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  1. And his jersey will be retired on Sept. 26. https://www.instagram.com/p/CQZF6ILMN96/?utm_medium=copy_link
  2. It is strange but the flex potential is absolutely there with 5 of our 6 divisional games coming after the bye.
  3. Unofficial Leak https://giantswire.usatoday.com/gallery/2021-regular-season-schedule-new-york-giants-full-18-week-slate/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Road MNF games against KC and Tampa... TNF in week 2 @WFT.
  4. Looks like we're opening with Denver @4:25. Leaks saying home vs Eagles 11/28 and home vs Dallass 12/19. No word on the rest yet.
  5. Gonna say Shelton and Ximines provided he's fully healthy. We're gonna need more than 4 IDL since we're fielding 3 at a time. Gotta keep that rotation fresh.
  6. 1. Chase 2. Smith 3. Waddle 4. Slater 5. Parsons 6. Trade down I want no parts of an Edge, RB or CB at 11. Also... Sewell not included cause that's more unrealistic than Chase being there... but he'd be between Waddle and Slater.
  7. My one issue with this is I think Cosmi is gone long before 42. Other than that I love it.
  8. I'm also starting to favor taking Ben Cleveland (OG Georgia), or Deonte Brown (OG Alabama) if we don't address OL in the 1st or 2nd. Cleveland for familiarity with Thomas and Deonte Brown because he looks like he picks his teeth with defenders.
  9. I try to stay away from PFF cause I'm not a fan of their rankings but that's a damn good draft.
  10. Well there's a couple reasons I went WR in the first. Only 4 QBs went in the top 10... one of which was Washington trading up to 9 for Trey Lance. Pitts, Sewell, Slater, Chase and Smith were also all off the board when Dallass took Surtain. That left me with Waddle or Parsons and as much as I like Parsons, he's more of a luxury pick to me than the WR as the defense is the clear strength of the team right now. The other thing is that regardless of the Golladay/Ross signings we still had the 31st ranked offense. God forbid KG goes down for any length of time and this offense is right back to what it was in 2020. The argument about the OL is valid, but just improving the OL doesn't solve the full issue. Part of the OL issues were caused by our skill position players being incapable of dealing with press man and other team's just pinning their ears back and sending 7-8 rushers on nearly every play. I dare a team to try that with Golladay and Waddle on the field rather than Tate and Slayton. I'm all for an Edge after the 1st as long as it doesn't conflict with a larger need... so if we go OL in the 1st and the WR names in the 2nd aren't worth pick 42 then by all means... go Edge. I just don't think its as big of a priority as some other think it is.
  11. I was messing around with the mock draft simulator on Pro Football Network and this is what I came up with for us. I didn't accept any trades this time (as the offers were terrible) and some players fell to unexpected places, but I think I'd be ecstatic if this was how the draft fell for us. 11 - Jaylen Waddle WR Alabama 42 - Wyatt Davis OG Ohio State 76 - Alim McNeill DT NCST 116 - Quincy Roche EDGE Miami 196 - Camryn Bynum CB California 201 - Larry Roundtree III RB Missouri Thoughts?
  12. Yea... no. Price tag is outrageous.
  13. I'm not mad at it. Hell... it fits my agenda of Ja'Marr Chase to the Giants @ 11. Lol.
  14. I'm not concerned about TE but there's still some concern for WR with me. 1st... if KG misses time for any reason this WR Corps is just as stagnant as it was the last 2 years. 2nd as much as I dont want to believe it, Shep is probably getting released next offseason as he would save us around $10M. So unless we're absolutely positive that Slayton is the guy, AND Ross comes back to the form that made him a 1st round pick we need to make a move at WR within the first 4 rounds.
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