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  2. If you played the best of Danny Kanell video, before that one, then yeah, Dave Brown was a wizard.
  3. Lol, but seriously it took about eight minutes of Dave Brown highlights to equal Jones" Tampa Bay game alone.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Looks a lot like Daniel Jones, doesn't he? :: ducks::
  6. Four minutes in and they're on his third TD. I think I can see where this is going.
  7. Sounds like Gates is getting a hard look at Center. Would be great if he won the spot there with Phlegming at RT and Limeaux backing up the three inside spots. Have Peart backing up the two tackle spots and we might be a middling-to-good O-line this year.
  8. It's from being out of shape then trying to make for up for the laziness in a couple of days....
  9. I demand an apology for this. This brings so many bad already forgotten memories...
  10. I think it had more to do with the OL than the RB... A runner is a runner... give him a lane and he'll get you more than 1 yard.
  11. Gallman is a much tougher interior runner, if he can stay healthy. Saquon is likely best with zone blacking schemes which create gaps/space and movement, and can allow him to explore those gaps. He's not going to be an Emmitt Smith (not that we even have that type of pro bowl line), Curtis Martin, Rodney Hampton, Frank Gore etc style grinder through the middle. I'm not saying don't give him interior runs, I'm just pointing out he's not this grinding style type for 20x+ runs per game. Probably needs a 50/50 split of outside, off tackle vs interior runs.
  12. im afraid you are going to lose your shit Seph ........cause this will still happen quite a lot ( IMO ) ......lets hope he can get 3 not -1 this year
  13. If we get "Saquon up the middle for 1" more than three times per game I'm going to lose my shit. Shurmur called that tired assed play a dozen times each week and it never worked. He's not an inside runner.
  14. Last week
  15. So....Stanton is down again. Beginning to think they might have over paid for that kid. C. Wagon
  16. I have no memory of him playing (mind eraser) and happy for it.
  17. This name should never be spoken on this board. Ever.
  18. Honestly I think he's one of those guys who was never quite as bad as the common perception. Mediocre QB on mediocre teams with a good, but very uninspired head coach.
  19. Yeah, highlights are always nice, but I can't for the life of me remember a time 1994 - 1997 when I was excited about Dave Brown QB play. All I remember was constant disappointment and recurring 3 and outs.
  20. when I pressed play I was shocked to see it was a 15 minute long video. I thought, wow, that's way more TDs than I thought. Then I see they spend like 2 minutes per TD. So... yeah.... he was that bad.
  21. Just for kicks, was he really that bad? Instead of this, I seem to more fondly remember like 8-12x three and outs per game ~1995 - 1999 before Kerry Collins got us out of QB hell. The other problem is DB progressively got worse 1994 - 1996.
  22. You have to believe that Marc Colombo and Jason Garrett can get this O line serviceable as well as any coaching duo in the NFL It might take a few weeks , but i expect heavy doses of Barkley for 2 yards gain on first down and second downs , followed by short passes to Engram and Shep. Maybe Danny Dimes can pick up a few yards himself without fumbling and lets hope that Saquon can break a few big ones all the way.
  23. Unproven is fair. Thomas, Hernandez, and Gates (who I like) all have potential upside, so if they step up quickly, it could be a solid line. Emphasis on the word 'if' though.
  24. What will really hurt the OL more than anything is the lack of practice reps and being game ready - more so than the personnel. That repeated practice that gels the line together is missing because of Covid and thats what will hurt this team more than anything. Hopefully as the season progresses they get better.
  25. I'd say it's unproven, but maybe not worse. We just don't know what we have. Thomas may be a huge improvement over Solder and Gates may be much better than Remmers, but until probably next season we just won't know.
  26. It was bad and yet I expect it to be better. Solder had a bad year and Halapio was exposed as a overachieving center who performed as badly as Solder which affected the play of Hernandez. You've pointed out Zeitler is the best of the bunch and I agree and now we have a new RT. I expect Thomas to start at LT and Gates to play RT, I think Spencer Pulley will start at Center which leaves us with an offensive line with inexperienced players at tackle and questionable talent at center. Where we do have experience in our Guards they are surrounded by question marks since Pulley is even less effective than Halapio. So really why do I expect it to get better considering everything I pointed out above? A different coaching staff and a fan's hope.
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