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  1. Definitely where I'd put it too. I see your original point, about having Carter focus on one role. I don't think it's that complicated though, you either have the processing speed out there or you don't.
  2. they're pretty different players. Ximines plays downhill, end of story with him, he can't turn and run. He's an edge rusher or defensive end in the NFL (if he bulks up). Carter has the physical talent to do a lot more, he can be an edge rusher or drop into traditional LB roles, but doesn't seem to have the focus or intensity to make an impact consistently. Maybe he had unknown injuries last year though? Not that I'm aware of, but I've mistaken a wounded player for an undriven player before.
  3. Seems like the true story is more like they were somewhere they shouldn't have been, and a bunch of guys thought they could shake them down.
  4. I think Baker and Dunbar are going to get off. too weird a story, and even if they did it, they can out-lawyer their accusers.
  5. Lombardo is one of those guys that if his name is on it, I won't click it, I won't read it. He's an Eagle fan shit stirrer who can go fuck himself. Or better yet, he can go fuck Pat Leonard.
  6. Think maybe it's horse shit? It has that smell.... It doesn't make sense that someone could be so stupid. Then again, DeAndre Baker is the guy who bought his mom a Bentley out of his signing bonus. He made it to the upper middle class but thought he was wealthy. So he has major stupid potential, this is known.
  7. Odd thing about this incident is, it was an illegal gambling party... So there's an element of 'officer, he stole my heroin!' to this. Normally, these guys would have been capped then dropped in the ocean, so whoever called in the cops may have actually saved their lives.
  8. lots of organizational issues in Cincinnati. Team is basically run by the owner's daughter. New head coach's main qualification was once having a cup of coffee with Sean McVay. The Bengals thank their lucky stars for Marc Davis.
  9. I think I was too optimistic on my first take. Other than the Bengals, no cupcakes on the 2020 schedule. And even they closed out stronger than they started. Drew two of the tougher divisions in non divisional play, and in the 3rd place match ups, both Tampa and Chicago are candidates to be improved. If it falls right, an average team could easily go 5 or 6 wins with this schedule. Could be 8 games against playoff teams, maybe nine if the NFC East sends two teams to the post season.
  10. I see 7-9... and that's if they've ascended to average. Glad to see a non conference opener, I prefer to save the division games for later in the season. Let some drama build and the units gain cohesion before playing the most important divisional games.
  11. Rosen was one of the more advanced throwers of the football that I can ever recall watching. How much of a dick does he have to be for him to fail so hard on the interpersonal aspects of the position? The way he throws the ball these guys should be riding his jock. Other side to it though is, Rosen simply isn't as bright as he was made out to be. His Wonderlic was extremely poor for someone of his affluence.
  12. Yeah.... The cupboard was practically bare at the close of 2017. This is almost an entirely turned over roster now.
  13. I really thought he'd get close to the $10 million per. 10.5 sacks, that usually gets you paid.
  14. I'm really down on Hill's 2019. Maybe that was just me though. Williams I do not understand..... He is a fantastic player right until the moment that he gets a free release to the QB. Seen that a few times last season where he beats his man cleanly or is unblocked, and instead of going hell bent after the QB he settles into his gap responsibility. He's not exactly wrong, but he's missing the instinct that recognizes the rarest opportunities to break the game. He's like the anti-LT
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