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  1. If our front office hadn't been fighting for their lives, we probably could have found some takers, though admittedly at a low price. It's why I said after the Rams and Cowboys' games that we needed to cut bait with Getty, promote Abrams as interim GM (only interim, to be clear... he's not the future) and trade away as many of these big, underperforming contracts as we can. The Saquons, Bradberrys, Golladays, Engrams, Slaytons, etc. of the team could probably net you a few third-rounders, and while that's not "value," in the grand scheme of things those guys aren't part of the future anyway (next year is a wash with our cap situation and the fact that we don't have the front office in place). I honestly don't believe in any of those guys... the franchise needs a fresh start. I think there are teams that would have been interested in all those players. The Ravens would love to have a Bradberry right now. Green Bay had interest in both Slayton and Engram if you believe the chatter. Saquon is still a name; there would have been a taker for him. Instead, we kept two guys in Getty and Judge that aren't going to be here anyway, we got no extra draft capital, and we're stuck with a roster of underperforming or injured players. It's an even less palatable place for any good GM to land. As usual, we've somehow taken a bad situation and made it worse.
  2. Drafted Jones instead of waiting on Herbert the next year.
  3. It's almost like we should have traded some bloated contracts at the deadline to make it a more palatable place for the next front office. But hey, Saquon looks awesome with his 40 yards per game and Bradberry only kind of got burned this past weekend, and we did score 9 points, so there's that.
  4. I had not heard about the Falwell connection, in which case I would auto-not be interested in him as well. Otherwise though, I feel like most of the criticisms about him are the same that people had about Jackson. I know they're different players, with a different work ethic and levels on competition in college... and I'm honestly not even sure I'd like Willis as I haven't really taken a dive into the draft class for real yet... but I would definitely trust a Hortiz/Roman combo to get it right.
  5. Don't think so. I did a quick Google search and it said Mara went to his GM Forum last year which definitely sounds like a good sign.
  6. The jokes write themselves with this fucking guy...
  7. I have a plan to fix the Giants. 1. Hire Joe Hortiz from the Ravens. 2. Bring in Greg Roman for HC. 3. Draft Malik Willis and let Roman develop him into the next Lamar Jackson. Also draft the best OT and Guard you can in the first 3 rounds.
  8. I was gonna comment on Judge's management, but he saw me open up my browser and then called a timeout.
  9. I've watched the entire game... I think this is a great reminder why I stopped watching the games. 4 minutes left and still in it but it's the most boring, pathetic football I've ever seen.
  10. Didn't they fire him because he sucks?
  11. The Giants really miss Jones today. If he were playing we'd at least have 9 points on the board.
  12. Don't we all know how this goes at this point? 1. He's hurt but plays anyway. 2. He doesn't play very well. 3. The team loses again due to Jones' poor play.
  13. What exactly is "Judge's line of thinking?" "Wait a year to fire your inept OC," or "play Oshane Ximines over Markus Golden?" Actually, it's probably "burn all your timeouts in the first quarter."
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