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  2. Oh now you don't care about the draft picks because it was never your decision? When has any Giants front office decision been your decision? Lol I didn't say I was an expert. All I said is it's rudimentary football knowledge that draft picks, which don't matter to you, are precious assets that help build a team. One must work in an NFL front office to grasp that? Having said that, let's review the facts: - We traded a 3rd and 4th/5th rounder (and a high draft picks in each round) for an underachieving Leonard Williams, for 8 games in a failing season. So what the hell did we get in return for those two draft picks? What other team not going on a playoff run does this? If we wanted him as a FA all along, we could have bid for and signed him in the off-season without giving up two draft picks, one of which is a premium pick. Getty threw away and wasted those draft picks for NOTHING. That is gross incompetence. And when you say we've wasted entire drafts...yeah. Bad GMs waste their draft picks. Our GM just wasted two of ours.
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  4. I could have brought up the Giants trade to pick up Andre Baker, I brought up Eli Manning because he is been in the news lately with his retirement and was thinking about his career. Giants traded their Second round, Fourth and Fifth round picks to move back into the First round for Andre Baker. I'm not an NFL GM, are you? Neither of us are qualified since you know as much as I do. Reason I don't care about those draft picks is because it was never my decision in the first place. Mara, Tisch, and Gettleman never call me, I would have told them to hold to our picks and bring in Leonard Williams after letting the market set his value. I don't think they called you either.
  5. If they thought Williams was going to be the difference in how the season turned out, they couldn't have been more wrong. I think they were already looking to 2020 when they made the deal for Williams. Most of the problems with the defense was in the secondary and still are. We talk about pass rush around here but who's getting to the QB in 2 seconds on any team regularly?
  6. that's why I said, nobody said that was the reason.... but look at the history of mid season trades.... it never happens, NEVER, except when a team is trying to get that last little bit for a playoff push. And look at the divisional records at the time.... the Giants were right in the thick of it. Like hell they weren't wish-thinking Williams would make the difference on defense.
  7. The draft is largely how you build your team, and the those pics are precious assets Getty just squandered for nothing. This "we needed an 8 game audition to find out about him" excuse is a joke. Again, if Getty couldn't get a read on a player after 4 1/2 years in the league, he should not have pursued the guy. Most teams, good teams, covet their draft picks. Winning teams. Even middle round picks matter. For example KC: Kelce: 3rd rounder. Tyreke Hill: 5th rounder. Mahomes: Their trade included a 3rd round pick to get him. Nobody gives their DL enough credit but Derrick Nnadi, Kalen Saunders: 3rd rounders. You brought up the Eli trade. Guess what was part of the trade to bring him in...middle round picks! The reason you don't care about draft picks is because you don't know what you're doing.
  8. This has to play out for a while longer before we can determine this is a lose/lose situation. I remember Albert Haynesworth, had two really good seasons for the Titans then the Redskins signed him in the off-season to a massive contract at the time. This is what I'm thinking about and the situation we need to avoid. I could care less about two draft picks, Giants have wasted entire drafts the last few years.
  9. I haven't seen a single quote from Gettleman or anyone with that idea being the reason the Giants brought in Leonard Williams.
  10. It was two different writers so they see Carter from two different aspects. They both want Carter to have one role instead of two and disagree on which one of the two is more important and the role Carter would be better at. Lorenzo Carter is not a bad player, if we two of him on the roster we would send one into coverage and the other after the passer.
  11. I zeroed in on Hill this year.... he got sloppy fat.
  12. I think the problem is the Giants need a guy who can play in coverage and a guy who can rush the passer. Carter can do both but at the expense of getting very good at one of them. I can see where the writers point out his lack of pass rushing moves as a clear problem. If he spends more time rushing the passer, he will develop more moves and refine his technique. I would like to see Carter developed for his coverage skills over his pass rushing ability. This should move him to the inside linebacker role.
  13. Did you see that they have been keeping tabs on other teams to?
  14. Even if that's the case i still hold my opinion. It's Leonard Williams the guy didn't have have a meaningful game for three seasons before they traded for him. He was on his way off the Jets roster with a big old bust sign on his backside. What in the flying fuck made them think he would win them one game let a lone 4? Getty deserves a flogging for this trade, despite the things he may have done right so far with this team. And no CD the anger isnt directed at you, I agree with what you said you need to make moves that you think will help the team. Its just the fact that I'm sick of the Giants being known as a dumpster fire of an organization and trading away valuable team building capitol for a guy who might not even be on the team next year. If they traded for like Justin Houston for a third and fifth then great you added a solid player. Not Leonard Williams lol
  15. If Gettlemen thought that, then that's just another illustration of his incompetence. I also don't understand exactly why BJ Hill was in the doghouse all season, after a promising rookie year.
  16. well I don't even think that was the thinking.... but maybe that they were maybe one Leonard Williams away from 8-8 and backing into the playoffs?... definitely. And even that was incredibly unlikely.
  17. This is a big with Manchester City gents. I'm having a hard time understanding how they get penalized 2 years and I can see them getting that dropped to 1 but it's a huge break for the teams below them. What's the feeling over there UK?
  18. And once again I agree, if you think a player wil help your team, then go get them. However if if Gettleman honestly thought this team was one Leonard Williams away from 11-5 then holy fuck this guy needs to put the crack pipe down and get his ass out of the Giants FO.
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  20. The team was going nowhere last season. Trading away a high 3rd and 4th/5th for an underachiever for only 8 games in a losing season is gross incompetence. As I said, what other team does this? What the heck did we just get for our precious draft picks, key assets we need to build a winning team? At least when the Lions traded for Harrison, and Saint Eli Apple, they gave up far less for guys that they planned to have around for at least two plus years. Getty got rolled by the Jets.
  21. If a guy improves the team I can't fault the move. But I think the most damning thing about the trade wasn't what we gave up, it was that Gettleman thought the Giants might be just one Leonard Williams away from competing.
  22. See I would agree but they traded for a player who didnt have a single sack all year, and five sacks in the last three. It's not like they went out and traded for Kahlil Mack or some proven pass rusher of defensive playmaker/leader. They traded for a former first round massively underachieving player. That's not something playoff teams do lol
  23. the thing they never said about the Williams trade is, the team wasn't mathematically eliminated at that point - far from it, the entire division was struggling. That move was an attempt to compete in 2019. teams in the playoff hunt do sometimes trade for players at the end of their contract.
  24. he's a weird player. A smart dude who plays stupid. I think the case to be made for Carter isn't as much how he was used last year, it's that he's a high tool guy with much better than average smarts. If anybody has the chance to really develop into something special later in his career, its Carter. But I think he's played a lot of football already, so why isn't he getting it? Just not sure he's wired right to play the game with the intensity required to compete in the NFL.
  25. See that's my thinking as well. You have years of tape and game film, you have scouts you pay to watch players, and you can't determine if he's going to be worth a contract unless he's playing in a Giants uniform? Has there EVER been a time in the NFL when a team traded for a player just for an "audition" with no contract in place for when he arrives?
  26. I doubt anyone is going to lose sleep over losing Williams. He's not going anywhere else and pulling a Shaq Barrett type enlightenment. If anything, if we sign him to a big deal and he underachieves as he always has, that will be the ammo to fire Getty.
  27. They have to find something to write about and they're hoping we have short memories, lol.
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