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  1. I definitely got "future Kurt Cousins" vibes from Jones last night. Yeah, his stat sheet looked ok... if he keeps his turnovers down... he might just be "good enough to lose."
  2. Jones and the O-line looked better. Literally everything else looks worse. I'm thinking I might bail on all this unless we somehow make it to .500 at some point. It's too nice up here in Autumn to waste my Sundays on this shit.
  3. I'm gonna say he's worse than Issac Yiadom.
  4. Actually don't answer that. It deserves it's own thread.
  5. How bad is Adoree Jackson?
  6. Taylor Heinicke might be a better QB than Daniel Jones.
  7. Whelp, that frees up my Sundays till January.
  8. Have the Giants had a sack tonight?
  9. Holy fuck Daniel Jones sucks.
  10. Refs clearly in Washington's pocket. These calls and non calls are fuckin ridiculous.
  11. Yep... in the past ten minutes Bradbury gave up a TD and the Giants went 3-and-out. Looks just like last week.
  12. Wow this defense fucking blows
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