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  1. Him falling over the endzone line ass backwards when the Pats didnt even try and stop him had me tearing my hair out!! I for sure thought the Pats were gonna come back and the shit was fixed. Boy was I ecstatic 3 minutes later!
  2. This is what has me excited too. Garret also has had experience working with one of the Best OLs football for years now and am sure there are quite a few things he can impart to the OL from his Dallas days. Barkley is WAY more talented than Zeke is - cant wait to see what Barkley is capable of. Hope we have a full season.
  3. Is Baker completely out of the woods there? Charges dropped? All issues sorted? Didnt hear any news after the fact that the he was pleading not-guilty on all counts.
  4. He was walking around with no shoes a few miles from the accident scene with his socks soaked in blood?? WTF was this dude up to????
  5. He made 3 million last year??? Damn! This bum has no business driving around drunk in a midst of a pandemic - thats a black guys job to do that, sleep in a drive-thru and get shot.
  6. He isnt saying he was at home - just that he was doing some other stupid shit and not THE stupid shit he is being accused of
  7. He's pleaded not guilty to ALL counts. Hope this whole thing was a shakedown and the kid isnt as retarded as people thought.
  8. This is getting crazier - now it looks like these 2 were actually victims????
  9. True that. Plus - this story was a little too far-fetched and retarded to begin with. 1 - these 2 anyway seem stupid as fuck to have first gone and lost the $70K - I dont get why these bums do this, its not like that have 3 kids and no money and are stressed from head-to-toe. 2 - the accusers story seems every more retarded - pulled a gun, robbed us, others were wearing masks blah blah. Looks like a case of mud slinging for no reason - at the start I wanted the Giants to immediately cut Baker but am glad they didnt - assuming these 2 bums get out of, they need to thank their lucky stars and be the 1st person in last person out in their respective facilities
  10. AD beat up a kid, Kareem Hunt went apeshit on a woman, Ray Lewis murdered a dude - these 2 morons - if they were actually involved and committed this while being the only 2 people who have actally been on TV but decided NOT to wear a mask while the rest of their possee whom people wouldnt know for shit decided to wear masks - if they did it, suspend their stupid asses for a year but let it play out.
  11. Nope....Im sorry for my previous post. These idiots are fucked! https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/05/15/deandre-baker-quinton-dunbar-armed-robbery-charges-analysis Man this is so saddening - they get a 1 in a million chance to make it to the top echelon of society and to make a living for themselves and for multiple generations to come and yet - they go and throw it all away. Its just stupid....will we get a compensatory pick for this bullshit?
  12. There was a party and apparently these 2 lost about 70 Grand - but that was 3 days ago. This story happened yesterday and it looks mighty fishy to me - the only thing was the 2 football players were involved in the 3 day old incident. Ill let this one play out too - am not too sure I wanna put the blame on Baker at this stage.
  13. Why are the Bengals cupcakes? If anything the Giants were equally pathetic cupcakes as well last season. Plus you know our record against rookie QBs - I dont see a single sure-shot win in that list - Maybe Washington - thats it.
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