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  1. Why not? He's been responsible for at least 4 picks for the Giants!
  2. Find me a Metcalf type mofo - I want some stellar dude to pull some minor stupid shit off the field so his stock drops and then we pick him up for cheap and he goes on to be one of the best WRs in the game. Some really black black dude along the lines of MMSFHs preferences
  3. Oh...thats not too bad then. I have faith in Judge's scouting team. What are our options currently at No.11 - I know the whole thing will turn on its head by draft time but still....
  4. Pathetic. We might as well have lost to the Cowboys and had the No.3 pick.......
  5. Thats a pretty interesting thought. But for the life of me - can we actually be able to DRAFT a Left Tackle who actually plays that position? Flowers when moved to Guard has become fairly decent too. Maybe we should have gone for Quentin Nelson when we had the chance.......
  6. You can discuss Cap and choice of players and Glasgow and Bulaga and what not - but the fact of the matter is, we have NOT RECEIVED ANY QUALITY PLAY from the players we did sign. Thats all we were hoping for - for the players to be servicable and play well and that hasnt happened. It didnt happen with Flowers and so far hasnt happened with Thomas either. Martinez, Bradberry, Ryan etc have been stellar - but we have received pretty poor play from the players on the OL. And thats why we are constantly in rebuilding mode. Its not like we havent focused on trying to improve the OL - we have - the
  7. Just beat the Cowboys. And then just wing it - lets see what happens. It doesnt matter where you pick - the highs picks arent exactly stellar and the real gems seem to show up lower down. People were yapping to the high skies about Isiah Simmons last year - he has been below average at best. I really dont care where we pick as long as we have a capable scouting and talent evaluation team under Judge.
  8. Its a fairly likely scenario too - Eagles can beat WFT, and Giants must play their internal SB this week to beat Dallas. What a fucking shit show ass backwards entry to playoffs that would be.
  9. I know right? Gifted with all the physical attributes but total FITH and FUBAR - With Haskins being kicked to the curb and now Wentz being relegated to back-up, being in the NFC East I aint complaining - but I still need to see more out of Danny Dimes. Having to learn 2 different playbooks and playing for 2 different OCs in the first 2 years with a shit OL and no RB wasnt enough, if Garrett is not retained next year, it might be a 3rd OC and 3rd Offense to learn in as many years. That is literally TOO MUCH to ask of a kid under such immense pressure in NY - I feel bad for him. Barkley better r
  10. Hold your fucking horses - this whole draft order will turn on its head by next March - and we dont even what the Covid situation is gonna be like especially with this fucking new strain now emerging in the US
  11. Why not Gano or Martinez? I think they were the best at their position in the NFC. The fucking fan voting sucks donkey balls
  12. will he be available in the mid teens? - thats where we will be picking most likely?
  13. I think this team is out of gas - the defense really got us together in that win streak and then once DJ went down and the offense looked hopeless, theyve kinda mailed it in - with all this Covid shit etc etc - its like just go through the motions man - we aint gonna make it to the playoffs, fuck it.
  14. Nah bro - Meditation is something totally different and is NOT Yoga - Breathing is and its called 'Pranayama' - there are various kriyas or breathing techniques used to activate different chakras and target different muscle groups too. But yeah - you are both right - excessive stretching is not the way to heal for sure - but at the same time, Pdub (and his wife) arent wrong that Yoga is used to heal injuries either. Peace - V
  15. Uhm....not taking sides here and frankly Id like to just sit with popcorn and 3D glasses and watch something thats faaar more entertaining than Giants games have been for the last 5-6 years - Yoga CAN BE and IS used to heal injuries - including hammy pulls etc. Before you ask me who the fuck am I to have an educated opinion - Ive been practicing Yoga for the last 21 years and have been a follower of 'Isha' (Sadhguru - look him up on the Internet if you dont know who that is FYI). Yoga when practiced regularly definitely helps immensely in preventing such an injury from occurring - but if
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