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  1. Still expecting 16 wins here! Happy with 12 in year 2 of the coach Judge era.
  2. So I'm not the only one expecting dramatically different results from the six wins last season
  3. Two more coaches for the Defense: Ryan Anderson and Carter Blount are defensive quality control coaches. Half the team is now coaches.
  4. Since we had all that extra money this year I can defend him on many things, this one however
  5. I'm starting to wonder if he has maybe too many guys. 10 coaches for the offense, 7 for the defense, 2 special team, 1 special projects (I don't want to know), and a chief of staff. Guess you need a chief of staff if 20 guys are trying to talk to you. Note the list doesn't include strength & conditioning, medical, etc., they may have fallen off the coaching staff web page.
  6. He's a backup, you can draft a backup and pay him less. You have to wonder, how is he in pass protection?
  7. This will be good for Darnold. So far two out of four QBs in that draft are on different teams that drafted them and I'm still glad we went with Saquon Barkley.
  8. You're up there with death & taxes Shake, 100% guarantee.
  9. Everyone is going to be very excited and expecting each player to turn into a ten year starter with a pro bowl nod except the players the Giants draft for a position they felt the Giants didn't need that round (because that other guy was still on the board and he was in my mock draft!) and that guy will be the reason why the Giants miss the playoffs. Followed by the post draft free agent pickups that should have been drafted and would have been drafted if the draft was longer who are going to make the final roster. Ending with Fire Gettleman Already
  10. He is just a two down run stuffer. He only gets a sack when the QB runs into him.
  11. Danny Shelton ate the Samoan who had a similar tattoo.
  12. I took a minute to do the math: You could pay 2200 people a wage of $75,000 for a year with $160 million or pay 550 people $75,000 for the four years.
  13. It would be an interesting twist if it was the fan base. Paying someone $165 MILLION to throw a football does not make sense.
  14. We're talking about a team that was named the Texans so they couldn't move out of Texas. Ok true that didn't stop the Oilers from changing their name and moving anyway. Texans aren't letting him go under any circumstance.
  15. Some coincidence this stuff shows up when he wants to get traded off the Texans and they are not interested in trading him.
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