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  1. Yesterday
  2. Like I said in another thread... Nelson and Chubb were my original wish list that draft.
  3. True that. I just bought a firestick and bypassed all that shit
  4. Quentin Nelson would be a big help right now. Instead we have an all world talent running back that we can’t block for
  5. Elijah Penny was a RB in college. Would be nice to see what he can do, but since he's an interior guy, he stands no chance with our offensive line.
  6. Last week
  7. Lots of OL are strong and sometimes move well. That Hernandez pulled well on that one play does not excuse putrid performance the other 90% of the time. Not trying to be a dick; I just don't see the results overall in Hernandez. He's not the only OL problem to be fair.
  8. oh yeah he has. He looks great on the move, as Sephiroth noted. He's made a lot of mental mistakes though. And I really don't know how much of that is mental error on his part, or mental error on his neighbor's part. I don't think we'll have a good sense of that until Gates has his feet under him. Now Gates needs to learn how to get from snap to block real quick, because the 49ers are going to have a man in his face every down after his struggles with a man over him the first couple weeks. He was great when he had time to get his hands up. Zeitler, I don't know... he hasn't been hi
  9. For me the Oline looks better than last year which isn't saying much but still it's an improvement even if a minor one. Gates is a better center than Pulley or Hippohalpitoo Thomas is a far and away better tackle than Solder. Flemming is a push so far but he's gotten some pop in the run game besides Remmers and his crippled back. Hernandez looks the same which is a shame and Zeitler looks like he lost a step. Think about though whens last time ANY Oline in the NFL had three new players and improved drastically? Going to take a few more years and a few more players
  10. I don't expect to see much different from Hernandez. He hasn't shown anything this season or last.
  11. that doesn't sound good, but that also sounds about right for a team with no starting running back for basically the entire game. it's week 2, three new starters on the line, new system, no preseason, and they've played against two well-established, often dominant defenses.... I'm just glad they put some good blocks on film and that their issues seem mostly to be mental mistakes, rather than just getting physically obliterated.
  12. He had another nice pull where Lewis didn't hit the hole later on (I don't think he's a very good back). I'm not saying he looked awesome but I wouldn't give up on him just yet.
  13. 54 yards rushing from running backs and 4 sacks against the Bears on Sunday is promising?
  14. Oh on that one Barkley play that went for 18 yards? How about the other 13 runs for 33 yards? How about the one out of four sacks he allowed?
  15. This team definitely needs someone who can read the stars.
  16. I think on the whole, the OL is showing some promise. Other than Zeitler, who's been left in his stance a few times, their miscues are more about experience and mental errors than lacking physical ability.
  17. I don't think he was good at RT, I think it's more like he looked good compared to Remmers and his permanently fucked back.
  18. Hernandez looked pretty good pulling this weekend I thought.
  19. Will Hernandez too has been atrocious this season as well. Why don't they move Nick Gates back to RT where he was good last year?
  20. The primary reason is because we have an incomplete, patchwork offensive line.
  21. We've been drafting Offense in the 1st round for the last half a decade and have diddlysquat to show for it. Defense has been playing far better so far this season
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