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  1. What? That he was drinking too?
  2. So I watched you guys last night. Actually rooted for the Giants since it would help the Redskins (not that the Redskins are good anyways) but no team in the NFC East looks good. Defense looked like shit Offensive line looked like shit Eli (what the hell happened to Eli??) Beckem. Don't know if it was because Eli didn't have time or that the Eagles doubled him all night. Great receiver but for that kind of money you want a solid, stand up guy kind of receiver and not a head case. But I'd be watching the games just to see that fucking running back. Holy crap. Exciting as hell
  3. Pretty rough but at least you weren't watching the Spanish broadcast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_rOXwlZlKY
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