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  2. hopefully back " in some form " from mid June . We just need 2 more wins then send the young lads in regards UK
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  4. He's pleaded not guilty to ALL counts. Hope this whole thing was a shakedown and the kid isnt as retarded as people thought.
  5. Good question. I wonder if the Giants would have tried to bring in a veteran over drafting a QB like Cam Newton for example. Going into this season I think we have a lot of talented players on both sides of the ball yet more questions than answers.
  6. Allen would of obviously helped out the lack of pass rush day 1, however I feel if you have a choice of your franchise QB and a DE, then you are going to take a QB 9 times out of ten. If we didnt go Jones though I assume we would of drafted Drew Lock in the second round.
  7. Clearly we're going to have to go to his Twitch stream and see if the game was paused at any time.
  8. We would have drafted Justin Herbert. I guess we'll see. Jones to me is going to have an Alex Smith-type career (which is fine, I've always thought Smith has been a very underrated QB for his career). Herbert reminds me of Carson Wentz. We'll also have to see what Andrew Thomas becomes. I think he's going to be a top-5 left tackle for the next decade. So to me, it's Herbert/Allen vs Jones/Thomas.
  9. I was shocked, but I reserved judgement till I got to see some film. I’m more than happy with the pick. I believe DJ will be a top 5 QB in the next couple years. I would have been happy with the scenario you mentioned as well. Heck I thought for sure they were going to draft Josh Allen anyway.
  10. I was as shock as anyone when we drafted DJ and I’m sure everyone here and their pet goldfish was about to loose their shit. Before the draft there were some speculations of DJ and I saw a few YouTube vid of his performance and I actually liked it And would be happy if he was pick to be our QB but never at 6 overall. He has a lot to proved (still). What if we drafted Josh Allen At 6th then went with the rest of the draft without a QB selection? Let Eli do his retirement tour? As bad as bad Eli was going during the season we would’ve end up in the top 5-7 overall and use that pick and taken Tua. Would that be a better script for you guys? I know tua was hurt and all that in college but after watching films. This kid has that special something. DJ fits NY best but would you guys be mad if we got josh Allen then Tua the following year?
  11. Ximines actually had a better rookie season than Osi, Strahan, JPP or even Tuck.
  12. I think it is more of a change in direction. Some players that Jerry Reese drafted are still in the NFL oddly enough. Overall the problem has been just too many misses and the failure to put players in a position to excel. We are left to decipher if it was Reese drafting the wrong guys Coughlin under utilizing them. I think Jerry Reese has had two good drafts and Tom Coughlin had been overachieving.
  13. When they drafted Carter I fully expected the Giants to put him in coverage and help him excel at it. Our pass coverage at the linebacker position is abysmal. Not going to have a pass rush if receivers are going to continue to run uncovered inside of 3 seconds. It would be great to have one player who can do both but lets just get one guy who can do this great and have another player focus on pass rush.
  14. I like Ximines as a project player better simply because they are using him how he was used in college as a pass rusher/run defender. I'm sick of hearing about how Carter has had an amazing camp blah blah blah just show me some results it's year three. Your right they have to either just make Carter an off ball LB or a pass rusher stop trying to make him do both. Personally I think Carter would excell if they just put him at LB and worked on his pass coverage abilities and the odd blitz. We need LBs we have a roster full of pass rush projects. I think if Carter falters like he has expect Brown to fill his spot. Brown played the pass well in coverage and could get after the QB.
  15. These are the two players that most are expecting to deliver our pass rush. Carter has slightly more experience, Ximines started showing some excellent production towards the end of the season. Ideally we'd want both of them to succeed. Carter had a better first year than second, a combination of being put into coverage more than being sent after the QB. Under a new defensive coordinator Giants will have to decide if Carter is better in coverage or going after the QB because I think at this point he needs to be doing just one instead of both. This was the issue with his college play, team had him do both and the results were average at best. Ximines is now looking at year two and the expectations to significantly improve are high, just as they were for Carter. So who is your favorite going into the preseason Carter or Ximines?
  16. His lawyer claims he was logged into his Madden account at the time of the crime and therefore he couldn't have committed said crime. https://nypost.com/2020/05/19/ny-giants-deandre-baker-has-new-defense-amid-criminal-case/
  17. Really curious to see if the video game defense is going to get this thing swept under the rug.
  18. Seems like the true story is more like they were somewhere they shouldn't have been, and a bunch of guys thought they could shake them down.
  19. This is getting crazier - now it looks like these 2 were actually victims????
  20. Yup. Now the story has all changed. It’s now either he was blackmail or paid witness off. Where are the cameras?!
  21. Earlier
  22. Looks like he did the gangsta thingband spent some money on the would be witnesses. I love him so much. I dont wear or buy for that matter sports Jerseys and have a mans name on my back vut id wear his. ...with pride
  23. Is the EPL happening for sure in June? So many click bait news out there!!!
  24. There has to be cameras and footage of all this. You going to tell me a the host of a high stake game won’t have proper security? Bet you their lawyers are out there trying to bribe all the eyewitness right now.
  25. True that. Plus - this story was a little too far-fetched and retarded to begin with. 1 - these 2 anyway seem stupid as fuck to have first gone and lost the $70K - I dont get why these bums do this, its not like that have 3 kids and no money and are stressed from head-to-toe. 2 - the accusers story seems every more retarded - pulled a gun, robbed us, others were wearing masks blah blah. Looks like a case of mud slinging for no reason - at the start I wanted the Giants to immediately cut Baker but am glad they didnt - assuming these 2 bums get out of, they need to thank their lucky stars and be the 1st person in last person out in their respective facilities
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