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  1. That was the dumbest play ever. I was gonna say the dumbest onsides kick ever, but it worked. The announcer even said "I've never seen an onsides kick without a tee". These are the same Falcons that held a 28 point lead over Brady-san in the SB and managed to lose so, not surprising.
  2. On a bright note, Dallas has fumbled 4 times and lost 3. 17-0 Atlanta so far.
  3. Welp, we got that whole "do we start the starters or sit 'em" thing out of the way come weeks 15-17. Also, I should never make another game day thread. Ever.
  4. He's backing up Brady in Tampa Bay.
  5. It was a good game. They're a likable defending champion. 17,000 fans sounded almost like a full stadium. Too bad other teams are going with the crowd noise and empty stadium thing. Unless, of course, it turns out 17,000 fans caught the covid. They basically sent Tyreek Hill out to get double covered and used the next man up approach, and it worked. Not to mention their first round pick ate up turf like a John Deere. Way too early to anoint them repeat champs, but they're going to have a good season.
  6. Click the link. 5. Joe Staley 4. Justin Tuck 3. Andre Johnson 2. Steve Smith, Sr. 1. Eli Manning
  7. Launch control to Major Tom....The sky is falling.
  8. This name should never be spoken on this board. Ever.
  9. I don't know. I don't even know how to research that, but at $12 for a hot dog, $20 for a beer, and $80 for a $10 T-shirt found on Amazon, that's a lot of cash x32 teams. Not to mention tickets, PSL's and whatnot. The NFL won't be generating that kind of revenue without their fan bases.
  10. I think this Covid shit is going to change all that. And by change i mean the fact that the league will have far less money and this will reset the bar back to when players got thousands to play a game, not millions. Not just the NFL either. If sports can't generate revenue, they can't pay these huge contracts. Everything is going back to the stone age.
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