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  1. It's possible Gallman turned down offers for less than $3mm.
  2. Yeah, I like him at G or as an emergency/plan B tackle if Peart/Solder don't work out (and if Slater is gone at #11). Possible trade down candidate who we target perhaps at #15-20.
  3. I agree he has value. It's possible he received low offers (like 1yr $1mm) and refused them, perhaps thinking he should get a deal more like Booker's 2yr $6mm. At this point, he's looking like Orleans Darkwa... Remember him? He was in his mid 20's, coming off a decent 600-700 yard fill in season behind a shit OL, decent backup/rotational back in general, but no one signed him. I feel bad for the guy. He's better than people think.
  4. That's very possible as well, lol.
  5. I'm surprised we didn't just bring him back on a 1yr $1mm deal. Instead we pay Booker 2 yrs $6mm. DG overpaying for backups as usual.
  6. Ever since Pitts blew away his pro day workout, he's been listed as top 10. I don't think he falls to us.
  7. Why is Sewell sliding though? Are the concerns legit? He seems like more of a traits guy than an NFL ready lineman like Slater.
  8. You know me....I'm obviously prioritizing OL (I think interior line is a far bigger priority), plus I've recommended LB Parsons before, so I sort of agree with you here. Slater would be nice; he seems to be the only safe pick on the OL that high (now I'm reading all sorts of scary stuff on Sewell). Trading down for Vera-Tucker or Tevin Jenkins (as guards) might be an option as well.
  9. I'd be okay with anything WR, TE (Pitts), OL, or LB (Parsons) at #11. Obviously I'd prefer OL if Slater is around. I'm starting to lean away from drafting a CB in round 1 at #11 (unless we trade down significantly) because we already have two big $10mm plus contracts allocated to CB (plus cap/high draft investments in three players at S as well), and lean away from EDGE as well, as the more I read about this year's edge rushers, the less and less I like at #11 (again, perhaps if we trade down and get Joseph Ossai or Jaelen Phillips...I'm just not confident in Rosseau, Paye, Owah, or Ojula
  10. LOL...I think it goes back to my time playing HS football. I was a running back. I was nothing without my OL.
  11. No matter how many offensive lineman we draft, there's an 80% chance Shake will still complain about the offensive line.
  12. All seem like good players. What's the deal with Carlos Basham? His production, workouts, and profile seem like that of a 1st rounder, but most mocks have him falling to rounds 2-3. Seems like he could be a steal there.
  13. Why would that be argumentative? It's very possible they go offense at #11. At this point I think it's a toss up whether they go offense vs defense. I also don't think it would upset anyone whichever way they go (unless the pick itself is a weird reach).
  14. Everyone seems to be talking character issues and mediocre arm length on Sewell....so him falling to #11 doesn't seem like it's impossible anymore (I wouldn't count on it but I also wouldn't be surprised if it happens, especially if you see a run on QBs and WRs in the top 10. If we do somehow land him, what do we do with him? Play him at G or T? @ BC why is Slater not suited for Guard?
  15. He sorta had a down year last year, plus was injured, is a 2 down player as Temp pointed out, and it doesn't help that he never really lived up to his #12 overall selection. But I'll take that on a 1 yr prove it type deal, or at least for quality depth. He was a solid starter at one point in his career, including the 2019 Super Bowl Pats.
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