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  1. For sure man. You are not going to go deep into the playoffs or win all of the marbles with any of these guys I believe. Jones included.
  2. As a new boss or supervisor, you are always taking over for someone else's fuck up. It is just a matter of how much the predecessor fucked up and how much time the new person has in fixing the fuck up. The new GM will have to sit pat and pay a bunch of scrubs mostly to get their asses beat the next two years. Knowing that... this is the perfect environment to nurture an effective offensive line. Just be given carte blanche to tell Mara/Tisch to fuck off (I know with that creep Mara that is asking a lot... maybe too much) for two years as you build a solid foundation. They will reopen the cap eventually and that is when you continue to tread lightly and wisely. Don't pounce. One thing the winning Giants learned was not to overpay for the guys already here. Not to get locked into that group think of thinking that the wheel was invented here and nowhere else. These new Giants need to relearn that lesson.
  3. Go back to the days of Dave Jennings in the late 70's. As the Giants punter he was better than Sean Landetta in the late 80's early 90's. Jennings was a machine. Pathetic Giants teams though.
  4. I feel you man. Just blow it up already. If it was Belichek I would trust "The Process". Not some special teams coach that never head coached an NFL team. JUST TRUST "THE PROCESS" GUYS/GALS.
  5. Baby Mara is a far cry from the Duke his dad. Tisch is far too lenient and uninvolved. Hand the reins over to a pure football person and just be the owners at this point.
  6. For sure man. I wish the Giants would just stop already. I am like you. I refuse to watch this. Spent too many losing seasons in the late 60's, the 70's and many subsequent years as well. Time to just blow it up and start afresh.
  7. THIS RIGHT HERE man...just bite the bullet... and clean house. Us old, medium and even new (what few there are) Giants fans will understand two or three years of rebuilding as opposed to the current madness. Let's just tear it down and rebuild from scratch. Each year we delay the longer we get from the magic of 2007 and 2011... much less 1990 and 1986... with honorable mentions for 2001 and more.
  8. For sure. He was trying to put him out. Should have been flagged. When someone is sliding you tag him out or if you have already leaped you tuck and roll without really hitting him if you can.
  9. Otis Anderson... no wonder he got all of those holes to run through. Dudes were afraid he would blast them... It is okay Shakes. I have come up short as well. No worries man you are still on point.
  10. Yeah I read that as well Rik. Mara needs to be keel hauled. Looks like I won't be watching seriously for another three years at least. This hearkens back to the Dave Brown years redux. Have absolutely no faith in Baby Mara and his bullshit.
  11. Good win against the Egals gents... still clean house. That is all.
  12. I think it is a step beyond man. These guys over practice as it is during the season. They need to rest and recover between games. Not risk their knees and ankles in pick up games. Draft early... draft a lot... get rid of the "one more guy and we win" types who are coaching and/or playing. Settle in for two to three years of hard scrabble mostly losing college level ball until they mesh. We have to bite the bullet and stop half assing. I am watching the last two Super Bowls and playoff seasons on a continuous loop as they were good football teams. Strahan is going into space on the next Blue Horizon so those teams were loaded and good. It beats being Jets, Browns, Bengals or Chargers fans by a mile. I can live with two to three more years of mediocrity and losing for a purpose.
  13. Yep... Offensive Lines have been the key since the days of the old Steelers, with Alex Webster as the center who was one of the first three hundred pound guys with massive forearms. O line covers up a lot of faults. If a QB has a clean pocket and at least three seconds to throw they can reliably shred a defense. Even top tier.
  14. All of those guys did real well in college with the cutback... however in the pro's you cut back to a defender in his lane. In the pros these guys mostly danced at the line and got hammered time after time. The time to commit and get three or four yards these guys were dancing parallel to the line for five yards which at best resulted in a one or two yard gain on most plays. Never draft an RB high is the golden rule.
  15. This big time... this was a holding action for Garrett at best.
  16. Playoff push right back to 1978 bro... these people are delusional. In 1978 we had a great defense...yet again the offense sucked. Hey Pisarcik hand off to Csonka...
  17. So true... gotta saw that shit off above their heads then.
  18. Too funny man... Giants have to bite the bullet now and hard. Play your future not the garbage you overpaid for... they served their purpose let us move on.
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