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  1. Bad team find a way to lose. This is another example
  2. Nice to see Evan is in game shape form.
  3. You can't never have enough DB. Especially when this OL draft class is the deepest in 8 years and you're in desperate need to upgrade your OL. But whatever, we have stacked in the DB position with no true passrusher. I'm sure its going to all work out.
  4. RIP coach Fassel. Life's greatest Poker player.
  5. Well I should hope so, because I was laying it pretty thick.
  6. Unfortunately, football is not for everyone. You can be the most physically gifted athlete. But if your body can’t handle the constant contact and grind, it will break down. This is why we admire this athletes. I wish him good luck.
  7. Ok… I know the last few years I’ve been treating Evan Engram like the second coming of Ike Hilliard. But this video changed my mind. It kinda got me pump for the season to start.
  8. A total F in my book... This draft was deep in OL talent. Especially round 1 -3 ... disgusting we didn't draft not one OL...
  9. Keep in mind Daniel Jones is mobile QB. If he wasn't they would have given up about 50 plus.
  10. Lol… ok. You cheered me up with this post.
  11. I’m so done with his stupid ass. This draft is DEEP in OL talent. And doesn’t take a OL in the first 3 round. What a dumb fuck!!!
  12. Jenkins won’t last until 42. No way! We CANT BLOCK a line of Carebears to save Jones life. But drafting WR is the answer. Morons!!!
  13. This team is a joke. A fucking joke! Our OL is one of the shittiest lines in the NFL. We just lost our BEST OL in free agency. But we draft a WR knowing full well our OL can’t protect for more than a fucking second. I’m so angry right. I almost slammed my phone. Fire that stupid fuck now.
  14. I was thinking the same thing. Watched him play, he got rocked a couple of times.
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