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  1. Buffalo for sure for Barkley. But yeah if we had a new gm this year those guys would be gone, just like gettleman traded all those guys when he came in
  2. I’d feel the same way if we could execute them
  3. Probably Joe judge hurt it
  4. Picks 6 and 7 right now
  5. I hope all they do is shoot jump shots
  6. He was a terrible hire to begin with. I still can’t believe they did that
  7. Too many years behind a bad o-line. He’s completely shot mentally. I get anxious just watching his body language when the ball is snapped. He basically curled up in the fetal position on that 4th and 2 when he couldn’t hand id off
  8. Trade both picks for Wilson. He can play behind garbage o-lines
  9. I miss those bad years when we’d start 6-2 and finish 8-8. That’s like 10 steps up from the last 10 years of this franchise
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