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  1. Some rumors out there that Ryan is asking teams to move him to safety and still pay him good money. Just rumors but could also explain why not one has expressed much interest.
  2. Hold your horses fellas. Reports are that both sides were not able to come to an agreement on the contract. He's still a FA for now.
  3. I think it's just part of the life star athletes live from highschool onwards. Many of these guys don't even have to try in school or life, everything is just given to them for being good at football. It's just a complex they develop. I mean I remember in highschool being given passes on tests I never took because we had an out of town game. It can really make you think that you're untouchable.
  4. How is the NFL draft supposed to work? Will they just skip the draft and allow players to just enter the FA poll? Just limit how many a team can sign? I mean the entire MAC division cancelled their sports year. Other college programs are opting out. You're not going to have much film if some college teams only play three or four games. I dunno, going to be interesting.
  5. Outside of CB#2 I think the secondary is better. Bradburry is an immediate upgrade over Jenkins simply because Bradburry is consistent and he covers WRs week in and out, whereas Jenkins would have one good game then three bad ones. The nickle/slot has a plethora of options, McKinney is a great slot/nickle player, Holmes was considered one of the best nickle CBs in the draft, Love can play the position, Peppers is alright there, Cockrell as well now. The safeties are better since Bethea won't be near the starting lineup lol Love/Peppers, McKinney/Peppers, Love/McKinney are all great combinations. The second guy on the outside is up for grabs, let the CBs fight it out for the spot. Mostly I'm just glad the Giants have youth, much like at the Oline at these positions. We have talent that just has to be developed and show up. Unlike the last three years of relying on free agent journeymen to fill these spots.
  6. Secondary was going to be a liability anyways, Baker still was showing signs of regression near last year. Honestly though Bradberry signing looks like a genious move now. He's going to shadow a teams #1 all game, and then the Giants will just rotate whoever they think has the best match up against teams Y and Z.
  7. Good signing, three years older now though, not an outside guy anymore but he can fill in the slot ASAP. Lets the Giants focus on getting Bellantine/Love ready for the outside role.
  8. Yep, I was disappointed they let him go as well. He was the lone bright spot that year.
  9. I'm excited to see what we have in Bellantine/Love on the outside. Atleast we got the youth at the CB position and aren't relying on free agent journeymen.
  10. "Other team snatches him up" Dude wants 10+ million a year to play nickle corner in some teams system, if another team wants to pay him that then I'll gladly let that happen.
  11. Yeah I don't blame Getty, Baker was a first round talent with character issues, like he might not take well to certain coaching, and be a pain. I don't think there is a column in scout reports that say "High likelihood to rob a bunch of people at a card game"
  12. Thomas is an immediate upgrade over Solder and I don't see how you can say otherwise. Your hard on for the Hebandez hate is real but still he's not a lost cause by any means and now has one for the best Oline coaches to get him ready. Not to mention he's only in his third year. Rookie centers do well in the NFL and guess who the coach was he got many of them ready? You guessed it Colombo. Pulley also didn't do bad at center last year either. Zeitler is a stud and Gates can also fill in at guard. RT is the big question mark but like I said I think the plan is for Gates to start there. But your scenario of "if you lose a xyz player the unit falls apart" applies to many Olines in the NFL. The Oline is better and I think it will be, are we talking top 10 of the NFL? No way but it won't be bottom 25.
  13. Also soemthing to note is we have one of the best Online coaches in Colombo now on the team. Ever since Flaherty left the team all the Online coaches have been trash. I fully expect Hernandez to make a step forward under him.
  14. I think it's actually improved from last year. Thomas at LT. Hernandez at G. Hippo/Lemieux at center. Zeitler at G. Gates at RT. Honestly Gates played extremely well at RT in the later part of the season. The biggest question mark is center but Lemieux is the wild card and Pulley can even be a consideration there.
  15. Charged with four counts of armed robbery. Minimum of 10 years up to a life sentence if found guilty. Dudes fucked yo lol
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