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  1. I would argue that Washington lost more than we won. The early missed FG Would've done it. Going for 2 instead of forcing OT likely would've done it. I'm excited for a win, but I too don't foresee playoffs this year and can take a lot of solace knowing that losses help draft position and draft position provides opportunity to bring in better talent, that we sorely need
  2. Except Coleman likely would have produced more and made fewer mistakes
  3. On a rookie deal, it's either trade or keep. No way you release him outright. Balls to wall in FA for the offensive line. Then trade down in draft to accumulate picks. Go pass rush and more offensive line. Find 1 WR along the way who can get separation. Do nothing else. Keep the goals small this offseason because nothing else matters if you can't hammer these out
  4. It was fun to see them competitive, but Dallas D sucks hard, so our offensive success needs to be tempered a good bit. Love Judge as coach. Done with Getty. Offensive line and pass rush in offseason please. Maybe a WR to replace Tate.
  5. Too much money at stake...not cancelling. Might not be perfect, but they're gonna plug thru
  6. that you look like a dick?
  7. I was joking. I couldn't give any less of a shit. And just wait, we probably will. The look of what the hell just happened and who was that that just beat us that we have seen at the end of games will be doubly justified
  8. The Washington Football Team ya racist bastid 😆
  9. Looking to gain positive yards. Let's start there
  10. Not to split hairs, but we're 4th worst. Gotta work a bit to drop down ro 2nd worst...but with the Rams next week...might be there soon enough
  11. I'm still good to keep Judge. I like his energy and everything he says I seem to agree with. I think he needs to develop too as a first time head coach, but we are devoid of talent and 1, you can't do much with that and 2, that falls on Gettleman
  12. Yeah...I think if it's proven Jones is a bust, which he would be if we are looking to replace him, that alone would be a death sentence to DG. Thomas underperforming compared to fellow draft class OTs would further the cause. We have drafted good positions but just misevaluated the guys selected
  13. Not sure he sucks...but if his offseason was spent working to eliminate turnovers, he has failed thus far. I am not sold on him and if we continue to lose, I would not be opposed to replacing him come draft day. Don't see that happening with DG still in house. But am okay with him being replaced at this point too. We have lost for too long to make exceptions.
  14. Pick up the option, keep him. But don't get too far away from the phone should calls come in. Agreed he is a phenomenal talent, and agreed we weren't ready to draft him. That said, I won't criticize the pick.
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