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  1. The Red Tails were the Tuskegee Airmen. The black pilot corps who kicked ass in WWII. It would keep everyone happy, but the name's already taken. I suppose they could go with The Red Epidermis's, but then of course, sunburnt people would be offended.
  2. $400 million to throw a football. God bless America.
  3. It's kinda funny in some of the articles I have read, seeing them reference the 'skins as "the team from Washington" or "Washington's team". It's like the performer formerly known as Prince. And yet, no decision has been made, but the press is just gonna run with not acknowledging the Washington nickname. Shame it took a man being killed in front of our eyes and an entire country in total uproar, when they could have been ignoring the nickname all along to put pressure on Washington.
  4. Dude looks like a Monchichi
  5. His lawyer claims he was logged into his Madden account at the time of the crime and therefore he couldn't have committed said crime. https://nypost.com/2020/05/19/ny-giants-deandre-baker-has-new-defense-amid-criminal-case/
  6. BronxRik


    Wow. I'm usually all in with the 16-0, but damn. On paper that looks like a 5-11 season. The only "gimmes" are the Browns and Bengals. Unless, of course, we go 16-0. We really need to get a few wins under our belts to start the season. Gain some confidence. Keep rolling. And as much as I've hated opening to the 'Boys week 1 the last buncha seasons I'm glad they finally changed it up. On a side note, Colleen Wolfe is the finest, sexiest, mostest beautifulist, superest fuckable-est broad in sportscaster history. Except for Madden of course.
  7. The only good thing to come out of Duke was Earl.
  8. It would have been interesting if the Bears got him. He could have been a Gummy Bear.
  9. Ok, we're on the clock....who's the pick?
  10. OK, the pick is in and these guys are still gabbing.
  11. Plummer's face at the end That was one of my fondest memories of Eli. That back peddle with :8 to go.
  12. Pick Chase Young and then file a complaint that blames virtual technical issues for making the wrong pick.
  13. Oh that's just bullshit. Everyone knows it's Jake Fromm State Farm.
  14. Well, you did ask for one position that's been upgraded and they named 2, so, there is that.
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