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  1. Isn't that what Reese was famous for targeting? That's how we landed Engram.
  2. The thing is AR is 38. Is whatever price you're going to pay for him going to be worth the ROI?
  3. Spot on, Jay. The notion that some rookie OL is going to come in and start makes zero sense.... we have the guys already.
  4. The look on the Eagle's officials said it all... they were flabbergasted the Giants leaped them and got that DB.
  5. Thanks Seph. I didn’t hear an announcement.
  6. What did I miss? Why are we picking 50?
  7. That's a very good point, Storm. I actually forgot about that.
  8. lol. I think you're stressting this a bit too much. Gmenroc and myself, among others, have been wanting the OL to be the focus and the WR selection came as a surprise... but not enough to get me upset. I trust Judge's judgement and I think he has a lot of say in the draft. Besides, hopefully we grab a stud OL in the 2nd or 3rd. But boy that additional 1st pick next year is looking sexy already.... right out of Belicheck's playbook.
  9. Seconded. It's just one pick and I don't think DG makes those decisions in a vacuum .... if that's what Judge wanted, then so be it.
  10. Good GMs don't pass on an extra 1st round pick the following year either. What DG did wasn't in a vaccuum and Toney may turn out to be a game changer for us in the same way Saquon is.
  11. According to this board: Great OL talent is only found in the 1st round.
  12. I’m not mad. Why should I be? Scouting and evaluating NFL talent isn’t my profession. I trust Judge’s judgment. This pick reminds me of when the Eagles drafted scrawny Jackson and boy that pick was a good one. We traded down and got an additional 1st next year... Let’s give the kid a chance.
  13. Why are we even talking wide receivers when OL (Slater) and DE/LB are by far where we need some help? Didn't we just sign a stud WR and a stud TE?
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