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  1. This pandemic is such bullshit. I live in Chinatown. I'm middle aged with a plethora of health problems and I haven't gotten so much as a runny nose. The people who are dying from it would die from the flu too. It's sad and unfortunate, but that's life. And if it's inevitable that the entire human race is going to die from this shit, we might as well go out living our lives to fullest while we can. I know everything I said is ignorant,but I'm fed up
  2. Should be interesting. I bet a few guys will have batting averages near or above 400. And many starting pitchers will have sub 1 era's
  3. Looks like he did the gangsta thingband spent some money on the would be witnesses. I love him so much. I dont wear or buy for that matter sports Jerseys and have a mans name on my back vut id wear his. ...with pride
  4. Not only is deandre baker very black. He is also from miami florida and commits armed robbery I fucking love this kis
  5. Guess who is my favorite current or former ny giant? Ill give you a hint. He committed armed robbery to recoup a gambling loss.
  6. Game ones are always a toss up...but the steelers have more roster and coaching continuity and are just a better team. The bears always beat us. Plus they have gotten better this offseason. San fran is great and although they play in our house...they play the jets the week before so they wont have any cross country jet lag and fatigue issues playing a 1 oclock on the east coast. Possibly win against the rams they've regressed and lost many good players Dallas is much better than we are. Thats 1-4 at best. But i think they go on to win more in the latter half. At worst they go 6- 10, at best 8-8 Which are both improvements
  7. It's possible they start 0-5.
  8. Some of the really black guys will probably take costume jewelry. Shouldn't be a problem
  9. Am i the only one thinking that the players drafted last year and this year will turn out to give the giants about 10 average to above average nfl starter? 2 years from now the giants could be a monster of a team
  10. If tunsil can post a video of himself smoking grass out of a gas mask days before the draft and still get picked in the first round...it wont make a difference. Especially if its weed....which is most likely is. Black kids that arent from the ghetto and poor usually only drink and smoke weed....especually black kods that have been pampered their whole lives because of their athletic prowess. Black guys dont start hard drugs until they're older abd have had a lot of bad breaks.
  11. Who was the blackest player the giants have had in the past 20 years? Has to be jpp, right? Says Likeded...blows his fingers off. Shitty academic Florida college. Comes from south Florida too. Hes my pick.
  12. As long as they get the BPA.....blackest player available....im good with trading for more picks as long as they choose very black players and dont draft running backs or tight ends within the first 90 picks
  13. Without a doubt the oline makes a huge difference. Face it...all these 20 year old athletic specimens are built and can run hard and fast. But if they havent got room to run, it wont matter. Sure some have better moves/more elusive and can create space....even then they dont turn it into a huge gain without oline help
  14. See what you can get for him. Everyone on this team other than jones( and he could be too) are dispensable A good GM listens to all offers for all players
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