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  1. I've hated all these guys the moment they got on the team.
  2. Also all I read are these articles about Engram being misused by Garrett. But then when game time rolls around whenever the game is on the like he shits the bed lol Dude is fucking done and get him off this team, last remnants of JRs shitty drafts.
  3. Also I don't want to give up on Jones, the Oline is trash, WRs are trash, RB are trash. But fuck he's taken a step back this year. Going to really need to take a leap forward next season if the Giants have any hope of righting this ship.
  4. Was a fun game honestly the best game of the year to watch. Shame the secondary is made up of only two starters.in Bradberry and Ryan. Peppers is basically a lb at this point. Also Engram is going to go to some other team on hype alone and disappoint another fan base.
  5. You know if DG had FAs like he had this past offseason and more picks like Lawrence, this team would be fucking nuts.
  6. Rumours flying around twitter from the NY pundits that it's all but guaranteed that Gettleman has been told this is his last year and he's either a) going to be fired or b) be allowed to "retire"
  7. Cause I dont lol https://twitter.com/SlaterNFL/status/1318602459300974595 It's funny when you think about his time in Green Bay it makes so much more sense now that articles were coming out saying Rodgers wouldn't listen to a single play call of McCarthy's and just go out there and call his own plays at the line. I guess when you don't have a HoF QB scrambling around throwing last second hail marys to bail you out, you get exposed.
  8. If anything a team wanting to win games should pick outside the top 5. Most of the time those guys don't work out and the majority of pro bowlers are in picks 8 to 15.
  9. Just bring up practice squad players to see what they have honestly. Really no reason to be throwing money at some scrub FA journeyman just to have him collect a check for the rest of the year and catch a few passes. Then again looking at the standings and only being a game out of first place is interesting.
  10. Not worried about the kid who had one albeit great year then is sitting out this season? I dunno I'd want more tape on a guy than a single year before picking him at #2 or #3.
  11. My phone typing skills need work eh.
  12. His FA this year are the studs on the team. Bradberry is the best coverage CB in the NFL, Martinez is a tackle machine, Ryan is a play maker into eh secondary and Fackrell is out playing his contract. To bad he couldn't do this every offseason.
  13. Oh I guess the run game got more push. Maybe Peart at LT and Thomas at RT is the solution. Honestly I don't care where who plays on the Oline as long as it works. If Thomas turns out to be the RT of the next 10 years I'll still be happy.
  14. I'll take it, it was pretty much the only win on the scdhulw anyways against the Redskins. The Giants were probably never going to get the #1 pick anyways with how bad the Jets look. Not mention there's rumors flying that Lawrence may return for another year of school as he doesn't want to play for shit organizations like the Jets, Giants or even Falcons at this point. Wouldn't be the first time a can't miss QB stayed in school to avoid the Jets.
  15. Also watched this game on my phone on and off as I was out and about. Defense looked good as usual, nice to see them beat up on a shitty Oline. Also throw money at Fackrell the guy is a play maker. Offence looked awful against an awful defense. Only good thing is tackles looked good against Young and Kerrigan. Jones still looks horribly average but he has no one to throw too, Slayton is the only guy out there who would be starting on any other team and he'd be the #3 option at best.
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