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  2. I don't think it's that tight, Tisch probably doesn't know anything. I just saw an interview with Shep, he said he's been working out with Saquon and that he's doing well.
  3. I didn't realize the timeline was this tight. I thought he'd be good to go by training camp.
  4. Well, he's not lying.... We won't know he's ready until he's ready.
  5. https://giantswire.usatoday.com/2021/05/16/new-york-giants-jonathan-tisch-dont-know-saquon-barkley-will-be-ready-week-1/
  6. Last week
  7. The fact that we got an extra 1st round pick and still landed a much needed playmaker on the offense is just nuts. I just pray that the OC staff Judge built around Garrett gets him calling some inventive shit other than the odd end around or WR pass for Toney.
  8. I dont mind the camp competition. Signed Corey Clement too who I like for depth purposes
  9. Guess they liked what they saw in minicamp.
  10. Sounds like the last two guys we drafted for the position.
  11. I like his game a lot, I wouldn't have been mad if he were the pick at 20. I considered him at 11 as well. I think he's going to have a Terrell Suggs sort of career.
  12. I think the Giants probably had one of the biggest steal in the second round (if not the first two rounds) by grabbing Azeez Ojulari. Reading about this kid as rookie minicamp is underway and it's finally looks like the Giants drafted their LB/Edge guy of the next 10 years. Just read any draft profile on him; "One of the most NFL ready OLBs/Edge players in the draft, built like a superhuman with a rare combination of strength and explosiveness to play day one and either get after the QB or pursue the RB In the backfield" "Incredibly high football character and IQ, who is hu
  13. Great win for Leicester in the FA Cup Final yesterday Tielemans' goal was outstanding and a worthy winner of any cup final victory. and how about that save in the 88th minute from Schmeichel .....World Class ! well done to the Foxes on their fifth attempt ....worthy
  14. The only thing I would like to see is how this equates to wins/losses on the field. From what I can tell teams with the most amount of rest between games are teams that are perpetually not contenders in the NFL, which means even with rest they still can't win games. Teams in the middle of the pack or on the lower end of the time between games are the ones making the playoffs and winning games. It makes sense the NFL wants to put the winning teams in the Thursday/Sunday night match ups meaning they'll get screwed by the schedule, and keep the shit teams on just a regular schedule
  15. lol that video is the fucking best. Maybe a new home will do him some good because he isnt doing any good in NY.
  16. He needs to be off the team. The fans are going to just fucking kill him the first time he drops a pass this season.
  17. Ok… I know the last few years I’ve been treating Evan Engram like the second coming of Ike Hilliard. But this video changed my mind. It kinda got me pump for the season to start.
  18. Cowboys would probably be down the list too, but they have one home Thursday game every season. Its about a +.4 wins a season advantage.
  19. I didnt notice that...but you are right.... That sort of makes sense then...in the perverted chasing a buck ways of the NFL. C. Wagon
  20. I don't remember who the opponent was... I think maybe Green Bay... but there was one game two or three years ago where we were coming off a Monday Night game, the opponent was coming off a bye, and we had to travel to play them for a 1PM game. It was such bullshit... the opponent literally got twice the rest and preparation and of course we got fucking crushed.
  21. The factor that keeps popping up is high value market teams are at the bottom of that list except for two: 49ers & Cowboys. There is rest and there is making an extra buck.
  22. It is strange but the flex potential is absolutely there with 5 of our 6 divisional games coming after the bye.
  23. not a one Sunday night football appearance? how about that. The league must have very low expectations for the team this year, that's pretty unusual for a draw like the Giants to not get a SNF game.
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