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  1. There was a graphic in the Eli retirement thread. OBJ was the clear #1 followed by Plax and Nicks.
  2. According to all the articles about the CBA talks, instead of a 17 game season, seven teams will make the playoffs from each conference instead. This will add an additional game wildcard weekend with only the best team in each conference getting a bye.
  3. It's the networks that own the audio recordings. And I don't believe the networks would have a problem with the amount of drama they could cover if they released a clip of Rudulph dropping the N bomb.
  4. Even if that's the case i still hold my opinion. It's Leonard Williams the guy didn't have have a meaningful game for three seasons before they traded for him. He was on his way off the Jets roster with a big old bust sign on his backside. What in the flying fuck made them think he would win them one game let a lone 4? Getty deserves a flogging for this trade, despite the things he may have done right so far with this team. And no CD the anger isnt directed at you, I agree with what you said you need to make moves that you think will help the team. Its just the fact that I'm sick of the Giants being known as a dumpster fire of an organization and trading away valuable team building capitol for a guy who might not even be on the team next year. If they traded for like Justin Houston for a third and fifth then great you added a solid player. Not Leonard Williams lol
  5. And once again I agree, if you think a player wil help your team, then go get them. However if if Gettleman honestly thought this team was one Leonard Williams away from 11-5 then holy fuck this guy needs to put the crack pipe down and get his ass out of the Giants FO.
  6. See I would agree but they traded for a player who didnt have a single sack all year, and five sacks in the last three. It's not like they went out and traded for Kahlil Mack or some proven pass rusher of defensive playmaker/leader. They traded for a former first round massively underachieving player. That's not something playoff teams do lol
  7. See that's my thinking as well. You have years of tape and game film, you have scouts you pay to watch players, and you can't determine if he's going to be worth a contract unless he's playing in a Giants uniform? Has there EVER been a time in the NFL when a team traded for a player just for an "audition" with no contract in place for when he arrives?
  8. Because Eli worked out. If Leonard walks and this team is still sitting at below .500 the next couple of seasons people will have a problem with this Williams trade and will be one of the thinga that is used as ammo to fire Getty.
  9. Kinda shows how easy these sports pundits flip flop on everything. October SI article "Carter isn't good at anything" February SI article "Carter is a good pass rusher and was misused" Lol
  10. Graham ran both in Miami he hasnt stated anything solid other than whatever fits the "teams strength" and what the offense is doing. He likes to have the DEs/LBs stand out wide in a two point stance sometimes he brings them both basically a four man front other times he only brings three basically a three man front. Offense comes out in a heavy set? Expect a four man line. They come out with multiple WRs Expect a three man line. The Dolphins had one of the higher blitz rates last year as well 7th or something in the NFL over 40% of the time they bring an extra man. Also the DBs play a lot of man coverage with Graham calling the plays.
  11. I don't disagree, a second round pick should be able to produce and play. I just also feel like Bettcher wasn't a good DC and he used a lot of players out of position. I mean it took him 10 weeks to realize what type of CB Baker was and not play him in soft zone.
  12. Damn for some reason I thought he was restricted.
  13. It depends on how much $$$ you spend in FA. If Williams goes and signs a 8-9 million a year contract with the Bucs, but the Giants go out and sign someone like Jones/Clowney/Najuookykugkukugjujujuj for 15+ million a year, then they wont get a pick. The best case scenario is the Giants put a second round tender on Williams, and some team is dumb enough to give us a second round pick for Williams and signs him away from the team.
  14. Yeah this article says when Carter is rushing from outside the tackle, he's at his best. However Bettcher on the other hand had him rushing as a DT or the inside shoulder of the tackle more often then from the outside. Also PFF is slowly ruining anything football related lol
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