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  1. I was shocked, but I reserved judgement till I got to see some film. I’m more than happy with the pick. I believe DJ will be a top 5 QB in the next couple years. I would have been happy with the scenario you mentioned as well. Heck I thought for sure they were going to draft Josh Allen anyway.
  2. Ahh ok. SMH I just cant get over how freaking retarded this is. With how he began to improve towards the end of the season, I was expecting to see a much better year from him. Instead of worrying about dropping picks, he's gonna have to worry about dropping the soap.
  3. So is he like on the run? I haven't heard about him turning himself in, or being found.
  4. lol amen to that. That’s why I specified armed robbery. Has anyone read the story? Apparently they were at some party, lost like 70 grand gambling, then just pulled out a gun and started robbing everyone there. Like people there knew who they were, and were certain to get exposed to the cops, and did it anyway. That’s some serious gangster shit right there. Now instead of living the dream they are gonna spend the next 15 years in a cell. This makes no sense.
  5. It sure does. Why the hell would a millionaire commit armed robbery? This makes zero sense
  6. Personally I have little doubt. I can’t wait to watch this kid grow into the position.
  7. I remember going to a Giants practice few years back. O’Hara walked right past me as they were coming off the field. OMG the guy was a beast. Very intimidating looking.
  8. I know I’m gonna catch hell for this one, but I used to really like Omar Stoutmire(sp?). The guy hit like a truck, and caused several fumbles. I remember defending him a lot, while it seemed like everyone I talked to hated him.
  9. lol I didn’t know I had it in me. Soon as I touched the keyboard it just flowed. Almost like I was channeling from a higher power. I knew right away something special was happening. How have you been Chuck?
  10. He should have. This will end up being a blemish on a long successful career. Whatever, it will be funny to watch.
  11. Technically yes, but he identifies as a 8 year old white girl. With Daddy issues.
  12. Not a great signing, but could prove worth it. He has experience in several O-line positions, so he could end up starting. Probably should have signed him for two years
  13. That’s true. We might not know what we have in any player on the roster right now.
  14. I expect the first half of the season to be rough. 0-4 is certainly a possibility. This is gonna take time. I think best we can hope for is improvement towards the end of the year, and hopefully hit the ground running next year.
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