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  1. I think you have to. It’s like being the Cards and having Murray in your face
  2. Judge is shit for a no bs guy this team is a bunch of bs
  3. Hope your right. But the giants like to hold on to people 3 years longer than they need to.
  4. It will be another 2 years before Giants brass admit DG sucks
  5. If this line doesn’t shape up he on track for David Carr Syndrome
  6. This is the kind of drive you need and d stand to start your half fuck I must be in delay
  7. Interested to see what the staff does here, how to we come out and handle what just happened. I know Mac and Shumar would turn over and give up.
  8. Yea idk maybe he thought he was running in to a David Boston problem
  9. Over all I thought we would be in a worse spot. We can’t run the ball which isn’t great. Engram is trash and waste of space out there.
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