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  1. I thought I kinda liked Steve Smith, but now I think he can go suck a dick: Gonna miss ya Eli. Thanks for some great memories.
  2. Lol, ok, I get that. I just really hate the idea of turning the Giants into the PatriBoys. Just me being a retarded Cowboy hatin' giants fan.
  3. And no. No. No. The Giants are trying to get younger. We don't need some washed up 37 year old Cowboy. We have the picks and the cap space to get our own guy. Now, if he were to come on as the tight ends coach, that would be different. And for fuck's sake, they should get Eli for the QB coach position.
  4. Not sure how I feel about this hire. On one hand, he's a fucking Cowboy. Fuck him, fuck Jerry, and fuck the Cowboys. On the other hand, as has been stated, he's better at OC than HC and could make our offense relevant again. And while I'm aware he was a Giant for a few years, he was with the Cowboys for 12. I'll reserve making a judgment until next January.
  5. Guests have access to the whole board except GD/P&R. That means anyone who is not logged in, stumbles across the board randomly and those annoying bots like Google can view threads but not reply. The spam bots are probably the main culprit in raising the view count.
  6. Kay Adams is hot as fuck AND knows her football. Colleen Wolfe is hotter though. And while Eisen is great, I'd rather see those two any day.
  7. I wonder if there would be as big an uproar if they were smoking pole instead of cigars.
  8. All the vacant HC spots are filled now, right? No "he won't take a step down as coordinator" arguments. Maybe this happens. He's gonna need a job in 2020.
  9. BronxRik


    I don't think the fan base could take his gosh, golly and gee whiz personality during his press conferences. But I absolutely bet he could get shit done.
  10. Jackson is not all he's cracked up to be. He had a great season. He won't repeat it next year. See Cam Newton.
  11. BronxRik


    They should have made Eli head coach.
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