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  1. It has been an 8 year aneurysm and it hasn't killed him yet.
  2. "But it was all muscle and the coaches raved about great shape he was in..." They tell you to do one thing and when you fail to do that... Even Jared Lorenzen figured out how to drop weight when they asked him to.
  3. I credit Rick Dennison for sticking to his beliefs. DeAndre Hopkins opened his mouth, said what he felt he needed to say, changed his mind, then bent over. I don't agree with the every reason people have for not get vaccinated and respect those stick to it. Getting vaccinated is a choice, working in the NFL is choice, etc.
  4. Ok so how many players equals an outbreak? One? More than one and fewer than five? Is it the guy on the game day roster or the guy on the practice squad. The text implies that an outbreak among vaccinated players does not incur the same penalty.
  5. Now they'll probably make more money than they ever did playing football.
  6. Ok but I don't think he makes house calls.
  7. Ego writing checks your body can't cash. Tiki Barber thought he could make a comeback too. Lets see who else Tim Tebow can get off the couch.
  8. I've never been to a game and quite honestly been perfectly ok with that. I'm not the guy who sits up in the nose bleed section in December thinking this is so much better than watching the game in the comfort of home. Been to the stadium for concerts which was worth it and those concerts were absolutely worth it. So is there any interest in going to a game not in December? Sept 12 vs Broncos Sept 26 vs Falcons (Manning ring induction) Oct 17 vs Rams Oct 24 vs Panthers Nov 7 vs Raiders Nov 28 vs Eagles
  9. Yeah at that time he had to. That year the Giants offensive line was playing poorly and couldn't run the plays Payton was calling. Fassel was back in the fire at that point as well. Sean Payton did coach under Parcells later on with the Cowboys. I've never seen any real evidence of influence from Parcells on Payton. There is no emphasis on defense, team discipline, and his offense is built on speed.
  10. Yeah he went suddenly. Fassel definitely deserved another shot as a head coach in the NFL. I think he did a great job with the team that he had and I also think he played a bigger part in developing the offensive mind of Sean Payton than most would give credit.
  11. Reading and posting using their MB format is punishment enough.
  12. BBI: Big Blue Interactive It's the other Giants MB that has been around since about '95. Format is horrendous but otherwise good posters and Eric is the owner.
  13. Not surprising. He'll probably be doing the bare minimum until the start of the season and then he'll be looking rusty out there for the first few weeks.
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