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  1. Meh...not if he won superbowls. I believe no matter where he played, the winning would bury the bad publicity. I think that mentality starts far below high school. I've seen coaches try to convince parents of starting players to let their kids play when the parents are keeping the kid home for disciplinary reasons. Thereby teaching the kid that 1, they don't suffer the same consequences as non-starters or non-players but 2nd, and to my point, teaches that skill is more important than discipline and self control. It's not right, but it's how it works. Ben might have faced some scrutin
  2. Ben needs to be done after that. He was missing on a number of throw that weren't picked. He cant run for shit. 4 picks... Rivers played well enough that I think they could squeak another season from him, but that's about it. Still think we should've picked Ben over Eli, but I won't bitch about what Eli did for this team and how he conducted himself
  3. Distractions, lack of routine, changing job duties, lack of true office area at home....just doesn't lead to being productive. And lack of productivity lends to apathy on my part. Love the flexibility aspect of it, but the requirement and full time work from home blows
  4. Here and there. Working from home amidst COVID sucks pretty hard. Would gladly take chances in the office if I could.
  5. Gotta love that era...Madden stating...that is football is so appropriate. Nowadays, it's a far cry from those days. Finesse has replaced toughness. Can you imagine half today's players playing back then?
  6. Ugly 1st half. Will be lucky to keep it at 13-0. Defense showed up, but without Jones escapability, it ain't pretty. Hats off to Cards secondary.
  7. Stealing this game while Philly loses, Dallas having a tough game Tuesday, and sweeping Wash....I will take it
  8. Engram...in the hands...no catch...tipped...interception. How many times? McCoy playing well thus far...lets see the defense hold here and go back at it
  9. Don't get me wrong, we definitely should try to get him back, but I doubt that it'll happen after the Giants didn't stick by him blah blah blah. Giants could also take the stance that he still might've done what he was accused of, but the court case was stupidly built
  10. I liked Rosas...but don't mind him being cut...likely influenced by Gano playing well tho
  11. He might turn out to be great elsewhere, and as much as that sucks, cutting him when we did was the right call...given both on field issues and off.
  12. Thought this thread might be about the fondness some have for the shaved vajayjay.
  13. If TL is available when we pick, take him. If not, go DE to upgrade pass rush or trade back to axcumulate picks
  14. End of day...Jones had some good throws, but more misses. Kept us in the game, but probably deserves most of the blame for the loss. Did like our run game and defense. OLine play was vastly improved, Thomas included. Was surprised it was close, was fun to watch...take comfort in maintaining 2nd overall pick. Will be interesting to see if anyone is traded today after genuinely inspired play last night. Gettlemen, I will give credit for Bardberry and Martinez. Two great FA signings. But a long way from being sold on Jones or Thomas and those two will define DG for me
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