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  1. If I remember correctly the team had pretty clearly quit on him and the Shockeys and Strahans of the team were running their mouths non stop.
  2. One of the best games I've attended. Maybe the best. RIP Fassel. Hope you made it to the Big Boat in the Sky with High End Hookers.
  3. How do you know he's a Trumper? And is he friends with Jim or something?
  4. They both had weird Giants careers. Pugh was missing more and more time and looked like his body was breaking down. I know Arizona was unhappy with him at first but I think he had one season of grading out pretty well for them. Richburg? Flopped at Guard, but was arguably the best Center in the league the following year. Followed that up with an average season but then missed 12 games... with a concussion? I'm all for player safety but I've never heard of someone missing 12 games with a concussion; in a lost season my guess is there was something else going on there.
  5. Looks like letting him walk was the right choice. Honestly, I feel bad for the guy
  6. Honestly, we need help on the interior of the line, and I'm sure Moses doesn't wanna take a pay cut and/or play guard this season. He's probably just not in the cards. I'd rather wait for a serviceable guard or center to shake free.
  7. As a jew that can part the Red Sea of WFT, I think Gettleman is obligated to sign him.
  8. I don't remember any players looking tired in the 4th last year. I fucking love coach Judge and the culture he's created. Daniel Jones had all the WRs, linemen, and RBs down to Arizona for practice, and Logan Ryan got all the DBs together in Florida for drills and comraderie. For the first time since Coughlin, it really feels like the team is BUILDING something instead of just showing up for work.
  9. In related news: Noted Sportswrathian member Sephiroth doesn't know how Jamis Winston will look this season.
  10. Guess they liked what they saw in minicamp.
  11. He needs to be off the team. The fans are going to just fucking kill him the first time he drops a pass this season.
  12. I don't remember who the opponent was... I think maybe Green Bay... but there was one game two or three years ago where we were coming off a Monday Night game, the opponent was coming off a bye, and we had to travel to play them for a 1PM game. It was such bullshit... the opponent literally got twice the rest and preparation and of course we got fucking crushed.
  13. I went and watched more video... dude looks like a 4th round linebacker.
  14. I think we'll like Jamin too.
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