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  1. If you want a good laugh, watch a Blake Martinez highlight video. Half the plays are routine tackles five or more yards downfield. I'm watching that shit like, 'these.... are highlights?'
  2. Well I wanted to defend the Martinez contract, but I suspect he's right... I tried, but couldn't rationalize it based on my estimation of the player. Good steady player, but for that much money steady isn't enough.
  3. Yeah, I think so. That's under 2% of the cap. League min is about to hit an even million.
  4. that is the only thing I've seen in the news this week that makes any sense at all
  5. um, he's the exact opposite kind of player. His raw stat lines jump out. He's had 200+ tackle seasons. The problem is, those 200+ tackles are mostly 5+ yards downfield.
  6. In fairness, a lot of people had the same critique of Antonio Pierce when he was signed. Then a better DL in front of him made a significant difference, ended up he was worth the contract. Watching a few cut ups of the guy, Martinez's film won't get anyone excited.
  7. It goes quickly. I have a bad feeling many of us will quickly tire of Martinez. Steady player, but feedback from Packer fans is he doesn't make impact plays.
  8. That is not a bad idea. Versatile edge rusher, may be a good fit.
  9. Lol! Oh man... Does Bill Callahan come with him?
  10. Easily top three condiment, easily. On the Mt Rushmore of condiments. Good player to have so long as he's filler , not a starter.
  11. I really think he didn't put in the work in a very noticeable way.
  12. I don't see the no dog in him either... He doesn't hit when he doesn't have to, I don't think that means he lacks effort or passion
  13. Since the strength of the team, especially if it includes Leonard Williams, is in the space eaters up front, I am not over concerned about the one weakness.
  14. …. since almost everything but taking on big blockers is a strength, that shouldn't take much time.
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