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  2. John Mara & Steve Tisch are great owners imo. They don't meddle in the daily operations of the team, play favorites with team members or staff members. They did hold on to Jerry Reese for too long and fired Tom Coughlin before replacing Jerry Reese. Those mistakes I believe are the only two they have made since they took over team from their fathers. There was a real lack of self evaluation and correction for years that allowed the team to deteriorate. I like what Dave Gettleman has done via the draft and free agency even. Every free agent is not going to be a great signing and he has moved on from those who failed to meet expectations. Don't know if Shurmur gets fired at the end of the season, I still trust Gettleman to find the next head coach if the organization goes that way. I believe in a separation of power and responsibilities of a general manager and head coach. General Manager has to look five years down the road and the head coach has to focus on next week. The next head coach of this team will not be getting control of personnel.
  3. Yesterday
  4. You know to remember what a real team in Giants blue looks like.
  5. Patricia? He was hired a week or two after the Giants hired Shurmer.
  6. The more I think about it the more I think of how lucky we were to have Coughlin. You look at the coaches we have had after him; MacAdoodles - A position coach who had to pleasure of the Giants thinking he was anything more than that, however he was so desperate to move up in the NFL hierarchy he was nothing more than a yes man who had no problem bending over for Mara and company. Shurmur - Turning into MacAttack 2.0 and doesnt have the balls to say to Mara to trust the process. You know Coughlin wasn't giving two shits about what Mara was thinking week in and out, he was here for one thing and that was to win games. Coughlin was also a scout at heart, you watch his Football Life doc and they even say he spent as much time out there watching film as the scouts every offseason. As much I hope we find another HC worth a damn, it might not honestly happen with Mara at the helm. What self respecting coach wants to come to a team that will fire him after two bad seasons? Or won't even let him run the team that way he wants it? All Mara want's is a yes man who will follow "The Giants Way" because after Coughlin he's to afraid to let go of control of his team.
  7. Remember the Giants had to settle for Shurmer after they lost out to Detroit for the guy who used to work for the guy with thing.
  8. He’s perfect for them. Will keep his mouth shut and do what our “football guy” owners tell him to do
  9. Let's not pretend our generation of Maras is any better.
  10. Also, the implication of that scenario is the first division where all teams have double digit losses, lol. It's a distinct possibility.
  11. It would be hilarious to see a scenario of: If the Cowboys lose out, the eagles lose 3/4 (they'd have to win their game vs Dallas) AND we win both games vs the Eagles: Eagles 6-10 Cowboys 6-10 Giants 4-12, 5-11, or 6-10 Boy the NFC east would be a fucking shitshow if that happened. It's already a joke but this would be a historic joke, and it is possible.
  12. No team from the NFC East does. Division has been pure garbage. Far from the days when three teams from the NFC Beast would get into the playoffs.
  13. This team does not deserve to be in the playoffs no matter what the scenario.
  14. oh ok... they were talking on WFAN this morning that there was a possibility, but it was the Al Dukes 5:45am show and he does not know what he is talking about I think what he was saying if the Cowboys lose out, we would pass the Eagles... BUT I guess we lose tie break with Cowboys
  15. Agreed 100% Dude has a stacked roster and still can't win. We'd go 0-16 with Garrett running this roster.
  16. Giants were officially eliminated from the playoffs last week.
  17. The only way for your dream to come true is if the Cowboys, Eagles, Reskins team planes crash into a side of a mountain since the Giants are eleminated from the playoffs with no chance of getting in no matter how many games they win.
  18. What if Eli comes back in, runs the table as the Eagles and Cowgirls shit the bed.... Eli walks us into the playoffs with a home game. Does Shumer get the boot for sitting Eli after 2 games or does Shumer get saved by Mr. Clutch... I know, most likely we lose 3 of the last 4, but a fella can dream
  19. lol Please for the love of god Mara, don't hire this guy. Holy fuck he's Shurmur 2.0
  20. Last week
  21. Unfortunately not... Even though we can all see he's not quite the guy for the job. Great guy. I want him to do great. But it's his second year and his team is regularly not prepared, it's never going to be good enough.
  22. Well not many many years, more like ... two years. But yeah... He made a ton of mistakes his last season especially. I suspect that the Giants didn't handle it well though... and in a sense, it seems to have cursed the team....
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