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  1. Left a ton of guys on base last night, again. So early in the season, but gotta get out of that habbit, especially with our bullpen how they are pitching, need to get runs across the plate
  2. If McCaffery comes back this season you have to think that Darnold has been put in a much better place, it would be fantastic to see him succeed down there as the Jets continue to the be the Jets
  3. Waited all that time for same old Mets... DeGrom is an absolute machine, pull him out after 6 innings with a pitch count under 80... let the bullpen lose the game. The bats struggle all game but give a little bit of hope in the 9th. It is a long season and can't get too wrapped up in an opening game loss, but I was hoping for more
  4. Agreed. Weapons all around him now.... let’s see that first round talent!
  5. Looks like this story was given to ESPN over 3 years ago.... kind of a bad look on them. Should have given this to the Cubs as the guy was working there. This creep should have had this behind him by now.
  6. You just do not want me to have a chance to run a baseball team at some point! Im on to you!
  7. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/30741273/new-york-mets-fire-gm-jared-porter-wake-report-sent-explicit-texts-images They fired him for being a perv 4 years ago to some reporter broad? I guess who knows how many other bitches he was trying to seduce with annoying texts and random pics of his junk or if it is still going on. Not that I know much about the guy at all, but more than a couple guys on the radio had talked about how good of a GM this guy was going to be. Can he never have a job again for dumb shit he did in the past?
  8. The tight end from Ohio State#88 had some great hands last night until he got knocked the fuck out. I really could not believe he stayed in the game, he was legit blacked out for 1-2 seconds. Did not even take a play off. If he has any brain activity left, he would look good in blue
  9. I can't imagine they made this trade without some understanding a lucrative extension is coming for him. This move is one step closer to the orange and blue floats heading up Broadway
  10. Smith is raising his draft stock in this championship game.. he looks like the real deal
  11. she had his leg brace made into a trophy for him bet she eats ass too
  12. Kicking a game tying Field Goal is most likely the right decision.. but going for it in that situation is not so much throwing the game away but taking a risk for the win when you really have nothing to lose. But then taking out your QB for a guy from the practice squad who cannot even catch a snap is a different thing.
  13. I am not sure how quick I would rush into that Jets job.... although they do have a bunch of draft pics the next 2 years and cap room. But making the move from Giants to Jets is like fucking the ugly sister
  14. Judge started off saying that the Giants had 16 chances to have won the playoff spot... and I could not agree more with him that giving anything less than 100% to win a game is disrespectful. At the very least it shows a lack of character... I know I would not want to play for a coach who gives up on a game, for any reason.
  15. I was thinking this might happen... teams have gotten some draft implications for off field COVID infractions, but directly effecting on the field competition should be addressed. Leave it to the Eagles to be a black eye on the last game of the season
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