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  1. Someone posted in reddit a week or so ago "This will be the first time in a number of years no NY Giant gets arrested or charged" Well guess that's moot now.
  2. Pretty big roster turn over as well then with coaching staff leaving as well. You usually don't keep many head coaches in that situation. Wasn't really a good or bad decision just a football one.
  3. So with Donaldson basically saying Cole is smearing all sorts of shit on his balls (baseball's that is) are we about to see another Steroid Era smackdown by the MLB? It's almost the same thing; 1) Everyone starts juicing / Using sticky shit on the balls. 2) MLB turns a blind eye. 3) Ratings go up because of improved batting/pitching performance. 4) Whistle blowers start taking to the media but get ignored. 5) MLB continues to ignore it. 6) The public starts to get disturbed over all of it 7) The MLB does a 180 and distances itself from the players saying "We never knew this was happening!!!!? Clearly these three or four scapegoats we will ban for life were acting on their own and is a travesty to the MLB!!!? Ban ban ban ban ban!" 8) Teams find another way to exploit the game and repeat. It seems like every pitched suddenly got better and is clearly using something. Shit be wild yo.
  4. He was the first coach the team had when I started watching the Giants. He got Collins and the team to a SB when no one thought we would make it past the first round or even make the playoffs, and was the best at handling the NY media. Good coach, and an even better man from all reports.
  5. I hope I'm not reading much into it but he doesn't mean he's going to try and fit Golladay into the offense by changing how Golladay plays, and not fitting the offense around Golladay and just letting him run go routes, deep post/corner 99% of the time.
  6. https://www.giants.com/news/kenny-golladay-kadarius-toney-joe-judge-evan-engram-leonard-williams-otas
  7. 4 year, optional 5th, fully guaranteed 13.7 million.
  8. That's my thing about BBI the layout and format of the forum is just god awful lol Other than that I don't post but I'll read the occasional discussion over there.
  9. Ah ok This year is all about Jones for me. He takes a step forward then great we will probably be a contending team for years to come. He regresses? Well welcome to another rebuild.
  10. I mean three more wins than last season. Isnt that an improvement? This year is more of a year to see what Jones is about. Or is it playoffs or bust for you? Also hasn't it already been confirmed Barkley is back week one? He doesn't really need a training camp dude looks like he's putting in work anyways.
  11. They were good players when healthy as you said. But neither one could really stay healthy. Seems like that's the case with Olineman. They are either ironman tanks who only miss a handful of games in their career, or they are on and off the injury report every week. But as you said both had weird careers, still better than most guys who play in the NFL though.
  12. Him and Pugh were better players than we gave them credit for. The problem was they were the following acts to guys like O'hara (although Bass was the first stop gap) and Snee, so even if they were decent players, we still seen a downgrade at those spots.
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