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  1. Get this Pitt kid and trade engram. Try and get this other guy name zaven Collins and I’ll be happy.
  2. A million? Why is he so cheap? Of course I didn’t do any type of background check on the dude.
  3. 2007 I was crazy enough to put a future bet on the Giants to win SB 40/1, $2 dollar bet. Of course the moment was when Jacobs got that extra yard on the 4th down during the final drive. 2012, I also had a future bet starting from that Jets game and it was nutz, 20/1, $50 bet. Favorite moment has to be the ball touching the 9er’s returner.
  4. 6’2 with decent hands. Yes for second round. I mean we draft a TE who can’t block and plays WR most the time anyways. Put this dude in with Barkley, I like that.
  5. Hopefully Eli can send him a farewell tweet including a picture of empty trophy case and Rapelisburger liking the tweet.
  6. Easy there cowboy. Hakeem Nicks, Steve Smith, and Odell. He did have a good eye for WR. The first and earlier years of Reese was pretty decent. Signing Baas for center made a huge boost on the line. Maybe somebody from his scouting team left and therefore the horrible draft results from the later years.
  7. Next time you in town I’ll be there!!
  8. Ahhh yes. I remember going to that game with Nas. You were too drunk to meet up afterwards. LOL
  9. Agree. This or he hires the same PR team as Jeter. Ben BS doesn’t fit here in the NY Media. Look at Arod, did he smack some waitress? He got killed for shooting juice.
  10. If Ben pull the rape stuff as a Giant. The NY Media would bury his ass. We are not that forgiven here in NYC.
  11. Yup. 4 minutes left. This is done if browns don’t go total retard. im kind of happy for these browns fans. I’m not a fan of bakers bitch ass but their fans deserves a little love.
  12. Too soon.... current at the beginning of 4th and pitts just down two scores with momentum on their side.
  13. Was our own Webb that bad?
  14. Good. I wonder how much they gave him. He remind me of good old perry Fewell.
  15. No thanks. His body is just worn out. He’s not build like steve smith sr or has the best character. You think judge would tolerate that shit?
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