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  1. The thing is too... some of these guys aren't going to recover from this. They'll get "better" but only have 70% of their heart efficiency when it's done. Their careers will be over. Also, what happens when you get the O-lineman that has COVID for 3 weeks but loses 30 lbs? Now that guy is already out of shape/weak and trying to block a 270lb defensive end or 330lb DT. There will not be a season this year. Maybe we get two games.
  2. How does that place even exist when the members drag their knuckles and don't know how to read?
  3. Ha! I knew I could draw you out of hiding!
  4. You know, we may finally not be a bottom-5 unit at LB for the first time in forever. Markus Golden was pretty decent for us last year, and between Carter and Ximines one should hopefully emerge on the other side as well. If not than Kyler Fat Girl might return to form and become a decent pass rusher again. Martinez was a pretty meh signing, but I thought Connelly looked really good before the injury and has been cleared to play. Mayo is at least serviceable and a good special teams player. Cam Brown looked better than decent in college as did Carter Coughlin at MLB and weakside, respectively. I'd be pretty happy if these guys ended up somewhere in the middle of the pack in the positional rankings this year and I think they might be able to do it. A far cry from the Spencer Paysinger - Mark Herzlich - Some Other Guy for sure.
  5. No reason for Solder to play. He should be with his little boy anyway.
  6. There is an entirely new staff that has yet to meet its players. Yes, COVID isn't an excuse against the Washingtons and Dallases of the schedule, but it's going to be a huge deal vs. the Pittsburghs and Baltimores that have had the same staff and 80% of the same roster.
  7. The team is getting a pass this year due to COVID, if there even is a season.
  8. He's not locked up for this year until training camp opens on the 28th.
  9. I knew one of us would win the lottery eventually.
  10. He's a top-10 QB, but near the bottom of that group. I mostly agree with his assessment, but I have to admit there seems to be this knee-jerk reaction among league analysts that "once you're down by 10 points you're have to start throwing the ball." Unless it's the last 4 minutes of the game, I don't understand this logic.
  11. Josh Jones, a projected 1st rounder, would have looked pretty fucking good in blue.
  12. I saw something the other day that said half our cap is tied up in Williams, Solder, Bradbury, and Martinez. If that's not a championship roster I don't know what is.
  13. This one of the reasons why I don't think we're having a season. August rolls around, six teams shut down training camp due to COVID... are those contracts still fully paid? If there's a four game season, are contracts pro-rated? What about incentives? Suppose you get a 1m bonus for ten sacks and already had six? What about injury settlements? Does COVID-related complications count towards that if you caught it in your own locker room or from an opposing player? It's such a legal shitstorm, I could easily see the league saying "fuck it, we'll try again next year."
  14. I don't think there's going to be a season.
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