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  1. Allen would of obviously helped out the lack of pass rush day 1, however I feel if you have a choice of your franchise QB and a DE, then you are going to take a QB 9 times out of ten. If we didnt go Jones though I assume we would of drafted Drew Lock in the second round.
  2. Ximines actually had a better rookie season than Osi, Strahan, JPP or even Tuck.
  3. I like Ximines as a project player better simply because they are using him how he was used in college as a pass rusher/run defender. I'm sick of hearing about how Carter has had an amazing camp blah blah blah just show me some results it's year three. Your right they have to either just make Carter an off ball LB or a pass rusher stop trying to make him do both. Personally I think Carter would excell if they just put him at LB and worked on his pass coverage abilities and the odd blitz. We need LBs we have a roster full of pass rush projects. I think if Carter falters like he has expect Brown to fill his spot. Brown played the pass well in coverage and could get after the QB.
  4. Bakers lawyer now saying they have multiple witnesses and video evidence proving Baker wasnt there. Waiting for everything to be in order before Baker turns himself in.
  5. Sounds like the Baker pick wasn't the most popular even in the Giants facility.
  6. Honestly I was going to say if anything Love should be giving the outside spot week 1. Beal hasn't shown anything and Bellantine is horribly inconsistent.
  7. Nawww you don't issue a warrant with these type of charges on a hunch. The cops know it was Dunbar and Baker who are involved in this. I assume both are going to be out on the commish banned list until things get settled in court.
  8. To be fair Baker was well on his way to becoming a great corner. You don't really expect a guy who is set for life to wake up one day and say "Going to go commit a life changing crime now, BRB"
  9. Well atlast we signed Bradberry. Hopefully Beal/Bellantine are ready to step the fuck up. And that Danary Holmes was a pretty big steal in the fourth according to the pundits. Wonder if the Giants are on the phone with Logan Ryan, might have two FA corners starting at #1/#2 this year.
  10. All of it is moot though since we are still going 16-0
  11. I think 6 and 10 if very achievable with this schedule even pushing more wins if we get some lucky breaks or this defense takes a massive step forward. I think we sweep the Redskins like last year, however they are going to be much closer games. Between the Eagles and Cowboys games I think we win one or two at most. Cowboys had a fucking amazing draft haul and the Egils always have the Giants number with fluke wins. Outside of the division I see us winning against the Bengals and close games against the Browns and Bears. Arizona, Tampa and Pittsburg are wild cards but I think we lose these games. Seattle, LA, Baltimore, and the San Fran are going to be losses but it will be an interesting test to see what Judge and staff can do against some of the top teams in the NFL.
  12. Literally going Dallas, Washington, Philly after week 4 is about as drama filled as you can get. Fuck what a rough schedule lol
  13. Not opening against the Cowboys? The fuck? Also playing the AFC North and NFC West is rough, lots of good teams. Getting the Bears and Bucs as the two other teams is bad luck as well. Going to be a testing first year for Judge.
  14. He's shown a lot his rookie year both good and bad. Obviously we won't know what QB he will be in a few years but so far I'm impressed. Jones has that floating type of pass like Peyton Manning did. The ball just floats into the WRs hands in the correct spot. Some of those corner throws in the endzone are things of beauty.
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