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  1. I bet he would’ve cost way less than 3 mil. If booker is a lot better then I’ll eat my words but I would be surprised
  2. Yeah that’s def some type of Samoan warrior tattoo on his arm
  3. At the very least it they’re not picking ahead of us now.
  4. Dolphins just moved back up from 12 to 6
  5. According to shefter they will be happy with whoever is there.
  6. He got rusty harden as his attorney. I remember that dudes name from the Roger Clemens crap from years ago
  7. Guaranteed written by guys who laughed at the pick. They always reach for any opportunity to manufacture a narrative that lessens the embarrassment of being wrong
  8. Looked him up on PFF. 1st in the NFL in sacks allowed (11)
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