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  1. Probably isn’t much in the way of FA’s at any position at this point.
  2. 14 mill we could have brought in two bad ass linemen.
  3. Damn to bad these guys didn’t do this just before FA started.
  4. Without actually seeing serious production on the field yet, I don’t think I could love this team any more than I do right now. Guys are putting themselves behind the needs of the team. Is there any good O-lineman left in FA?
  5. I love that we have a coach where phrases like “a Judge guy” really means something.
  6. Have you seen the comments? Twitter really is a dumpster fire.
  7. Every time I think of these new offensive weapons, I can’t help but to think man, if Barkely can come back 100%, or even 80-90%, this just gets ridiculous. If Garret can put up a competent game plan that uses our strengths, this team is gonna score a lot of points. I think that’s true even without Barkely. With him, damn....
  8. I’m expecting the online to make good strides this season. Especially from the rookies last year. We all saw a pretty remarkable improvement after the coaching switch. Im not saying they are suddenly going to be awesome or anything like that, but definitely improved. Heck Solder in more of a back up roll could be a really good fit.
  9. Ahh still no word. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
  10. Obviously I’m no expert, but I was watching some tape from 2019. I think it’s very possible as he enters the twilight of his prime, if in the right situation, he could easily separate from the pack and end up in the top 5. Now whether the Giants are the right situation remains to be seen, in fact that isn’t very likely as of right now. Still though, he could make a major difference on this offense.
  11. He’s had two over a thousand yard seasons. Last one scored 11 td’s. Last year was down with a hip injury. He’s a proven number 1. And is in his prime. Imagine him and Barkely in full health?
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