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  1. Clearly we're going to have to go to his Twitch stream and see if the game was paused at any time.
  2. We would have drafted Justin Herbert. I guess we'll see. Jones to me is going to have an Alex Smith-type career (which is fine, I've always thought Smith has been a very underrated QB for his career). Herbert reminds me of Carson Wentz. We'll also have to see what Andrew Thomas becomes. I think he's going to be a top-5 left tackle for the next decade. So to me, it's Herbert/Allen vs Jones/Thomas.
  3. You should listen to the podcast with him and Ryan Duneavy. Lombardo is actually the sensible one of the two.
  4. He had a decent last 5 games or so for sure.
  5. For the record, I wanted A.J. Brown in that spot, or Cody Ford.
  6. Talk about fucking the Golden Goose...
  7. I'm seeing 6-10. I'm ok with that too. Last season was ridiculously easy and Shurmur the Murmur couldn't muster up 6 wins.
  8. We have him for two more years its looks like.
  9. Yeah I remember for a while looking at our draft picks and thinking, "we always hit on the first round but everyone else sucks."
  10. I know we've had this discussion before and yes, his drafts were bad. Also, Tom Couglin kept the worst strength and conditioning coach on the staff for 14 years, and ran players that were injured into the ground. When half of your draft picks have ligament tears and Jerry Palmieri is in charge of getting you back onto the field what do you expect.
  11. With a little polish and good coaching this guy has a chance to be the next Anthony Dable.
  12. That's much better than market value for those guys.
  13. Clowney is much more (non-football) name than player. Look at his entire career and you'll see an injury prone player who's competent but nothing special. Also I have no idea why every time I reply to this thread it puts a Temp quote in there.
  14. My son met Niko Lalos at a few Dartmouth games. He's a really nice kid.
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