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  1. Herc


    Yeah 5 year rebuilding plans are for bad front offices.
  2. I can’t take it either. I haven’t turned a sports channel on for anything other than game action in over 10 years
  3. The run game isn’t dead, it’s just how much capital should you invest in a player who plays a position that has a large supply of talent, a short shelf life, and more specialization/time sharing than ever before
  4. And now there’s a warrant out for his arrest for battery
  5. It’s a real tragedy that we couldn’t have a nice thing, but I don’t miss him
  6. Hope it’s because he’s worried and not because he’s already dealing with bad cte symptoms. Either way I’m glad to see him get out after all those concussions
  7. Can’t believe the chiefs grinded out that 24 point comeback and then managed another 27 points. That was a real bring your lunch pail to work performance
  8. The only point I’m making is that the nfl attempts more passes and attempts less runs than they did 15 years ago when we had running backs scoring tds in the high 20s.
  9. Yeah your second point is what I mean. Nickel had pretty much become the base defense for everyone, so some smart teams take advantage. Teams will copy, it’ll swing too much the other way in x amount of years, and then some team in 2026 will throw 70 passes a game
  10. It’s a season of overcorrection. At the end of the day the modern rules favor passing
  11. The browns players loved him when he was coordinator but I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not
  12. He was on Joe and Evan after the conference and sounded impressive again
  13. I’m just finding clips on twitter
  14. Chubb is great, so is hunt. Hunt won’t be on the team because he’s too good for the browns to pay his value while they have Chubb on the team. He didn’t take a ton of carries from Chubb anyway, He was more of a passing option and they had a lot of sets with both guys on the field together. If I had both guys I’d play them both too 🤷‍♂️ Congrats. I’m just saying only a Chubb fantasy owner would ever have a problem with the browns not burying a top running back talent on the bench.
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