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  1. "Dont look back, something might be gaining on you". - Sachel Paige I honestly think the shock of being that in the clear...freaked him out... and when he looked back he just anticipated he was going to get run down and when he didn't...he straight up stumbled. C. Wagon
  2. Vegas is watching this and the spread for the Buc game has gone from NYG being 9 point doges to 6 point dogs as a result of the entire offensive line being quarantined. C. Wgaon
  3. Don't say twitch muscle tissue....don't you do it.... C. Wagon
  4. ...and Mayfield got a lot better without him yelling for the ball after every play. C. Wagon
  5. So...he is looking like a bust I am guessing.... George Motherfucking Kittle.....went in the 5th that same draft. C. Wagon
  6. Yeah....pulling Cole made no sense....he wasnt getting hit hard......other than maybe the Homer and the near homer.....sure as fuck was glad Gardner was in LF instead of 77 on that one. Hate to think that was his last game....dude was nails for them...modern day Roy White. They need more contact guys...they got too many thumpers. They don't know how to create a run in close games.....when was the last time they bunted a runner over to 2b for christsakes....08? If the defense is in a shift for 50% t0 60% of your line up....you got way too many guys looking and only thinking long ball.
  7. But it worked. They need to keep Gardner in there ....he's a pro and a good contact guy in the bottom of the order. Nice to see Voit get off. Fuck....here is hoping Cole has his shit tonight and Snell doesnt. C. Wagon
  8. Yeah....this is one of those "out smarted themselves" deals. Welp.....there ..."are no tomorrows"...."backs against the wall"........."have to do the little things"......a you pick'em of sports puke. I would go with..."How about your guys preform at the level we pay you to preform at....you are about to get "did" by the 28th highest payroll in MLB". C. Wagon
  9. They brought their big boy bats last night....Frazier, The Judge and Johncarlo.....fucking launched those balls....holy fuck. Hopefully Kid Garcia gets off tonight....they haven't seen him yet. If he shits the bed early....toss Happ at them. Good plan. C> Wagon
  10. Hopefully Cole does his job tonight......I bet he does. C> Wagn
  11. I am so glad you didnt fucking die James. C. Wgaon
  12. Yes on Sanchez....and good to See Stanton get off....his swing...is ...very similar to Fraziers....fuckers have next level bat speed. They literally explode. Urshela...and Voit......to absolute steals of trades. I think the last time the Yankees got two such quality players for next to nothing....was two other 3b and 1B....back when the Old Man stole Nettles and Chambliss from the tribe in 73/74. They are soooooo fucking due on Rays. Really glad they started pitching in on those fucks that last series. Going to be fun...but only if the Yanks win LOL. C> Wgaon
  13. Agreed ...any team other than Baltimore, KC, San Diego, AZ. Cinny, or Buffolo ...right now...takes him. He is Joe Montana with a better arm and wheels. C. Wagon
  14. Fuck...you almost nailed the K count. Boone definately got the formula right last night.....rather see Frazier then Stanton at this point....even with the garbage time homer.....77 just makes more contact. My guess his he will be on the DL soon enough. Good Judge wake up....and Torres. Sanchez has to be butt hurt that Cole now has a personal catcher.....doubt it will be much longer before some of the others want one too.....Sanchez costs guys strikes and calls a shitty game...he is not worth the mess back there without his bat working.......too much to chance in these short seri
  15. Truer words have never been spoken. C. Wagon
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