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  1. Spread is currently 10.5 with O/U at 45.5. Can I bet the Chargers to cover and hit the over (on their own)?
  2. Lol...if it was this bad against the Fish...how bad ia next week gonna be when we start Jake Fromm and have Logan Ryan as the backup QB....against the Chargers by the way
  3. I'm not sure I want a QB who is in the likeness of Jackson. I like a QB with some mobility...but doesn't need to be even close to Jackson-mobile for me. I dunno..just not impressed by Jackson
  4. draft pick...blah blah blah
  5. I think Barkley could have been generational...he had the skill set. But he was forced into dancing behind a shitty line. It's like a really hardworking employee who is given mundane work, isn't challenged, and isn't kept busy. Eventually that work ethic will deteriorate. Forced into shitty habits, he'll have to unlearn them in addition to getting past the injury, mental and physical. I really don't see it happening unless he goes to a team with an established offensive line. And those teams, usually have a guy or two already to run the ball. I wouldn't resign him at this point. I would trade him to Tennessee tomorrow though for a 2nd rounder.
  6. When has zone coverage with zero pass rush ever beaten a Brady lead offense?
  7. Agreed. We can celebrate one small step in right direction tho, right? Then again, if other changes are left undone, this firing will prove pointless
  8. Probably a mix of 3 things....offensive line blows, physically not ready, and mentally not ready. Thinking it is 65-10-25, respectively
  9. That's the point...think we have about 5 or 6 that can play up to their paycheck. The rest are bottom barrel players.
  10. Yeah...given the heat...I bet Judge does not take over playcalling anytime soon. Would be nice if ownership forced playcalling on Judge to see what he has.
  11. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/32699164/new-york-giants-fire-offensive-coordinator-jason-garrett-sources-say
  12. And Will Hernandez had as bad a game as I've seen. Beaten constantly, and even when committing penalties, still gets run by/over. You'd think if you're gonna hold, you'd at least prevent the opponent from getting past you... And yeah...5 or 6 keepers might be generous.
  13. The team reacted the same way. And why the hell don't you take the 3 points there? Still lots of game left and only down by 7 at that point. Then Tampa scores and it's a 2 possession game, we get desperate and take chances, throw picks, and the Tampa defense tees off cause they know what's coming. That 4th down call just after half was the turning point.
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