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  1. The tampa linebackers are like a modern version of the 80's giants good. Theyre amazing. Im shocked nobody talks about how good they are. And they play the 3 4 just like parcells wrecking crew
  2. Yeah im an idiot. But those tampa linebackers are really fucking good.
  3. Its a steal...guy made 12 mill a year for 2 mvp caliber seasons(though 1 shortened) and only got a 3 mil anual raise. Savvy cash....savvy. His bat abd glove will most likely age well too. He isnt a muscle freak that pulls everything . bat to ball skills age well. Im surprised they gave kluber so much....i like bringing him on... If he can be a fraction of what he was before injuries, its a great deal...but lots of questions. They need to do imo
  4. If that cohen guy was smart...hed throw a ton of money at the head heeb in boston to break his contract and sign on to be mets gm.....Chaim Bloom terrifies me. I want him out of the division ASAP. I secretly wanted the Yankees to hire him to replace cashman...though i love cash...that heeb will be better than andrew Friedman
  5. I took a shot at the moneyline....put $500 on giants at +425 .....won $2125 On another note...i won $2150 in 10 minutes playing quick draw.....bet 6 numbers...10 dollar bet plus bonus....hit 5 out of 6 and hit 2x on the extra....550 won on 20 dollar bet. Then i bet 2 numbers, 10 dollar bet plus bonus....hit mh numbers...4x onthe extra...400 dollar win 2 games later...bet 2 numbers....$10 bet plus bonus... But i played 3 tickets of the same numbers in one game....hit my numbers....plus 4x on the bonus. So 400 on each ticket...$1200 win. Guys in the smoke shop were goinf nuts. Incredible run. It will never happen again though
  6. Bradberry was an exceptional fa signing Have to admit...getty got some really value out of the free agency this time. Great job with that. Also hiring judge was good. I see him being the new anti young coach. Much meaner than the likes of pundit stars like kyle shan and mcvay
  7. If true...judge is a bitch ass honkie. He got beat up and fired the guy? Ill give him the benefit of the doubt and say theres much more to it....it wasnt an isolated incident and theres been problems all year than ok....but if not...thats some pusillanimous shit by judge
  8. Yeah the whole team is improving. We have no patience. Hahaha fuck this team
  9. Fuck yeah niggaz!!!! Fucking honkie ass giants cut this African king way too soon. Assholes...now he will sign with dallas and pick jones off 2 times a year for the next decade
  10. Guess this wasnt nearly as hilarious as i thought it was. Fyi...frank Rosenthal is the real life man that Robert De Niros expert handicapper character, Sam Rothstein, was supposed to be in Casino. He was world famous for his picks
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