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  1. Nas


    Well damn I didn't know that... I recant my earlier statement.
  2. Nas


    It's a fucking shame no one interested in him... he plays hard... probably harder than anyone on that defense... Fuck is wrong with Getty... pay the man n stop being a dick, dick.
  3. Send me a mock up of what you come up with and I would be happy to touch it up.

  4. This is akin to trying to time the stock market... hindsight is always 20/20. We needed a QB and we needed him 4 years ago... We got DJ and no one knows how things will turn out obviously... then we grabbed Barkley and now an LT... so now we're finally drafting for the future as opposed to which hole we need to plug at the moment. We actually have a pretty good nucleus at CB too if you think about it. Next order of business: Pass Rush.
  5. With X that's a premature statement, don't you think?
  6. Nas


    Aside from this, I don't see why everyone is stressing.
  7. Look, the man did very well given no one else on that DL did shit... remember having a good DL on the other side helps (the Strahan effect). This organization spends a lot of money one mediocre players but then gets really cheap when it's one of our own. I'm not saying the guy was a super star but his play stood out on the field.... he played really hard.
  8. Will the moolah is the same for everyone... and the team that wins is one that pays value... look at New England... lots of B+ players.
  9. The man showed up to play more than any other player in our front 7... I'm not sure why they're dicking around with paying him.
  10. It's scary to think Hernandez is a bust too.... I'm still not over the fat fuck we had at LT before Solder....
  11. And we're allowed to do that... this mistake was too boneheaded for us to just sweep under the rug.
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