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  1. Nice... the flex guys gets to make the plays if its called right.
  2. Yes I love not knowing the D crazed and I played ball on defense and have an appreciation for looks. The other team has to know the personnel to guess what is coming not the fronts they are seeing. Much harder to do once within a game... I like what I am seeing. You get satisfied after seeing 5 Super Bowls and 4 Super Bowl wins. Its all good.
  3. If Jones gets that ball away its a different ballgame. Its a young team and I see 4 to 6 wins. Looks like a 3/4 defense as someone pointed out. So now we need decent run stopping linebackers.
  4. Ed they misused him a lot. He was a stud WR/TE combo who went over the middle.
  5. I will take Brunner over Brown... Pisarcik.... he was a bad dream handing off to Czonka.... not... saw that game too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfOiY5MhqHA
  6. This... at least they looked like QB's back there and did not blame everything on their WR's, TE's or RB's like Dave-O did.
  7. The minute I found out they got him in the supplemental draft at Duke (that football powerhouse...NOT!!!) I said oh shit here comes the hurt for the Giants for the next four to five seasons.
  8. Its easier to lighten up after tightening up... Teaching 101. I used to tell the college kids about the papers early on and that I would still be correcting them during the Christmas Holidays with the semester ending two weeks before that. I also remembering saying that my lowest grade was a B and that you had to work hard the opposite way to get a B. Out of my 11 years as a professor I only had to fail one person out of close to a thousand students.
  9. True... Tradition will relegate the Giants to irrelevance for years to come.
  10. Word... I was so disappointed. Plus Bloomberg made a big thing out of it like he stormed Gracie Mansion with a 44 Magnum...give me a break.
  11. he was born in Mississippi bro... it figures he has some Black in him...
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