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  1. We've been drafting Offense in the 1st round for the last half a decade and have diddlysquat to show for it. Defense has been playing far better so far this season
  2. This is ridiculous - ofcourse you keep him - if anything he might NOT command the Ultra Big Bucks he normally would have. The only time this discussion can come up is if Saquon had re-injured a knee that was already busted. That is not the case - it was an ankle sprain last year which he came back from pretty quickly. Plus in addition - he seems like a really mature, stable human being - and a prototype team mate. Peterson, Jamaal Charles, Knowshon all of them came back from ACL and put up stellar numbers - and Barkley is better than all of them (OK fine - he needs to do more to overtake AD) a
  3. Freeman is a dual thread back - I think at this point he might be the best option. Although Gallman should really make the fullest of this opportunity
  4. DJ might have had a couple of bone-headed mistakes but overall, he DID show some very good pocket awareness - esp in the second half. Some of those throws were beautiful. If you tell me Giants were competitive and with a chance to win it at the end without the No.1 RB AND the No.1 WR - against a VERY good Bears defense - ill take that. But the Giants D has been quietly better than what we call thought. Except for not being able to stop those grinding clock eating runs in the 4th Qtr.
  5. What really grinds my gears is that Barkley I think actually got hurt in that 18 yard scamper.....you could see all was not well. Being in the play right after just aggravated it to an ACL tear. If only he had just swallowed his pride and said OK im sitting the next couple series out - instead of putting it all on the line the play right after maybe - maybe things could have been different - maybe wishful thinking. Also that last play of the game looked similar to Tampa from last year - I felt DJ maybe could have just run it in.
  6. Im ready for the 2021 season. May a bunch of buggers test Covid positive and cancel this fucking season already. This is painful
  7. That doesnt matter one bit. This team is walking backwards
  8. Everyone looks spooked the moment Barkley went down
  9. Jeeeesus......Barkley -2 yrds, DJ fumble lost - so far so good....
  10. In the 2nd Half, when the Steelers didnt rush 6-7 players - Andrew Thomas was quite effective against Bud Dupree too - he held him off repeatedly. But I guess most lines in the league are going to have similar trouble against the Steelers DL - they were unbelievable. Im just disappointed we didnt adjust at half time and try and come up with some misdirection and screens to kinda make the Steelers take a step back and not blindly rush everyone every play and keep hitting Barkley behind the LOS. Barkley did have some very good pass blocks - but it still needs to improve.
  11. I honestly think Jones was trying to chuck it away outside the endzone but his arm was hit...hence it lobbed up and landed for shit INT. Outside of that - Barkley seems to looking for the home-run every play. He isnt grinding out those 3-4 yrds constantly as most good RBs do. But then again - the OL play was horrendous for that to happen. If this is what its gonna be going forward - then we need to employ more screens and misdirection. Im not shuddering at the thought of Khalil Mack against this OL next week. But that is a win this team needs with a dominant performance from Barkle
  12. That INT was maybe the nail in the coffin - but Ive really liked the way the team is shaping up. OL is still a sieve and Dupree single handedly may have won the game for Pitt - but hey - a couple more weeks for the OL to gel and hey who knows
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