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  1. Dude, what's with the weenie pics? Even when I dated crazy broads that would send me nudes I never sent any back* because I knew it could come back and bite me in the ass. *Also because my weenie looks like a Vienna Sausage in a sea of brown Ramen.
  2. I felt the same way until last off-season... but honestly, fuck those people. They showed up in literally EVERY online forum two summers ago when they went and singed/traded for everybody in the world and talked SO MUCH shit. Plus Baker Mayfield is a douchebag. So yeah, fuck the Browns and fuck their stupid fans, I hope they lose for another 40 years.
  3. Bienemy looks good on paper, but honestly I could win with an offense that stacked.
  4. I'm not saying the line was great this year, and I know sacks went up, but they definitely were passing the eye test more often than not during the last eight games. I wonder how many sacks were the O-lines fault and how many were Engram, Toilolo (who is a very up and down blocker), and the RBs. Gates played really well down the stretch, borderline dominant, as did Thomas. Peart and Limeaux need a little work but we knew they'd need a little work. Time is catching up to Zeitler and we'll need to do something there. I think a Thomas, Hernandez/Limeaux, Gates, Pulley, New Guy/Restr
  5. Yannick is definitely a head case, and we've been trying to get rid of those guys for the past three years.
  6. They're not losing Williams or signing Yannick.
  7. So who is the more useless first round pick... Ike Hilliard, or Evan Engram?
  8. Fuck yeah. Love that guy.
  9. If that's the case it's a pretty easy choice. Try to get a 7th for him but if nobody bites, cut him.
  10. I think Engram's contract is guaranteed, no?
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