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  1. I don't know man, he's had some very tepid endorsements by his teammates over the years. Of course nobody said he's a headcase. Of course they all say he's a good teammate. What the fuck else are they going to say? Probably a real good call to ship him out before his gimme-the-ball act fucked over Jones' development. (if there's even going to be any development).
  2. I had blocked so many of those memories. Thanks guys. Really, thanks. I bet he thought the double sneak was genius. They'll never see it coming!
  3. Heh, yeah I think you're exactly right. At 21 mph nobody's catching you from behind.
  4. It was off his finger tips only because he got his hands up too early, which slowed him down. He's bad about that, and it tips off the DB too, hence the reason you don't see him on the middle of the field routes Garrett always killed us with using his TEs at Dallas.
  5. He bulked up a lot, but the next step: let's up our cardio game. He was wasted, his legs went to jelly at the end of that. Jones is the poster child for a late bloomer, he couldn't run like that -the first 70 yards of it, at least - even just a couple years ago
  6. Remember the ~2007 era, when we'd look at the board in the first round and could confidently say that the Giants would be drafting a backup? I really didn't appreciate how good that team was until it was long gone.
  7. Now let's get another 6th for the other Golden. And maybe a 5th for Zeitler. Supposedly Engram isn't on the trade block. BS, I think.
  8. They're all busting their asses out there, come on man. And I don't think it's a scheme fit thing at all, he's not getting playing time because he isn't hands down better than the younger guys on the team. We know this isn't a championship team with him, the D's weakness is at edge rusher. If Coughlin and Cam Brown match Golden's pass rush production this will look like a great move.
  9. it's a case of we went 4-12 with you, we can go 4-12 without you.
  10. The one thing I know in life is I don't want Shurmur as head coach of the Giants. Good guy, wish him the best, I'll be rooting for him at his next OC stop. I think Judge is the right guy. Still a lot of hope tied up in that, but I generally agree with his decision making, far more than I did Shurmur, who's end of game management more than once left me apoplectic. There may be some space between Shurmur and Garrett as offensive play designers go, but given the lack of off season prep this week seven offense is probably more comparable to a typical week two offense. I don't think we even k
  11. I think a 6th round pick is pretty decent for Golden. Better than nothing, he isn't in the long term plans.
  12. You were pounding the table for him before the draft.
  13. Yeah. Not that Andrew Thomas isn't the last nail in Gettlemans coffin, but the receivers are shit.
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