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  1. Bradshaw was better pound for pound. Love them both though
  2. They all should’ve been wearing masks and not been at a party 😡
  3. I do like that gettleman doesn’t get cute or care about staying in line with nfl media (who aren’t paid by nfl teams for their knowledge) big boards. He identifies who he wants and just takes him
  4. Why is this dummy putting a mask on in his basement
  5. I can’t wait for this draft. Aside from the curiosity of how it looks I feel like they’ll have no choice but to show more highlights instead of all the human interest/red carpet crap that’s been dominating it lately. I remember last year there were some picks with no goddamn highlights
  6. Hakeem Nicks was barely in the super bowl video and people to this day still think Cruz was our best wr of that era
  7. It made no sense. The guy was past his peak and we had just finished selling off big contracts. This Daniel jones pick is the only reason why he still has a little bit of goodwill left with me
  8. I remember people used to say this about mike barrow, but right now mike barrow would be a big improvement on this group. He’s not a 3 tool linebacker, that’s why he didn’t get major linebacker money
  9. Not Littleton but Martinez is a great consolation. Dude is in on every play. Nice contract too
  10. https://www.nbcsports.com/boston/patriots/tom-brady-announces-hes-leaving-patriots-free-agent-destination-unknown
  11. This is as bad as it gets. It’s amazing that O’Brien continues to be employed
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