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  1. I hear more like 370 though for Bectons real weight. In that pic, knowing he's 6' 7", he looks like he has to weigh 350, bare minimum.
  2. Rodgers' effort on that botched snap.... Uninspired.
  3. There is a rumor that Jason Witten will join the staff. It would be worth it simply to make sure he retires and stops killing us on the field. Seriously, my favorite non Giants player, and tremendous at the technical aspects of his position. I would be thrilled to have him with us.
  4. Garrett had a lot of success as offensive coordinator, this is a tremendous hire.
  5. the more that comes out, the more it sounds like the Redskins were the only team that had Haskins as any better than the third QB.
  6. Baldy's Breakdowns! He's the only reason I have Twitter.
  7. what did Beckham flick at the cop before he smacked his ass? ugh, what a maroon. Don't know wtf he could be thinking, don't tempt fate with cops, it's just stupid and it's not good for anybody. They're doing their jobs, just let them do their jobs and stay out of the way. There's another video earlier in the night where he steals the band's microphone. He needs serious psychological help, immediately.
  8. I liked the new DC's answer when asked if they would be running a 4-3 or a 3-4: "Yes"
  9. I don't understand why we aren't putting some sort of tracker in the ball itself. It shouldn't be up to a human in the year 2020.
  10. oh.... if you zoom out so you can see the yard sticks, its obvious that the yellow line is about a foot further than the actual line to gain... officials had it right, it was the FOX Sports crew that had it wrong. One of the rare times that the yellow line wasn't accurate to the actual first down marker.
  11. At 4th and an inch and in Seattle territory, they probably go for it and put the game away all the same. Not a game changing call, imo. The real question Seattle fans should be asking is, a few plays back, with the game on the line and in a sure passing situation, why was Devonte Adams single covered? That was the game right there.
  12. For all his talk about friendship not being a good reason to hire a guy, I'm mildly concerned that Judge seems to be digging deep into his ol boys network.
  13. not relative to their talent their weren't. that roster was bare, a few of their starters on defense were cast offs from our roster.
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