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  1. This offensive line was a complete disgrace tonight.
  2. Peart looked pretty decent at LT. Does he stay there going forward, and do we move Thomas over to RT? I'd be pretty happy if these guys are the two starting tackles for the gmen for the next 8 years.
  3. Of course we're only going to win this game because the other team fucked up more.
  4. Okay 3rd and 9. Here comes the 3rd down penalty causing a first down.
  5. Ron Rivera has been just toying with Joe Judge all game. 20-13 soon.
  6. So now we're in a place where the cliche "bad teams find a way to lose" applies (to us of course) Get ready for it. 3rd down penalty causing a first down 3rd and long conversion One or more 15 yard penalties QB will run for a 20 yard gain One of these will happen on this drive
  7. This team looks completely flat. We deserve to lose.
  8. Go for an offsides, take a 5 yard penalty then punt? Lolll
  9. The skins are going to march down the field on an 80 yard 10 minute drive here for a TD.
  10. Ahh...I guess the mental lapse there was mine!
  11. Why didn't we take the offsides penalty to make it 1st and 5????? Why did we take 2nd and 9?????? That is clear mental lapse by the coach.
  12. Joe Judge. This is the textbook definition of playing not to lose the game rather than playing to win. And that is what losing teams do.
  13. Lol longest TD drive of the year for Washington. Of course it's against us, and of course it's against us at the end of a half.
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