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  1. Is mahommes the son of the jet black relief pitcher that played for the Mets in the early 2000s with the same name?
  2. They say the same about me when I pull out my cock
  3. Ok...it’s 2020...I’ll be progressive and buy into that
  4. Kinda.... but black is black. And I want a very black team.. coaches and players
  5. Is Simmons black? If so, how black? Did he go to or think about going to Howard or Grambling? Did he go to high school at a school that isn’t keen on academics for their athletes? And is that high school in coconut grove or overtown or liberty city Miami? Or Birmingham Alabama or Jackson Mississippi or Augusta Georgia? and is he from a single parent home with a mother that works three jobs and has never known his father? And do all his siblings have different last names? And is his first name unique and spelled questionably? does he have relatives in the Congo or Uganda? Or the West Indies? If the answer is yes to at least half of those inquiries, then I like him too
  6. This does sound good, except I don't know what you mean by "cover the TE." I've been watching Giants games a long time and I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to do that That was funny...i really did laugh out loud.
  7. He’s an experienced head coach with a good head for offense. I think that’s why Ruth Bader Ginsburg picked him for the oc job. He was smart to higher a guy like him.
  8. Pretty far from a black man, but I like it.
  9. I dont think you should even if he is the missing piece and he is the blackest player to ever play running back. You can find adequate running backs in the middle and later rounds. Also undrafted and low cost free agents
  10. Yeah that video is crazy. He almost forgot he was wearing a wire then caught himself and buttoned up.
  11. Rich eisen has a nfl show on epix....its great.
  12. Crazy....I think they need lifetime bans. World Series win taken away and out of all history books. Altuve needs his mvp taken away ...I mean Ryan Braun has his taken away for using peds...altuve used espionage technology to cheat. Fucking James Bond of baseball
  13. They had to fire Beltran. If I were a Mets fan I’d be pleasantly surprised they did it. Usually the Mets are so dysfunctional. They did the right thing and did it timely as well. Bravo metropolitans
  14. Beltran out even the Mets had to know they couldn’t have him as manager bravo mets
  15. Yup..that’s one of the reasons why you should never spend a high draft pick on a running back.
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