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  1. I dont think Judge is going anywhere - Gettleman also scored a hit with Toney this year - the human joystick looks dangerous on the field. Its just bad fucking luck that the entire offense is injured. Imagine this - DJ, Saquon, Golladay, Shepard, Toney have a played a total of 17 snaps together - all season. 17....thats it - 17. Judge is working with a broken machine - and today the team just flat out mentally lost the game once Toney was also out. DJ should have been rested this week - Oh well - I still feel the season isnt over. WFT and Atlanta games were easily winnable - but the blowout asswhooping the last 2 weeks worries me.
  2. How many INT has the Giants defense dropped this season? The one against Atlanta cost us the game itself.
  3. It was just flat out retarded that playcall - you cant make DJ a RB - and that too with no support - there wasnt a single Giant in the vicinity - just him trying to barrel through to the endzone against 2 beasts - was Garett a fucking Jerry plant to get revenge?? We will never know. DJ needed to grow a pair and audible the fuck out of that one.
  4. Why wasnt the air jump play called on 3rd down? They had a 2 Qb spys on him, you have no receiver following you in the endzone to keep it honest, and you are asking this guy to barrell into the endzone - it was a horrible play call. What Glennon did should have been done on the previous 3 downs - if it was Barkley, it would have been done in the 1st attempt. This one is not on Jones - and to say he isnt a franchise QB and always gets injured is just wrong - plain wrong. The guy went with the playcall and tried to execute and got injured - bad luck. Barkleys injury was bad luck as well. It was a black magic game - since Dak was injured last year same time in a game against us.
  5. Damn it...we cant get 1 yrd without Saquon?
  6. After excellent play last week, the OL looks non-existent this week. DJ is gonna get killed and he doesnt have SHep and Slayton and Saquon. They cant even make them respect the run now.
  8. OK....this is embarassing. The Cowboys back-up QB and 3rd string RB might be playing by the end of the 3rd qtr....
  9. Its a ligament thing not a break - itll be a 3 week IR hopefully
  10. This....let Danny cook. He's got the weapons and the Barkley makes the defense respect the run in any situation.
  11. Ross's speed is something that cant be ignored - the dude can flat out fly! - i think Shepard AND Slayton just lost their spots - next weeks we beat Dallas and then things will get interesting - am just glad we have a plethora of people other teams need to game plan against - as long as we use them the way we did today
  12. FEED THE DAMN TOP BACK!! USE YOUR FUCKING PLAY MAKERS - GOLLADAY and YOUR FUCKING No.1 ROOKIE - JUST KEEP IT SIMPLE AND EXECUTE!!! Kudos to the Oline - they played fantastic today!!....maybe this turns around our season!
  13. Bad throw - perfect play call - bad throw
  14. How can you not stop a guy that you KNOW is gonna get the ball????
  15. Here it comes - the 23 play 37 minute drive thatll in a TD and a 2pt conversion
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