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  1. I posted that before they played this week. I did not watch the game this Saturday because I had other shit to do, but they won 17-14 in a league that is supposed to be fast paced and high scoring... The two weeks before this they scored on 9 points in each game.
  2. Simmons slayed it in the combine this weekend Simmons sat out on-field drills, but he did more than enough during the testing portion of his workout to confirm that he is indeed the type of freakish athlete that teams will covet in the draft. He led all linebackers with a 4.39-second 40-yard dash. He also impressed with a 39-inch vertical and 11-foot broad jump. The 238-pounder is the first player since at least 2003 to record a 38-plus-inch vertical jump, broad jump of 11 feet or more and a sub-4.4 40-yard dash at the combine while weighing 230-plus pounds, per NFL Research.
  3. Stanton is now potentially missing opening day due to a calf cramp? When will free agents start not getting gigantic long term contracts?
  4. It appears as if Gilbride cannot run an offense in any league. I was really hoping to get to watch some competitive NY football with this league.
  5. He sure does sound good now... gotta wonder how he will sound if they are coming off a 4 game losing streak or some shit like that.
  6. Wow... hard to remember how ass video from 2004 was even from the NFL
  7. The only thing Brady has left to prove is that he can do it without Bill as his coach... but really that seems like a minor thing to me. No matter what Brady will have to be looked at as the greatest QB of all time, or at least one of those names that has to come up in that conversation. Rivers is the QB of his class without that SB ring, and if he wants to see himself in Canton someday he will need one of those, he is coming off of a year where he played well so there is no reason he should not expect to be able to perform for another team somewhere. But he needs to land with a contending team, no way he signs somewhere that is not ready to win this year. Roethlisberger i could see wanting to have a send off game like Eli got, plus I think a couple of his stats got passed up this year and he might want to scratch them back. I am not sure I could imagine him in any uniform other than the Steelers though, not with his injury and piece of shit history. These QB's (and Eli really) also have that possibility of keeping in shape for around week 8 when some top team loses a QB and they are desperate for a Veteran to step in and win some games.
  8. What I liked best about the game this weekend was watching the Booth Review official. he would see something that he wants to review, tells the on field official to stop the game, then instead of having the commentators watching the replays and talking about it, the actual official was on TV reviewing it and talking through it. The reviews seemed to be faster and listening to the guy helped understand the call. The kick off change was interesting, It really seems like the return team should have an advantage, one good block should spring the returner
  9. Not many guys can do it like Jackson or Mahommes can do though.... I have sat through enough highschool football games to say that the triple option normally does not equate to highlight reel footage. Eventually the defense is going to adjust
  10. Except I do not see the league really wanting to have the option become the dominate offense like it was in the 1930's
  11. Yeah Carl Banks was talking about it 2 years ago... just keep hitting that QB until he refuses to keep calling that play, or pitching it right at the very start.
  12. There was an option play early in the game where Mahomes pitched the ball and I think it was Bosa, could have legit cleaned his fucking clock and he pulled up. that is exactly how you do not play the option... the way you stop it, is you brutalize that QB every chance you get.
  13. Yes. It’s a defining moment
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