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  1. True... Tradition will relegate the Giants to irrelevance for years to come.
  2. Word... I was so disappointed. Plus Bloomberg made a big thing out of it like he stormed Gracie Mansion with a 44 Magnum...give me a break.
  3. he was born in Mississippi bro... it figures he has some Black in him...
  4. Might have won a third one if Plax doesn't shoot himself in the thigh in 2008. A big what-if.
  5. This was one of the best catches of all time . Eli to Manningham... during the second Super Bowl against the Pats.
  6. The Legend of 3li...will not die. Eli will return 15-20 years hence and will be the head coach of the Giants as they beat the Patriots for 3Li's third SB win. That is ALL! The world was not ready for Eli's third Super Bowl win. In a few years it will be. Patriots Fan: "Mommy... the bad man went away" Mommy: "Yes he did son...he went away" Enjoy the following... you guys. My Jints, Egal, Brokeback & DC Colored Folks fans.
  7. Yes... missed you dudes as well. The old job was kicking my azz... on top of teaching and finishing the PhD... well its been a rough ride this past year and a half. That on top of the lock down on the work place computers...even for an exec (was vice president) well can you imagine monitoring of my NSFW posts... .. Sweet Jeebus... I would be cooked.
  8. Sure Bro... have not forgotten. Will look for a time.
  9. Oh no Bro... all in good fun... I know... been rough man... work, teaching, kids and the PhD... cut back on the bitches... so that has been a relief. Have one steady now... even she is looking shaky. Came back last week...been meaning to peek in here. Changed agencies back in November... my old agency did more monitoring than the CIA...including the execs. My new place... well I bet I could download snuff porn from the darknet and no one would know or probably care as long as the work is done.
  10. A certain class my Brother... My first name is Welsh...middle name English... last name French My oldest daughter's name is Cheyenne... traditional spelling My youngest daughter's name is Sierra...traditional spelling Again you come from a certain station in life you don't ad lib with something as basic as a name. When people ask me the spelling of my children's names I ask them how they would spell it. No one ... even Whites spell them the traditional ways. Now there are two interpretations...they see me and assume its some project based variation like Shyan or Ciera or some such illiterate drivel... or they just don't know how to spell it. I guess it depends on context and environment. If I am outside of my professional arena people think its the ghetto/project based spelling and vice versa. Middle Class and up... we tend to look at parents with wild ass spellings with disdain... and we look at the kids with sympathy. Try to get a Wall St job with the name Shyqueatha or some nonsense.
  11. This might be Ray Handley Redux... I know that is before a lot of you... but it has that same feeling...
  12. too fucking hilarious... thank you Chuck for the original testament from the olden times...
  13. Well damn... poor thing ... like try being Black for a day or two...then go eat your gun...
  14. Never a truer statement... and try to unloosen that fist... watch the glove come off... in a strategic way... insert historically oppressed group here_____ and watch the boot stomp down.
  15. She looks like my kind of gal... Latina ... South Asian and willing to swallow massive...um er... well you know...
  16. If there is one team that I want crushed forever ... that has been ... and always shall be the Eagles...
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