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  1. Ha! That was beautiful Nem. Sounded like a true religious experience. Ike it is.
  2. This is gonna suck, especially if we lose Graham. Like really suck. If both the offense and defense have to learn all new systems, it’s like starting all over again, and practically erasing everything that was built this year.
  3. I love that this is considered worthy to move it to Sunday night. I hate that it’s on Sunday night. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”
  4. Wow that was awesome. Lights freaking out. Can’t believe how far this team has come since 0-5
  5. Yep. Besides, it’s not like most of us weren’t watching the games. We were just pissed at the outcomes. For me, regardless of how this year plays out (especially now since Dimes is down) I’m pumped for the future of this team. I think Joe Judge is the real deal, and is gonna make this team competitive a lot more often than not.
  6. Neither was Eli’s shoulder back in 07. He couldn’t throw a 10 yard pass in practice that week. I think the doctor told him he’d be out a month. Yet the guy was in the field come game day that very week. That’s not to say I think Jones should be able to play, just saying I miss that guys toughness.
  7. Smh damn that really sucks. Really miss Eli’s toughness on days like today. He would have rubbed some dirt on it and kept playing. Really hope he doesn’t miss more than a week. With the East being the dumpster fire of the NFL, this season is actually fun to watch. Thinking about it, I think this team has just as good a chance as any. Defense is playing amazing. What did they allow, 9 points yesterday? O-line seems to play better every week. Jones has made serious strides in not turning the ball over. They were still in most games they lost in the last minute. Even
  8. I still think it’s possible they start to turn things around by mid season. One big plus is I don’t spend half the game scratching my head over the play calling. I think this is a good coaching staff. This is the second game this year where it was winnable. Came down to the last minute. Aside from San Fran, it’s not like they are getting blown out.
  9. Yeah this is frustrating. Offense shows flashes of brilliant play calling, usually in about 4 drives a game, till they reach the red zone. DJ has further to go than I thought. Though he did just complete his 16th game, so he was basically a rookie till the end of that game. Holds the ball way to long at times, stairs down receivers. Both are fixable though. Defense played well this week. No real complaints there.
  10. Against one of the best DE’s in the game no less.
  11. They definitely looked better as far as coaching. No obvious boneheaded plays. Crossing fingers that Pitts run defense was just amazing, and that Barkely will be much better in the weeks to come. Daniel Jones played MUCH better when it came to protecting the ball. In fact he had a good game overall considering that pass rush. Defense played much better than I thought they would. Even got some pressure here and there. Now Joe has some tape to work with, and can show guys their mistakes. Really looking forward to seeing how he responds to this loss.
  12. Me too man. I can’t help but feel Joe Judge is going to bring us many years of great football. Of course I could be jumping the gun here, but I’m definitely excited to see.
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