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  1. Ya know, just once I'd like to see someone get pissed off instead of the same old tow the line responses: " 'How do I feel about the loss' I'm fucking pissed, how do you think I feel? How would you feel? We played like shit. We lost. It sucks. I can't fucking believe we're 6 weeks in and we suck this bad. I don't know how to fix it, I'm not the coach. We're paid to win, and we're not. There's nothing positive to take away, fuck all that positive attitude bullshit. You know what brings on a positive attitude? Winning. That's what. Fuck this shit, I need a beer and a shower".
  2. I thought you were setting up a joke, so I took the bait.
  3. When he starts winning meaningless games?
  4. I could do better than Gettleman (with the advice of the Sportswarth fan base of course) but there's better out there than me for sure. You guys are hilarious.
  5. HC: Any member of Sportswrath GM: Any member of Sportswrath
  6. Guys....guys...settle down. It's gonna be alright, okay? It's gonna be alright. This is part of the process.
  7. Gruden's stolen his thunder. Garrett can't even get a scandal right.
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