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  1. I was skimming over how the former Detroit Lions GM regrets not drafting Aaron Donald. Giants drafted Odell Beckham Jr. and Aaron Donald was drafted next. I have to say that I'm still happy the Giants did draft Odell Beckham Jr even though it didn't work out the way any of us expected.
  2. Tempest

    Eli retiring

    Good for him Giants better sign a capable backup during the off-season, a very cheap one.
  3. Strange that I'm pointing out that Jason Garrett does not sound like a Joe Judge hire but a John Mara hire. Judge has hired a couple coaches out of the AFC East so far and coaches he is familiar with. Does hiring the former head coach of an NFC East rival help the Giants when you think about how well the rest of the division knows Jason Garrett's play calling tendencies? I'm glad Judge kept a couple of coaches and just looking forward to seeing what kind of team he puts on the field in September.
  4. Judge is going to have to earn that third year. I think he can.
  5. You wanted McAdoo or Shurmur for one more year? McAdoo lost the locker room and Shurmur just lost. We can make excuses for pages and it keeps coming back to being competitive and winning games. Lets see if Joe Judge gets the message and keeps his locker room while winning games, he has his work cut out for him.
  6. There was the changing over of the defense from a 4-3 to a 3-4 and that has a greater impact on the front seven of a defense. The next factor cost of a few key players and their perceived value: Jason Pierre-Paul, Olivier Vernon accounted for over $30 million in cap space per year and were traded to clear cap and acquire draft capital. Damon Harrison also fits in that category.
  7. Joe Judge is a 38 year old Tom Coughlin
  8. So after watching his press conference I can see why he nailed his interview: We hired a 38 year old Tom Coughlin. He said all the right things and what I really focused in on was how he plans to utilize the roster. Now this is something we have seen and heard before yet I'm looking forward to seeing this team in August.
  9. So I was the only person that asked "Who" after reading this today? Acing the interview is one thing, turning it into results is another. Ben McAdoo and Pat Shurmur both aced the interview. Giants don't have to be bold, they have to be right as this is now the third head coach they are paying in four years. Yeah good thing they fired Tom Coughlin
  10. Give them 4 year rides as is standard. Ogletree isn't old, just expensive and unable to fulfill the role he is being paid to play. Have to wait for the next head coach and see what happens. Giants moving back to a 4-3? Can't rule that out yet.
  11. Players move up and down the board and most haven't even declared for the draft yet. The pick is going to be a combination of the two.
  12. I think Ron should have moved a little slower and listen to more offers. Wonder if Snyder hires a GM or lets Ron hire his own GM. Having the head coach hire the GM is the new thing these days.
  13. Tweets by twits I can wait till monday for a final answer or beyond. Whats the rush to fire the head coach if the next one isn't in line?
  14. I'll pass on Marvin Lewis, bring back Tom Coughlin if Marvin Lewis is on the table.
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