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  1. Yeah turns out not being great at all 3 phases doesn’t mean you’re a bad player
  2. No problem. Hopefully you guys can handle Andy dalton because we can’t
  3. I’m with you. I just wanna do both. Better odds since we aren’t great at either. Maybe it’s time to let chris Mara go as head of scouting. Put Kate in charge of Draft scouting and Rooney in charge of Free agents
  4. Best OL. If we can score we can at least get to middle of the pack next year
  5. He was an awful signing. He looked done his last year in Detroit/philly and we gave him 4 years
  6. First ever move was to be on Jonathan Stewart’s doorstep the minute free agency started. I tried to be open minded to this guy because of the Jones pick but the guys a total joke and the game has passed him by.
  7. We’re never going to have a good offensive line are we
  8. Quentin Nelson would be a big help right now. Instead we have an all world talent running back that we can’t block for
  9. Turf Toe. Players can come off after 3 weeks this season
  10. Meaning the line was garbage when we drafted him. We have a hall of fame talent on a rookie contract completely going to waste because he has no help plus we are constantly playing from behind. The cowboys built their line and got 1,000 yards out of mcfadden before using a first round pick on a luxury item upgrade. They are now getting the most possible out of Elliot while they compete for playoff spots every year. We’re getting 50% of this kid’s potential while he costs pennies and not taking advantage of the value he brings relative to his cap hit. I’m all for picking up the option but
  11. It’ll be the equivalent of the transition tag for rbs that year. This year it’s in the 8-9 mil range.
  12. Yes, it’s 3 wasted years now with a team that wasn’t ready to draft him.
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