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  1. thanks for the parades Eli. Greatest QB in NY history
  2. They should not have hired him to begin with... how was part of the interview process not finding out his involvement in the sign stealing, it has been a known thing for months if not years. I guess maybe Beltran lied to ownership, and that in itself is worth firing him for. We do not know all the details and how Beltran as a player is different from all the other players who are getting no punishment. But at the end of the day, I really did not want to see him as manager anyway...
  3. I don't think it was on TV... it was on Twitter. It does not say on whose Twitter, but the whole team should beat the fuck out of that guy. Because yes, as an Alumni he should not be handing out cash to players... but as a really rich Alumni him treating the team to some fun in New Orleans is pretty fucking cool. What is the over/under of how many college students he stuck his dick in that night?
  4. He can't give those kids some $ to spend on post game hookers and booze?
  5. Life isn't Madden? LOL Also Gettlemen does not seem to be a big fan of the trading down if he has someone he is targeting on the board
  6. That number 4 pick might be a really valuable one for someone looking for a QB... I mean you have to assume the Bengals take Burrow, and the Skins and Lions will not be going QB and right after the Giants the Dolphins will most likely be looking at QB, so if someone really wants Tua they might pay handsomely
  7. I thought the Seahawks had a chance today. But the pack plays a solid game. Mix of run and pass with a solid D buy Tennessee is looking like a team that will be tough to beat
  8. It’s great coaching to the strength of their team. Jackson is even playing well. But he’s being overmatched
  9. This game had to be over. Ravens shit thief pants
  10. Giants need to use Saquon. Like Henry is being used
  11. I’m not sold on the 9ers but might just be my 1980/90’s hate of the 9ers
  12. The titans have a game plan and are executing it perfectly. they are overmatched but the gameplan is keeping them in it. If they win this game I think they take the whole thing to winning the super bowl
  13. The Derek Henry is a fucking beast. Like a man playing against boys
  14. Derek Henry is a fucking beast. Like a man playing against boys
  15. He sure talks the talk... lets see it
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