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  1. Joe Judge just beat the other guy the Giants wanted to hire. They both have roughly the same professional record so far.
  2. I don't believe either team was intending to build around the RB position yet that is the automatic assumption when a team drafts a RB high in the first round. Have to remember this was a completely different team when Saquon Barkley was drafted. Odell was still on the team, Eli was still on the team, etc.
  3. It was a game the Giants absolutely had to win and they did. You have to beat the bad team and it doesn't make up for losing against Atlanta. Now the Giants have to play a demoralized and hurting Kansas City. Giants can't become the pick me up for Kansas City to turn it around. Giants have to be the team that kicks Kansas City while they are down.
  4. I'm upgrading our chances against Kansas City to a Win for next week.
  5. Win today, lose next week, win the following week. enjoy our bye, completely healthy team plays Tampa Bay and we win again just to tick Tom Brady off again.
  6. Gold Star! I would like to see what Saquon Barkley has to say about going 1-5 again. Went 0-5 last year but he was hurt so maybe it bothered him less? There is a whole lot of football left in the season fans wrote off two weeks ago.
  7. That is an old video from Shurmur's first year back when Saquon Barkley was a rookie.
  8. I feel bad about how I have lost complete hope in Evan Engram and wish we trade him while he still has value. I see him out there on the field putting in the effort and sadly that effort isn't rewarded with positive results. I'm not going to rip into him anymore and just want him to have a healthy & productive season so he can sign elsewhere and become the highest paid TE in the NFL.
  9. It is a good idea, let him heal and rest.
  10. I think the Giants just got taken apart out there today, an unfortunate continuation of the previous week. Now I didn't think the Cowboys were good until I saw them play last week and I knew the Rams are ready for a Super Bowl this year. Clearly the Giants the way they are playing can't handle a playoff caliber team. Giants have to beat the other teams to call this season progress. Should have won against Washington and Atlanta. Carolina is a must win. The season isn't over yet.
  11. And I got something else I would rather do now so...toodles
  12. Ok so I get home and turn on the game, Giants up by 3. Phone call and a quick meal, Rams up 14-3. Score a TD as I type this, 21-3.
  13. Spending quality time at Firestone instead of watching the kickoff.
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