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  1. we have no pass rush and a lot of holes in the secondary ........this could be another long year but i like the signing of Cockrell. ( i just hope that Love can improve quickly too )
  2. Maybe Solder retires now ? Does this help us with CAP space or not ? As you say , good for him , but I doubt we see him in blue as our LT ever again. Perhaps we even start Andrew Thomas at LT in a “ dead season “ now !
  3. Blimey ...... De Gea was truly awful this evening !!!
  4. Redtails or Americans ( but both would be lame IMO )
  5. Yes JR , it sounds like they will get a 12 pts deduction ....taking them down to 38 pts as it currently stands ....there is hope for the Tigers yet
  6. Thanks guys Man U could grab 4th and i hope they do Boo ( some good work by Ole since Christmas to be honest ) Better luck next year JR with QPR .......they should be safe with 50pts !!! but a very disappointing last 3 games for you. ( im hoping that my local club Hull survive the drop but it doesn't look good ) regards UK
  7. i'm just so glad the 30 year wait is over ....... ( ManU playing some good football recently Boo ! )
  8. Gostkowski anyone ? , i bet that Joe Judge has made the call already.
  9. thanks JR , holding up ok ( ive been crazy busy at work in the food industry during the lockdown) all safe and well here, hope you are doing ok too , best regards UK
  10. a little bit Boo ( i support Borussia Mönchengladbach because i remember them from the 1970's and i love the name ) hope you are well , best regards UK
  11. hopefully back " in some form " from mid June . We just need 2 more wins then send the young lads in regards UK
  12. Next man up ......... why don’t we just go and hire Logan Ryan ?
  13. Fuck we don’t need this ........idiots ( if true )
  14. I’d be delighted with 7-9 but I suppose anything could happen in this crazy 2020 season. “Teams might not be who we thought they were” to paraphrase the late Dennis Green
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