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  1. Given our FA signings, I don't see a TE or WR being a pressing need. I do see OT and LB/DE being the top so Slater or Parson would be great in Round 1.
  2. I don't think Parsons makes it past the Panthers.
  3. Maannnn I LOVE LOVE LOVE this signing.... When was the last time we had a TE half as competent? I really don't recall (too many concussions). If we didn't sign anyone else in FA, I'd be happy with this one.
  4. As much as I like all the signings so far, I think this one here tops them all for me. Idk know how the Giants were able to land all of those FAs so far and it may bite us in the ass in later years but who cares... I just want an exciting season.
  5. Thanks, Gmen. Remembering names on the fly isn't one of my strengths. He played rather well so I'm not sure why we need to look elsewhere. The OL and Pass Rushing should be the top 2 priorities imo.
  6. Idk about you guys but the veteran who played for Atlanta did quite well for us (name escapes me atm)
  7. And remember the OL played quite well during a stretch last year... I'm super excited for this signing (never expected anything remotely close). The dude is a baller.
  8. I doubt rookies are going to come in and make instant impact... at least nothing meaningful. There were times when the OL played well last year and I expect that to continue if not improve. I'd still want to see the OL built through the draft and in 2 years time we should have a solid OL.
  9. Exactly. Where's my OL help?
  10. until the lines are built, I don't think we should go RB at all... RBs are short lived and without a solid OL, aren't effective...
  11. Not everyone jumped to defend him... some of us were thinking he's just young and stupid... but when stupid continued, that's when he was traded.
  12. You'd have to wonder why he's getting kicked out of the Browns. Great talent doesn't always lead to great outcomes. He spells team with to I's.
  13. I wish the article had video clips of those moments.... Beating the 49ers was epic..
  14. You’re never the same after that kind of injury.
  15. What is “if Bill Belichick and Donald Trump had a don”, Alex.
  16. Ben wouldn’t have handled New York as well as Eli did. Ben benefited from having a better team most of the time. The Reese era was a disaster.
  17. Yea I know.... but again players today are not the same as those players... speed and athleticism is out of this world. I think it was Bill Parcells who said something like "The opposing team knew what we were running and they just couldn't stop us"... paraphrasing of course.
  18. Why? Evidently not very smart. Will cost us a few games with stupid penalties and won't last long because no one's body is made of steel.
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