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  1. But you have to admit...that name is top shelf. C. Wagon
  2. Judge just needs to stay healthy. I think Stanton sold Sanchez's and Torre's souls to the devil. I hope that Volpe kid ....Dominguez...and Wells are as advertised and get up to the bigs sooner than later....like mid 22 ... But my guess is they'll trade at least two of them away for a #2 pitcher on the back end of their career like always. In the mean time....maybe we play our gold glove second basement (DJ)..at second base..instead of everywhere but second base......and our could be gold glove third basement (Gio)...at third and not short...and find a CF that can stay on the field..and a catcher that isn't a fucking windmill back there. While I am bitching....at a minimum....fire Phil Nevin.....holy christ....he sent a league leading 22 base runners to put outs at home....fucking disgraceful. C. Wagon
  3. Yep. Loved his "the rest of the division is gaining on us'.......you think...for...what...like the last two decades or so. ....and fuck Cashman....he basically fielded a rec league softball team other than LeMehiu, Judge, Gio, Rizzo, and...at the end of the year Stanton. The rest were swing and miss fucktards. How about we start bring up some of talent down on the farm....like in the 90s and actually build a team. Jesus tired of this shit. C. Wagon.
  4. Gruden is collateral damage on this WFT investigation. If that Costa Rica shit is real.....holy fuck.... Has there ever been a time the other owners forced another owner out of the league in Football...I think it happened in the NBA. C. Wagon
  5. Who's going to be he new manager...they should just say fuck it and bring Beletrene back.....everyone else is now back in the game....why not him. C.W agon
  6. It's not as good as the 1977 Chico Escuela tell all memior...."Bad stuff about the Mets".....but it is pretty good. C. Wagon
  7. I have not been following this too closely...so correct me if I am wrong....this is not a new rule..the Refs have just been instructed to start aggressively enforcing it...correct? The has to be a middle ground between what is happening now...and the issue of entire defenses running 50 yards into an end zone to mug for the cameras after a 3rd and 10 sack...in the first quarter of a 0 - 0 game. C. Wagon
  8. I haven't started yet...but hear it is pretty crazy. C. Wagon
  9. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_m6zP9VySHCc/R7vU41xStLI/AAAAAAAADk8/ptZ-kAvEc18/w1200-h630-p-k-no-nu/ronlester1.jpg Like...anybody. C. Wagon
  10. Where are the Bears going to get the money for a $2.2 billion dollar stadium.....while they still have 12 year lease on Soldiers Field and a $100 million buyout...and a couple $10 million in fines Chicago will figure out how to put on top of that....in court? State funding?.....Chicago owns Springfield......Cook County Funding?....Chicago owns the Cook County Board.....Arlington Heights?....good luck on a $2 billion dollar bond happening there....private investors?....$2 billion plus......the Bears are worth $2.5...$3 billion tops...might as well just buy the team. C. Wagon
  11. I didnt notice that...but you are right.... That sort of makes sense then...in the perverted chasing a buck ways of the NFL. C. Wagon
  12. It is one thing to be first (last) in a couple of these categories...but Jesus...being in the 95 percentile in all but 2 of them...and two of the rarer ones.....? https://www.nbcsports.com/edge/article/offseason-research/teams-most-impacted-scheduling-inequalities C. Wagon
  13. Damn P...that is even before my time. C. Wagon
  14. I have known a couple of people with it...one as a result of a beating they took...one who just had it from birth. Both Dudes. I have not heard you could outgrow it....I hope that is the case as the two I knew had pretty rough outcomes. C. Wagon.
  15. Unfortunately, even though I have to think he has had the best care possible....seizure disorders are brain disorders...they get worse as you age...and head trauma makes the condition worse. It is also not just seizures...EP also has debilitating migraines, depression, and fatigue associated with it. There are a lot of variables here even if it under control via medication and good lifestyle choices. C. Wagon
  16. James....where the fuck are you? C. Wagon
  17. I agree...but I am old...I want them to outlaw domes, astro turf, raise the mound back up 6 inches, no DH, strip away all this body armour the batters have now save the helmet and not give a pitcher a warning his he throws one over a guys head. We ain't going to win this won either Blue. C. Wagon
  18. Cole was PISSED he got pulled on a pitch count yesterday...and I dont blame him. C. Wagon
  19. Do you think they will get back to home games in Canada this summer? Man...that HAS to suck for those guys...but they are loaded. C. Wagon
  20. James...you crazy Fuck....this year for sure brother! C. Wagon
  21. LOL....well....You raise a good point. Its up to 20 allegations now and he now deleting instragram msg..... C. Wgaon
  22. I am not necessarily disagreeing with you....but I can't seem them being the ones dinging him up on this. You drop $165 mill to make him the face of the franchise...then...narc him out for being....well....inappropriately aggressive in a nonsexual setting...or...whatever they come up with to clean it up. Just doesnt make sense. C. Wagon
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