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  1. I was going to bring him up too, as far as players most missed. I wish he would have been around for the super bowl runs. The Tampa playoff game is when my Eagles fan roommate at the time fell in love with Bradshaw. I loved both Bradshaw and Jacobs, but Boohyah is right. The difference between the to was Bradshaw hit the line like he if would make a hole if one wasn't there. Jacobs waited for a hole to open and then wanted to punish safeties. Both were great in their own way, but I always felt Jacobs should have had a much bigger impact than he did, there were a lot of failed conversions on short yardage because he wouldn't just plow into the pile. He was a little bi-polar as a player, there were games when he played to his size, but a lot of games he tried to be Barry Sanders in the backfield.
  2. I know several players already have it, and apparently it has run through the Rangers front office pretty bad. I think they'll play about a month and it will get canceled.
  3. My only real complaint is the failure to address WR in either the draft or FA. At least one big target would have been nice.
  4. I feel like THIS is the draft Giants fans have been waiting for. .
  5. Kiper said this morning he was the best available player for round 2, so I'm good with the pick, even though I trust you guys' opinions more than the experts. The homer in me wanted Delpit from LSU, reminds me of the honey badger in certain ways, always involved in the play. But I like this pick
  6. Same, I really wanted the Giants to draft him. One of the guys I'm really rooting for to have a great career, he's gotten a really raw deal so far in his NFL career. The disaster he was placed into his rookie year, followed by a less than fair way to trade him, and the clusterfuck in Miami where they were trying to lose by trading away anyone talented. only to be replaced b y another rookie. I hope he wins the job in camp this year and has a heck of a season so he can land somewhere full time.
  7. That Justin Hebert rage segment was just, weird.
  8. Yeah, Thomas was mocked to us in a lot of drafts in January/February before Wirfs and Wills started moving up - based on what I was seeing. I don't know who is going to be better, I just wanted them to take the tackle they thought was best.
  9. Yeah we need to trade down if we can pick up another 3rd rd pick at least. Maybe someone will get desperate and want to move way up to grab a QB. But with the Lions openly courting trades, I don't know how much we would get in return. If we can't trade back and pick up a 3rd, just take whoever they think is the best tackle and move on.
  10. I picked only for the Giants, the rest of the picks were auto generated by the site.
  11. Of course here is the fucked up part of the predicted part of my draft 23. New England Patriots Tua Tagovailoa QB, Alabama
  12. This is the 2nd full 7 rounder I did, I liked this first one better but didn't save it. 4. Jedrick Wills OT, Alabama 36. Kenneth Murray LB, Oklahoma 99. Thaddeus Moss TE, LSU 110. K'Von Wallace S, Clemson 150. Alex Highsmith EDGE, Charlotte 183. Stephen Guidry WR, Mississippi State 218. Trevis Gipson EDGE, Tulsa 238. Jaron Bryant CB, Fresno State 247. Joe Reed WR, Virginia 255. Cameron Clark OT, Charlotte
  13. I don't see how we could pass on Young. There are so many holes on this team that I think if arguably the best player in the draft falls to our lap, we have to take him I'd love to see us take a couple olinemen in the first few rounds, but if this scenario happens, unless some team out there suddenly wants to trade up for Young that can reach 4 but not 2, I think we thank our lucky stars for the windfall and take him.
  14. I mean if the haul if right, sure, and the injury concerns are valid, but he's a top tier talent at the position and we're not really falling over ourselves with pass catchers for DJ. Not sure if just moving him to more of a WE would help reduce the injuries, I don't know what his breakdown is of percentage played on the line and split out, but maybe he doesn;t need to be on the line at all?
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