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  2. For sure man. You are not going to go deep into the playoffs or win all of the marbles with any of these guys I believe. Jones included.
  3. As a new boss or supervisor, you are always taking over for someone else's fuck up. It is just a matter of how much the predecessor fucked up and how much time the new person has in fixing the fuck up. The new GM will have to sit pat and pay a bunch of scrubs mostly to get their asses beat the next two years. Knowing that... this is the perfect environment to nurture an effective offensive line. Just be given carte blanche to tell Mara/Tisch to fuck off (I know with that creep Mara that is asking a lot... maybe too much) for two years as you build a solid foundation. They will reopen the cap eventually and that is when you continue to tread lightly and wisely. Don't pounce. One thing the winning Giants learned was not to overpay for the guys already here. Not to get locked into that group think of thinking that the wheel was invented here and nowhere else. These new Giants need to relearn that lesson.
  4. Go back to the days of Dave Jennings in the late 70's. As the Giants punter he was better than Sean Landetta in the late 80's early 90's. Jennings was a machine. Pathetic Giants teams though.
  5. I feel you man. Just blow it up already. If it was Belichek I would trust "The Process". Not some special teams coach that never head coached an NFL team. JUST TRUST "THE PROCESS" GUYS/GALS.
  6. Baby Mara is a far cry from the Duke his dad. Tisch is far too lenient and uninvolved. Hand the reins over to a pure football person and just be the owners at this point.
  7. For sure man. I wish the Giants would just stop already. I am like you. I refuse to watch this. Spent too many losing seasons in the late 60's, the 70's and many subsequent years as well. Time to just blow it up and start afresh.
  8. THIS RIGHT HERE man...just bite the bullet... and clean house. Us old, medium and even new (what few there are) Giants fans will understand two or three years of rebuilding as opposed to the current madness. Let's just tear it down and rebuild from scratch. Each year we delay the longer we get from the magic of 2007 and 2011... much less 1990 and 1986... with honorable mentions for 2001 and more.
  9. Buffalo for sure for Barkley. But yeah if we had a new gm this year those guys would be gone, just like gettleman traded all those guys when he came in
  10. If our front office hadn't been fighting for their lives, we probably could have found some takers, though admittedly at a low price. It's why I said after the Rams and Cowboys' games that we needed to cut bait with Getty, promote Abrams as interim GM (only interim, to be clear... he's not the future) and trade away as many of these big, underperforming contracts as we can. The Saquons, Bradberrys, Golladays, Engrams, Slaytons, etc. of the team could probably net you a few third-rounders, and while that's not "value," in the grand scheme of things those guys aren't part of the future anyway (next year is a wash with our cap situation and the fact that we don't have the front office in place). I honestly don't believe in any of those guys... the franchise needs a fresh start. I think there are teams that would have been interested in all those players. The Ravens would love to have a Bradberry right now. Green Bay had interest in both Slayton and Engram if you believe the chatter. Saquon is still a name; there would have been a taker for him. Instead, we kept two guys in Getty and Judge that aren't going to be here anyway, we got no extra draft capital, and we're stuck with a roster of underperforming or injured players. It's an even less palatable place for any good GM to land. As usual, we've somehow taken a bad situation and made it worse.
  11. Good take. I second this.
  12. The problem is which team is going to take these contracts? If anything we would have to trade for example Bradberry and picks to a team just for them to take on his contract. Like Leonard Williams, I thought that the Giants would of moved him at the trade deadline, some contender looking for a IDL guy. Then I realized they would have to eat 20+ million on cap space. Which team even has that now? Lol Getty the gift that keeps on giving.
  13. Drafted Jones instead of waiting on Herbert the next year.
  14. It's almost like we should have traded some bloated contracts at the deadline to make it a more palatable place for the next front office. But hey, Saquon looks awesome with his 40 yards per game and Bradberry only kind of got burned this past weekend, and we did score 9 points, so there's that.
  15. Last week
  16. Yeah completely forgot about Judge. Then again it's not like he's done anything worth remembering lol
  17. Spread is currently 10.5 with O/U at 45.5. Can I bet the Chargers to cover and hit the over (on their own)?
  18. Lol...if it was this bad against the Fish...how bad ia next week gonna be when we start Jake Fromm and have Logan Ryan as the backup QB....against the Chargers by the way
  19. I'm not sure I want a QB who is in the likeness of Jackson. I like a QB with some mobility...but doesn't need to be even close to Jackson-mobile for me. I dunno..just not impressed by Jackson
  20. Don’t forget, a head coach who can’t coach.
  21. So after DG is gone as GM let's look at the state he's left the team in; Cap Hell - the 2022 cap is set at 208 million, next year the Giants only have 43 players on the roster accounting for 206 million. Oline still I shambles - We have Thomas and that's it, we still have to find four starters maybe three if Gates can somehow come back from that injury. QB doubts - Jones hasn't developed with a shit Oline and even shittier OC, and he's probably going to be a FA after next year, not to mention he might never finish a season healthy. No pass rush - Ojulari is the only threat and he is a rookie, Williams is laughing his way to the bank and Sexy Dexy isn't a pressure maker. No LBs - Martinez is gone after next season, who's the next guy up? Skill positions a big IF - Barkley probably never returns to form, Shepard can't stay on as the field, Engram is a bust, Toney can't stay on the field, and Golladay is probably wishing he didn't choose NY where careers go to die. Bradberry might be a one year wonder, Jackson's hurt, no other DB has stepped up and the only guy in the secondary with a damn is McKinney. MVP - when the only consistently good player on your team is the kicker you know the team is in a bad way, but on that note Gano for MVP dudes a machine.
  22. The thing about Jackson was, did he ever take a hit in college? I didn't think it would translate because it never had before. Willis probably has better measurables than Jackson, but he takes hits on purpose. I don't think they're comparable prospects.
  23. He wouldn’t be the first giants player who went to Liberty. did anyone bring up Falwell when we signed Rashad Jennings?
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