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  2. Also fucking Covid eh. We went from the possibility of having 40 million in cap space to maybe 22 if we basically release 14 players lol All because the cap went down due to the revenue loss. Solder wouldn't if opted out and they could of let him go this offseason with only paying him 2 million instead of 16 now that was pushed to this year.
  3. He has always been an average tackle who played for an above average team. I never expected him to elevate the play of the rest of the offensive line which is why I'm not disappointed by his performance so far. Paying an average player more does not make him better at his position. I'm just glad Flowers isn't here anymore.
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  5. I don’t think Sewell gets passed Miami or the Jets.
  6. It depends...I'm assuming Zeitler is a cap casualty...so if the Giants bring in two solid starters (i.e. on the interior line) through free agency and/or the draft, I'd be okay with Solder for another year. But if we're going into the year with Thomas, Lemeuix, Gates, Hernandez and Solder as our starters than we're fucked.
  7. I wouldn't give up on Nate Solder just yet. Mitigating circumstances around his performance.
  8. my money is on OL for Cincinnati. They need everything except QB and RB though.
  9. His dead cap number is around $10.5mm, so the cap savings are only $6mm His cap savings would have been far larger at $14mm....but Gettlemen didn't cut him last year, so now it's less. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-york-giants/nate-solder-7732/
  10. If Solder retires I'm pretty sure it frees up 16 million dollars, which honestly would be pretty fucking sweet.
  11. Honestly I'd be stunned if they don't take Sewell. Their #1 overall pick missed the second half of the season last year because of the bad o-line play and they've already got Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins... not household names, but those guys are both above average players. What're you thinking they do?
  12. You think Cincinnati passes on Chase?
  13. I swear to you. I thought Solder was going to come in here and improve this line. Nope. probably our worse player.
  14. I don't know. The OL was awful last year. The running game improved a lot. But the passing game was awful. We also need a passrusher.
  15. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30930834/inside-dual-legacies-nfl-players-union-boss-demaurice-smith Long read but worth it.
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  17. Keep all the guys we want and get the best available in free agency to replace them. Not sure if the Giants will cut Zeitler at this point. They could have traded him for a bag of peanuts mid season and kept him knowing they would be at this moment. Giants are going down the path of contract extension and get some cap space that way. Ok so back to Nate Solder, I say we keep him too. He has already been paid and cheaper to cut next year. I do not expect the Giants to be actively pursuing top tier talent this year through free agency.
  18. That is the easy part...where are they going to find those clutch drops late the 4th. C. agon
  19. I'd be all aboard the FitzMagic train.
  20. With Tate and Engram gone that's like 2 receptions per game that need to be replaced.
  21. Giants’ Dalvin Tomlinson decision will speak volumes By Paul Schwartz February 22, 2021 | 9:42pm | Updated The best teams, the most successful franchises, draft wisely, develop soundly and re-sign diligently. The Giants for far too long have not been one of the best teams. They have been one of the worst teams. This brings us to what happens next with Dalvin Tomlinson. The entire future of the franchise does not hinge on whether Tomlinson returns for a fifth season or moves on to
  22. fuck Liverpool are awful ........ imagine losing to bloody Everton at home as well ! ( ever since we lost Van Dijk we have been awful )
  23. What a fun night that was Just a random thought, don't remember how many of you were there then that are still here now.
  24. Thuney isn't that young. He's 28 now, will be 29 in November. I'd be willing to bump that contract up to 4 years $60mm, possibly if we make additional cuts (e.g. Pettis, RJ McIntosh), guys that are likely going to be cut or will barely make the roster anyway. - G Joe Thuney 4 years $60mm - C / G Corey Linsley 3 years $33mm - T Kelvin Beachum (swing tackle, backup in case Matt Peart doesn't work out at RT). 1 year $3.5mm - WR Curtis Samuel 3 years $25mm - DL Leonard Williams 5 years $80mm You could prob end up with something like this against the 2021 cap. Y
  25. Thuney is one of the best OL in the game and young, he isnt taking 12M a year, he played last year on a one year 14 million dollar deal, he's projected market is 15 to 17 million a year, so expect him to sign for a 4 year, 60 to 70 million contract. There's zero chance the Giants get him, unless we don't sign Williams. Linsey would be a great signing honestly, he would fill in for Zeitler day one, but I would expect him to make more than 11 million a year, but doable. Sure I'd love to sign the top two OL FA this year, but maybe one, not both. The Giants if they make those c
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