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  1. Pick up his option and let him walk after that
  2. I’m so glad the Wilpons are gone and the knicks were decent so the media can start focusing on this guy. He’s been living off his fathers goodwill for way too long
  3. Mara’s a bum too, he ain’t noticing shit. He had a chance to fix this shit and he hired a joke GM and his brother is still in charge of scouting. Bet chris was over the moon when dexter Lawrence was sitting there at 17
  4. I’m out on this guy too. He’s all talk
  5. There is that at least. One turnover and 0 picks in 2 games
  6. He was nothing special before hurting his knee. Media has always liked him
  7. I can’t tell if heineke is good bc we just gave up back to back career games to him and Bridgewater
  8. I just explained to my wife that we can’t cut Lawrence bc he was a first round pick that we traded beckham for
  9. Judge is a complete fucking fraud. That’s the worst discipline in one game I’ve ever seen
  10. I wish someone gave graham a head coaching job. Jesus Christ what a fucking bum
  11. This is a badly coached team
  12. Not sure if it was mentioned in here earlier but we should’ve went for 2
  13. This is fucking pathetic
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