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  1. When I was coaching youth football, there was one sweep play that was unfolding exactly how we had drawn it up... a fullback, guard, and WR with the back about three yards behind him and only a safety between the runner and the end one. All three whiffed on the block. Like... they just watched the kid run right between all of them and make the tackle. If one of the blockers had just fallen down or gotten in the way it was 6 points. I just about lost my shit.
  2. I had wanted Zack Martin.
  3. Only checked out a little of his tape, but his footwork is light years ahead of Thomas... who reminds me a lot of Flowers.
  4. I don't want him because I think he'll be productive for us. I want him so that he won't produce against us.
  5. If for no other reason than to keep the Cowboys 300 yards and 3TDs short this year. Hell, maybe he can even explain to the Giants how to keep TEs with blazing 5.86 speed from getting open six times per game.
  6. Sephiroth


    Weren't they 4-12 last season? This is a crazy league.
  7. You think? To me it encapsulated what's wrong with the game today. Mahomes breaks free and there's three defenders in position to clean his clock... all three pull up because they're scared of getting a flag. Absurd.
  8. I love this team and this game. It's like a Giants/49ers match up from 1986.
  9. 79 views... only one of you homos think it's weird? Remind me to never drink water with you guys.
  10. This does sound good, except I don't know what you mean by "cover the TE." I've been watching Giants games a long time and I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to do that. You know, it's funny... I've read the same thing and I think he'd be super interesting to watch... but I also wonder if he's the straw that stirs the drink... would the whole defense fall apart when he's inevitably out for 6 weeks? There's also the whole, "if you have three positions, then you really don't have one..." For the record though, I love him as a player and I'm not even sure I subscribe to those two ideas.
  11. If we can somehow get Callahan as O-line coach we're gonna be STACKED for coaches on this offense.
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