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  1. I hope judge losses out. DJ is just not a good QB.
  2. Yea but he’s still going to stick around to long and loose all our good players
  3. I feel like this is going to be Bill O’Brien over here.
  4. Our Talent is always over hyped junk. I’m just glad Judge has out performed him self. I really thought he was just going to be a Adam Dunn esq player. I don’t know what deal Stanton made with the devil but I hope he included the next couple of years.
  5. I stand bye this comment
  6. He’s great if you want a guy who can tackle 8 yards down field
  7. I’m Fine with DJ for next year. Draft class sucks this year.
  8. Can’t wait to have him back in year 3 to go 9-9 or 8-9
  9. If I was on a boat and the captain was never able to have the ship in the right direction from the start , why would I ever trust him to do it?
  10. Where going to finish 6-10 or 7-9 with a three game win streak at the end of the year so we can go 8-8 the season after that with judge
  11. Since where a feeling all warm and fuzzy let’s bring bake Eric Flowers and give him another chance, maybe Eli Apple will finally turn the corner.
  12. Jones has gotta go Judge has go to go Gettleman has got to go Garret has got to go
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