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  1. Also, the implication of that scenario is the first division where all teams have double digit losses, lol. It's a distinct possibility.
  2. It would be hilarious to see a scenario of: If the Cowboys lose out, the eagles lose 3/4 (they'd have to win their game vs Dallas) AND we win both games vs the Eagles: Eagles 6-10 Cowboys 6-10 Giants 4-12, 5-11, or 6-10 Boy the NFC east would be a fucking shitshow if that happened. It's already a joke but this would be a historic joke, and it is possible.
  3. Eli behind this OL is going to get murdered.
  4. One or two good drives for 10 pts...then one consolation TD in garbage time. It's the Schurmer way.
  5. Agree on Jason Garrett, but let's not go nuts about the Bills offense. They're #20 in the league....their defense is largely carrying the team, plus some great individual efforts by Josh Allen.
  6. Our set of receivers/TEs are no worse than Green Bay, New England, Oakland, SF, Seattle, Baltimore, Buffalo, Tennessee, Phili, and several others who have far better running games than ours (with less talented backs) because they have an OL and competent play calling. Each of those teams have also been hobbled by injuries as well, so I'm not buying injuries as an excuse either. You could put Tyreek Hill and Odell on this team tomorrow and the offense is barely improved cause the OL is still shit.
  7. We have decent receivers...Slayton is a deep threat, and Engram is a threat in the seams, while Tate and Shepherd are savy route runners with burst of their own. It's the OL and pkaycalling. The browns OL is not nearly as bad as ours. We need to address the OL.
  8. It's 80% the horrendus offensive line and 20% the playcalling.
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