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  1. I told y’all hard ass coaches ain’t worth shit
  2. Yea every franchise is saved when they get a 6th round pick that the head coach has previous experience with
  3. Two vets retire. Hopefully judge can be something other then a hard ass
  4. Boone is a fucking dweeb.
  5. Let’s wait until we actually see some results on field. How many FA did the WTF team win?
  6. Hope I am wrong but I don’t really think Galloday is a #1. He has put up numbers for the pass happy and rocket arm Matt Stafford.
  7. I mean he really only had one good season. He really hasn’t proved him self as a #1
  8. We haven’t had one in years
  9. Another season down the drain.
  10. No outside of Henry I don’t trust Bama RB.
  11. He has like 3-4 good games a season. He’s a bum
  12. That was back in my really nerd Draft times. I thought he was going to be the star. Now anytime they say he’s the most polished prospect I know it’s code for bust
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