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  1. The only bonus to all the contracts is Getty front loaded all of them. Most of the guys are gone after year two. It's almost like he expects to get fired or for the team to make a miraculous turn around and win the SB in two years before Barkley and Jones have to get paid.
  2. This is what I hate most about the signings. We settled for average players but gave them game changing money just because we had holes to fill on the roster. Why not draft for those spots to fill and go get one or two play makers? Instead of just throwing money at more average players just for the sake of having more players.
  3. That’s exactly what NFL Network’s Gregg Rosenthal did on Monday, claiming the Giants and Gettleman handed out two of the NFL’s worst free-agent contracts here in 2020. Blake Martinez and Kyler Fackrell, New York Giants linebackers: This is a classic case of a team overpaying for mid-level players in free agency because they can’t draft or develop at the position. The Giants’ linebackers have been a problem for years, so GM Dave Gettleman paid Martinez like a pass rusher: $19 million guaranteed and $22 million over the next two years. He would have been a lot better off just spending a little extra money on new Raider Cory Littleton or signing Joe Schobert, who went to Jacksonville. Fackrell was less of an issue — he received $4.6 million for one year — but it was another deal that had the look of an organization just hoping to climb back to the middle. https://www.google.com/amp/s/giantswire.usatoday.com/2020/03/24/did-new-york-giants-hand-out-two-nfl-worst-free-agent-contracts/amp/
  4. I like the Coleman signing before the injury he was looking like he was going to finally come into his own. Lewis? I guess he has a fresh set of legs from sitting behind Henry.
  5. All the mocks from the NY pundits have us trading down for a plethora of picks and landing every player we need. I don't see the Giants having a lot of leverage at pick #4, there are two prime QBs in the draft in Burrows and Herbert, and the kicker being Tua which some team might want to jump ahead of Miami to get. However Miami could also trade to #3 to get Tua. I wouldn't be surprised to see the first three picks Burrows, Herbert and Tua, which means the Giants stay put and get Young. I also like Wirfs and Becton more than Wills. Wills seems like OT you take at #15, not in the top 5.
  6. I think Fleming is a much better OL than anyone else we had in the bench last year. Bradberry is better than any other CB on this roster ATM but they paid for it. Other than that no not really. Giving a underachieving DT a 16 million prove it tag was kind of fucking stupid. Then signing a one dimensional LB to 14 million was also fucking stupid. Then signing a OLB who is basically Golden 2.0 for 5 million for one year is also fucking stupid. And there goes half of your cap space. I mean sure I knew this team wasn't going to make noise next year but at least make it look like you are trying to improve lol I know trying to build a winning team with a roster as void as talent as the Giants are is going to be tough but typically with FA your trying to bring in better talent not just replace it with the same level.
  7. With Gurley being released and Gordon supposedly getting peanuts for contract offers I've suddenly seen an influx of articles saying "The Giants should move on form Barkley after his rookie contract" or "He might be a perennial HoF player but the Giants might not need him" Are people really saying the Giants should let Barkley go? Do they really think RBs are that easy to replace? Do we remember the time we had Jennings and Varene as the main RBs? I hope they pay him 120 million over 5 years.
  8. This is actually one of the few moves this offseason that made this team better and not just a lateral move of talent. This guy is one of the better bench players in the NFL and can start in a pinch.
  9. Special teams ace from NE. We might have two guys go to the pro bowl now, Core and Ebner.
  10. Going to the Cards.
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