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  1. Final game of the 06 season. It was Tiki's last regular season game. Ran for something like 234 and 3 TDs. He was a monster and although I think he had to leave for Eli to grow into the eventual 2X Super Bowl MVP QB he became, part of me wishes it was a backfield of Barber, Jacobs and Bradshaw in 07.
  2. As per Schefter 2 contingency plans have been set up in case of Covid causing an issue with the NFL season. 1st if there's a chance the season will be delayed by around 2 months the first half of the season will just be moved to the latter half assuming the Super Bowl can be pushed back. 2nd, if the NFL feels they won't be able to play a full 16 game season they'll attempt 14 by moving weeks 1 and 2 to the end of the season and dropping weeks 3 and 4. Not sure how bye weeks play into any of this cause they didn't say anything about it on the radio but at least the NFL is on top of things.
  3. This is 100% the reason why I want to question people's sanity when they wanted DG fired at the end of last year. Yes... some of his moves have been questionable at best, but I always ask in return... do you have any idea what he was and still is trying to correct?
  4. PFF also has Dwayne Haskins rated as a better QB than Daniel Jones. I'm hoping Hernandez proves me wrong, but Sunday was horrific. And again... I'm singling him out because I expected him to be way better than he's played.
  5. I'm honestly not sure what effort you saw. I saw him blatantly allowing pressure and not even attempting to put hands on stunting or blitzing defenders. It was horrid, but I hope you guys are right. I want him to succeed. I've been hoping for a really good and nasty guard since Snee retired, but maybe with a more competent OL coach he'll improve and become what all of us are hoping for.
  6. I've never seen so much lack of effort and lack of awareness in my life. How many sacks is it going to take before he realizes that he needs to pick up the DE looping around on a stunt? When is he going to learn that you block from the inside out? When is he going to learn to NOT pass off a blitzing DB to a C with a DT lined up over his nose? Maybe I'm pissed off about another loss to the Eagles. Maybe it's the fact that we've all had to watch another lost season added on to what seems coming close to a full decade of them. Idk... and I'm singling Hernandez out because I had tons
  7. I got drawn to Pittman cause I've been yearning for another "Plax" type WR that can out-physical and out-size a DB and at 6'4" 220lbs he certainly can. As far as I'm concerned I don't see Shep as anything more than a slot. He's too unreliable as far as his health goes and Tate was never a long term solution to me. I would love to get a 6'3"-6'4" WR in here to pair with Slayton and then leave Shep in the slot. To me that's the next Plax, Toomer and Smith.
  8. I like Jeudy (my hatred for Alabama aside), but I honestly think we need to go elsewhere in the first. Imo it's Chase Young, Andrew Thomas or trade down for more picks.
  9. Michael Pittman Jr from USC. https://youtu.be/BQV_H03yShE
  10. Fwiw that fumble when he was trying to reach the 1st down marker was a great play by the defender. DJ had both hands on the ball and the defender just put his helmet in the perfect spot.
  11. So Safety... 2 pts to us and a penalty enforced on the free kick?
  12. I was thinking about the punt block from last Sunday when I remembered there was some debate on if it could be called Illegal Touching as one of our players stepped out of bounds before Penny made the recovery. My question is... how would that work and be enforced? As far as I know once the ball is kicked (fg or punt) barring a muff and recovery by the kicking team, the receiving team will have the ball no matter what. So if the ball is illegally touched (in the endzone btw) does it become a touchback? Safety? Does the kicking team get a new set of downs? Or do we replay the down after a 5 yar
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