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  1. That is the easy part...where are they going to find those clutch drops late the 4th. C. agon
  2. Yeah...DJ gave a hometown discount I think to stay. One year deal on Kluber......one year deal...worth a flyer I suppose. Hey....hope we can get in on the Cubs fire sale...apparently anything not named Baez must go.....Given Gio is coming off surgery.....love to see Happ and that left bat come over.....shit move DJ to 3rd and let Happ do second. When Gio comeback Happ can be utility at pretty much any position but 1B and C. Cubs fan are too stupid to be pissed....Ricketts buys the team...gets the ring..they all jizz in their pants......then he buys up all the land around the S
  3. You know...I've never once wondered what either your guys cranks look like. Now G....totally different story...Come on G....toss up a pic...but make the fucker angry first we can take it. . C. Wagon
  4. Got DJ back on a contract that spreads the money out long enough that they can still drop some dough this spring on an arm. I get it will have some dead money on it at the end...but its not like the Yankees don't have that problem already. Very good sign. C. Wagon
  5. Philly....is all about Excellence. C. Wagon
  6. I dont think the players back then could catch the players of today.....at least in the passing game. ..but given most of the starting QBs would be on IR by the end of the half....it might even out. Got to go yell at some kids to get off my lawn now. C. Wagon
  7. He'd get a PF for targeting and a fine today. C. Wagon
  8. A 29 year old life time Pirates' field hand....does not bode well. ...but agreed. Awesome name. They aren't going to lose DJ....are they? Cause I will lose my shit if they do after coughing blood for Elsbury and Stanton's contracts. C. Wagon
  9. Nailed it....I have been trying to think of who he reminded me of...it was making me crazy.....Leaf was it.....without the overt melting down...but definitely pushing that whiny vibe that is trapped in a perfect NFL QB body. C. Wagon
  10. Shit.....WFT just cut the fucker. C. Wagon
  11. I had not thought of how your long absence might have frozen your memory of us Bam.....but it makes sense. Try to remember us for what we were....not what we have become. :) C. Wagon
  12. Browns V Giants flexed the Cowboys v 49ers out of the Prime Time Sunday night game. C. Wagon
  13. "Dont look back, something might be gaining on you". - Sachel Paige I honestly think the shock of being that in the clear...freaked him out... and when he looked back he just anticipated he was going to get run down and when he didn't...he straight up stumbled. C. Wagon
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