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  1. I'm not mad at it. Hell... it fits my agenda of Ja'Marr Chase to the Giants @ 11. Lol.
  2. I'm not concerned about TE but there's still some concern for WR with me. 1st... if KG misses time for any reason this WR Corps is just as stagnant as it was the last 2 years. 2nd as much as I dont want to believe it, Shep is probably getting released next offseason as he would save us around $10M. So unless we're absolutely positive that Slayton is the guy, AND Ross comes back to the form that made him a 1st round pick we need to make a move at WR within the first 4 rounds.
  3. Gonna be real... I have no idea. My cousin brought him to my attention and after watching highlights and seeing where he was being mocked I was on board.
  4. Scenario A: Rd 1 - Micah Parsons (LB Penn St.), Rd 2 - Wyatt Davis (OG OSU), Rd 3 - Collins (WR Mich)/ St. Brown (WR USC), Rd 4-6 - BPA Scenario B: Rd 1 - Rashawn Slater (OL Northwestern), Rd 2 - Chazz Surratt (LB UNC)/Carlos Basham Jr. (Edge WF), Rd 3 - See above Scenario C: Rd 1 - Jaylen Waddle (WR Bama), Rd 2 - Wyatt Davis (OG OSU), Rd 3 - BPA Scenario D: Rd 1 - Trade back to 15-20 picking up an extra 2nd... Rashad Bateman (WR Minn), Rd 2 - Davis (OG OSU) and Surratt (LB UNC), Rd 3 - BPA My #1 player is Ja'Marr Chase and if he falls to 11 idc who else is on the bo
  5. When we hired Judge I thought and said "who the fuck is that???" 1 introductory press conference later and I wanted to run through a wall for him myself.
  6. It was supposed to be around $210M this year, so next I'm assuming around $220M.
  7. Lmao don't quote me on that. Idk for sure how he does his job but he's a holdover from the Reese era. I've just heard he's the number cruncher that gets DG's contracts under the cap.
  8. Nope. Abrams handles structuring the contracts to fit under the cap after the negotiations as far as I understand it.
  9. Abrams is manipulating the hell outta the cap this year.
  10. I think our pick is completely unpredictable until our 3-day visit with Adoree Jackson is over. Without him Surtain has to be in play as well. And even if the top 3 WRs are all gone (which I seriously doubt) there will still be guys like Bateman, Marshall Jr, Stevenson, Collins, and Surrat (sp).
  11. This guy is shooting up my draft board. 6'2" 210lbs and just ran a 4.39 40 at his pro day. https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/rashod-bateman-1.html When looking at his stats keep in mind the Big 10 only played 5-6 games this year due to Covid.
  12. Depends on how we attack free agency and round 1. I doubt there's any way Harris is still around in the 2nd but if we're set up for a luxury pick i would absolutely do it.
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