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  1. I don't know... it looked like Thomas got beat from the jump.
  2. Kinda impress by him so far. Arguably the most consistent player we have on defense.
  3. I was really looking forward in seeing Rousseau play this year. This dude has all physical tool to become the best Pass rusher in the NFL. Easily a top 3 draft pick this year.
  4. I don't blame Jones for the Fumble. Thomas got beat from the first step and Daniel wasn't expecting to get hit that quick. We got to give this kid more than 2 sec to throw the ball.
  5. Sorry...But Trevor Lawrence isn't going to do shit with this fucking OLINE. Sephiroth... I think we are making our point. We should have drafted Quenton Nelson over Saquon Barkley.
  6. Is it too Early to start looking at this guy. Yes... I know sat out for this season. But do we draft this dude after one incredible 2019 season?
  7. Hernandez is looking more and more like a bust. Dude was awful against the Rams.
  8. No... Bill was the coach of the Browns at the time.
  9. Isn't Gates like 6' 7"? isn't that too tall for a center? This is a rebuild year for the OLine. anyone expecting for 2 young Olinemen and make an immediate impact is sadly mistaken. The line WILL struggle this year again.
  10. If it makes anyone feel better... Bill Belichick was going to draft him in the first round.
  11. Yeah... that dude looks like a beast. Would have love seeing him in a Giants Uni.
  12. I read somewhere Daniel Jones was planning to sit down with Tony Romo and get some tip on the new offense. I'm hoping this is true. Jason Garrett's version of Don "Air" Coryell offense is a perfect fit for both Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley. I'm just hoping this line can improve.
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