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  1. It is an unimaginable story... hope he has a really good lawyer.
  2. Yes, it is the fucking worst. Ruins the start of the NFL season for me. The only saving grace is that its a 7:15 MNF game so its not having me up until midnight, but still not going to have a party. It is a tough schedule, so what it will really come down to is the NFC East games... need to get 2 wins against the skins and at least split with the other two shit eaters. Opening week will be interesting... the Steelers as an organization that does not change much has an advantage coming out of a potentially limited training camp, but no one has any idea as to what Judge is going to be putting out there. Will be great to sneak a win there
  3. Maybe he ends up in New England... Dominates the AFC East for the next 10 years with Bill at the helm
  4. A draft without a “skill position “ guy. I love it
  5. Was very much thinking the same thing. Just watched the highlights for this Guard and it’s getting me excited to think of him and Hernandez busting open holes for Barkley to go running through
  6. Well we are laser focused on the online this year. Let’s hope these guys pay off
  7. Can’t have enough corners if we have no one to pressure the qb
  8. Yeah. Watching all these other teams hoping to hear we trade up
  9. Well we have a guy who can tattoo his teammates
  10. Glad to see WRs getting picked
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnTRGtkkcME At 6:08 Shaun O'Hara and David Diehl breakdown Thomas.... gotta say sound promising to me
  12. Just thought the same thing. Assume he has draft team in next room. Or hookers
  13. Well. Let’s see him lockdown LT the next 13 years
  14. Yes. This is the best part for sure. Don’t need the sappy player profiles about them having a dog with prostate issues or a mother who sucks cock for crack. I am upset I no longer have nfl network and will be watching Espn
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