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  1. Hopefully Martinez is the next Antonio Pierce ( Ogletree was a massive disappointment to all of us ) . I like the Bradberry signing too ( Jackrabbit was pretty much done anyway .....and also a total and utter asshole ) Toilolo at TE sounds like he might actually be able to block ! and i like the sound of Ebner on Special teams etc. Plus we didnt break the bank and mortgage our future like Jerry Reese would have done. Plenty to come in the draft ( for our O line hopefully ) and i think we will be a better outfit on the field with Danny Dimes in year 2 and a healthy Saquon.
  2. good signing ...........could be our next Jeff Hostetler............to take over when Danny Dimes goes down when we are 11-3 ( not )
  3. lets hope he plays great football next season and then deserves a long term deal ........... if he proves himself , then great .......if not bye bye
  4. way to much money for Flowers .......he will always be garbage despite not sucking too badly last season for the 2nd worst team in the NFL
  5. he's nearly bloody 40 isnt he ...............? i think he is just about done Blue
  6. very poor performance in the cup last night v Chelsea .........im not worried yet , but our level has dropped across the park, good job we have a big lead in the Premier League and a relatively easy schedule running into April May
  7. shame that we couldn't stay " invincible " .......but Watford deserved their win yesterday. I fully expect Liverpool to get back into stride next week and cruise to the title
  8. Yeh , I know that we would save 6.5 M by cutting Solder but leave behind 13 M in dead money , so I agree PDub he is probably safe. Plus .... who the fuck do we get to play LT ?
  9. i wonder if Solder will be next ....or Bethea , Ellison or Tate
  10. we really really have to trade down ..........but DG wont
  11. A Giant Hero ( no other words necessary )
  12. cheers Boo ..........lets face it Utd haven't been the same side since Sir Alex left. The midfield has never been the same since Roy Keane retired FFS and that was a bloody long time ago. Thanks. its been a long wait ............
  13. still cant believe that TD run by Mahomes .........it was an epic I'm rooting for KC in the Superbowl ....the old walrus deserves one ( and gotta love Spags too )
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