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  1. They could have sean Payton as oc, bill belichek as dc, jim Johnson as qb coach, Steve owen st coach...don shula as ol coach....mike ditka as lb coach...bill parcels as d line coach and vince Lombardi as hc and the giants would still suck. Theres almost no real nfl caliber talent on the team. They would probably lose to many college teams
  2. Its just an sprained ankle....no big deal...right guys?
  3. I have no confidence in the teams management. Theyre an embarrassment. Wellington is rolling over in his mausoleum. This team is a complete disgrace. They lost to the jets...badly. And the jets just got whooped by the previously winless bengals. Bustley is playing injured. He was good for the first 2 games and then got injured and has been a shell of what he was previous to the injury...the no big deal ankle sprain. They should shut him down for the season already before he does more damage that will have serious consequences on his longevity. I dont have faith in any players or coaches or upper management. Sell the team to Mark Cuban So even of they have 20 picks in the first 50, it would not matter. They cant scout or draft well so theyll just screw it up anyway.
  4. Im in nyc so im getting the giants game on fox and not the most anticipated game of the year.
  5. He could be on the sidelines naked with just crocs on his feet if he wanted to. Let him fuck some players girlfriends. Let him fuck some players too if he desires
  6. The Giants had better grab him if he becomes a fa after suspension. They need a player like him...hadnt had one like him since Strahan. Remember what its like to have a de that needs double coverage?
  7. Bears d is very good....but Bustley has been bad all season. Im telling you...a bad sprain is very serious. Even for young, athletic, statuesque specimens like Bustley. For a running back that needs to cut and run hard through gorillas....knee and ankle are the most important body parts. A bad sprained ankle is a full tear of the ligaments. Its debilitating and needs a lot of time to fully heal. I sprained my ankle in March...its still discolored and hurts a lot. And i did everything i was told...physical therapy and all. Id need surgery if i was an athlete or had a career where im on my feet all day or very active. Bustley came back way too soon. Lets hope it doesnt become a career ender...because a bad sprain that isnt properly taken care of and left to fully heal is a career ender for a running back.
  8. Hes had a really bad year....last year was great...the year before bad. Mostly bad in his career. Last year was the anomaly
  9. Saquon Bustley Last year was an anomaly....he sucks.....jk...its clearly the ankle injury. All you guys were saying that ankle sprains werent a big deal...i told you otherwise. Itd a big fucking deal. Especially when you dont heal and rush back. A grade 3 sprian could be a career ender for a running back.
  10. Im going to say last year was the anomaly and he sucks. Get rid if him
  11. Yes but they started it because they had a slumping vet hitter. Then the whole team used it. They all knew crane...lunow...hinch...all of them. And they're despicable for having a guy abuse the women and didnt do anything until he was outed
  12. Giants better grab him if he becomes available after his suspension.
  13. He'd be the best defensive player the giants have had since Strahan. Id take him in a second if he is allowed back in the league...which he will be. He's still very young so even if he has a 2 year ban, he will be like 25 when he is allowed to play again. Assuming he keeps in shape during hjs hiatus, he should still be a beast
  14. Ill take him on the giants. Guys arguably the best pass rusher in the league
  15. I agree that its a part of the game....but not using televisions to get them. Thats another level...straight scumbag shit. I hate the asterisks too. They won only home games against the yanks in the 17 alcs. Thats why they won the series
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