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  1. Good question. I wonder if the Giants would have tried to bring in a veteran over drafting a QB like Cam Newton for example. Going into this season I think we have a lot of talented players on both sides of the ball yet more questions than answers.
  2. I think it is more of a change in direction. Some players that Jerry Reese drafted are still in the NFL oddly enough. Overall the problem has been just too many misses and the failure to put players in a position to excel. We are left to decipher if it was Reese drafting the wrong guys Coughlin under utilizing them. I think Jerry Reese has had two good drafts and Tom Coughlin had been overachieving.
  3. When they drafted Carter I fully expected the Giants to put him in coverage and help him excel at it. Our pass coverage at the linebacker position is abysmal. Not going to have a pass rush if receivers are going to continue to run uncovered inside of 3 seconds. It would be great to have one player who can do both but lets just get one guy who can do this great and have another player focus on pass rush.
  4. These are the two players that most are expecting to deliver our pass rush. Carter has slightly more experience, Ximines started showing some excellent production towards the end of the season. Ideally we'd want both of them to succeed. Carter had a better first year than second, a combination of being put into coverage more than being sent after the QB. Under a new defensive coordinator Giants will have to decide if Carter is better in coverage or going after the QB because I think at this point he needs to be doing just one instead of both. This was the issue with his college play, team had him do both and the results were average at best. Ximines is now looking at year two and the expectations to significantly improve are high, just as they were for Carter. So who is your favorite going into the preseason Carter or Ximines?
  5. Really curious to see if the video game defense is going to get this thing swept under the rug.
  6. I think he might enjoy fucking Pat. I like reading regardless of the source, yes even Pat Leonard.
  7. I have read one article on this by Matt Lombardo for NJ.com. He thinks Giants should make yet another example of a player by cutting DeAndre Baker now. Cut him before anyone gets facts outside of an arrest warrant has been issued for his arrest. Justification for this is to cement the authority of Coach Judge over the locker room. I think it is ridiculous to consider it until more information is available. Cutting Baker now is just a knee jerk reaction, be thoughtful and get all the facts possible from every source. Beal is the next CB in line. Love is a Nickel/Dime CB. Logan Ryan sounds like a good choice but we'd have to clear cap space just to sign him and that is unlikely.
  8. What an idiot. I don't think the Giants will rush to cut him, this is just inexcusable stupidity beyond all expectations.
  9. The market never materialized. Top 4 Edge defenders at the start of FA: Jadeveon Clowney, Markus Golden, Everson Griffen, and Clay Matthews. None of them have been signed. It has been argued that Clowney is the reason and I doubt it.
  10. That is some crazy tender. How did the NFLPA let that one into the CBA?
  11. How long can we complain about this? Its been over 6 months and unfortunately the ramifications continue to this day. I'm not saying we sweep it under the rug, just focus on something else. Am I the only person still hopeful that this can still work out instead of cripple us for the next 4-5 years? I try to find the silver lining in all things, right now I'm looking at Williams on a 1 year tender at a ridiculous price and the Giants realize this year we shouldn't give him 4 more years at anywhere near this amount if at all. I'd like to think we'll all be eating crow on this deal because Williams plays lights out this year (doubtful).
  12. I think this was Dave Gettleman's worst draft. Did some reaching and I won't talk about his failure to address the pass rush because he has been drafting them and they need to start producing before we start replacing them; It's just too soon. I think they could have done better than Peart in the third round and the third day picks were just equally disappointing. I will be surprised if they're on the team in September and this will be the nail in Dave Gettleman's career. I hope he proves me wrong.
  13. I'm getting tired of these threads. Get over it already its been done and it was his decision to make. Hard to call it a huge blunder based on 8 games and a massive salary cap hit yet I have yet to see the fruits of this trade like the rest of you. Under a different coach and he performs like Richard Seymour is everyone going to shut the fuck up about it? Nope because it was only one year. Gotta let it play out because we don't have a choice.
  14. Looks like they brought back Jerry Reese to run the third day draft picks. 3 Linebackers, CB, and an OG.
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