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  1. I agree... Dude is 65 and is about to retire.
  2. I really this Kid. I hope he's not making this up.
  3. What about the Oklahoma coach? Lincoln Riley
  4. Jim Harbaugh - Love to see coach big Blue. But I think he would hesitate to take the Cleveland Job when Kitchens is fired. Rex Ryan - The guy love Danny Dimes. Josh McDaniel - I think he will shoot for the Cleveland Job as well. Any other coaches?
  5. I'm mean... His numbers don;t look that bad. 1950 Yards, 15 TD, 8 int 65 completion percentage. ... 200 rushing yards, 2 R TD. and of course 9 fumbles lost in 8 games. I mean... he's playing with one of the worse OL.
  6. 5 TD performance from Jones today. Not bad if you ask me
  7. Yeah, but literally lost the game with the TD Fumble
  8. Did DJ just fumble the ball for the 4th time today?
  9. I want to make sure I have this correct... Barkley has 1 yard.... on 13 carries. Daniel Jones is going to be our leading rusher for the 2nd week in a row. I have this correct?
  10. I swear of god.. if we win this game, Im going to be pissed
  11. Sephiroth, Is there anyone on this roster you see that can replace Engrams two yard out route on third and long?
  12. Oh Drizzle... if only it was that simple. You see, towards the end of the season. The Giants will win just enough to take us out the a top 10 draft pick.
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