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  1. Witten might knock some sense into Evan Glass Engram and coach the fuck out of the other 2 white boys we got. Ellison might have to be let go - his cap will hurt us. Get that Yannick Ngkaoueojlnkljfldkajdfs dude!
  2. Dolphins have a LOT of draft capital. There was one rumour that Miami is hell bent on Burrow and they might be willing to pay a royal ransom for that No.1 spot.
  3. Oh no issues there - he will now win atleast one with Big Blue.
  4. True that. Broncos were zoning in on Daniel Jones too - and that Broncos GM knows a thing or two about QBs. The trade down right after the Giants picked Danny Dimes made it obvious. Plus so far - Danny 2 - Haskins 0.
  5. Im fucking stoked. Its difficult to be HC under Jerryfuck especially when it comes to constant meddling - JJ and Snyder probably compete to see who IS the bigger dickhead. Garrett is purely an OC - and also an excellent advisor to Judge - is a fucking awesome move. Garrett is upgrading from Zeke to Saquon - he is one lucky dude
  6. Iceman_NYG


    Why has no one come up with this nickname - Duke Danny Dimes! Come on! Can i patent this shit?
  7. Oh come the fuck on! This is nothing but making a mountain out of a mole hill just because its Odell. Guy was just celebrating with his alma matter man - no reason to blow this out of proportion. Am still pissed they traded him. Imagine Danny having Odell to throw to! The best WR the Giants have EVER had!
  8. Serve these fuckall bitches an unlimited buffet of crow
  9. He can be primed to take over if Judge Dredd sucks donkey balls for 2-3 years
  10. He was either crying his eyeballs out just before or he was high/drunk AF....but whatever be the case - well deserved.
  11. Ill rub one out on the street if Giants can land Garrett and Callahan.
  12. Lions cant afford to go QB at this point - not with Stafford's existing contract. Plus Stafford's injury doesnt involve extensive rehab. Lions might go for Jeudy to pair with Golladay. I hope thats the case so we can land Simmons. I for one wont mind a trade down and pick up Gross-Matos or Epenesa from Iowa or maybe both!
  13. You mean sign THEM the fuck up! Im all in on this - although Id still have loved taking a look at the Bills OC - guy is damn good IMO
  14. Amen. I too feel Isiah is the pick, unless inexplicably Skins and Lions go full retard and he drops to us at No.1
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