me pumped. I've got the NFCCG vs Packers queued up now.
  4. Starting LG, actually. Doesn't matter much. He doesn't block well inside either.
  5. Can't believe it. The irony is they finally built the OL for him. I guess too late.
  6. LMAO, what's up, Wagno? Here's short snapshot of what I've been doing...working, playing a lot of poker, volunteering, and trying to keep the old lady happy. Really looking forward to this year's football team and hopeful for a crazy Mets postseason run.
  7. I agree, but don't be so quick to put Jackrabbit out to pasture! I really loved the Ballentine pick and think DG got a steal. Love really has impressed me, too.
  8. Hey man, hope life is treating you well.
  9. Guy I really think this opens the door for is Russell Shepard. I think he's going to be productive.
  10. I called him a bust back before his draft, for the lack of separation. Nothing's changed. At best he can be a big slot possession guy but that's exactly what we don't need on this team. He was marketed as a big, physical receiver but he is/was too slow, even for a big receiver, and he isn't even all that big. He'll likely get another chance or two in the league just kicking around the bottom of rosters and getting waived before his CFL career or whatever arena league is playing or just hang 'em up. With respect to Coleman, he has athletic skills off the charts...there's something there to work with (or was there).
  11. Guys that I really like at 37 (or higher): N'Keal Harry, A.J. Brown, Rock Ya-Sin, Lonnie Johnson, Dalton Risner. Really good chance one of those guys are available at 37.
  12. Time will tell. Jones could end up being a top 5 NFL QB. You just don't know. On the plus side, he really did elevate his teammates at Duke. And he has movement ability, and is smart. Will that all add up to a winner? Does he have the 'it' factor? I guess we'll see.
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