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  1. Sweet, RB depth and ST. We're on our way to the playoffs baby.
  2. And Corey Coleman. Prob 1 year minimum deals, or close to it. But we still have a shit line.
  3. And I remind everyone that Ogletree was a Gettlemen acquisition. This is the most depressing table. Here are our top 5 paid players: Solder Leonard Williams James Bradberry Blake Martinez Kevin Zeitler https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-york-giants/cap/ Zeitler is fine I guess.
  4. Given that we didn't address our offensive line in free agency, next year appears to be another wasted season for Barkley. Unless Solder and Hernandez gets their act together, Gates turn out to be for real, we upgrade at C over Pulley, and/or draft starting caliber OL. Lots of ifs.
  5. Yep. Plus Golden remains unsigned last I checked. We probably could have locked him in with like 2 years 12 million, or 3 years 18. Instead, between Williams and Fackrell, we paid 22 million for 1.5 sacks. Ugh.
  6. Yeah, I'm not big on drafting or spending a lot on RBs and TEs. For the run game, in my view the biggest factor is and always has been the talent at OL.
  7. It depends on how he does the next two years...if he endures too much damage and degrades in ability, then yeah, I'd be averse to any long term commitment. But if he's a true generational back with consistent production, then I'd keep him. Judging by the fact that we haven't really fixed our offensive line this offseason, this year figures to be another tough year for Barkley.
  8. I don't see Martinez as an improvement. Is Bradberry an upgrade over Janoris Jenkins? That's what I'm judging on. Jenkins wasn't released until late in the season.
  9. Also, I'm quite certain this is for depth/backup, or camp competition....I think the regime is high on Nick Gates, who looked decent at RT last year. Plus we may draft an OT high. My concern is more with Center. Spencer Pulley can't be the guy. I wanted Graham Glasgow, who went to the Broncos for only 4 years $44mm.
  10. For reference on PFF, he graded worse than Nate Solder last year.
  11. And Fackrell will magically get back to 10 sacks, a season after having Preston Smith and Zadarious Smith on your team, and only producing one.
  12. I'd prefer to take my chances with Golden in this system over Fackrell, for a reasonable price, but agree to disagree. I don't see much interest in Golden since he tested free agency. We may have been able to get him cheap at like 2 years $12 millions, or 3 years $20mm.
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