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  1. so no one knows the exact reason why.
  2. I see the Giants shut down the MB before camp lasts year anyone know what happened?
  3. I've been to a couple of practices so far probably going this sunday. You all will see just how "improved" flowers is Friday.... He's not a starting LT.....
  4. Yeah LockHart is now Carbo on NJ.com After Mike Garafolo left the sports section there tanked and now no one posts. I'm thinking this guy posts are mirror of stupidity to Wizdums. Yo I have to pick up some myspace bicthes anyone know where I can pick up ultra dark? At the very least this brand of stupidity entertains me
  5. That was a minor league football team I played with like 10 years ago when this site first started baby boy. I wasn't a fan...but how would you know that.. i would imagine the only thing you've played with was your vagina and a double sided dildo. You have to have a bank account for me to write you a check... You're posts are like the shit I heard in the lunchroom in eighth grade.. Vagaints Oline sucks boooooooiiieee... And Eagles beat the vgaints last year so they are better... This is shit talking at it's finest....ZZZzzzzzzzz I'm not buying any of this you can't possibly be this stupid.. Forget the bet just PM me your address so I can send this to you....Ya'll
  6. Opening drive was at Giants camp today...How many of you guys get YES or SNY?
  7. Yeah everyone here loves you "homie"... Like dogs love fire hydrants ....
  8. I haven't see one post from you about football. Nothing but baby talk. I doubt you could name all the positions on a "football" team. I doubt you know the difference between a cover two and zone. I doubt you even know your starting lineup from last year. And most of all i doubt you live in the Bronx. As a matter of fact I would bet money on it.
  9. Like flies to a turd in the sun..the troll can't help himself :LMAO:
  10. I love the fact that this thread is still going.
  11. Not offended at all bro. the guy blew up your "point "about oline. You're such a pussy you couldn't even admit your lame ass point was DESTROYED. Holy shit "offend" me!?!?! ROTFLMFAO Nothing about my team...do you know what a non sequitur is? That's all your posts are. Get your hand out of your pants for a second and think. Check that!?!? what is this the 90's!?!?!
  12. Dude as far as I'm concerned you the best thing that's happened to this site in years. Maybe I missed some of the other trolls that have come and gone here. You're brand of stupidity def has me coming here more than I have been in years. Serendipity!?!? Maybe. Breaking down every sentence. I'm not sure you've had a post with one complete sentence in it.HAHA!!! You're not only lame you're an idiot. But I guess that's what you're shooting for. I can't tell you how long I'll be amused by it or how long I'll enjoy using you as a punching bag but hey those are the mysteries of life.
  13. Does everything have to be explained to you down to the most basic level? Here's a new SAT word for you to contemplate today. Parody Albeit the exaggeration is more closer to fact. The offense isn't shit just a "major" unit of it. Try and keep up.
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