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  1. Bradberry was an exceptional fa signing Have to admit...getty got some really value out of the free agency this time. Great job with that. Also hiring judge was good. I see him being the new anti young coach. Much meaner than the likes of pundit stars like kyle shan and mcvay
  2. If true...judge is a bitch ass honkie. He got beat up and fired the guy? Ill give him the benefit of the doubt and say theres much more to it....it wasnt an isolated incident and theres been problems all year than ok....but if not...thats some pusillanimous shit by judge
  3. Yeah the whole team is improving. We have no patience. Hahaha fuck this team
  4. Fuck yeah niggaz!!!! Fucking honkie ass giants cut this African king way too soon. Assholes...now he will sign with dallas and pick jones off 2 times a year for the next decade
  5. Guess this wasnt nearly as hilarious as i thought it was. Fyi...frank Rosenthal is the real life man that Robert De Niros expert handicapper character, Sam Rothstein, was supposed to be in Casino. He was world famous for his picks
  6. Dan jones aka Frank Rosenthal.
  7. You are clearly too new around here to comprehend the long standing joke of wanting the blackest team possible. Oh...also...suck my dick
  8. If ownership is so hellbent on hiring guys with giants pedigrees....they should have gotten sean mcvay Instead of macadoo
  9. Id go full Houston Astros though not as long as they did...tank the next 5 seasons....pic in the top 3 for 6 straight year.....trade or cut any assets you can and cut everyone making more than 5 million a year.. Then become a juggernaut dynasty from 2027 to 2032. Im so down with this
  10. He is definitely the best player on the defense....which isn't saying much...but even so, he is definitely a solid player. Arguably the best free agent signing of THHIC( the head heeb in charge) tenure. Just wish he was a black instead of a Hispanic
  11. Im sorry, they dont blow....they actually rock the mic and give serious dome
  12. They should sign Bauer to reunite Saturday night starters for the UCLA Bruins circa 2012 Cole Bauer Sevy Deivi Take your pick of Monty...schmidt....loaiisiga....cessa....king....yajure..gil...perez...sauers et ceter
  13. That was painful to watch. The rays are a great team. But the Yankees could have won that series. They got too cute in game 2 which most definitely took a toll the following day. Should have left cole in until his arm fell off. Chapman had been giving it up all year. I know he is the closer but boone should have used Garcia after green and has Britton close it out...or had him pitch the high leverage situation with the game tied. Yankees should have won 1-0
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