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  1. lol Please for the love of god Mara, don't hire this guy. Holy fuck he's Shurmur 2.0
  2. I won't lie in kinda hoping he comes in and wins a couple games just for his last ride. But he'll have to outscore the opponent by 65 points to have any chance with this record setting defense.
  3. Well at least we would be 7 and 9 every season. The team of underachievers.
  4. Jones is hurt dog. High ankle sprain he's Ina walking boot like Barkley was.
  5. The whole situation is setup for an Eli win. Giants on a losing skid. Eagles in the playoff race. Eli having one last go before he's more than likely out the door. This has Eli fourth quarter magic all over it. Granted the defence is probably going to give up 29 points before half time and another 32 in the second half.
  6. THE GOAT! Really makes you appreciate how Iron man Eli really was. Inb4 we win the game and the media pundits start declaring Jones a bust and how we should keep Eli for 5 more years.
  7. Reports are he really wants the Carolina job. Why wouldn't he the owner doesn't force him to work with his family member or adhere to some stupid fucking "Giants way" complex which values culture over talent. Glad we have a 2 and 10 team full of team culture.
  8. Also another concern of firing two head coaches within four years. What type of head coaching prospects will it attract? You think some of those up and coming coaches want to come to an organization that won't even give them more than two years to rebuild? Could be a slippery slope if the Giants decide to clean house this offseason. Sure the organization is already in the gutter but why start building a reputation that you won't give anyone the chance to try to get you out of that gutter? Smells like the Browns organization.
  9. As much as I want to pull the trigger on Getty and possibly Shurmur o really believe they need to get Chris Mara out of that job. Since he's been the head of player development and scouting we haven't had much to any luck with developed talent outside of a handful of guys....who Getty promptly let go of or traded away. My only fear with a complete dismantling of the FO is that the new coach/GM brought in shouldn't have any restrictions such as you have to keep Jones or Barkley etc. Which means if the next OC doesn't want a power run game or the DC doesn't want a 3-4 defense, suddenly it's another couple years of roster turnover. And if they suck those two years people will want another fucking rebuild lol
  10. Might just happen with Getty here. Probably tell him to come in as DC and when/if Shurmur is let go he'll take the reigns. Then more disappointing seasons ahead.
  11. Atleast one of the owners seems to give a fuck about the Giants being the worst franchise in football the last three years. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001083677/article/giants-steve-tisch-season-has-been-very-frustrating
  12. I thought this guy was supposed to be the next best thing? http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001083687/article/carolina-panthers-fire-head-coach-ron-rivera Also Perry Fewell getting the nod as interim head coach.
  13. I'm starting to think that the offensive success when Shumur was OC had less to do with Shurmur and more to do with the talent on that team. Granted Keenum was the QB. But it's weird seeing teams have no problem moving the ball at will. Last time I seen that Ward and Jacobs were lining up behind Eli.
  14. So what could we get for Engram this off season? It's clear we need the draft picks, especially after that stupid fucking trade for Williams, but what could we get for him? I would imagine some team could probably give up a third round pick, maybe a third and a sixth? He's really the only guy who is worth trading during the off season.
  15. Another week another 3 tackles. Helping this defence hold the Packers to 31 points. By the way the third round pick is going to within the top 65 at this point. And we give the Jets a fourth round pick for when we resign him. lol Getty.
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