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  1. Agreed. But hey, at least the Giants aren't the Steelers
  2. Farewell to the mongoloid of the Manning family
  3. If Fitz is 97 Vernon Davis is 137 and he chalked up a TD on us. Broke a hip in the YAC though
  4. Skins successfully stopped our run game in the first half and didn't slouch in the 2nd. I think they will give the Giants some problems. We are off to Atlanta. Maybe we can get a peek at who our featured RB will be in that game?
  5. The Comish is going to slap him with an exception.
  6. I watched the D line for the Skins pretty closely on Sunday. They're good at stopping the run game. Game 3 is by no means a "gimmie." I'm going to say 2-2 maybe 1-3 after seeing the Bills come back on the Jets.
  7. Well, now that we got that out of the way.
  8. Howard didn't do too bad, around 7 yards per carry. We came back in the 2nd half overcoming a 17 point deficit. And as much as I hate to admit it, Dallas put the smack down on your boys. I think the Skins vs Gmen game may be somewhat competitive, but their D is pretty good at stopping the run, so you guys are gonna have to figure that one out. The Skins schedule is a lot tougher than yours though so maybe you guys wont hit the basement this year? And... Welcome home Djax
  9. He's got 90 million reasons why your squad doesn't get the W. I hope you're right, but I think you're on the crack.
  10. I just made my reservations and bought my tickets for our game at the Linc, you should both come and join me. First round is on me.
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