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  1. Its been years since Ive seen the Giants move the ball smoothly or efficiently or get that 3rd and 1 conversion easily behind Jacobs for example. Current offensive game plan is fuck around all over the place, get slapped in the mouth and bleed from your asshole to get 5 yards
  2. My worry with this defense is this - there are players who go the whole season sucking monster dick the entire team - but against the Giants suddenly everyone is a super star. Davante Adams has done nothing but sucked balls all season long. And suddenly against the Giants he is a top 5 WR??? Allen Lazard is playing like a WR No.1. The communication break down in the Giants defense is appalling - just flat out pathetic. Bechter really needs to be replaced with someone more competent.
  3. This defense is just embarrassing.....
  4. You know what? Fuck Jason Garrett. Giants should actively pursue Brian DaBol for the HC position. That guy seems super smart and has made a star out of Josh Allen. Really hope the Giants look his way...
  5. OBJ and Hopkins are the 2 most double covered WRs in the game this season. With OBJ and Landry, look at what even a Nick Chubb has been able to achieve behind that pathetic Browns OLine. This is why a genuine deep threat is imperative for a decent run game. Either that or you have a mauling OL and a top notch full back with a coach who doesnt get too cute but is fairly innovative. Giants have none of the above factors. All things considering, the way Danny has played this season - fills me with hope for this franchise. But a lot of things need to change. A Chase Young for example automatically makes our secondary look better - no DB can cover for more than 5-6 secs.....Giants DBs have been back there running around for 20 sec on average!
  6. The only Garret the Giants seem to be after is Jason.....and that saddens me even more....
  7. He's missed like what - 5 XPs now? Everyone needs to be benched. Just tank already. Skins also got a win today!!
  8. When the team looks like it has given up from their body language alone - its enough to make everyone look worse than they actually are. Forget this season - no one on this team is trying no matter what anyone says. They are just running plays and if it works OK - if it doesnt aww shucks. There is no fire passion etc on this team. Just a bunch of guys who want to get paid and for the season to end. This coaching staff cannot inspire this team anymore. Hell even Miami looks more inspired. Oh well - Chase Young!
  9. Most of his fumbles have been blind side hits or free shots by the DB because the OL fucked up their assignments or Barkley couldnt/didnt block a 300 pound dude for more than 0.2 seconds. Id put it at 50-50....sometimes its because he held on for too long.
  10. The all too familiar Giants 2nd half shit show about to Begin....Bears 21-7
  11. From the numerous times Ive seen it, to me it looks like when they are both grappling on the ground, initially Garretts hands are nowhere near Rudolph's helmet, but Rudolph has his hands gripped on the back underside of the Garrett's helmet and looks like he was trying to rip it off - unsuccessfully. Garrett realised this and inturn tried to rip Rudolph's helment - a sort of lets remove each others helmets and get into fisticuffs. But once the helmet was in Garrett's hand, what he did deserves a season long suspension. If it was just some Norman OBJ type horseshit it would be been dealt with easier.
  12. One more actually First 8 starts - Lamar had 13 fumbles. DJ has 12.
  13. So who are all the top prospects for the 2020 draft? Non QBs I mean
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