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  1. nice bounce back with the 8-4 win ....lets see how they get on tonight ( better than Liverpool FC at least ....... )
  2. 95% chance more like !!! ( you beat me to it tempest )
  3. Don’t like any of the edge rushers at #11 ( they just don’t sound good enough to be more than later 1st round picks ! i reckon Waddle is still there at 11 and If so we have to pick him
  4. Jones , Saquon , Rudolph , Engram , Golladay , Slayton , Shep not a bad starting Offense !!!
  5. if we get Golladay i might increase my prediction to 9-7 from 8-8 for next season ! ( or is it a 17 game season yet ...i cant remember )
  6. always liked Rudolph ( and he's only 31 )...... maybe we trade Engram now to some idiot GM who thinks he is a perennial pro bowler
  7. Hope this guy can get healthy and stay healthy because he is bloody quick. Low risk deal .....former 9th overall pick with 4.22 40 time ( that's quicker than Tyreek Hill FFS ) KR or 3rd WR perhaps ......still need to draft WR at pick #11 IMO
  8. decent move by DG ......only a cap hit of $11 M for 2021 ......maybe we can even afford Golladay now ?
  9. 12 M cap saving and 2.5 M dead money .... it had to be done unfortunately
  10. ......and well done to Rangers ( and the brilliant Steven Gerrard ) ......well deserved ( Celtic are a mess )
  11. its all about money in " soccer " ....there is no real parity. All the successful clubs in the last 25 years that have won anything in Europe have stacks of cash and most of that has been laundered or ill gotten ( the only exception being Leicester a few years ago ) i much prefer the NFL ( i love drafts and salary caps in sports and i generally hate the wealthy corrupt owners )
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