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  1. Back when I used to play fantasy football, Matthew Berry would always call August 8th "Jeff Fischer Day."
  2. This headline is seriously right up there with "NFC East Teams Hate Him." or "Draft a QB in Round One Using this One Weird, Old Trick."
  3. Uh... no it fucking shouldn't. Please WTF, give up your entire draft and future picks to take a guy who played football for one year against B- competition. Holy fuck, sports writers are dumb.
  4. Bruce Arians had the most coaches in the league last year and that seemed to work out OK for him.
  5. Yeah it's really weird. Dude was productive when given the chance and there's no doubt he runs hard, but somehow he found himself in the doghouse of 3 different coaching staffs.
  6. Probably just "we have to have something to talk about" like RG3 being drafted over Luck.
  7. I had read in a few places and the Giants podcast guys confirmed... Sewell is sliding on draft boards. If that fucking guy is there I think you have to take him if Pitts and Chase are gone.
  8. 1. Kyle Pitts will be available at 11, and we're taking him. I was fully in the "don't take a TE in round 1" camp, but he really is a special player... dude's body control is fucking ridiculous. If he's gone, we're selecting Jaylen Waddle (I don't think Shepard will on the team with his injury history for more than 2 more seasons). 2. We go O-lineman in round 2. Best one available, but I think if Wyatt Davis is there he's the selection. 3. Joe Tryon in round 3. 4. We select another WR and RB this draft; possibly a developmental DT in round 4. 5. Season to tast
  9. He certainly has the "Eli Dumb Face" down.
  10. We're gonna have a really good d-backfield. Yiadom was a decent starter during the second half of the season and now he's probably going to be the 4th corner on the team.
  11. Rumor has it Beal has rubbed the new coaches the wrong way and will probably be cut.
  12. If Zaven Collins is there in the second I think he's got a great chance to be the pick. Dude totally looks like a New England linebacker and just think what our DC could do with him.
  13. Wonder if this means anything for us. Eagles looked like they might be interested in a QB but now probably not, and Dolphins definitely not. 3 QBs gone + 1 O-lineman + 4 WR/TE options... unfortunately doesn't equal up to a great possibility of us landing one of the guys we want.
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