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  1. I didnt notice that...but you are right.... That sort of makes sense then...in the perverted chasing a buck ways of the NFL. C. Wagon
  2. It is one thing to be first (last) in a couple of these categories...but Jesus...being in the 95 percentile in all but 2 of them...and two of the rarer ones.....? https://www.nbcsports.com/edge/article/offseason-research/teams-most-impacted-scheduling-inequalities C. Wagon
  3. Damn P...that is even before my time. C. Wagon
  4. I have known a couple of people with it...one as a result of a beating they took...one who just had it from birth. Both Dudes. I have not heard you could outgrow it....I hope that is the case as the two I knew had pretty rough outcomes. C. Wagon.
  5. Unfortunately, even though I have to think he has had the best care possible....seizure disorders are brain disorders...they get worse as you age...and head trauma makes the condition worse. It is also not just seizures...EP also has debilitating migraines, depression, and fatigue associated with it. There are a lot of variables here even if it under control via medication and good lifestyle choices. C. Wagon
  6. James....where the fuck are you? C. Wagon
  7. I agree...but I am old...I want them to outlaw domes, astro turf, raise the mound back up 6 inches, no DH, strip away all this body armour the batters have now save the helmet and not give a pitcher a warning his he throws one over a guys head. We ain't going to win this won either Blue. C. Wagon
  8. Cole was PISSED he got pulled on a pitch count yesterday...and I dont blame him. C. Wagon
  9. Do you think they will get back to home games in Canada this summer? Man...that HAS to suck for those guys...but they are loaded. C. Wagon
  10. James...you crazy Fuck....this year for sure brother! C. Wagon
  11. LOL....well....You raise a good point. Its up to 20 allegations now and he now deleting instragram msg..... C. Wgaon
  12. I am not necessarily disagreeing with you....but I can't seem them being the ones dinging him up on this. You drop $165 mill to make him the face of the franchise...then...narc him out for being....well....inappropriately aggressive in a nonsexual setting...or...whatever they come up with to clean it up. Just doesnt make sense. C. Wagon
  13. LOL....I had a crazy covid shot dream too. In mine....I was talking to Jesus...who incidentally is Badger ...a big one.....and one that is none to pleased with our earthy behaviors. C.W agon
  14. Maybe...but...they are on the hook for $111 million garenteed with this guy Temp...and...push come to shove...they could have gotten the Vikes vs Cowboys Hershel Walker on steroids trade consideration for him if they did decide to move him. Be pretty short sighted to shit stain their number one asset. I have to think his signing a $165 Million dollar contract extension in September might also play a role in this suit. C. Wgaon
  15. With all the Miami, SF, and the Jets moves today on draft position....and the Seahawks basically saying no to the Bears other worldly offer for Russel....looks like the Watson market has moved on. C. Wagon
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