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  1. Wasn't he with the team in 2017 too? Iirc, he was a relative bright spot in an awful unit.
  2. I'd rather give the young guys like Beal the experience. Oh wait.
  3. Well when even Janoris Jenkins is telling him to grow the fuck up, that is not a good sign.
  4. damn, they're bringing down the hammer on him
  5. yeah, dude looks like he put on 25 pounds. he's a fucking tank now.
  6. if we pay him $10+ million per year does he magically become the same player he was three years ago too?
  7. I knew he wouldn't land on IR this year!
  8. If there's athleticism across the back seven of the D, and the DL is steadily occupying blockers, Martinez will be a great fit in the middle. Think Antonio Pierce.
  9. our ends last year were Leonard Williams and Dexter Lawrence.... they're freakin huge. and there are two basic flavors on how to do the 3-4, there's the two gap variety you're describing, and I think our guys are a good fit for that, either Lawrence or Tominson can play nose, or a one gap variety, which is more of the Wade Phillips flavor of 3-4. I don't know shit about Graham's scheme.... hoping I'll be pleasantly surprised....
  10. heh, I liked Graham's answer to the question of would it be a 3-4 vs. 4-3 "yes" but the personnel screams three down linemen
  11. I don't think all is forgiven. he was already an Eagle through and through, so I can't really hate him any more than I already do.
  12. the pimping out cheerleaders is actually a really, really old story. And that happened. so I see what VG is saying.... these allegations so far are way LESS bad that what we already know they've done.
  13. you're right, the Mara game was a year earlier. Barber pretty much single handedly won that one too, one of three 200 yard games he had that season. his last couple years were insane.
  14. A lot of it was personal life choices too. He publicly fucked around on his pregnant wife. Not cool, not forgotten.
  15. The Wellington Mara game I think, Barber was incredible that day.
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