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  1. Yeah at that time he had to. That year the Giants offensive line was playing poorly and couldn't run the plays Payton was calling. Fassel was back in the fire at that point as well. Sean Payton did coach under Parcells later on with the Cowboys. I've never seen any real evidence of influence from Parcells on Payton. There is no emphasis on defense, team discipline, and his offense is built on speed.
  2. Yeah he went suddenly. Fassel definitely deserved another shot as a head coach in the NFL. I think he did a great job with the team that he had and I also think he played a bigger part in developing the offensive mind of Sean Payton than most would give credit.
  3. Reading and posting using their MB format is punishment enough.
  4. BBI: Big Blue Interactive It's the other Giants MB that has been around since about '95. Format is horrendous but otherwise good posters and Eric is the owner.
  5. Not surprising. He'll probably be doing the bare minimum until the start of the season and then he'll be looking rusty out there for the first few weeks.
  6. I would have liked to have kept him, the offensive line would been better because it was certainly worse after he left. It is unfortunate that injuries have shortened his career. Majority of Giants picks these last ten years didn't have a career in the NFL after their rookie contract was up.
  7. We are required to look into every player cut as they are most likely better than who we have starting at the position. Fans of the NY Giants
  8. He'll always be the next Brett Farve, even in retirement will follow the same path.
  9. That was the sport pundits, soon it will be us. We didn't say it last year because after a few years of losing we simply see a hard training camp as righteous punishment for the years of losing.
  10. Jon Tisch is the treasurer for the NY Giants and if anyone knows who is starting in September for the NY Giants, it is the Treasurer.
  11. In a couple of years we'll be talking about how Judge is too hard on the players running them through conditioning programs from the 1950s and causing injuries, and free agents refuse to come to NY because of it.
  12. Sounds like the last two guys we drafted for the position.
  13. The factor that keeps popping up is high value market teams are at the bottom of that list except for two: 49ers & Cowboys. There is rest and there is making an extra buck.
  14. Yeah I'm ok with disagreeing with Pat on that too. Also note the irony we are complaining about Jones not throwing to his check down while Manning was throwing to his check down. Last season Giants never got all their weapons the field healthy after week 2. Shepard out 4 weeks and he is the check down guy for Jones and he never connected the same way with anyone else (Tate).
  15. Yeah the problem isn't Daniel Jones with pocket awareness or internal clock. There is a reason why the Giants went with getting more weapons this offseason instead of getting better blockers.
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