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  1. Ximenes doesn't suck. I expect him to make a much bigger impact this year. Carter I think has a lower ceiling and will be a rotational linebacker at best.
  2. See now this is a case where Gettleman should lose his job. Anyway, he needs to go. No worries for him, he'll be a Cowboy or Raider in the fall.
  3. Yes, Hankins, Collins, Richburg, Pugh all left as free agents. Beckham was traded. Jerry was always 3rd to 7th round weak. He never got enough out of those rounds. You couldn't go years doing that and in the end it just but us on the ass.
  4. Golden is getting a bit fucked, but if we can get him for $5 million that's good business. We lose him we get a pick. Fine with this.
  5. I heard that he may have played some center.........
  6. I wrote this on April 9th, 2 weeks ago. 110th pick : Tyler Biadasz – OL Wiconsin Part 3 of the rebuild. Biadasz is a center and could go straight into the lineup this year. Voted Nations best center last year in college.
  7. I genuinely don't know what the fuck you are talking about. I don't go on other Giants message boards, had a hard enough time getting back on this one. I logged into Giants.com yesterday sometime after the Lemieux pick and schmeek and one of the other hosts were discussing whether he had experience at center or not. And so what if others had discussed the need. You don't like it, fine. But look at the depth chart now and see how we are set in that spot as opposed to others where right now there is no position short of depth. You and BIC should have called the Jets a few weeks back and told them not to shell out $27 million to Shane McGovern, just shove one of the guards over. Last season, I didn't think the same. Hilapio lost a season and deserved a chance to earn the spot last year.Problem was, he was terrible. And hindsight showed maybe why, since he had a hard time maintaining a job elsewhere prior to coming here. And so the Giants let him and his low salary into free agency. There were plenty of good centers in this draft, and we got none. That's not good, and now we have to plug that hole somehow.
  8. Just for the record. I'm happy with 1 through 3 and Lemieux because if these guys pan out, they fill 3 holes in 2-3 years which is huge for us. Thomas right away in an upgrade at right tackle. The rest to me, is just up in the air. Carter Coughlin might be something according to some experts.
  9. Cowboys again, traded for a guy in the 4th. The Cowboys has a good draft again and have learned a lot since they used to get engrossed with flashy players and turned their attention to addressing the offensive line and then look what happened. They drafted Fredericks at 15 for center and he was small also, and he anchored the line until he got hut. They traded for Biedasz to replace him.
  10. Ok guy.Folks on Giants own website were asking about drafting a center and asking if guys had experience, but hey let's call it "fandom". You have to wonder why these guys just play the position for 3-4 years in college and then it's a meaningless distinction when it's over.
  11. I get you guys want to support Gettleman's decision, but questioning what I mean here is a bit of a stretch. Since there were guys on the board yesterday with "c" listed as their position in college. Tyler Biedasz for example is 6 foot 3 and 315 pounds. Cesar Ruiz, 6 ft 4, 320. (first round pick) Cushenberry, 6 ft 4, 315. Yeah, they may be slightly smaller than the guys around then, but least athletic and small. C'mon guy.
  12. Again, I'm asking why didn't we pick a center in the 4th and you're telling me that the 5th round guy has center experience. My point is there were guys who were true centers and we missed them and drafted into areas where we are already well stocked. As for Linebacker, they could have picked Simmons in the first and addressed it there. There were 2 linebackers picked before Peart who probably is there at 110. And no, it's not Reese, but it's draft 3 for Gettleman and I'm saying he had a chance and didn't do it. It wasn't a very inspiring day 3. I hope I am wrong.
  13. I think it came back to bite us some. That gap between 36 and 99 saw a lot of good players go off the board.
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