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  1. Goodnight for real guys... got some reading to do and then bed. The Giants have had enough of me. Take care gents. I will read more tomorrow.
  2. Mara Junior ain't shit is right.... as long as the place sells out. He is like Gulf and Western with Ewing at the Garden and no other sure options. Even worse... the Knicks contended every year...
  3. Oh Jesus... he was to defense what Dave Brown was to offense...
  4. Give us Belichek or Cower and/or any veteran winning head coach. Stop with assistant bullshit.
  5. The almost wildcard was a mirage... last year. I was glad to get back to real football. I guess I better start planning my Sundays better.
  6. proud of what motherfuckers dropping TD's...holding... not defending... offsides when you least need it... three neutral zone infractions tonight....
  7. Word I guess it is wait till the new summer... but cap hell begins...
  8. I would even bring back McAdoo who sucked IMHO
  9. This... a Giants team that can't defend...
  10. All you have to do is line up BiC and protect against the pass... you probably are not going to block it so do your job and that is it. He misses it and game over. He makes it and game over. Simple
  11. Going to sleep on this debacle soon gentlemen. Hopefully we come out of this with a real head coach and coaching staff next year. Tired of this halfway shit.
  12. Jesus... don't remind me... Joe Montana and Johnny Unitas all rolled up into one. I remember LT's Giants playing Joe honest. He won some and lost some against us... even Young as well.
  13. Either cover or rush... no in between.
  14. this... neither will do shit the rest of their careers probably...
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