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  1. The Giants used a telegraph supposedly on Thompson's shot. I was catching a game ..a life time ago...and kid on second was peaking in and then flashing fingers to the batter. Batter popped up...inning over. I went to their 3rd base coach as he was crossing the diamond and told him what his runner was doing and that if it happened again it would be bad. Kid comes up a couple innings later...leans back...and apologized for doing it. The ump laughed his ass off ...and said "Just try not to be so fucking obvious...that was embarrassing". God I love baseball. C. Wagon
  2. Yes....but if someone hadn't of been typing pitches out of the score board at the Polo Grounds, Bobby Thompson would not have been sitting on that fast ball and the Dodgers would have gone to the Series in 51'.......I mean....part of the game. I just fucking hate the stros.....wish they would go away as they are diminishing my hatred of the Sox.....guy's only got some much hate. C. Wagon
  3. Some of the glow looks to be coming off the Astros. Stealing signs is part of the game....getting caught doing it is...well....bad. C.W agon
  4. I like the guy too. I also see the attitude you note...and I like it as well. At times it is hard to believe he is a rookie..he has a great deal of poise...and has great feet.....then....it becomes very obvious he is in his 6th game. Balls security, holding on too long....missing a read. When that happens I just go "All fixable with time and reps". He is not working with much upfront. Other than the kid in Baltimore...I cant think of a 1st or 2nd year QB I would trade him for at this point. He is a keeper. C. Wagon
  5. Shut your Cracker mouth. C. Wagon
  6. Well in his defense...he was playing with a broken hand.....you Cracker assed Cracker. C. Wagon
  7. I can not take him seriously after learning that bit of info. C. Wagon
  8. Exactly....that one in particular belongs in the World Football league. C. Wagon
  9. Everyone seems to want him.... I havent seen as many games as you but other than that Boston game...his fielding isnt ...awful. He doens't get a great jump on the ball...but he has MLB left field arm...and can run. I hope he works out...his swing (hands) is Paul Molitor quick. C. Wagon
  10. Okay...once again Blue...just for us old timers.....the GIANTS logo....is the new one, not the old school one. But the Gman's Color Rush unis are the best in the NFL and there isn't a close second. C. Wagon
  11. Great glove.....great lefty bat when he is on....has some pop too. Torres is competent at SS...but he is no Ozzie Smith....29 is not all that old...unless its a Caribbean 29 and he is really 35. Keep it Gio, Didi, Torres and Void/Bird/DJ/Ford at first Depending on who is healthy..think about moving Stanton and Andujar in at 1st off of DHing. .....rotate DJ through at 3rd, 2nd and 1bs. ....keep Wade and Estrada around in Scranton for when he injury bug bites. Outfield.....that Hicks kid cannt catch a break. The guy should be Bernie.02.....but Jesus...so....Tauchman/Stanton.....Gardner....Judge/Frazier (is he as big a head case as the press is indicating).....getting Frazier, Stanton and Judge (to a lesser extent) into the DH rotation. Then.......spent the money on a 1 and 2....and let the rest of the starters duke it out for the 3, 4, and spot starter spots. Hopefully they dont' go crazy looking of for another big name every day guy...there core is solid as fuck. C. Wagon
  12. Grienke reminds me of Cone for some reason...maybe the Royals connection of the fact he never smiles. Ever. Stros shit the bed....Grienke was on ....had plenty left...and the lead.....one mistake...still has the lead......and then...they don't bring Cole in..... Fucking stupid. Rendon's a free agent...right? C. Wagon
  13. Heard on the radio this morning that It is ...not only for MLB...but NBA and NHL. Tonight should be a fun one. C. Wagon
  14. That's the name...good. Hey....Hate to admit it...but that was a great game last night. C. Wagon
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