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  1. That was my first thought. We gave way more then that to bag Eli. If they believe that kid is their future QB they need to give up a third this year and a first next. Assuming they start that new QB chances are that first round pick next year will be high
  2. JayD

    Eli retiring

    Obviously this is the ending of an era. He wasn’t perfect, but gave us many amazing moments. The guy was a warrior, made of iron. It was great watching this kid grow, and become a champion. Beating impossible odds doing it. Thank You Eli.
  3. He had 63 catches last year for almost 600 yards. He probably didn’t prepare in the offseason the same way he normally would have either being he came on late. I think we can squeeze one to two more productive years out of him if he decides to play. He’d probably come pretty cheap too. I’d love to see Witten in blue. He is one of those all class kinda guys who even though you hate to play against him, he is very hard to hate as a person. If he didn’t play and only came to coach tight ends, that would be great too.
  4. JG identifies as a black guy. Sometimes a Asian 8 year old girl. So does Joe Judge. We have a freaky pitch black trio.
  5. Man I remember as a kid I wanted them to hire him as QB coach when he retired as a back up QB. Was hopeful he’d move up the chain as well. I remember thinking when Dallas took him on as OC that we wasted an opportunity. Better late than never.
  6. I’m fine with him as OC. I think this is a good move.
  7. I knew we’d be having some fun with the name Joe Judge.
  8. JayD


    Dude Danny Dimes? Dude? Lol never mind.
  9. Yeah this guy seems interesting. Another big unknown, but one things for sure, things are going to change on defense, and really it can’t get any worse. will probably take at least half the season to see if he is any good.
  10. Yeah, guess ya really can’t judge, pun intended, from his one year stint there. Just wish there was something in this shake up where we can say that this is definitely a good thing. So many unknowns. This is another big one.
  11. Really? I was far more interested in the new DC. This offense was at least able to score points. The D needs to be straightened out far more than the offense.
  12. Miami’s Defense was horrible.
  13. Ok so after seeing Joes interview I feel a little better about it. I’m sure my optimism will grow the closer we get.
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