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  1. Is eight wins dramatically different? Eight wins with a tougher schedule is about where this team is I think.
  2. Wonder if I can get ahold of one of those "thanks Giants!" t-shirts....
  3. I think the clear implication there is, the league doesn't view the Giants OL as such 'shit'. But really with Gallman I think there are behind the scenes issues.... he got himself in the doghouse here for reasons we don't know... he's had a couple weird on field concentration lapses.... he's too good when the ball is in his hands to not get opportunities otherwise.
  4. How is he in not randomly dropping the football for no apparent reason?
  5. Yeah, I saw something similar about the hit rate on first round picks in particular... I think it was around 60%, and I'm not sure that number isn't escalated by the league's tendency to keep giving those first round picks chances.
  6. He was always going to get his comeuppance, but hey, no sense filing the lawsuit until he was off his rookie deal and had cashed in.
  7. he's no Tomlinson, but I'll take it!
  8. Oh I think they can easily go up that much. Given a healthy Saquon, some incremental improvement from Jones, and anticipated improvement from young players, yes, on the offensive line... I think it's reasonable to expect that much improvement. Not in the wagering sense, just in terms of what is a reasonable goal.
  9. We can get much more specific than points for and against. Granted, it doesn't get any more difficult to make a statistical argument than it does on the OL, but I'm not going to be moved by arguments like 'but we had more points!' I think if we have a good OL, like 2006 - 2008, that 2011 offense is at the top of the league in ppg, and Eli gives Rodgers a run for his money on mvp.
  10. Lol! Well, Diehl, Snee, and Mckenzie were all at the end of the road, none of them were good that season. Baas was very disappointing as a replacement for O'Hara. And Beatty didn't get good until 2013. That line couldn't run block for shit, and although their pass protection metrics look okay, that is mostly a function of whether or not the QB gets the ball out on time. Look back at the abuse Eli took during that playoff run. There was nothing good about that OL, it took the best collection of offensive weapons the Giants have ever had and our finest QB performance to overcome that group
  11. I really don't think it is. That was a poor offensive line: if it was better than the 2020 OL, it wasn't by a whole lot. And I'm completely discounting the first half of last season. If we have to count those games, fine, I concede! Lol
  12. He seems like a third or fourth round guy to me. Just from what I've read though.
  13. I'm not sure that two TE sets involving Evan Engram should count as two TE sets. I do think there's validity to your argument, but I'd add a caveat that the defensive personnel typically matched the Giants personnel; when the offense goes jumbo, the D goes heavy as well. I don't want to overstate my opinion, because that unit needs plenty of work. I'm just saying, it probably isn't the weakest position group on this team anymore.
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