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  1. The problem is which team is going to take these contracts? If anything we would have to trade for example Bradberry and picks to a team just for them to take on his contract. Like Leonard Williams, I thought that the Giants would of moved him at the trade deadline, some contender looking for a IDL guy. Then I realized they would have to eat 20+ million on cap space. Which team even has that now? Lol Getty the gift that keeps on giving.
  2. Yeah completely forgot about Judge. Then again it's not like he's done anything worth remembering lol
  3. So after DG is gone as GM let's look at the state he's left the team in; Cap Hell - the 2022 cap is set at 208 million, next year the Giants only have 43 players on the roster accounting for 206 million. Oline still I shambles - We have Thomas and that's it, we still have to find four starters maybe three if Gates can somehow come back from that injury. QB doubts - Jones hasn't developed with a shit Oline and even shittier OC, and he's probably going to be a FA after next year, not to mention he might never finish a season healthy. No pass rush - Ojulari is the only threat and he is a rookie, Williams is laughing his way to the bank and Sexy Dexy isn't a pressure maker. No LBs - Martinez is gone after next season, who's the next guy up? Skill positions a big IF - Barkley probably never returns to form, Shepard can't stay on as the field, Engram is a bust, Toney can't stay on the field, and Golladay is probably wishing he didn't choose NY where careers go to die. Bradberry might be a one year wonder, Jackson's hurt, no other DB has stepped up and the only guy in the secondary with a damn is McKinney. MVP - when the only consistently good player on your team is the kicker you know the team is in a bad way, but on that note Gano for MVP dudes a machine.
  4. The problem with all of this is that Mara will never hire outside of the "Giants family" Not to mention I think he'd drop dead before he'd hire someone from the Newsome line, don't they have some beef going on? Newsome called Mara senior a racist? Could be wrong though lol
  5. You have to clean house at this point. There is zero reason to keep Judge. Not a single thing about him screams NFL head coach.
  6. It's almost like your franchise QB shouldn't be made of glass.
  7. As long as the game doesn't end in 42 points or more, who fucking knows which team is gonna win.
  8. I mean it's clear to see when Peart plays. He's an alright pass blocker but when it comes to the run game he just can't move people at all. For a guy his size there's some serious issue to his game if he can't move a edge defender.
  9. God remember the hamstring last year? "THE DOCS CLEARED HIM HES FINE, JONES SAYS HES FINE" Then he can't throw a pass accurately and can't run all game against Arizona. He gets cleared of the concussion "He's fine I had a concussion and was running head first into walls an hour later no prob" Then he throws 3 picks against the Rams. I mean the same thing is gonna happen against the Fins. The kid is clearly trying to play through the pain to be a leader on a shit franchise and I commend him for it.
  10. Jebus this kid is never going to finish a full season healthy.
  11. I think the offense is just greatly hindered by the hog mollies. Price and Skura are playing ok. Thomas obviously is the franchise piece but Herny and Solder are dragging the unit down. Occasional they can play alright which is when you see those flashes but more often than not it ends up with one of them fucking up. I think Kitchens tried to hide it with quick one read throws during the game and outside runs for Barkley but you can only cover up the glaring weakness so much. I mean Hurts doesn't play like a compete moron and we lost this game and by a wide margin, granted credit the defense and Graham for shutting him down. I dont think we are magically going to see this offense suddenly turn into a powerhouse it's going to take more O-lines pieces and more than likely a new QB.
  12. Please for the love of God, if Mara tells the new GM he has to keep Judge, someone should send Mara to the looney bin. Besides we all know that senile old fuck is gonna hire from within.
  13. Wasn't able to watch the game took a new job and was moving,but rewatched it last night. Although I felt this was like the Saints game where the Eagles mainly Hurts did everything they could to lose the game there was still positives. McKinney is going to a pro bowl this kid has turned into one of the best free safety's in the NFL. He makes good reads and he can make any tackle in the book. By far the best player on the defense at the moment. I assume its Kitchens but whoever decided to feed Golladay the ball more deserves two cookies. Actually game planning around the playmakers to move the ball who would of thought that was a good idea. Barkley had that big run, maybe gives him back some confidence that he can still be the player he was, hopefully we keep seeing that. All in all a sloppy game but a wins a win, normally the Giants would lose this game as well. The offense still isn't fixed and the defense was gashed on the ground again but atleast we beat the Eagles lol
  14. I know I can't relate to NFL players but playing highschool and college ball up here in the north when most of your games are played in cold weather, the coaches had us defensive players high five each other between drills. As you were running past one position group you'd high five each other and make it count. Whole idea was that your hands got used to the shock of being hit in cold weather and after a couple weeks they were basically numb to it lol Could be why none of my fingers want to bend the same way but that's probably from jamming my knuckles into facemasks all the time lol
  15. Found an old stash of Giants articles in my bookmarks from back in the day. Here's one of my favorites about the Oline. https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/giants/giants-offensive-line-article-1.334055 Shame to see we went from that to 10 years of just trash O-lines especially these last 5 years.
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