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  1. Conklin is a weird player. Twelve months ago there was a lot of, "good thing we didn't draft that guy, he's always injured and hugely overrated." Now everyone is lamenting that we didn't get him. I guess we'll see.
  2. Looks like we can forget about the Irish kid too.
  3. I really would have liked this guy too. Hope we draft somebody serviceable or that Irish kid from last year surprises.
  4. Bucs O-line is not very good. He might not make it though the midpoint of October.
  5. I thought the same thing. You should see the "Blake Martinez is overrated" videos. He's Alex Ogletree.
  6. Dunno what people are talking about. Getty drafted him, front office loves him from top to bottom, he's clearly a generational talent and in a "down" year still had over 1600 scrimmage yards. Imagine how he'd be with NFL caliber coaching and O-line. Oh yeah, he's also only 23 and under contract for 2 more years with a fifth year option. People just need something to say this time of year.
  7. Similar skill set to Barkley so if Saquon misses a few game or needs to come out for a series or two you can still run your offense. One year deal and the guy is only 29. Good pickup.
  8. Man I miss that guy. Michael Strahan said that pound for pound, Bradshaw was the toughest teammate he ever had.
  9. It's been a pretty disappointing offseason for sure. This was supposed to be the "we're out from under these big contracts, let's make a splash" offseason but like Drizz said, these have been lateral moves at best.
  10. Core is worth it. Best gunner we've had in a long time.
  11. Yeah me too. It's a decent signing.
  12. With this draft light on pass rushers, I think we may have to face the reality that last year's pass rush might be this year's pass rush.
  13. I'm beginning to lean this way as well. I'd give two years though... I think it all hinges on Jones... but at this point Gettys made as many bad decisions as good ones.
  14. We cut Ogletree but replaced him with Ogletree, while still paying the salary for the old Ogletree.
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