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  2. anybody watching the Euros ? Good start for England in beating Croatia yesterday Come on Scotland today ! That was scary with Eriksen wasnt it !
  3. RIP coach Fassel. Life's greatest Poker player.
  4. That's right. It's coming back to me now. I'm sure this was a key factor. I think it's interrelated to ownership really wanting TC....they wanted a disciplinarian who would reign these guys in, and Fassel just wasn't that type.
  5. Problem is this shit is so ingrained in the history of the sport, same with steroids, and is looked at so fondly in decades past that it is part of the culture and nostalgia of baseball, that MLB can't find the balance between saying "okay, we know this is going to happen here and there and it is fiun to occasionally see an umpire catch a guy with pine tar in his glove, or a nail file in his pocket - but then keeping it from becoming a part of every pitchers routine. Fuck the outrage culture of fans and media and put the ban hammer away. If you get caught, you serve a couple games suspension but it isn't taken too seriously. Same with roids and all the other shit, if a guy gets caught, he gets a brief suspension because he broke a rule, but lets stop pretending the game today is any different that 50 years ago. Guys cheat, cheating is part of the show, it's the pretending to be outraged by it that is less than 20 years old.
  6. If I remember correctly the team had pretty clearly quit on him and the Shockeys and Strahans of the team were running their mouths non stop.
  7. He put all his chips on the table. Class act, great coach in my opinion.
  8. Either way the giants clearly made the right choice.
  9. Technically he was charged last year, but finally entered a plea on the charges today.
  10. Someone posted in reddit a week or so ago "This will be the first time in a number of years no NY Giant gets arrested or charged" Well guess that's moot now.
  11. https://www.northjersey.com/story/sports/nfl/giants/2021/06/11/new-york-giants-sam-beal-pleads-guilty-gun-related-charges/7657139002/ NY Giants' Sam Beal pleads guilty to gun-related charges from June 2020 arrest
  12. I think it was more they saw TC free'd up from Jacksonville, and liked TC more.
  13. If I love my coach I keep him during rebuilding years. They obviously didn’t like him
  14. I think when they decided to draft a new qb, if the writing wasn’t already on the wall, that’s when it sealed his fate.
  15. Yeah, the post 2003 giants season is really not the scenario where NFL teams keep their coaches of 5+ years...i.e. trying to start from scratch with a new QB, 12 loss season, plus having to redo the defense as well (the defense was lousy in 2003 as well). Most of the time, NFL coaches don't survive that scenario. You just move on, even if they're an okay coach.
  16. Earlier
  17. Pretty big roster turn over as well then with coaching staff leaving as well. You usually don't keep many head coaches in that situation. Wasn't really a good or bad decision just a football one.
  18. Same, I was very against his firing at the time. 4 playoff trips in 7 seasons, one nfc title, one coach of the year award. 1997 we win the division with kannel at qb and our fb as our leading rusher. Then in 2003 coming off a playoff appearance the entire team gets hurt and they fire him. Bad decision that worked out for us bc his replacement was good
  19. I thought he got the most out of the players he had on offense, which many times consisted of some mediocre to only okay talent. He was dealt a shitty QB crop... Dave Brown, Danny Kanell, Kent Graham, Kerry Collins, but made the most of it, and even helped turn Kerry Collin's career around and make him a solid starting QB in the league. He also took a fledgling Toomer and Barber and helped make them into viable players (they didn't really turn it on until 99 and 00 respectively). He never cured Tiki's fumble problem but he did demonstrate how he could be an every down 1,000 yard plus back. The 49ers playoff game makes me cringe but overall I look to the Fassell years as positive. Certainly much better than the Dan Reeves era.
  20. Our offense went bonkers as soon as he took over the play calling. Then the niners game happened...
  21. Yeah at that time he had to. That year the Giants offensive line was playing poorly and couldn't run the plays Payton was calling. Fassel was back in the fire at that point as well. Sean Payton did coach under Parcells later on with the Cowboys. I've never seen any real evidence of influence from Parcells on Payton. There is no emphasis on defense, team discipline, and his offense is built on speed.
  22. Didnt he snatch the clipboard from Sean Payton’s hands? Sean then went to the cowgirls and study under the tuna?
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