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  1. Joe Judge saying "fuck it back to 50s ball we go" Lots of fights breaking out at camps across the league. Under if vaccinated vs unvaccinated have anything to do with it.
  2. Also what's with not having a pass rusher on the team? We resigned our sack leader, and drafted the best rusher in the draft in round 2. Azeez is going to be a DROY candidate.
  3. They kinda hit lightning in a bottle. Wentz played lights out that year carrying them throughout the year then got hurt in the finals weeks of the season. Foles comes in and beats the Giants obviously and plays lights out throughout the post season, in some sort of weird story book return to the team that drafted you and go win them a SB. Then 2018/19 happened where you cant decided between your broken QB or the Old journeyman, and the rest of the team leaves in FA.
  4. Yeah Davis is an under the radar signing but he can start day one beside Martinez. This defense is going to be a fucking unit, top 10 of the NFL, which is going to be needed since we don't have a single starter on the Oline to quote Shakes.
  5. Gonna have to buy some more lube for all the riding of my dick that's going on. And yes, Tuney is still signed to this team. You know Tuney. Anti-vaxx Tuney. lol
  6. Dudes made of glass. His first two years though we're scary as a Giants fan, he is clearly a legit QB in the NFL he just can't stay on the field.
  7. Why should we even bother to watch the team at all?
  8. I don't know, DG drafted the guy, and if you listen to the phone call they had he was sincere in giving Kelvin a shot. Dude's a fucking nut job though apparently Carolina fans have been saying.
  9. To be fair it's his normal state.
  10. Also I still would like to see a single example of what your saying Shakes. A guy released from a team and then sign again for a lesser contract, and I'm not talking like a desperation signing like the guy was sitting in FA for months.
  11. I feel like this thread is basically Covid in a nutshell and what we've become. Your either horribly depressed and have the worst outlook on things like Shakes. Or you're just trying to enjoy the ride lol At the end of the day who fucking cares what GM did what or who is signed, as fans we can't influence anything and are at the will of the football gods. Lol what? Even I have to question this. How do you pay a player less who you are guaranteed to pay more while on the roster. "Hey you're a good guard in the NFL we are going to cut you then pay you less to stay with the team just promise you won't sign elsewhere pretty please" He has the highest paying contract with the Giants before we cut him. He went to a better team for middle of the pack salary, that should tell you something.
  12. Yep. Football regardless of who's playing is great to watch. NFL redzone is one of the best things to happen to the NFL viewing wise. When the Giants aren't playing I got it playing in the background.
  13. Because fuck this team amirite?or amirite? Wonder what the % is of the team being vaccinated.
  14. Has a player in the history of the NFL ever been cut then resigned with the same team? I'd like to know. Didn't the Solder restructure save us 6 million this year? His base salary is only 4 million this season. If we cut him it would of cost us more before the resturure soemthing like 13 million in dead cap. Solder sitting out pushed his entire 2020 contract to this year, cutting him would of been stupid, and the restructure was the best thing for both sides.
  15. "I don't want people have to any sort of fun" is what in getting out of this post lol But oh well, guess people just like being angry and mad about their hobbies all the time. And what do you mean "you people"?
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