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  1. Agreed 100% Dude has a stacked roster and still can't win. We'd go 0-16 with Garrett running this roster.
  2. Giants were officially eliminated from the playoffs last week.
  3. Ron Rivera as DC Norv Tuner as OC If that happened, I might actually be OK with Shurmur for another year.
  4. Can't wait to see old Derp Face out there one more time...
  5. i come home and the vacuum is out, the cabinets are all opened, but no rug is actually vacuumed nor any dishes put away. He came really close though!
  6. I was telling my son during the game he's Oliver Vernon 2.0
  7. Agreed. I didn't expect more than six wins this season, but we really needed to see progress from the team. Aside from Jones, I haven't seen progress literally anywhere on the team.
  8. So I took my kids bowling during the second half. How bad was it? The usual "we didn't make any second half adjustments and the other team scored 14 in the 4th while Nate Solder gave up 3 sacks" deal?
  9. This black overlay on the field has to go.
  10. Staring to look like the team has given up.
  11. Wow three straight Saquon runs up the middle for six yards. Nice to see Shurmur opening up the playbook.
  12. A Mc Donald's burger is better than bread and water... but it ain't no steak. I'd like a steak.
  13. Sadly, I think this is true. Maybe if we got a real OC and took playcalling duties from Shurmur we'd be ok. He definitely has the locker room set straight but holy fuck he can't call or manage a game to save his life.
  14. Normally I'd agree with you... however, I think eight Super Bowl rings and twenty years of sustained success gets you a lot.
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