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  2. I thought the Giants should have moved him to Guard before outright releasing him. There were other issues besides his ability to play tackle that lead to him being cut. I think he will enjoy a level of success at Guard in the NFL but he will never be the dominate player that was expected when he was drafted.
  3. Good move for Rivers, Chargers wasted his talent from day 1.
  4. Bucs offensive line hasn't had an accurate QB since Brad Johnson and Tom Brady is still accurate. Similarities at this point as far age is interesting. Tom Brady isn't going to win this season for the Bucs by throwing over 5000 yards. He has to conserve his strength and be accurate.
  5. He does have a knee injury that I think caused concern for the Titans to re-sign him long term. I think might have been a factor for the Giants not aggressively pursuing him as well if he was on their list. Either way I think the Giants have other plans for rebuilding this offense that goes beyond Conklin. They may very well draft the future LT and have him start at RT. If the Giants do not draft a tackle in the first round I think they'll try to scheme around their high priced average LT and make the best of it. If that tackle proves he can handle the LT position outright I don't believe the Giants will hesitate to move Solder over to RT.
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  7. Conklin is a weird player. Twelve months ago there was a lot of, "good thing we didn't draft that guy, he's always injured and hugely overrated." Now everyone is lamenting that we didn't get him. I guess we'll see.
  8. Looks like we can forget about the Irish kid too.
  9. For some reason the Giants just kept going for players who were nothing but lateral moves - just replacements. Not really bolstering the position - including Bradberry
  10. I think its all going to be OL and DL for the first 3-4 rounds - unless say an Isiah Simmons falls into our lap late.
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  12. As long as they get the BPA.....blackest player available....im good with trading for more picks as long as they choose very black players and dont draft running backs or tight ends within the first 90 picks
  13. That's what the NY Post mocked a couple of days/weeks ago.
  14. lol I didn’t know I had it in me. Soon as I touched the keyboard it just flowed. Almost like I was channeling from a higher power. I knew right away something special was happening. How have you been Chuck?
  15. Everyone makes mistakes, some even learn from them and fewer still admit to them. Gettleman has made mistakes, I think he has shown that he has learned from them since those players are no longer on the roster and by releasing them at risk of dead money he has done so. Giants have been at work this off seasons signing new players to front loaded contracts so we don't stuck with buyers remorse and can move on from players faster with a lower risk of dead money.
  16. I really would have liked this guy too. Hope we draft somebody serviceable or that Irish kid from last year surprises.
  17. Bucs O-line is not very good. He might not make it though the midpoint of October.
  18. I'm afraid our trust in Getty is misplaced.. he's made quite a few boneheaded moves.
  19. I thought the same thing. You should see the "Blake Martinez is overrated" videos. He's Alex Ogletree.
  20. Dunno what people are talking about. Getty drafted him, front office loves him from top to bottom, he's clearly a generational talent and in a "down" year still had over 1600 scrimmage yards. Imagine how he'd be with NFL caliber coaching and O-line. Oh yeah, he's also only 23 and under contract for 2 more years with a fifth year option. People just need something to say this time of year.
  21. The Giants appeared to have signed a bunch of solid..."Do your Job" sort of guys. They aren't injury prone..they show up every game....they don't wow you...they just grind and don't make a lot of mistakes. ...now where has that worked in the past...hmmmm? C. Wagon
  22. Barkley is a football player...not a running back. I cant think of a skill position you could not plug him into where he would not grade out as a solid B to A other then maybe blocking TE. He is so much more versatile then the very good running backs that were named. ..he is also very smart ..and a leader. This guy is special....and the Gman will will alot more games with him...then without him. C. Wagon
  23. Possible to trade down and get 2 out Wirfs, Becton, Andrew Thomas, Jedrick Willis, Isiah Simmons?
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