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  1. Way to go man. I now have cable and TV. Back in 2011 I was getting everything off of internet feeds. Good days those were.
  2. Giants Football again gents... it has been too long. Everyone keep on winning. MakeMeSomeFoodHo sounds like the win streak my sister in law had.
  3. Word... not since the days of way into the playoffs or the days of Eli has it been so good around here.
  4. Listen when the dime is on you... you had better spend the dime or look elsewhere. When you are The Man... you have no friends and you have to make decisions. 50% of them will be the correct thing to do... 25% will be questioned... and 25% will be questioned hard. However when the buck stops with you... you cannot say I take no responsibility with these NFL owner types. It does not wash. Now Judge better be careful with the Garett types as he now has to produce. The risks of being a head coach or The Man.
  5. Here are some draft day mag picks for the Giants... 2021 NFL free agency: Early look at potential New York Giants targets (msn.com) https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/2021-nfl-free-agency-early-look-at-potential-new-york-giants-targets/ar-BB1bmc9q?ocid=msedgntp
  6. The Second Coming of Joe Montana at that... but they had some terror games against Joe where they racked him up... just writing you know...
  7. He is like those Steeler defenses of the 70's with Hank Stram and Jack Lambert tackling people who were already down and racking up the tackles. That sort of guy... kinda middling to me.
  8. Everyone everywhere that can take a year off should. Its one of those things either you take a year off or there will be continuous outbreaks. After a year the frequency of outbreaks should be reduced. We are close to a year as it is. February to February... otherwise accept the small outbreaks that happen.
  9. The Seven Stages of Grief fits the football team, season and professional sports for this year man. I concur.
  10. Should have just been an off year for every major league sport. Just shut it down for a year and reboot. The players bodies would appreciate the downtime and the guys slated to retire after this year would leave or not. I don't think it was worth it to see this ersatz product. The Super Bowl winner for this year should always have an asterisk like the strike season D.C. Team that won the Super Bowl with only nine games, if I remember correctly.
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