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  1. He might be a perennial HOF but the Giants don't need him. ??? Last year same guys are talking about the lack of talent on this team. Now wanna get rid of the guy who has it. By the way, he's better than Gurley and Gordon. Gurley got knocked out of starting by a guy pick up off waivers.
  2. Yes. Like this. Just the type of backup needed, no challenge to Jones but decent player. And best name for a QB
  3. Dolphins are overpaying everyone
  4. How would Martinez, who just signed a large free agent contract be the same caliber of a guy who got cut and frankly deserved it. Ogletree was bad in coverage but wasn't very good at any aspect at linebacker for us.
  5. These are the deals I don't get. They picked him up off waivers from the Bengals and yes he did good, but 4 million good?
  6. Guys like Martinez are tone setters. We don't have that. As for coverage, let's worry about our corners covering first before we start picking out flaws on guys whose primary job isn't that. Bradberry is a good start. Word now is Toilolo the tight end out of sf. Blocking tight end. Looks like the idea is run the ball more.
  7. Bill o Brien sucks. Bills not fucking around. That team has talent and it's getting deep.
  8. 3 years. 30 million. We have to be going offensive tackle now in the first. I still want to see safety and center addressed in fa. Fine with this. Martinez is solid and suits what we are looking to do.
  9. That's crazy money for a guy who had one decent season. Dolphins just got rid of all these good players last year to restock with guys like this?
  10. Center is a crucial spot with a young qb and Hilapio was a blocking liability.
  11. I would rather we do this than sign him long term. We have cap room now.
  12. That's a lot to extend a guy who won't be a starter. Surely he has to come to camp and be evaluated by the new staff before he warrants that.
  13. 6 points to go UK. We had a good day Saturday. Crowd was pumped. Ole has the wheel again.
  14. Good luck to him. Never utilized him properly.
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