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  1. I mean if the haul if right, sure, and the injury concerns are valid, but he's a top tier talent at the position and we're not really falling over ourselves with pass catchers for DJ. Not sure if just moving him to more of a WE would help reduce the injuries, I don't know what his breakdown is of percentage played on the line and split out, but maybe he doesn;t need to be on the line at all?
  2. I've seen 1 or two of the tackles, Jeudy, Simmons, and even the CB from Ohio State who most people think Detroit is taking.
  3. Yep, that season I think it is clear the Giants were the team to beat. Hard to say if it was losing Plax the player that derailed them or the entire clusterfuck around the shooting or what percentage of both, but I think up until the incident I was never before and never since more confident in a Giants team week to week and seasonal destination.
  4. That is an excellent point - was Simmons even a top 10 guy before the championship game? I didn't look at any mocks until recently.
  5. I didn't, and still don't, know much about him. I thought his numbers were great and he looked like he had talent based on highlights, but I had doubts about him based on only one year as a starter. Honestly, I think being a QB in this league has more to do with what team you end up on, what system you end up in, the coach, the owners...than it does raw talent. Is there really a huge talent difference between an Aaron Rodgers and a first round bust? I'm in the corner that sitting a year is prefered to learn the mental game at the NFL level, but a good coach will recognize the needs of the individual and cater his development based on that. I guess what I mean is I think Haskins would have a much better chance of becoming a star under a coach like Andy Ried, Sean Payton, Carrol, than Jay Gruden with Snyder as the owner - guess we will see if Rivera can coach him up.
  6. My intiial reaction as well, but honestly if we could pick up an extra 3rd this year and a third next year, and still get the guy at 6 that we wanted at 4, that's a win. What would suck if Miami just loves Tua and trades down if the Chargers take him and Simmons is gone at 5. Still a few options there like Jeudy, the Oklahoma WR, a couple tackles. There are a few teams that could trade up to 4 to get in front of Miami and SD that are QB hungry though and we could still get one of our top 3 guys.
  7. Love me some Eli, I can remember watching LSU vs Ole Miss thinking how awesome it would be if the Giants drafted him, before I even knew the Giants would be in the QB market.
  8. This is a pretty amazing coaching staff being assembled. Is this a factor of Judge being this respected around the league or is something else going on? 13 year NFL HC with moderate success as the OC. Immediate former HC as, what, TE coach? Two-time college HC with some real success as a positional coach? Just all around a very experienced staff and successful staff at various ranks of football. I am super fucking stoked about this team guys.
  9. I could see Carolina or Denver, hell maybe even Tampa trading up to 4 to draft a QB. Dolphins and Chargers are both probably looking to draft QBs.
  10. Titans have a lot to be proud about. Don't know much about their roster but they made it a long way with mediocre talent at the QB position.
  11. Saw a tweet on espn that said one of the cons of hiring Garret was that he is very likely or could very well leave for a HC job next year, meaning the third OC and third system for Jones in 3 years. That's true of any potential OC hire, but maybe especially true for JG. On the other hand, I could see JG sticking around a few years while he re-establishes himself as an offensive guru and waits for the perfect HC opportunity. I guess it just depends on what jobs become available next year.
  12. Just a quick reference, most of the mocks I saw (3 of 8) have of taking Jeudy. Totally fine with that. Would love to address the ofensive line, it appears there is a lot of mid-1st round depth but none at really the top of the round.
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