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  1. Good article, you need a subscrpition to go to the website but some lovely reddit user posted it online. https://theathletic.com/2478020/2021/03/26/the-giants-had-no-cap-space-heres-how-they-spent-200-million-on-free-agents/
  2. It's just ore draft bullshit. Look at Fields the guy is clear and away the second best QB in the draft, some say better than Lawrence at things. But recently there are "QB concerns, toughness concerns" blah blah blah We all know it's just coming from teams hoping he slides, it's the same with Sewell.
  3. Ypc does not a RB make. I think we all thought he would get signed elsewhere but apparently the rest of the NFL doesn't think he's even worth vet minimum or he doesn't think he's worth that.
  4. It seems to be the new trend in the NFL. More coaches means more players get more time with the coaches. Also means more chance of a miscommunication or the blame game.
  5. Could be that he told the Giants to fuck off lol You never know what happens behind the scenes.
  6. RB market being less and less valued in free agency, what was the biggest contract for a RB this offseason? Jones in Green Bay? He's making 8 million a year? Unless your a top 10 guy who are the real difference makers out there on the field then the league looks at everyone else almost the same at RB. Gallman played alright but it was just because we had nothing better. The Giants brought in what? Three RBs after Bakrley was hurt? All trying to get something better despite Gallman being on the team. Not a knock on Gallman but he's a change of pace back in which there are
  7. 2021 - 6th round pick. 2022 - 2nd and 4th round pick.
  8. Worked with Judge in 'Bama. I'm starting to think Judge is putting Garrett on a pretty short leash. Kitchens is assistant OC, we hired multiple guys to the offensive coaching staff, passing game coordinator, etc. I'm willing to bet if going onto week 3 we look like an offense from the 1980s Judge kicks Garrett off the staff and let's Kitchens run the show.
  9. Flying the WRs, TEs and some OL out for several days of offseason training. I really hope he can stay healthy for 16 games this year and returns to form. He does all the leadership stuff right.
  10. I got to bump the draft threads from 2019 before Jones. I had some links to PFF/ESPN that looked at drafts and expected starters/years on a team. Basically the average is three guys (out of a standard 7 picks) we'll be on the team for four years. Of those three your lucky if one is a career starter and even more lucky if he is on your team after 7 years. The draft is a crap shoot even after all the years, your lucky if you get a guy who lasts his career on your team, even luckier if he's starter.
  11. Oh I also predict that after the pick someone here will post; "We should of traded back and gotten x amount of draft picks!!!!"
  12. I'm not saying he isnt suited for Guard, I'm saying he's a better tackle than guard, and would probably be a better center than anything. Slater is a technician, not a bruiser, it's why he was a OT in college, he has some of the best footwork and is probably the most technically sound OT in the draft, he uses his lack of size and strength and makes up for it in leverage and pad level on the outside. However you know where all of that means nothing? Playing Guard in the NFL. Guards in todays NFL are facing bigger/faster/stronger IDL players then ever before, you have guys who are 6'4 300+
  13. Since the draft is 26 days away, unlike mock drafts where we predict the players and are frankly played out and overdone at this point, I think it would be interesting to have a "predictions thread" i.e. what will the Giants do/not do in each round. We can then see after the draft who pulled off some Nostradamus shit, or who much like me, don't know what the fuck they are talking about. For example mine; Round 1) Giants go defense no matter what unless Sewell is sitting at #11, and it will be an edge player. Slater is probably a better tackle than guard, and probably a better ce
  14. Was due to make around 2.08 million, now will take close to vet min, freeing up over 1 million in cap space. Good move by Yiadom, with the signing of Jackson and the emergence of Holmes last year his cap hit would of probably made him a cap casualty.
  15. It's a long season, Cole has got to realize that. They are going 100 more games, no need to go out there and pitch 7 innings in the first game of the year, they paid him 300+ million for an entire season of work. Granted him and Ryu were pitching out of their minds, Cole has that streak going 6+ SO a game? Both bullpens did well considering the batting power both teams had. MLB needs to get rid of that runner on second bullshit though in extra innings, sure it speeds up the game but I just find it so beer league lol
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