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  1. I wouldn't even want him unless we played in a dome. He doesn't have the arm to play outdoors.
  2. It lines up pretty well with when Gettleman left, and Marc Ross came on board. Somewhere in there. That Ross guy, every time he had a mic in his face, he came off like a lazy sack of crap.
  3. I think that's as a backup, not starter.... but if Mariota is beating out Jones, ugh, it wasn't going to work for Jones regardless.
  4. not a chance, NYC would have run him out of town. There are things about that guy that only went unreported because he played in Pittsburgh. It might have been the only city in the country that he could have succeeded in, because they have just the right level of love for their team in the public and media, and the 'right' cultural expectations in the community that a total fucking asshole like Rapelisburger could be his lousy self and get away with it.
  5. Gad dangit!! I wanted him to be the Eagles coach for a long time. I didn't think their Super Bowl would go down as a fluke, but it sure looks that way now.
  6. Gates, I'm growing more convinced, is much more than marginal. Thomas finished strong too, but Gates was the best on the unit this season.
  7. It sure seemed that way. It could have just been coincidence that Lemieux went in right about when the light came on for Thomas and Gates. To my eyes he was about a wash compared to Hernandez.
  8. does that reflect the cap contraction? My guess is that ownership and the NFLPA will negotiate a 2021 cap that is equal to 2020, and they'll pass the reduction to the next three or four years pro rata. So everybody will have more space to work with than it seems right now.
  9. LOL!!!! well I will say to Engram's credit, at least he wasn't a 7th overall pick. I think Hilliard was the most over-drafted player I've ever seen He'd have been a fan favorite if he were a third round pick. Conversely, if Engram were a third round pick, I don't think he'd have been anymore than a curiosity, like Travis Beckham.
  10. I think Gallman explained why he gets the scrub treatment with his careless ball security last week.
  11. Rousseau is definitely on the table. That whole Ravens game I was thinking to myself, gosh an athletic edge rusher would make a world of difference.
  12. Especially for the OL, I don't count those first six or so games. The OL in the second half of this season was opening some fucking serious holes for some fucking mediocre running backs. I'd love to see what Barkley can do with some of the openings that Gallman and Morris enjoyed. Probably true that we still need to upgrade at least two starters on the OL. In 2018 we needed all five though.
  13. I suspect the fan opinion of Solder is somewhere south of most professional opinions. I think Pulley's contract is the worst. That guy simply couldn't play anymore. Other than that, I get the thinking on most of those roster filler free agents.
  14. You should check out some of the analytics work done by footballoutsiders.com, as well as others, on the relationship between OLs, QBs, and RBs, and statistical results such as sacks, ypc, etc. The short of it is, sacks correlate much more with the QB than the OL, while running metrics are much more dependent on the OL than the RB. Another way to put it is, those 47 sacks in 2018, when Eli was getting the ball out as fast as anyone, are not the same as 47 or 50 sacks when the QB is back there obliviously setting up camp. Definitely do not agree that the OL is worse.
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