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  1. Almost exactly a year after that bad looking neck injury.
  2. Both fumbles and the first pick you can't really put on Jones. The second pick is his though
  3. Same, I've been an LSU fan since I was a kid in Louisiana, and Burrow is one of those guys who just exudes greatness. There was never a moment that was too big for him, and you knew he was going to do whatever it took to win. His football maturity is way beyond his age.
  4. Burrow has that combo of physical talent and mental readiness. He takes the field like Montana or Favre, like he expects great things to happen because he controls his destiny.
  5. Fuck it, I'll say it. Giants are putting up 35 in the second half. Still lose, but it'll be a fun half.
  6. Lol. There was three dudes covering him.
  7. It's my one stretch of three to four hours in a week where I get to drink beer and smoke cigars with no interruption. A good game is just a bonus.
  8. It's a bad look for the Giants and the NFL. A lot of the country saw the dude stumble back to the huddle and have to be carried off. Back a week later. I would say the NFL's concussion protocol is shit.
  9. what the fuck kind of on sides kick was that?
  10. Yeah, this isn't a discimplined team or a very inspired team.
  11. Not for nothing, Engram is making some tough snags.
  12. Up and down, up and down. One week it looks like they are putting it together, the next they look like the worst coached team in football.
  13. Wow. Dude proving he is the best player on the team and does that stupid shit.
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