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  1. He already has 2 kids, right? What’s the problem now? Less lead in the pencil?
  2. There would be a baby boom amount NFL players
  3. Lawdy, lawdy, lawdy, lawdy, lawdy, lawdy, lawdy, lawdy, I don’t know nothin about birthing no babies!
  4. Useless fuck of a QB in Minnesota but for fucks sake he needs to get his fucking team in gear
  5. The Cleveland browns have a better record than the giants and an easier path to the playoffs.....SMH
  6. Stat of the day.....eagles should have 50 hung on em today.....they are really banged up n lookin like it in 1st qtr
  7. This fucking insolence has been duly noted and hi lighted......
  8. I see three top candidates for a month in the next Gmen Calendar Of Hunks!
  9. I said that shit on the Dullass MB before I got the ban hammer
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