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  1. Still awful career advice. The teams at the top of the draft are always trash piles. And... the Giants were a trash pile when they drafted LT.
  2. He's a fucking Jenkins if he goes back for his senior year. He's practically guaranteed to be a top 3 selection, he can only cost himself money if he stays another year. If it's me, I'm not even playing in the bowl games. It's time to cash in.
  3. well wait wait wait.... if the retards aren't even retarded anymore, then why can't we use it? Nobody else is using it. Waste of a perfectly good word!
  4. by all accounts, he's a good dude. I wonder how much of his performance this season is due to his son's decline in health. I was thinking we should cut him in the offseason, but maybe there are mitigating circumstances.
  5. we had one of those for like six months, and it was awesome.
  6. lol, if only there were the slightest chance of this team doing that. Nobody looks good on this team, lol.
  7. Dolphins totally gutted their roster too. But that is clearly a well coached team.
  8. That sums it up right there. I don't think having better players is going to make him suddenly make better snap decisions. He's demonstrated a total inability to respond to in game situations. Dude needs to seriously play a lot more Madden or something, he makes mistakes that the average gamer wouldn't make.
  9. there is some individual progress.... Baker in man coverage looks pretty good last couple games.... and yet, there seem to be more miscommunications on both sides of the ball than there were at the start of the season. But again my opinion on Shurmur really has nothing to do with the whether or not this roster is good enough to compete, it's because of poor decision making that has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not the players are good enough, and a demonstrated inability to teach (or build a staff that can teach) the teamwork concepts that are really what drive a team's success. Losing sucks, but it sucks a lot less when its because you're getting beat by a better team.... us, we're getting beat both by better teams and by our own inability to carry out basic football concepts. FFS, we're in year two of being unable to pick up a basic stunt, or pass off a man through zone coverage. We just had an incident a few weeks back that a player was inserted at left tackle, and he didn't even know until he was told to go in the game that it was possible he would play at LT... how the actual fuck does that happen on the NFL level? The team is bad because we're putting guys that aren't good enough on the field, but the coach needs to go because he's putting guys on the field who aren't even remotely prepared. Exchange out the bad players for good players, and guess what.... if we still have Shurmur, we're going to have good players who are unprepared... and we'll still be losing.
  10. so are the teams bad because they keep turning over the roster, or are they turning over their roster because they're bad? I think its usually the latter.
  11. Personally, I was telling my TV to call the time out for about 20 seconds before Shurmur called his time out. I knew Pederson wasn't going for it, total bluff, and that we would have 30 seconds and two time outs, plenty to get into fg range. Lots of TO issues with Shurmur. If it's one mistake once in great while, sure, happens to the best of them. It's multiple times a season with Shurmur, and worse, he gets baited into misusing his time outs. Of course you can't forget the mass substitution errors, twice this season alone. It's bad. It's really, really bad.
  12. lol, yeah I was just saying to a Bengals fan, I'd love to know who it was in their front office that watched the 2017 NY Giants and thought it would be a good idea to go get some of THAT.
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