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  1. Two time SB winning, pro bowl DE who is now the big time analysts for the Brittish NFL channel, right no one has ever heard of Osi Umenyiora lol Social media is a fucking cancer yo.
  2. Also god damn what a horrible day for Zach Wilson. 4 picks.
  3. Mahomes is just a stupid good QB.
  4. Watching the Ravens Oline and seeing Freeman basically rip off runs, makes me want to slap Getty.
  5. Yeah the illegal motion one was nuts. The other offside one well that was their own fault lol
  6. Good game between the Titans and Seahawks. Seeing teams that can run the ball makes me nostalgic.
  7. I'll never understand the Chargers. Every year you look at their team on paper and think "This team should be a powerhouse" then they just never are lol
  8. Lol what's with the Vikings and bad kickers? Vikings kickers missing game winners is as American as apple pie.
  9. I'm not talking about life after football, and I don't know what you're trying to say. Players dont care about team, they care about wins and themselves, which leads to their next pay day. There are players on the team who need to be loyal to a team because no one else will give them a job, I agree, but these guys are going to have little to no impact on the result of games, they will be role players at most. You think a guy like Snee would of stayed with the Giants if they didnt make him the highest paid guard in the NFL?
  10. Chase having a good start to the season.
  11. Chubb and Hunt are just a ridiculous 1/2 combo. Reminds me of the days of Bradshaw and Jacobs. Fuck those were the days.
  12. What a gamble by the Saints on famous Jameis. Sometimes you get the famous 4 TD thrower, other times you get the turnover machine Jameis.
  13. Nelson is just beating up on probably my favorite defensive player we have seen since LT/Strahan in Darnold.
  14. Teddy looks like shot against the Jags lol Against us he looked like Elway.
  15. Although Norman did have the feud with OBJ which was entertaining.
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