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  1. I've led the calls saying Brady is a product of BB for years, fuck, dude proved us all wrong. Tom Brady is the greatest of all time. The fucking nuts on this guy to leave a secure legacy behind for a team that was under .500, with the money saying this move could only diminish his legacy and prove he was a system QB. And not just as a game manager, dude was top 3 in the NFL in yards and TDs.
  2. I mean, why not reinvent the nfl again? With defenses built to stop the passing game, maybe the Giants can come in with 2rb sets and dominate on the ground and quick passes.
  3. We'll see how hard Watson pushes it. They can ask that big price, but are they willing to play hardball when he opts out?
  4. That frustrated me a well. Morris had a few good runs several weeks ago, but he got too many carries down the stretch.
  5. Really hope Graham decides to stay. Garrett, easy to pile on him, but the lack of outside weapons, a TE that way under-performed, and losing the one player the offense was built around, I would like to keep him around too.
  6. So, hate to be negative, but that appears to be the game. All the momentum is with Dallas. Been here before.
  7. I don't know if it is more noticeable because of the conversation piece he has become, but yeah, there have been more than a couple critical errors like that this year.
  8. Such and up and down season, I would like to see them kick the shit out of the Cowboys, put it all together on both sides of the ball for one game, compete in a playoff game and prepare for next year knowing they aren't bottom dwellers. I'm tired of hoping the Giants lose to move up a few draft slots.
  9. I think just about every NFL fan, at least fans around our age that remember the great skills challenges of the 90s and early 2000s, have been calling for a revamped skills challenge to replace the pro bowl game for years. I cannot remember the last time pro bowl I've watched, but I can spend hours watching 20 year old QB challenges. I think they did bring it back recently to some extent, or tried it, but I can't recall if they still do it. But if they did the real thing, the whole multi-event QB challenge, 40 yard foot race for NFLs fastest man, shit like that, I could spend the whole day
  10. Something has to click for the guy, at some point. You can't deny the potential. I'm not a football analyst type fan like some of you guys, dissecting every player on the field, so I don't know if he is not getting open or the qb is not getting him the ball. A couple drops this week, but the offense also seems to have shifted from getting him the ball any way possible to he sees a few more targets than Tate.
  11. I guess if you hear the announcers saying "Engram has the best tools, the most potential, is a star in the making" week after week, it has an impact.
  12. My first half take, Colt looks like a QB, would like to see more commitment to the run game, the aggression is nice to see. I maybe wouldn't have chosen the exact method of going for it the first time (Punter throwing to the center), but for a sub-500 team that is trying to play inspired, I can appreciate the aggression. Defense has their hands full but has kept it from getting out of hand. Would like to see these long drives end with TDs. Not a lot of complaints really, backup QB, backup RB, very young oline and the offense has moved the ball very well. Defense is playing without th
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