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  1. Good take. I second this.
  2. It's also a lot of the same criticisms Josh Allen had, while Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen from the big time schools with big time stats are now busts, so you never know.
  3. I'm not too high on Willis. In the only game he's played against top competition, against Ole Miss, he threw 0 TDs and 3 INTS in 26 pass attempts. In other games, against even lower quality competition, he's had some real duffers (e.g. Army, Lousiana)...playing bad down the stretch particularly. He's had like 4-5 gams where he's jacked up his stats and the highlight real (14 TDs 0 INTS against four opponents), but the other games he's been bad (10 TDs 12INTS against the other 8 opponents. He's also played poorly down the stretch here, losing his last three games and going 3TD to 6INTs., after starting 7-2. I'm also not to keen on drafting anyone associated with Jerry Fallwell. I could be wrong...I'm not a talent evaluator and maybe things are different once you put him with NFL coaches in an NFL system, and Josh Allen similarly had some uneven stats like the above, but I think he's a boom or bust guy.
  4. I really liked him. Sad to see him become a criminal. Boy his post NFL life really spiraled out of control.
  5. Yep. And now, may people are associating this with him. Ottis Anderson is all over social media pleading with people that he is NOT the father.
  6. Okay according to his Twitter fees, Ottis is definitely NOT the father. Mods can you please delete this entire thread?
  7. Wait is Ottis Anderson the father or am I wrong here? Someone let me know if I'm fake news here.
  8. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/former-ucf-running-back-otis-anderson-jr-killed-dispute-dog-bite-rcna7065
  9. Yep. It could be the Giants figured him out and exposed him. Nice job to Graham. Normally the giants have a penchant for turning backup QB's into Joe Montana (e.g. CJ Beathard from 2017, a game I'll never get over, lol)...but this time they made it clear that Hurts may only be a backup at best.
  10. Can I also add, and this may have already been said, but my god, Jalen Hurts is bad. Like not even backup quality. What the hell was that? His passing stats coming into the game were decent (TDs/INTs 13/5 and over a 60% completion percentage, and averaging over 7 yard per attempt). What the hell happened?
  11. Mara will keep Judge regardless. We could lose out and Mara will still keep him.
  12. - Ugly win against an ugly Eagle's team that was doing everything it can to give away the game (4 turnovers). - Considering the 4 turnovers, the fact that this team only put up 13 is pretty pathetic. - The offense was as inept on Sunday as it was with Garrett.
  13. I would just like to point out that Markus Golden has 10 sacks in 10 games so far, and has a cap number less than $2M (plus only about $3M next year). Nearly twice the amount of sacks as Williams, and far more than 3rd rounders Lorenzo Carter and Ximines.
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