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  1. Maybe. I am a believer that if ball hits both of receivers hands...he is paid to catch it...not let it slip away. Could the pass have been better? Sure...but it was good enough. I'd go 98%/2% fault in favor of Slayton on that play
  2. What were his FA additions his first year? Need to complete the picture.
  3. For as much shit as I gave Jones last week, he played well last night I thought. Game came down to 3 plays...holding on Jones TD run, dropped TD pass by Slayton, and of course, the encroachment that allowed for a 2nd shot at the game winner. Can't pin those on Jones. He had a good completion percentage, kept drives alive with his legs, and didn't have any turnovers. That's all we need from him. He deserves a lot of credit for this game. That said, he need to play consistently at this level before he justifies his draft position
  4. I liked the pick when we made it...though I was still fighting for offensive line help I think at the time. Still think he could be a generational talent, but we still haven't given him the line he needs it seems. Football is ultimate team sport. If one piece sucks, it can blow up others, despite how good those others can be. Article is awfully interesting. Giants will pay Barkley so long as he doesn't get injured again. He's a nice guy, high draft pick, and says the right thing most days. Production comes second to Giants brass I think
  5. Agreed...though as well as Eli played, I'm not sure we are winning those SBs without the defenses we had. Not knocking Eli, just giving those defenses the credit they deserve
  6. I don't expect undefeated, but I do expect to be competitive and we have been far from it for literally years. Browns were shit for how long? How those fans stayed loyal and hopeful, I have no idea. I love the Giants, and will forever be a fan...but my interest in watching has waned hardcore.
  7. I want a pattern of wins...not one offs that lead to the doldrums of 8-9 or 9-8 but no further
  8. I'm not interested in false hope. I'd rather change course and not be the laughing stock of the league or division.
  9. Again, I think those who are critical are so because the patterns are not changing...not so much the loss itself. We will see what happens tomorrow.
  10. I don't even need a winning record to trust Jones...just stop turning the fucking ball over and be accurate with his throws. This should not be an issue at this point in his career.
  11. Treating their women like shit and their fans to shit like it's going outta style
  12. We already seem to have our backup QB...problem is he's starting
  13. And what sucks is, the Giants are loyal almost to a fault...maybe they don't want to admit mistakes...so they'll stick with DJ for 2 more years.
  14. I was never a fan of the Daniel Jones pick, but I give credit/criticism where due. I have seen enough. He will never be more than slightly above average, at best. He will never justify his draft selection. Not to say he will never win us a game because he does have some ability, but won't consistently do enough to be that franchise QB he should be.
  15. So no pass rush, a shitty secondary, and a subpar offensive line. Oh, and we gave up a what, 70 yard rushing TD? Lets not forget another Jones fumble, in the red zone when game was still winnable. Fan-fucking-tastic.
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