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  1. I don't mind the new rules... I don't think anyone should be paralyzed for our entertainment... Besides I don't think that hit would have been illegal today given he was airborne before the defender anyway...
  2. Glad to see you back brother. It took me a while to adjust to working from home (I didn’t know when to stop)....
  3. That's a very long way of saying you disagree. I happened to see talent that was never developed. You saw another player who didn't pan out. It's not a right or wrong answer... Just different opinions.
  4. No he wasn’t. He was pretty good actually. We had bad coaches who wanted to lay their failures on the young man.
  5. We began 1-7 and finished 5-3.... momentum and Judges 2nd year plus getting a better TE will definitely get us a better record.
  6. Good OLs aren’t easy to find in FA and whatever is out there is wildly overpriced. You get a c+ player making a B+ salary. OLs are best built through the draft and it doesn’t always have to be a 1st round pick.
  7. They're not losing Williams and WILL sign Yannick.
  8. Yes. This will do wonders to DJ and the offense. The dude has hands...
  9. In fairness, Gallman is much younger and smaller which allows him to "bounce" of and allow for these kinds of runs. Morris is bigger and once big guys get hit, it's hard for them to continue on. The other + is you need to keep Gallman fresh as he was your #1 RB.
  10. You're such an easy lay lol.
  11. Abso-fucking-lutely.
  12. Ike was great until that fucking cheap hit he took and even after that he was still solid.
  13. I didn't watch the entire clip on it seems he doesn't go up for the ball and instead waits for the ball to drop to him... a no no in my book. Besides I'm on the BPA available bandwagon regardless of position. I'd like a superb DE or OL, followed by a TE. The first will make our lives easier getting off the filed... the 2nd and 3rd would do wonders to our offense.
  14. Your dedication is appreciated. I went to sleep knowing the Eagles will lose.
  15. I agree with this. A few years ago I was pulling my hair out when the Giants passed on Tyrann Mathieu.
  16. I know the Steelers drafted Bud Dupree a few years ago (I think at 18) when we drafted some asshole who turned out to be a total bust.
  17. Yep. Other teams seem to do great picking between 11 and 20 anyway. And honestly given the # of 1st round busts we've had, I no longer care about where we draft with the possible exception of #1 or #2 with a generational talent that's the Clemson QB... This team made strides this year and I'm happy with how things turned out. I do think we need a stud TE (you know.. someone who can actually catch the ball) to take pressure off DJ.
  18. Who’s stupid enough to give up a pick for him?
  19. A bit too harsh. Yes he’s been underwhelming but I wouldn’t go that far.
  20. Yea I agree. We got 99 problems but the refs ain’t one.
  21. I may be going against conventional wisdom here but we still need OL help and whoever is the BPA where we pick we should take regardless of position of course.. however if it comes down to WR vs OL, I'd go OL. You guys seem to be forgetting we have a very talented RB... that can benefit (along with our young QB of course) from a better OL.
  22. Besides, I think there's a lot of value in the B+ players anyway... and it's not like our 1st rounders have been superstars...
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