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  1. Honestly even if this doesn't work out for some reason this is a good pickup. I think a Jason Garrett puts in solid years at OC and this team improves, he'll be back in the running for a HC again. Bitch about this organization all you want, they said they'd think outside the box and that's happening.
  2. Anyone know of any sites?. The only one I use is the Draft Network. I think it's time to start getting some ideas.
  3. I could be home all day and have only sports channels on my tv, but I'd pick up a book and read it before I would ever turn on the bullshit that on sports channels during the day. I think you have to be out of your mind to watch assholes like Stephen a Smith and Max Kellerman and Skip Bayless. Experts on nothing!
  4. I had his jersey. I said on here that he was the 2nd biggest talent this team had after lt. No regrets saying it at the time. But you sign a big contract and then you take a piss on the org on national TV for no reason then it's good riddance.
  5. Well things took a turn for the worst last night with Rashford getting hurt. We are bringing an inform Juan Mata........
  6. The Panthers are Christian Mc Caffrey and nothing else. Expect Greg Olsen to retire soon. And Cam right now is crocked.
  7. They did the right thing even if it seemed at the time it was lunacy. The guy bashing the franchise on that interview was enough. Enjoy Cleveland.
  8. To be honest uk. I see this weekend a 1-1 draw. Get the feeling we will get up for this one.
  9. I hope he does well a la his stint at the Vikings. He's a good guy just not a good head coach. The one part gettleman got right was at least he was an adult. Unlike McAdoo who just got goofier as the year went on
  10. When City get going it's too hard to stop. I think they'll beat Liverpool in the next meeting.
  11. Might have been one of the more compelling intros ever. Had a bit of Coughlin in him. No Ray Handley which was a good thing.
  12. That belongs to me.
  13. With all due respect to kitchens they gave this guy a roster full of assholes and no chance of him picking his own players.
  14. What makes you think he knows nothing about our roster?. Didn't we play them this year?
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