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  1. This is a freak year for injuries... my god it's brutal.
  2. I'm on board with this line of thinking... Judge was handed good players only this year (mainly the FA signings and of course the rookie class that seem to do well so far). The injuries is the wild card here... everyone is dropping like flies through not fault of their own... just one of those seasons (or part of the season) you wish can forget or start over.... I like Judge and until he completely shits the bed, he deserves a chance.
  3. I'd planned on heading upstate to Harriman State Park; a place I want to visit every year this time of year... I haven't been able to make it the past 5 or 6 years... then I thought I didn't want to miss the game and the fact that the weather was blustery/windy (I don't mind the cold but the windy fall feel tends to trigger headaches).... I hope to make it next week though.
  4. Ha, I suck at basketball. I just run like Forrest Gump 😂
  5. Yeah I’m usually sore 48 hours later for some reason… I try to work out no more than 45 minutes and I’m already seeing results. 3 days ago we played basketball and they had the youngest kid (around 19) guard me because they said I was fast… I did have a grin on my face when I heard that… the kid was built like Lebron and shot a lot of 3s… he didn’t miss much.
  6. I don't know brother... this game felt surreal... Things didn't seem to add up... The Rams had no resistance to anything they wanted to do... I've been on Judge's corner and I'm not sure if he'd lost the team or not... I didn't feel that way before this game... but now I have my doubts.
  7. Physically they are… That makes you technically right.
  8. By far he’s my favorite Giant.
  9. Hi everyone, For the first time in a very long time I felt this team wasn't even trying... I didn't think that two teams in the NFL can be so far apart in terms of professionalism/work ethic. This team looks like it's given up and it's embarrassing. Jones doesn't look very sharp out there... you can sense he's a step behind.
  10. 😂 I started going back to the gym a week ago. 4 days of working out (without killing myself) and it feels great.
  11. Agreed however doctors can be wrong too… why not err on the side of caution. I can see where there was no concussion…. About a year ago I got slammed while in traffic… although we were al a low speed the hit was hard which caused my head to snap back and slam onto the headrest… for a few minutes after the hit I was out of it and could barely speak to the 911 operator… after that things cleared up and I waved the ambulance and told the guy who hit me and the cops that I’m fine…. I’m thinking Jones got the wind knocked out him…. And just got up too quickly.
  12. This move has “desperation” written all over it. Probably fueled by the fanbase… Just as I’ve called for cooler heads to prevail, I think the Giants shouldn’t succumb to fan pressure.
  13. Jones could possibly have a great game and win us the game... still that doesn't excuse this move.... Now it could be the kid didn't have a concussion afterall... even if he looked a bit wobbly out there... And even then I would sit him to be on the safe side.
  14. Exactly. I suffered a concussion playing football while in the Army.... no one knew about it and I didn't know what to look for (I was too young to even know what a concussion is). I remember taking 9 advils hoping the headache would subside... it didn't.... and I was in headache hell for over 2 weeks... add that to the few more concussions I suffered after that and here I am with nearly daily headaches...
  15. I understand and agree. I think my discontent comes from drafting guys like Barkley (while arguably a good player) before addressing the OLine which is needed for anyone, including RB, to be successful in the offense.
  16. Same concept applies here, Seph... we're now 5 weeks in so maybe he's not too slow after all. I don't know what Garret is seeing but I'm not a coach either so I have to trust they're trying to figure shit out...
  17. Sometimes, people just need some head space. I'm a firm believer in giving people every opportunity to succeed. I'm not a fan of booing the guy... no matter how frustrating his play has been, he's still a New York Giant.
  18. I agree. I don't care if he feels ready... Concussions are nothing to fuck with... PERIOD.
  19. I'm not down on the guy... his heart is in the right place but his head isn't... I wish he gets it together... it's not like he's being an asshole out there... He's just not playing at a high level.
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