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  1. Well true - but none of those are core positions which SHOULD HAVE BEEN upgraded this offseason. I mean - I thought we had so much fucking Caproom and suddenly, we dont have any left and still no position seems to have gotten upgraded effectively. WTF did we do?
  2. Judge will be given at least 3 years to right this ship in the right direction. All the other coaches after coughlin were puff soft fucks without a proper plan or clue and neither a capability to hire capable coordinators. Judge looks like a guy with a plan. This team is literally just a better OL away from competing. I hope that gets fixed with better coaching. I mean, if we could fuck Flowers up the way we did and he actually goes and becomes serviceable for other teams, I hope the current coaching staff can get the most out of the players. If anything, Williams should fucking play his heart out because he knows he is getting paid what he doesnt deserve so far for his play.
  3. For some reason the Giants just kept going for players who were nothing but lateral moves - just replacements. Not really bolstering the position - including Bradberry
  4. I think its all going to be OL and DL for the first 3-4 rounds - unless say an Isiah Simmons falls into our lap late.
  5. Possible to trade down and get 2 out Wirfs, Becton, Andrew Thomas, Jedrick Willis, Isiah Simmons?
  6. Lewis has played under Judge in the past - that could be a big factor. Plus we now have a back who knows what its like to perform in a Superbowl. Coleman also another lateral move
  7. Decent move if you ask me - he will bring a lot of expertise from playing in one of the best OLs across the league.
  8. What will it take for Chase Young to magically fall to us???? I hope Riverboat goes apeshit, hates Dwayne and drafts a QB......sigh...one can dream
  9. Barkley wont complain on this one
  10. Just throw the remaining money at Clowney and be done with this monstrosity
  11. How the fuck is Ereck Flowers getting contracts to play in the NFL? How is this possible? Is the market that fucked up that even human turnstiles get 10 mill a year???
  12. OBrien is an egoistical maniac. GM, Scout, Coach - wants to be everything but is overall just a bitch kid. Cards lucked the fuck out!
  13. Are there any FA Centers? And who are the top Centers in the draft? - 2nd/3rd Round maybe?
  14. He is blacky black but he has the whitest name of all though....James Bradberry - sounds like a Wall Street whiteboy in Starbucks....not sure how I feel about that
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