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  1. Amazing how quickly things change around here. I remember when he picked a fight with the kickers net and commented that the guy was a head case, everyone here jumped to defend him and the general column of thought was that it doesn't matter, "the only thing that matters is what he does on the field on Sundays." Or something like that. Im thinking your squad dodged a bullet when they got rid of him.
  2. Trade rumors abound, the latest is Odell to the Washington Football Team. How yall feeling about that?
  3. Well, KC is the most successful offense in the NFL right now, and if you're building a resume their comeback in the 2nd half of last years SB goes a long fucking way. If you think he can only call half a game you're lying to yourself. Lol. And the latest on Mariota is that JJ wants him in Dallas. Yall don't have the wiggle room to compete with Glory hole Jerry 不, which honestly doesn't bode well for my iggs.
  4. No Bienemy calls the plays in the 2nd half and has for the last 3 years. Look at the play calls for the 2nd half. Dude is an OC stud fo sho
  5. So... word on the street is the G men are after Mariota. How's that gonna work for Danny Dimes?
  6. Plus, the entire locker room is a bit of a stretch, we have very few middle of the road (age wise), we have old school, who are on their way out and new school that have 1 season under Pedersen. Which makes perfect sense when it comes to Pedersen walking papers.
  7. I'm saying it now, Bienemy is probably out of reach. Stayley is solid on the run game, which we need, but my $ is on Lincoln Reiley out of OSU as our next HC. Stoops was on his sideline this year as well.
  8. They do drive by's nobody in this division has anything to be proud of this year except the WFT, and I called that shit when Del Rio and Rivera got hired. Its a powerhouse duo. And they limped all the way to the Divisional championship (which carries the COVID asterisk in all the record books moving forward). Regardless, from the basement to the title in the worst ranked squad going into the season. That XXXXXXXX NFCE team will be a force to recon with for the future. Baleee Dat
  9. There's been some pretty skeevey shit going on at the linc today. We had Ertz cryng at a presser. Howie and Pedersen are saying Wentz is here to stay. Pedersen and Howie are safe for a year. 1 year. Thank gawd Schwartz is retiring just cuz of Baldy... If I had to guess, I'd say Baldy is gonna get his wish next year. Its do or die 2021. Lurie drew a line in the sand last week before the game. Thats my honest opinion.
  10. 6th pick and nothing to win and everything to lose if Hurts goes down. Plus we need to get our chump change for Suffield. I have a sneaking suspicion that this was discussed on Thursday when Pedersen and Lurie met.
  11. Ive been here since 2012, but i really don't care much about your standing joke because your team is a standing joke... 不 And you don't have a dick, you have a giant clit and a pussy with a flap on it to keep the dust out.
  12. Also, you can suck a wet fart out of my ass. Cunt.
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