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  1. Do retirements come into play for comp picks or is it only FA?
  2. Trade back to San Diego. They just moved on from Rivers.
  3. 3-4 months is plenty of time to argue. Gallery or Taylor?
  4. I didn't know much on Judge when hired, but interviews and reports have me really liking the hire. I want to hear the DC speak a bit before I form any kind of opinion. Not a well known name...like Judge a week ago. But Miami played well down the stretch, not tanking like ownership wanted. I put that on the coaches motivating the players and appealing to their prude as men. If the DC was part of that, then I don't hate this hire at all. But let the guy be introduced, give a bit of his outlook, and we'll go from there
  5. Might be negotiating money
  6. Was it Parcells who argued that if he's expected to cook a meal, he should be able to buy the ingredients too?
  7. I'm good with cleaning out the coaches...but worry that this guy's the right one to do it
  8. Screams of a comparison to McAdoo. I am not thrilled
  9. Lions might want Stafford replacement themselves...
  10. Don't even want to think of Garrett. Dude is a spineless puppet for Jerruh. Same for McDaniels who spurned the Colts and failed the Broncos. Judge/Richard don't seem to have the HC experience yet. Would like coordinator or above for HC. I'm leaning towards a defensive coach like others here. Martindale bringing the coach from LSU for OC is awfully appealing. That's likely my #1. McCarthy is my distant #2...though I read that teams have figured out his offense...which doesn't bode well for future. 2A...I have Rhule from Baylor. The unknown, the turning a program around...good stuff. Bigger risk than McCarthy that could yield bigger reward.
  11. Why can't it be BPA at a position of need? If rounds 1 and 2 do not bolster offensive line and pass rush, Gettlemen can be fired before round 3 starts.
  12. Mike McCarthy, former Packers HC Don Martindale, Baltimore DC Eric Bieniemy, Kansas City OC Kris Richard, Dallas secondary coach Joe Judge, Patriots special teams/WR coach Matt Rhule, Baylor HC Josh McDaniels, Patriots OC
  13. Does Jones ankle force Eli into an unceremonious sendoff?
  14. Win from Wash and Miami was nice for draft pick. Officially eliminated...time to root against the Giants and talk draft.
  15. And Washington has their QB...they will get Young...and he might kill Jones.
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