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  1. They are not making things easy.... every game I am waiting for the bullpen to blow it
  2. I agree... any win against the Braves makes me happy. Watching Alonzo last night made me really happy too... he is a fucking beast
  3. I don't know... i think he came out of Duke as an athlete and it looks like he has been putting in the work and is looking strong and fit. Ready to have a career season
  4. That’s very true. Maybe a dozen guys make a significant first year impact on a team
  5. Fuck yes!!! Let’s get some sacks this year!
  6. It’s a new toy I guess. Lol
  7. If that Ojulari guy stays healthy David Diehl was talking about how he was a stud like Osi Umanora
  8. I like him even more now....
  9. And I watch almost no college football. His highlights he looks shifty as fuck. But I think I’d prefer a 6’5” plax type wr in the draft and someone who gets after the qb in the first round at least we get 2 first round pics next year
  10. While I am happy to see them winning these games... still leaving a lot of guys on base but the pitching is holding up. Stroman is a legit ACE, only being on the same team with DeGrom has him being a number 2. I only hope to see Diaz pitch and not hold my breath the entire fucking time
  11. Left a ton of guys on base last night, again. So early in the season, but gotta get out of that habbit, especially with our bullpen how they are pitching, need to get runs across the plate
  12. If McCaffery comes back this season you have to think that Darnold has been put in a much better place, it would be fantastic to see him succeed down there as the Jets continue to the be the Jets
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