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  1. I sort of hope the only casualty this year is DG and we have a go in 2021 with Judge and the same coaching staff. Give this young team a chance with a proper offseason , training camp , a good draft if we are lucky ( to improve the line and WRs ) , maybe get SB back healthy. I like Jones and I hope it works out. We won’t really know the answer until 2021
  2. If Engram holds on to that catch that my 97 year old grandmother could have caught ...... we are heralding this as a breakout win for the Giants over our hated foe with a great performance by Jones at the helm im still fucking angry
  3. Jones played well yesterday .........we win this game if Engram isn't such a cunt ....simple as that ! fuck im so angry still
  4. well spotted Ice ........im still so fucking angry i forgot his bloody name
  5. we did everything we needed to win ........except that we have a total cunt on the team named Eric Engram thats it !
  6. just watched the whole fucking game on replay ..................exhausted and depressed now. BAD TEAMS JUST FIND A WAY TO LOSE !
  7. thought so .....thanks for confirming !
  8. yep , i agree Seph , i think Thur night is pivotal. either we lose on Thur and crash to 4-12 or 3-13 or we win on Thur , gain considerable momentum and end up 7-9 ( which is good enough to win the bloody division )
  9. Do we go on to win the NFC East ? Crazy as it sounds i think it is a real possibility if we snatch a win on Thur. Dallas and McCarthy are imploding , Washington are rubbish. Am i mad here ? This is a huge game for Joe Judge and our young team
  10. just watched some of the game again ......... THE FUCKING REFS really screwed us twice. 1) 100 % that was not an interception . How the replay booth did not overturn that i will never know , we got totally screwed. 2) On the Simms TD at the end , the play clock had expired by a full second. They missed the obvious delay of game penalty on a crucial play. Horrible calls. We deserved to win due to these injustices alone. Fuck the refs
  11. fuck it ........losing Van Dijk is going to really hurt our chances this season ( the one player i really didnt want to get an ACL injury )
  12. lets hope this is the first of many . i like Judge and think he can be an excellent HC for the New York Football Giants. i never understand anyone who hopes for the Giants to lose a game Winning breeds more Winning ( IMO )
  13. Just a big shame that we didn’t beat Dallas last week ( as we should have done ) otherwise we would be 2-4 and looking like we had a real chance to win the NFC Least ! We deserved this win today ( and so did Judge ) especially after that appalling booth review on the INT that was clearly and obviously out of bounds
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