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  1. But yeah, I was glad to see resources spent on the line this offseason for both Jones and Barkley. That trend needs to continue next year with a little more help on defense...Carter and Ximines are huge wildcards this season. I hope that a little offensive consistency bodes well for a more rested defense and more pressure on opposing QBs...but that's a big step to take. I just want a season of football...thats a bigger concern for me
  2. I won't discredit Emmitt too much, because his vision to see those holes opening was what made him special. That said, I would have loved to see Barry behind that line in his prime. Emmitt was good, but he wasn't close to Sanders despite stat lines.
  3. Don't overlook the skill position players who CHOSE to join him. Eli tried that, but his teammates didn't seem to want to play along as I recall. Guys like Tiki, Burress, OBJ...I vaguely remember working out on their own and dismissing the chemistry argument altogether. I think this bodes well for us so long as Jones doesn't give everyone the Corona.
  4. Won't take much to convince a jury that two thug millionaires, having lost 70K, had motive to recoup it. Partygoers already stating that Baker and Dunbar parked their cars in such a manner to make a fast getaway. Speaks to premeditation. One of the assailants had a mask, and not seemingly for Covid purposes. Again, showing it was planned. No property was returned...proves it wasn't a joke and even if it was...think if you're the one at the end of the barrel...are you gonna testify that it was all just tomfoolery? Don't think so. Dunbar and Baker are gonna have to plea out of this in hopes that the felony charges get dropped. That will save them jail time...but I gotta believe they both took their last snaps in an NFL uniform. Personally, I hope that no plea is even offered. Let these guys rot in jail for 10 years and live lower middle class the rest of their life. On a side note, it'll be interesting to see if firearms were properly obtained/licensed/registered. Would lead to additional charges.
  5. gmenroc


    Was gonna take my Steelers-fan old man to his first NFL game this year...but at 70, he doesn't wanna risk getting the Corona...plus...fuck Monday nights
  6. I'd be taking a crash course in centering if I were him. Fastest means to starting on this team.
  7. It'd be nice too to just swap firsts with Jax and take their DE off their hands
  8. I am all for trading down if we can net an extra 2 or 3 this year...would not mind getting some extra picks next year as well. I would ensure a shot at 1 of the top 3 OTs and Simmons...so I wouldn't drop more than 4 or 5 spots. If Young is there at 4 though, you take him.
  9. I have to believe that they wouldn't give up on Haskins yet either...but new coaching could do that and get away with it. If you give a year or two to Haskins and he fails, you as the coach can pass the blame on previous regime and start over then...extending your own employment. I'd bet on them taking Young and Detroit trading out. If Wash trades out, then Det takes Young at 3. As such, I don't see both trading out. Question is, if Wash takes Young and Det stays at 3, who do they take?
  10. You know...the more I read into the draft, the more I have a sense there will be 2 QBs and Young go in the top 3. Sure, Wash and/or Det might trade back, but I don't know that that changes who is selected. And you'd think that would but us in a favorable spot with the last of the top 3 QBs still there. I can see taking calls from LA or Mia. I would take extra picks and still bring in either Simmons or your OT of choice.
  11. Whatever salvages the most money. I'm thinking they may delay the start of the season before playing in empty stadiums
  12. First two names that came to mind were Corey Webster and Dave Diehl. Diehl played every position on the line...classic jack of all trades, master of none. Webby was solid. The SB offensive line as a whole was somewhat underrated, but Diehl leads that description more than the others. Steve Smith would've broken a shit ton of records because he could find that open spot in a defense like no other....until he destroyed his knee. Was never the same after. Collins is a good call. When on, he was dominant. When off, he was terrible. Just streaky as hell...but far and away better than Kent Graham, Dave Brown, Jesse Palmer, etc.
  13. Do retirements come into play for comp picks or is it only FA?
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