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  1. Problem is Giants missed on the Head Coach. Can't build a team around the wrong head coach.
  2. Luckily your kind of crazy fits in around here
  3. His kickoffs aren't all that impressive.
  4. Not really, that kind of year so far. I would like to see another receiver move up on the draft boards in the next few months.
  5. I had to check three different sources because of the overall disbelief that the Giants have won a football game in 2020. I am happy for the players and coaches. Watching the game you really notice there is very little firepower on offense. As soon as Washington fixed the mistakes that allowed the Giants to put points on the board, Giants couldn't do anything on offense. I did enjoy watching them pound the ball in the third quarter. Judge made a good decision putting Peart in for Thomas and it worked out, we'll see what happens on Thursday night now. Tae Crowder looked pretty relev
  6. Good news is we beat the Washington football team and the great news is we have another opportunity to beat them again and end the season 2-14.
  7. I don't think Zeitler is hurt, just a lack of trust in the ability of Gates/Fleming. That is something which will improve.
  8. Gates is having his troubles just like every other offensive lineman. This year instead of having one or two players struggling, its all five. It doesn't mean they suck and need to be replaced but they need to iron out their individual play and work together to make up for the problems the guy next to him is experiencing. The line will gel eventually and Gates my be everything Columbo and the Giants believe Gates can be. Right now watching to see how they finish this season because I'm not expecting a turnaround next game.
  9. https://www.giants.com/news/giants-sign-wr-austin-mack-waive-wr-damion-ratley-ohio-state-buckeyes See now this is what I call progress which is why I still support Gettleman & Judge. Giants chose Damion Ratley over Corey Coleman and after 4 games, Ratley catches 4 passes for 67 yards in 10 targets. Then there is that penalty he committed that took away the Darius Slayton TD that would have changed the game against Dallas. He was brought in to compete and produce, failed to accomplish that and has been replaced. Didn't have to sit on the roster 1 more week or 12 more games to
  10. Put your resume together and send it to whoever is closest to the Meadowlands to drop it off in person They might hire this guy next though...
  11. Lets see what the stats look like at the end of this season. I'd take the 2007 roster.
  12. Think a lot of you were delusional for the 49ers game, I sure was too. Won 15 games last season and just lost the super bowl and their drop off in talent from injuries doesn't even bring them down to the Giants level. We have a very long and tough climb out of the hole here. Have to start climbing out of the hole instead of digging deeper.
  13. Demarcus Lawrence gave Thomas a hard time sunday afternoon. Andrew Thomas is truly learning on the job here against top talent pass rushers every week.
  14. Wow best game Giants have played this year. Too many penalties, 3 just on Gates whom has taught me you can call an illegal shift on the center.
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