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  1. im off to the pub now ..................
  2. i'm loving the learning curve that Jones is on .........can you imagine how good he could be in 2 years time with some weapons and an O line
  3. yes it was 1.5 yards terrible great conversion by Jones , real toughness and guts
  4. liking these 4th down conversions at least
  5. this could become unwatchable very quickly
  6. i think he's better than our current HC and the one before him
  7. thats it , short and simple ............we have been losing the battles in the trenches for the last 3 years ......and it is getting worse
  8. I think he is a good balanced guy Nas , he is a very good HC ( IMO ) , he understands Offense. He is an ex Giant and has expressed his liking for NY in the past. ( He would be an upgrade on Shurmur i believe )
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