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  1. oh ok... they were talking on WFAN this morning that there was a possibility, but it was the Al Dukes 5:45am show and he does not know what he is talking about I think what he was saying if the Cowboys lose out, we would pass the Eagles... BUT I guess we lose tie break with Cowboys
  2. What if Eli comes back in, runs the table as the Eagles and Cowgirls shit the bed.... Eli walks us into the playoffs with a home game. Does Shumer get the boot for sitting Eli after 2 games or does Shumer get saved by Mr. Clutch... I know, most likely we lose 3 of the last 4, but a fella can dream
  3. Can’t be more depressed watching this team. Might as well embrace the lose out now plan and spare my liver
  4. The Madden suggest a play AI would be an upgrade on Shurmur
  5. At this point it’s just time to lose out I guess. Not that shummer could win a game
  6. That is fucking nuts....
  7. Ive never been this embarrassed as a giants fan
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