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  2. I would be save scumming until there are no injuries
  3. Literally Wentz just had his surgery today, now the exact same injury to their all pro guard, same doctor doing the surgery too lol If this was Madden we all would of turned the game off calling it "unrealistic"
  4. Same foot injury as Wentz, same timetable to return. What the fuck are they doing in Indianapolis? lol
  5. Yesterday
  6. Daniel Jones at the bottom of a pile of bodies? This is actually good practice for what his season will be like with the Giants offensive line. Might as well be considered a practice drill.
  7. Joe Judge saying "fuck it back to 50s ball we go" Lots of fights breaking out at camps across the league. Under if vaccinated vs unvaccinated have anything to do with it.
  8. Last week
  9. Also what's with not having a pass rusher on the team? We resigned our sack leader, and drafted the best rusher in the draft in round 2. Azeez is going to be a DROY candidate.
  10. Bad news that we are unlikely to get DeGrom back until Sept after a setback. I’m not very confident in our pitching right now ( Megill , Walker , Hill , Stroman all struggling a bit...... let’s hope that Carassco can get it together ! ) I was really hoping we would trade for another pitcher before the deadline but I really like the Baez signing. lets hope that the Braves and Phillies keep losing because Aug could be tricky
  11. They kinda hit lightning in a bottle. Wentz played lights out that year carrying them throughout the year then got hurt in the finals weeks of the season. Foles comes in and beats the Giants obviously and plays lights out throughout the post season, in some sort of weird story book return to the team that drafted you and go win them a SB. Then 2018/19 happened where you cant decided between your broken QB or the Old journeyman, and the rest of the team leaves in FA.
  12. It seems counterintuitive, but that is how the league has been trending for a while. There's a very high correlation with investment in defensive backs and overall defensive success, much more so than in pass rushers. And I'm surprised to see Kenny Wiggens (did I even spell it right?) is the first man in for Lemieux. Who?
  13. Baez seems like a good move for Mets. Maybe it will get Lindor going. This all all I can find on what the Cubs got. I can't find anything else. https://sny.tv/articles/instant-reaction-what-did-mets-give-up-by-dealing-away-pete-crow-armstrong-
  14. As a Cubs fan should I be happy about who you sent us?
  15. The Mets are letting teams hang around.
  16. They are not making things easy.... every game I am waiting for the bullpen to blow it
  17. I'm not that worried because he's a backup OL anyway, so his replacement is about the same caliber.
  18. Yeah Davis is an under the radar signing but he can start day one beside Martinez. This defense is going to be a fucking unit, top 10 of the NFL, which is going to be needed since we don't have a single starter on the Oline to quote Shakes.
  19. I actually think Davis might be the 2nd best ILB on the team now.
  20. Gonna have to buy some more lube for all the riding of my dick that's going on. And yes, Tuney is still signed to this team. You know Tuney. Anti-vaxx Tuney. lol
  21. What a great game last night to beat the Reds 5-4 in the 10th. Mets are really pulling out a lot of close games this year. Baez looked good on debut and the bullpen really kept us in this game after a poor start from Hill Go Mets
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