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  2. This... what can it hurt and to what will it gain. It can get hurt a lot (he gets fucked up) versus him gaining very little such as winning a game in a very badly losing season. Not enough gain in their for me. Hey I am not fighting to keep my head coaching job. Judge reminds me of British generals in WWI. Send wave after wave of young men to their deaths against German machine guns and artillery while collecting your Victoria Crosses from the King/Queen back home.
  3. This... watching those guys I always knew there was a great chance to win... now it is like watching a practice game seeing guys hurt.
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  5. would not surprise me. I am watching. nothing else better to do on a sunday to be honest.
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  7. I’m taking a weekend trip north. Won’t have an opportunity to watch. I hope they pull it off. Giants lose by 3 injuries.
  8. Why even bother suiting up the team at this point? lol
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  10. I don't disagree, but I think some of that is born naturally out of futility. Win, and players will play with this or that. Lose, and they're staying out of the game.
  11. I'd think it's about just getting bodies on the field, but wait til DG gives him 4x vet min
  12. Folks don't want to play when there is no hope to win. Sounds like they're all accepting that the season is over after 6 weeks.
  13. Gold Star! I would like to see what Saquon Barkley has to say about going 1-5 again. Went 0-5 last year but he was hurt so maybe it bothered him less? There is a whole lot of football left in the season fans wrote off two weeks ago.
  14. Got it. That's fair. Yeah, I definitely sense that among this team...versus a team coached by Sean McVeigh for instance, who seem like they have much more energy.
  15. I'm speaking more to the play on the field than whatever is said after the game. I think when you're talking to the press, you sort of have to weigh your words carefully. I'm talking about when someone blows a coverage, misses a tackle, etc. there doesn't seem to be anyone pissed about it, including the player himself. These guys are happy losers.
  16. At this point, with all the injuries, this is just trying to do something, anything, to make sure we have ILBs, or at least ILB depth alongside Ragland and Crowder.
  17. Results are more important than the process. Like I said in another thread... is anyone mad at David Tyree's shit week of practice before the Super Bowl?
  18. There's a great chance that once he gets up to speed on the playbook, he'll be the next Kyle Rudolph for us.
  19. he does sound like a football player, but I thought we had met our McKinney quota.
  20. well sure, results are what matters over the long haul... And the way you get results over the long haul is with a rigorous process. we should flip this around the other way - you're saying that the team is overvaluing process at the expense of results, so what about their process do you think they could change that would have resulted in better results so far this season?
  21. But you have to admit...that name is top shelf. C. Wagon
  22. I'm surprised you keep doubling down on this let's-not-even-bother-to-compete-because-we-suck-and-it-might-hurt-our-feelings thing. High achieving people do not operate under the assumption of failure.
  23. Reps aren't going to fix the problem the core of this team is built on. Sure an injured player who's been out for a few months, reps will help, a new system in place that players need practice with, reps will help, a rookie player, reps will help. A coach leaving his starters in to play against back ups, in a blowout loss in week six, won't help what's wrong with this team. Its not like this is 2007 when we played NE the final week of the year and we took them to the final whistle showing this team we can run with the big boys and belong in the NFL.
  24. It's a result driven league. Show me a team that cares more about the process than winning/results and I'll show you a team that has never completed for anything. You can't live in a world where you hold on to the idea that you stick with a failing process or product because you simply like the broken process. If an employee doesn't pick a job up after a couple years you don't reward them because they have a good process of going about it. You let them go. So far Judge and Gettys process isn't working. Getty is a clear cut example or someone who simply can't get the job done and has failed at all levels to do so after multiple years. Judge so far has shown that as well and he may or may not get a chance to redeem himself depending on the new GM. However you don't hold the new GM hostage saying "We want you to hold onto this coach because we like his process" it's never worked in the NFL and you'll never get a GM worth a damn here with that mindset.
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