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  1. Nice win and happy my Football Team knocked off the Steelers. Looks like there may be some life in the NFC East yet. You guys beat us twice though and look to have a bit of an easier schedule down the stretch.
  2. What? That he was drinking too?
  3. So I watched you guys last night. Actually rooted for the Giants since it would help the Redskins (not that the Redskins are good anyways) but no team in the NFC East looks good. Defense looked like shit Offensive line looked like shit Eli (what the hell happened to Eli??) Beckem. Don't know if it was because Eli didn't have time or that the Eagles doubled him all night. Great receiver but for that kind of money you want a solid, stand up guy kind of receiver and not a head case. But I'd be watching the games just to see that fucking running back. Holy crap. Exciting as hell to watch. Haven't seen those kind of moves since Barry Sanders
  4. Pretty rough but at least you weren't watching the Spanish broadcast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_rOXwlZlKY
  5. Suspending for missing a scheduled drug exam. He was suspended several years ago for weed but this time it was for missing the exam so it's treated the same as if he tested positive.
  6. It's actually 36 million locked in. If they pick up the option it becomes 50 million. Still a lot of money but the Redskins definitely haven't been free wheeling spenders since McGloughan entered the picture.
  7. For some receivers that would be pretty much every ball.
  8. Rookie NFL refs make $75,000 a year. Senior ones make just under $200,000. They get paid plenty. Really they should make less calls other than calls related to player safety. They should be instructed to be on the side of "no call" unless it's obvious. Just call the blatant stuff and let people play. I get the safety issue things so be tougher on those but all of the very minor holding shit should be ignored. All this push to increase scoring just ends up cheapening the game. Throw it long, good chance you'll get a pass interference call. That's bullshit football
  9. That's right, the Bills. What a horribly officiated game against both teams. Running off the clock at the end when the receiver made it out of bounds was ridiculous and their excuse was even worse. "He gave himself up". Bullshit, he got himself out of bounds.
  10. True, I haven't heard many Giants players blaming losses on injuries although I don't follow Giants interviews that much.
  11. I wasn't talking about Pats fans I meant the team. They don't seem to get hung up on the injuries and penalties. I was really surprised in the game against (you guys I believe) where the ref called the play dead and Brady was a good yard or two from the sideline. The pass looks like it could have gone for a touchdown. The ref told Belicheck they screwed up and he just nodded and went on. Could you imagine what Rex Ryan would do in that situation? Most coaches for that matter
  12. That's true. It's a lot harder for them but you don't really see them blame losses on people getting injured. Or even bad calls. It seems to be a trait of the routinely successful teams. The way they handle adversity and don't blame the adversity. Instead just realize that's the hand you're dealt and you have to deal with.
  13. A lot of teams have a bunch of injuries and I'd argue the "who" is huge. You've had you're starting quarterback all year so that's worth a lot. Patriots have a ton of injuries but they seem to be doing pretty well.
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