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  1. Another interesting factoid on this. Between the years 2010 - 2017, the giants did not draft a LB in the 3rd round or higher....in 8 fucking drafts, lol. They are the ONLY franchise in the NFL which did not draft an LB during that 8 year span in round 3 or higher. Even in 2018, the sole LB draft pick round 3 or higher was Lorenzo Carter in the 3rd round, a guy who's marginal and on the verge of busting out. So in the last 10 years of drafts, we've drafted one LB...Lorenzo Carter.
  2. Your giants starting LBs by year (aka, Jerry Reese hates the LB position): 2012: Keith Rivers Chase Blackburn Michael Boley (was good) 2013: Keith Rivers John Beason (was good this one year) Spencer Paysinger 2014: Mark Herzlich Jameel McClain Jacquian Williams 2015: Devon Kennard Jasper Brinkley JT Thomas 2016: (interestingly, we actually had a good overall defense this year, but the LBs were still crap) Devon Kennard Kelvin Sheppard Jonathan Casillas
  3. Post cuts, at the start of free agency, I think we'll essentially be at ~$30-32mm in cap space available, with Leonard Williams and Dalvin Tomlinson as key free agents. This means we probably only have enough cap space for one "major" free agent signing (which might be Williams), cannot afford both Williams and Tomlinson, plus we're likely going to be entering the draft with three gaping holes on the offensive line. I'd like to reiterate: Solder, Hernandez, Cam Fleming, Spencer Pulley....all are DG duds. Zeitler was an okay acquisition. Plus again, it's the OL moves DG did NOT make which
  4. It's also because 3 of our top 4 contracts are currently Solder, Zeitler, and Tate, taking up a combined $42mm in cap space...and only about ~$24-25mm if we cut them, for approximately $17-18mm in dead cap on these three. Thanks DG.
  5. "Zeitler, Tate, Solder" Cutting these three alone should save ~$24-25mm in cap space. Other cuts we'll likely need are Pulley ($2.75mm), Levine Toilolo ($3mm), Cody Core ($2mm). Plus if we cut Hernandez, that's ~$2mm. I also think we should cut Engram if we can replace him. That frees up $6mm.
  6. AND we have Leonard Williams and Dalvin Tomlinson becoming free agents. Thanks DG.
  7. Yeah, I've been wondering: What % of the time does sending a dick pick to a woman ever work? LOL... 1 out of 100,000?
  8. Everyone keeps talking about us getting this guy. Honestly considering our cap situation and what he will cost ($8-11mm per year), sounds like a better option than Golladay and Robinson who are likely going to command possibly double that. I think he also adds a dimension that Golladay and Robinson cannot. Thoughts?
  9. Him, Cruz, and Manningham were a good trio.
  10. I honestly wouldn't mind if we drafted Patrick Surtain Jr at #11. He's been solid this season, and did real well last night. Hopefully his long speed checks out but he could be James Bradberry #2 on this team.
  11. I think the Dolphins or Bengals may draft him now at #3 or 4...he's that good. We'd have to give up a lot to trade up to that.
  12. After tonight, no way he falls to us at 11, unfortunately.
  13. I'm not implying there would have been a penalty, nor that a person would be injured. Just observing the evolution in goal line play calls 30 years ago vs today, that's all. Today there seems to be much more "razzle dazzle" or passing in general at the goal line, less smash mouth.
  14. Nice play, and nice goal line stand by the D in general. I love old school, smash mouth football...not like nowadays where there is so much end arounds, shovel passes, read option, etc razzle dazzle stuff at the goal line. I mean granted, sometimes it works, but I like the old school RB, FB dive, and just line up your two sides and kick ass.
  15. Indy put up 472 yards against the Bills. I think their issue was moreso the defense couldn't stop the Bills. Rivers didn't turn the ball over a billion times like Ben. Not saying he's spectacular but he's not the reason they lost.
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