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  1. There have been a few moves by Getty that have left some of us scratching our heads. Barkley, while a tremendous talent, wasn't a good fit at the time and until this point. He's a great person and a great athlete but you need an solid OL before you draft a great RB... many other moves that didn't make sense financially. However, I still think his positives outweigh his negatives. The clusterfuck he inherited was years in the making.
  2. I will say this: - DJ is what we have to work with. He is our best option no matter how much he "sucks". - I think the FO and coaching staff should remain intact. I'm not on the "Fire DG" bandwagon. There's something to be said about stability and continuity. The last time we actually had a good LB was AP... give the man a break. - I don't know about everyone here, but I think this team is better than years past. We've made improvements in the trenches, and now we can shift a bit of that to the WR/TE/DE positions. I'm not saying our OL is whole.. it isn't... but it sure as hell is getting better. All the points above are all connected. You get WRs and a TE who are worth a damn, and suddenly DJ is that much better. You get a stud DE and suddenly the opposing QBs don't have 8 Mississippi's to work with.
  3. This. This. When is that point though? That some point maybe more of our hopes than reality. Reese always fell in love with stats... which lead to disasterous picks.
  4. Agreed. I guess seeing that our options are limited anyway... he's what we have to work with.
  5. Kyle Pitts Take a Huge Hit on a Brutal Collison vs Georgia!! - YouTube
  6. It's human nature. The desire to win not just by the coaches but also by players, makes them want to go out there so bad. This is not just pro-players... It's just us humans. I recall shoveling snow and ice from a basketball in Brooklyn in freezing weather... recall going back to play football after a horrific hamstring tear (only to fuck it all up and end up needing way more time to recover had I waited another week)... there's a burning desire to play... an addiction of sort. The hope is Judge and DJ learn from this.... DJ needs to take action to prevent such injuries (being more flexible to be exact). I told the story of me in the Giants Training Camp in Albany... saw one of my favorite players of all time.. the Great Amani Toomer. I noticed him slimmer than usual... he gracefully walked up to me and struck a conversation that took a lot longer than I expected (the dude is a humble person and a class act). I asked like I've known him for years and he told me that he had to change his training regimen to keep up with the game. It wasn't exactly yoga but some kind of Brazilian exercise that made him more flexible etc. But to your point, those are professionals not amatures.. so maybe the should have known better.
  7. To be fair... the guy gets smashed which causes those fumbles... he needs protection so he will fumble less... Really unless you have a sure thing out there that you think will be better, no sense of throwing away a draft pick. And I think Jones can be very good in this league.
  8. Unless it's Trevor Lawrence (which isn't happening) and the fact that DJ may very well improve by leaps and bounds with a stud WR and TE and the fact that he'll benefit from having a staple coaching staff, then it's a no I don't think so.
  9. AFTER it heals completely. (P.S. I tore my achilles in 2010)
  10. lol... basically. I know I didn't say it... I felt he was being rushed. But that's neither here or there. The reason I thought he was limited was because he didn't run like he usually does... something was up. One can make the argument that his inability to escape might've exposed him to injury... But here we are.
  11. Brother, we all saw DJ hobbled last week... he was limited. My opinion is based on doctor’s advice. I'm not sure whose doctor's advice you're referring to here... we're debating on this message board whether DJ was rushed back which may have caused him to either reaggrviate the injury... we know he was pretty ineffective during the game.
  12. Freddie Kitchens knows the Browns’ tendencies..... under Freddie Kitchens.
  13. Not the point. Hamstring injuries are very tricky. It’s better to let a player sit out longer so that you’re overly cautious with the injury. I had a weird feeling DJ wasn’t ready to come back. Mainly from knowing how hamstring injuries can be so frustrating for a person dying to get back on the field... I’m not sure how this whole whoopla transpired but I stated that yoga (stretching really) is a measure to help prevent such injuries not necessarily to speed the healing process. Moreover, stretching an injured hammy can have the opposite effect... it could aggravate the injury. I will also mention that this was explained to me personally by Amani Toomer in Albany during the 2002 training camp. I’d noted he was much slimmer than usual and he graciously went to explain how he had to change his training to deal with the realities of wear and tear but also getting older.
  14. Wasn’t flexing. I’m driving the point home to make sure we all learn. I actually mean that.
  15. So board, what have we learned from all of this? When you have a hamstring injury (or any tissue tear for that matter), you need to let it heal completely first. Yoga (stretching to be more specific) is a great way to hope your body minimize such injuries. It's best to take from those real experts and those who've been there and done that.
  16. I think you have to give the guy a couple of years before you give him the pink slip. Given how horrible the line has been, save for a few games, I'm surprised we scored as many points as we did.
  17. Proves my point. It doesn’t matter how many wives are involved. Let it fucking heal... Stupid fucks don’t fucking listen
  18. Yes my definition of yoga is stretching. And I don’t think anyone involved in this argument thought otherwise. The breathing part comes under meditation which is what I loosely expressed as “let it heal”.... as in don’t do something that may aggravate the injury.
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