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  1. A Giant Hero ( no other words necessary )
  2. cheers Boo ..........lets face it Utd haven't been the same side since Sir Alex left. The midfield has never been the same since Roy Keane retired FFS and that was a bloody long time ago. Thanks. its been a long wait ............
  3. still cant believe that TD run by Mahomes .........it was an epic I'm rooting for KC in the Superbowl ....the old walrus deserves one ( and gotta love Spags too )
  4. ok so who do KC play in the Superbowl ?
  5. yes indeed JR .........Liverpool were dominant. United looked tired , old and lacking ideas.
  6. Really happy , great hire . Can’t wait to see our Offense develop under Garrett
  7. maybe Boo .......but we have made some good teams look very poor at fortress Anfield this season. ( Man City , Leicester , Arsenal , Spurs etc ) Liverpool are much more consistent and a much better side than last year. i see a win at home v Utd
  8. you might be right Boo , but i see a draw coming in that game ( 2-2 perhaps )
  9. not a good way for your season to end if you are a Hawks fan ( another crucial fuck up by the zebras at the very end of a playoff game) ......grrrrr
  10. Titans could be the new 2008 road warrior Giants
  11. wow ....do the Texans regret that fake punt now at 24-7 on their own 30 yard line
  12. 24-34 just crazy now i have to say Tony Romo is truly excellent in the commentary box
  13. This Texans v KC game is fucking insane ..........totally wild first half Texans were leading 24-0 FFS Now KC look like going into the half with the lead. its nuts !
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