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  1. biggest game of the year so far .......Liverpool v Man U today ( i'm thinking a draw probably )
  2. yeah thats right TT.... i met up with Firstnten for tailgating before the game and then got totally smashed after the game in some Irish Bar near Penn Station with a couple of old friends. Shame that i missed you and Nas that night, 24-2 what a game !
  3. fantastic ....will never forget flying over for the Wild Card game v Falcons ( second best game of my life )
  4. nice draw there for the 4th round of the FA Cup Boo !
  5. what a hit that was .........seems like yesterday ( sadly no longer permitted ...........i miss those days of proper football )
  6. yes Liverpool were awful Boo .....Southampton deserved the win ( 4 in the morning here cant sleep )
  7. This team was 2 or 3 Evan Engram induced turnovers / drops away from winning the division with a 9-7 record. DG did a great job in both free agency and had a decent draft Judge and Graham are excellent ( Garrett not bad ) I say give them all another year or 2 if we can ( including Gettleman ) ..... and see where it takes us !!! Continuity means a hell of a lot in the NFL if you want to be successful
  8. yep Flowers at 9 ........the year i desperately wanted Andrus Peat .........fuck Jerry Reece
  9. Liverpool have become bloody sloppy Boo ( im not happy about it and Klopp is furious too ) I said at the beginning of the season that i thought it would be a Liverpool / Man City race for the title again and that Man U would be top 4 ....so im sticking with that. Good for Ole , i like him and his honesty QPR really on a bad run JR ( i feel for you and your long suffering support of this team.) Meanwhile my local team Hull are having a decent season and hoping to get back up to the Championship next year.
  10. agreed the Eagles are total cunts for what they just did and it will not be forgotten .....im furious at 5 in the morning UK time !
  11. We have moved forward. Judge and the coaching has been excellent i like the " culture " he has created 0-5 and 1-7 and to come back strongly for a HC in a crazy Covid year was impressive
  12. Great game by Jones ..... hes here to stay
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