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  1. I remember people used to say this about mike barrow, but right now mike barrow would be a big improvement on this group. He’s not a 3 tool linebacker, that’s why he didn’t get major linebacker money
  2. Not Littleton but Martinez is a great consolation. Dude is in on every play. Nice contract too
  3. https://www.nbcsports.com/boston/patriots/tom-brady-announces-hes-leaving-patriots-free-agent-destination-unknown
  4. This is as bad as it gets. It’s amazing that O’Brien continues to be employed
  5. Hopkins and a fourth for David Johnson a 2nd and a fourth
  6. First time I’ve seen Littleton brought up around here. He’s a top priority imo
  7. I’d take it, would just be surprised if we got an offer that strong considering the current trade market. He’ll also probably be hurt by October
  8. Im sick of the injuries but aj bouye was just traded for only a 4th rounder. Yes, he’s a 13+ cap hit for two more years but he’s still better than engram at a more premium position.
  9. “An inside source says the Giants don't believe Evan Engram can ever stay healthy. The source believes Engram is a candidate to be traded during the upcoming season” https://www.espn.com/fantasy/football/story/_/id/28821779/berry-20ish-things-learned-2020-nfl-combine
  10. Or you could, you know, actually watch football games instead of watching people talk about football on tv. That’s why you had to run to google for some of that sweet sweet confirmation bias as soon as I brought him up. Ill tell you what, since you’ve probably only ever seen smith actually play football in a couple of playoff game highlights on sportscenter, next time you wanna do a deep dive on him ask Siri why the jaguars gave him one of the highest non-pass rusher linebacker contracts in the league.
  11. As usual your level of football knowledge is the exact inverse of your level of cringy irrational confidence.
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