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  1. Disagree. The giants just don’t know how to seal the game. The offensive line give up big plays. The defense can only bail us out for so long. we have a great team, we just need the line to be a unit. Maybe missing a position.
  2. Agree but I hate the fact that teams will take advantage of it When they word play it in contracts.
  3. I have a good feeling about the second half.
  4. What happen to the other 3? I want to see his picks
  5. Most teams will be hurt more than others because of their huge fan base Gram stadium: cowboys will lose half of their revenue compare to 1/3 for bengals. anyways. Baker is done but hopefully he can learn from this and get life in order. I mean if dog killer Vick can cole back and play. Baker is young enough for a second chance if he ain’t locked up for more than a year. Here ya go
  6. What’s the percentage of stadium revenue counts for the overall team income?
  7. Totally agree, i won’t blame Getty. You have stories like the Honey Badger who is all pro talent and no one want anything to do with him. Look at him now, he was given a chance and he took it and changed his life. I’m not saying the statistics are in favor of the team. Just sad how Baker could’ve had it all.
  8. Osi passing down some skills I would like Nas to reply.
  9. Like seriously, how can you screw up a hush money transaction? $55k split between 4 people? That’s like $13k, should have round it up to 15k else these hoes aren’t loyal!!
  10. Agree. It a crazy story to begin with but where are the recording? If he was home playing games. House should have security cameras.
  11. I was as shock as anyone when we drafted DJ and I’m sure everyone here and their pet goldfish was about to loose their shit. Before the draft there were some speculations of DJ and I saw a few YouTube vid of his performance and I actually liked it And would be happy if he was pick to be our QB but never at 6 overall. He has a lot to proved (still). What if we drafted Josh Allen At 6th then went with the rest of the draft without a QB selection? Let Eli do his retirement tour? As bad as bad Eli was going during the season we would’ve end up in the top 5-7 overall and use that pick a
  12. Yup. Now the story has all changed. It’s now either he was blackmail or paid witness off. Where are the cameras?!
  13. Is the EPL happening for sure in June? So many click bait news out there!!!
  14. There has to be cameras and footage of all this. You going to tell me a the host of a high stake game won’t have proper security? Bet you their lawyers are out there trying to bribe all the eyewitness right now.
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