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  1. Gallman is a much tougher interior runner, if he can stay healthy. Saquon is likely best with zone blacking schemes which create gaps/space and movement, and can allow him to explore those gaps. He's not going to be an Emmitt Smith (not that we even have that type of pro bowl line), Curtis Martin, Rodney Hampton, Frank Gore etc style grinder through the middle. I'm not saying don't give him interior runs, I'm just pointing out he's not this grinding style type for 20x+ runs per game. Probably needs a 50/50 split of outside, off tackle vs interior runs.
  2. Yeah, highlights are always nice, but I can't for the life of me remember a time 1994 - 1997 when I was excited about Dave Brown QB play. All I remember was constant disappointment and recurring 3 and outs.
  3. Just for kicks, was he really that bad? Instead of this, I seem to more fondly remember like 8-12x three and outs per game ~1995 - 1999 before Kerry Collins got us out of QB hell. The other problem is DB progressively got worse 1994 - 1996.
  4. Unproven is fair. Thomas, Hernandez, and Gates (who I like) all have potential upside, so if they step up quickly, it could be a solid line. Emphasis on the word 'if' though.
  5. Was the line not terrible last year?
  6. D vs the D- from last year. Yeah some improvement, lol. We do not have a competent, capable O-Line this year, and you'll see it show. Again, we have a rookie at LT, so there will be ups and downs and growing pains. Hernandez is a big wildcard, and was atrocious last year. He will have to make a big leap to be a starting capable G. We have unproven guys/backup caliber guys slated to start at C and RT. The only guy you can really rely on, when healthy, is Kevin Zeitler at RG...that's it. And if he goes down, the O-line is really fucked. If you're comfortable with the O-line that we have going into the season, then you're in for some major disappointment here. You should not feel comfortable, and you need to lower your expectations drastically.
  7. https://www.bigblueview.com/2020/8/8/21360354/ross-cockrell-signing-giants-expected-to-add-veteran-cornerback Not a bad signing, especially if we got him cheap, though I still think our secondary will be a liability this year.
  8. Where the hell is Gettlemen to pounce on Logan Ryan before some other team snatches him up?
  9. A tree would be an upgrade over Solder. That's not saying much. Agree to disagree on the rest. This OL is going to be a weak link all 4 games of this season.
  10. Improved how? Any rookie at LT will be going through some growing pains, we don't have a starting capable Center (or in your case, you have a rookie possibly starting), Hernandez is terrible, and Gates is okay. If Zeitler goes down with an injury again, this line falls apart. You need to prepare yourself for the fact that anyway you cut it, the line is going to be a disaster this season. Weak link.
  11. Great, he's going to need it behind this disastrous offensive line.
  12. So Logan Ryan is a free agent? Why not sign him? Also how the hell is Logan Ryan unsigned?
  13. I seriously doubt Solder is on the roster next season, whether there is COVID-19 or not.
  14. Another problem is, we could have released Solder earlier in the FA process and re-invested the $6.5mm net cap savings into another offensive lineman. Now it's just a total loss.
  15. I think (I could be wrong) that In his case, a 4 year contract with $34.8mm guaranteed = $9.6mm dead cap. this year
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