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  1. Are we officially the Cleveland Browns now?
  2. Yes. And if 4-3, Simmons looks like a great fit at WLB.
  3. Assuming 3-4: I've been an advocate for bringing in two big pass rushers, on DE like Armstead or Chris Jones, and OLB types like Barrett, Ngakoue, or Judon. Keep Ogletree for now, along with Connelly. Draft Isiah Simmons if available and if we can address OL in free agency.
  4. That's one play. It wasn't like that all night.
  5. Anthony Costanzo, Jack Conklin, or Bryan Bulaga could be options at Tackle.
  6. If they have a plan to use a portion of that $20mm in that fashion, then yes...if they don't plan to invest it, and are keeping it around as insurance in case they have to sign players due to injury, then it's too much. Either way, I don't expect more than 3 "big" free agent contracts, along with several middle/smaller ones. Maybe something like DE/DL Chris Jones Or Arik Armstead DE/OLB Barrett, Ngakoue, or Judon CB Byron Jones or Logan Ryan (though due to age 29, Ryan may not be too pricey)
  7. For free agents, given that he has said he wants to enter the season with $20mm in cap space (too much in my view), I don't expect DG to dole out more than 3 big contracts (ie $10mm plus) this off-season, even if we cut Martin and Ellison. That said, if I had to pick 3, it would be nice go big on two top tier pass rushers and a top CB. I just don't see premium O lineman in free agency, so we may have to rely on the draft, or lower tier free agents. Rest of the roster in general can be filled out that way as well. If Leonard Williams is paid more than $10mm per year, I won't be happy.
  8. Hal Hunter is gone along with Schurmer, right?
  9. Armstead will be big $$$ but I'd like him as well. Judon might be a better fit for us than Ngakoue, but I'd be fine with either. If we could get Armstead, Judon/Ngakoue, bring back Golden for say `4 years $40mm, plus add DB veterans Tre Boston and Logan Ryan who shouldn't break the bank, I'd feel pretty good about our defense. The first two on that list will be $14-15mm plus per year though, but we should have the cap space, and the early years of their contracts will be less.
  10. What am I missing on keeping Markus Golden? He seems to have better stats than FAs like Ngakoue and Dante Fowler (sacks, hurries, tfl, qb hits combined) who will command big $$$. Those other two do have him beat on age though.
  11. That's encouraging to hear, especially if we draft Andrew Thomas, who I presume would be plug and play at LT. I'm not sure who else we could replace Solder with at LT, as I haven't looked at free agents yet nor draft prospects beyond Thomas. Some are saying this year's draft is deep at the Tackle position, but I don't know who's ready to start day one.
  12. Is Solder staying though if we're able to sign or draft a replacement? Maybe he can move to RT?
  13. I wanted to make this thread specific to players on the roster, i.e. FA and Draft. Yes, clearly the coach is the number one team priority, as they're looking to hire asap. I can see the case for C being the top priority, plus there are likely more options at the position. If we're able to fill 3 out of the 5 priorities outline above, and go 8-8, I'd consider that to be an improvement.
  14. I thought Tate was okay, though overpaid. Bj Hill was a real surprise with the drop in playing time...what happened exactly? DeAndre Baker, Sam Beal, and Ballentine were disappointing. Connelly, Slayton, and Love look like future starters, which is great for late round picks. DJ is further ahead than I expected, but needs to clean up ball security. I'd be okay if we signed Golden to a 4 year, $10mm per season deal, but no more than that.
  15. He named four position priorities and I named five. We're not that far away from being competitive if we hit on 4/5 players in those areas, plus assuming guys like Jones, Baker, Beal, Hernandez, Slayton, Love, and Connelly all make progress. Not saying we're a super bowl team with that but definitely on the right track. For instance, adding two solid starters on the O line and you have a much more capable offense vs last year.
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