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  1. As long as they get the BPA.....blackest player available....im good with trading for more picks as long as they choose very black players and dont draft running backs or tight ends within the first 90 picks
  2. Without a doubt the oline makes a huge difference. Face it...all these 20 year old athletic specimens are built and can run hard and fast. But if they havent got room to run, it wont matter. Sure some have better moves/more elusive and can create space....even then they dont turn it into a huge gain without oline help
  3. See what you can get for him. Everyone on this team other than jones( and he could be too) are dispensable A good GM listens to all offers for all players
  4. Running back and tight end are the easiest positions to find serviceable talent. They should never be taken in the first round....especially in the top 15.
  5. The Patriots will still be a very good team...definitely divisional favorites for the next few years with BB running shit. Brady is going to hate playing for Tampa
  6. As long as he is actually big and black...i love the signing.
  7. How old is that guy? id still take him over a white guy, even a young one, but he is too old
  8. He is not even close to black either . Mexican American named Blake not even bilahkay....K M key would say it..and he is from Tucson Arizona. holy shit, I bet he needs sunblock to prevent getting burned on sunny days. And he definitely fucked or currently fucks a girl named Ashley.
  9. Do I like this guy, fellas? I don’t know anything about him....race, age etc. if he is black i like him
  10. Getty should have offered a 4th for him. This team needs a veteran number 1 receiver for its young quarterback. Thats such a sick trade. Houston is fucking insane
  11. I’d rather have evan Rachel wood on my football team than a black man named Evan any day. and you wonder why he’s always hurt....names Evan...that name makes a lamb seem dangerous
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