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  1. I thought the Giants should have moved him to Guard before outright releasing him. There were other issues besides his ability to play tackle that lead to him being cut. I think he will enjoy a level of success at Guard in the NFL but he will never be the dominate player that was expected when he was drafted.
  2. Good move for Rivers, Chargers wasted his talent from day 1.
  3. Bucs offensive line hasn't had an accurate QB since Brad Johnson and Tom Brady is still accurate. Similarities at this point as far age is interesting. Tom Brady isn't going to win this season for the Bucs by throwing over 5000 yards. He has to conserve his strength and be accurate.
  4. He does have a knee injury that I think caused concern for the Titans to re-sign him long term. I think might have been a factor for the Giants not aggressively pursuing him as well if he was on their list. Either way I think the Giants have other plans for rebuilding this offense that goes beyond Conklin. They may very well draft the future LT and have him start at RT. If the Giants do not draft a tackle in the first round I think they'll try to scheme around their high priced average LT and make the best of it. If that tackle proves he can handle the LT position outright I don't believe the Giants will hesitate to move Solder over to RT.
  5. Everyone makes mistakes, some even learn from them and fewer still admit to them. Gettleman has made mistakes, I think he has shown that he has learned from them since those players are no longer on the roster and by releasing them at risk of dead money he has done so. Giants have been at work this off seasons signing new players to front loaded contracts so we don't stuck with buyers remorse and can move on from players faster with a lower risk of dead money.
  6. Thing is as bad as Ogletree was, he was an upgrade over the Giant linebackers from the year before and the year before that, etc.
  7. It has been an interesting free agency period for the NY Giants. New head coach from the New England Patriots who are champions more often than not comes to town. A team flush with cash and seemingly vacant of talent then goes about with about business with barely a ripple in the water. Something must be wrong, we didn't get a pass rusher, the offensive line is a disaster, secondary a sieve, linebackers unheralded, and without OBJ. We have holes all over the place because we only won 4 games last year and 12 in the last 3. Could it be possible an outsider has come in and looked around the shop and said we aren't devoid of talent but have failed to get the most out of the talent already here? Giants should have new ownership, Gettleman should be fired and if Joe Judge thinks he can win with this roster he should be fired is what the fans are left to think at this point. Maybe you should go play Madden 2019 and do a better job.
  8. People are sheep and sheep are not the smartest animals. Have to write about something since the Giants did nothing fans and writers thought should have been done. I don't know about that money though, it is double what any rb in the league is worth these days.
  9. He had a pretty good start to his NFL career and slumped right after. Would be nice to see him resurrect his career and I have durability concerns at the QB position.
  10. It is a good signing, need a swing tackle.
  11. Martinez is better than the stats are going to tell you.
  12. So you remember the hype on draft day as well.
  13. Bears fans are interested in trading Evan Engram for Leonard Floyd I saw this and couldn't help but laugh. https://dawindycity.com/2020/03/12/chicago-bears-news-evan-engram-trade-packages/3/
  14. A franchise tag would be a reach, transition tag is reasonable.
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