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  1. We probably still have time for a Daniel Jones turnover though.
  2. When that pass bounced off Engram's hands is there anybody who didn't think Philly wouldn't come right down the field and score?
  3. Wtf was Golden Taint doing on that runback?
  4. Jason Garrett should take note of these route combinations. There's somebody open every play.
  5. This is line was pulled off the street last week and they're pushing our D-line around every run.
  6. Good thing we have all these run-stuffing d-linemen.
  7. Eagles are going to eat up 5 minutes and end with a td
  8. Fackrell is really under control with his rush.
  9. I'm starting to think Daniel Jones is not very good. His reads are slow as fuck.
  10. We sure can make no-name scrubs look good huh?
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