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  1. 24-3 Jags. I suck at predictions so I’m hoping the streak continues.
  2. I thought LT's restaurant would be a success.
  3. Hope he doesn't get picked up by the Eagles or Cowboys with all that film room experience
  4. 420


    Manning's two Super Bowl victories came when Beckham was a freshman in high school in New Orleans So Beckham got left back 4 times in his freshman year?
  5. The Mets need to get said major league hitting coaches first.
  6. I replied to Guy in that way because of the direction he went. I replied to you in the direction you were heading. As I said, I got a ketchup packet waiting if they make a legit offer. And not one of these offers the Mets are known for just to say we tried.
  7. That willingness you speak of isn’t there anymore and hasn’t been for a while which is why I said them even taking harper out for coffee is a long shot.
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