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  1. Once he was cleared through the concussion protocol he should be playing. Especially since it is an independent doctor who has to clear him... I wish that Dr did not clear him
  2. He has played the most... but in no way is he the best lineman.
  3. I do not know if Judge gets another year, but I think it is a shame to have him run out of town so quickly when you see the players he has been handed and the insane amount of injuries the team is taking on. With what is looking like 2 top 10 draft picks coming our way, the sooner Getty is out the better. The question is do we trust Judge to work with Mara on selecting a GM who shares a vision with him... or do we trust Mara to pick a new GM/Coach combo... Personally I would rather have Judge's input on a GM than Mara on his own... unless he makes an offer to Rik, obviously
  4. It was perfect weather.... even if I did not get a deer in range. I need some venison for the grill
  5. Best decision I have made is a long time
  6. I decided to hunt today instead of watching the Giants. So it’s my fault if today is a huge win
  7. Still think it will impact his ability to cut though... hopefully its better in a week
  8. I would almost never agree with you on this... but in this case. Suit up the practice squad this week
  9. Throwing the punch is never going to be justified... but after you see how he gets fucking tossed well after the whistle on that play. It is a good thing he did not get another game suspension.
  10. I said the same exact thing... how do they not have a WR following him to the sideline, for nothing else to make at least one of those defenders have to stay off your QB. I actually would have loved the play call with a receiver or a TE there for Jones Shit maybe even both!
  11. So I guess you can tackle a guy while he goes for a pass.
  12. Fuck this shit. I guess with no qb, rb or wr. Be happy to go to half
  13. How is that the play call? I’m all for the bootleg there but there has to be a receiver there to be an option to pass to or at least towards
  14. Jones can’t get a decent pass off.
  15. Double pass?? No chance that was going to work. Ever
  16. Does he ever try to catch a ball???
  17. Dallas is trying to hand the Giants this game but we keep handing it back
  18. Not sure that could have been a worse drive there
  19. Can’t win with all these mistakes
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