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  1. That video of him on that ACLS walk off...is waaaayyyyyy suspicious. They keep saying MLB is being so forthright and tough...but I have to wonder if they know more and not want to be put in the box you just described above for Alluve...? This deal keeps getting worse and worse. C. Wagon
  2. ...what about the wire? Yea or Nay baseball Nostrodamus? C. Wagon
  3. The cops didn't want to be there I bet....I heard a report that they told the kids to put them out nicely the first half a dozen times....and got a rash of shit..and then had to say..."No..for real". I get it I think. But OBJ......what a dick all the way around. C. Wagon
  4. Now...the 2017 MVP ....was wearing a wire? Jose Altuve ....he must really be shy...huh? https://twitter.com/KennyDucey/status/1217888139072745474/video/1 C. Wagon
  5. Of course he can....just not on national TV....any car dealer in Baton Rouge will tell you that. Got to hand it to him....guy really knows how to make something a bunch of 20 year olds broke their ass to accomplish...all about him. C. Wagon
  6. For him to ever get a shot at being a HC again...he has to be in the game somewhere...this makes a lot of sense for him career wise. You don't see a lot of guys who are out a year or two getting a callback. Its the Norv Turner play. C. Wagon
  7. It as to suck being the best at your position for a decade and playing in virtual obscurity the entire time. The good news is that with cable and the internet he will get into the HOF fairly quickly....Nobis probably will never get a sniff. https://sports.yahoo.com/luke-kuechly-panthers-retirement-linebacker-all-pro-nfl-013644019.html C. Wagon
  8. Cora....dead man. If they Sox are thinking this is like some NCAA deal where they make a "good faith effort" to clean shit up before the violation findings come out....good luck. I think they get the hammer dropped on them. You have to wonder if Cora gets a life time ban at this point.
  9. At a minimum a "*" is called for on those seasons...as should Aveve's and Betts MVPs. The other side of this...is when the BoSox get hammered....they are going to be down for awhile....and the Yanks will run amok in the east ...and we will have to hear Sox nation bitch about it being unfair...for the rest of our lives. Think the Mets will dust Beltrane? I mean the guy was in this up to his dick. C, Wagon
  10. Agreed...the Dodgers have an even bigger beef. Now they need ban Cora for life. Also....I am a bent it was only the Management that got tagged on this...it was supposed player driven...(Beltrane...there is another one that needs to be clipped)....but ...no players. I am thinking they could get to the ring leaders pretty quickly but they are afraid of the Player's Association. C.W agon
  11. Any combination of three years between 1964 and 1980 make the last three look like the Steeler's run in the 70s Blue. They went through 5 coaches, three stadiums ...and shit...between 73 and 80 the Gman went: 2 -11 2-12 5- 9 3 - 11 5 - 9 6 -10 6 - 10 4 - 12 Want to talk about brain dead...in one draft when you used to have 12 rounds..they used 5 of their first 8 picks on Running Backs. Oh...and the biggest insult...they did part of it in uniforms so god awful...sportswarth won't let me post them....but trust me...it was like the Brown Acid at Woodstock bad. Its going to be okay. C. Wagon
  12. Supposed the Gman asked permission to speak with me regarding being the OC for Wonder Boy. C. Wagon
  13. Cow is better then pig....as you can still fuck Muslim and Jew broads without having to lie about it. C. Wagon
  14. The guy passes the eye test....hopefully the issue with ball security can be addressed in the off season through him working on it and the Gentleman getting him some better protection on has blind side. C. Wagon
  15. I am sure it is a day to day thing. Is it a plastic valve or bio? C. Wagon
  16. Who was the last College guy that did well in the pros (serious question)....P. Carroll? C. Wagon
  17. I know, they are both just a couple of grinders ...so I sort of root for them. Sort of like Pinnella, White, and Paul Blair back when I was a kid. Didi is the type that will comeback and kill them in a WS ...which could happen.....there might be some Giradi karma we need to watch out for. Hey...how you feeling this days? You good? Dont you die on my you crazy fuck...2020 is our year.
  18. Plus..he has some of that "Red Ass" temper that guys like Pedro, Gibson, Seaver had.....yeah...I'm happy. Sorry to Romine and Didi go.... C. Wagon
  19. Exactly.....and its use outside of clinical settings...is exclusively as a pejorative.....on a group of people that cannot defend themselves. It is a fucking nasty, demeaning word. This shithead was given the chance to not be a dick.....in fact...those are two words that would have been much better for him to direct at the fan...but fucking dude had to keep it real. Now he is real unemployed and likely to stay that way. Lot of parents and families out there with children or siblings with congestive disabilities...and they are tried of this shit. They are also relentless advocates...and organized. C. Wagon
  20. Agreed....Which is why part of me hopes they trade down...for more picks. If they dont need a QB - one of the only benefits of having a #1 or #2 pick is gone....unless there is a once in a generation player to take....a LT...a O. Pace or T. Boslli...Joe Thomas... Chase Young aint LT.....he's a Bosa.....which means he is going to have a great career...but the Giants need quality bodies....plural.....one Bosa is going to patch one hole. ...they have need a two to three hole solution. C. Wagon
  21. Lets just be thankful we don't have to find out!
  22. That explains the Selfie after every catch. C. Wagon
  23. The Giants used a telegraph supposedly on Thompson's shot. I was catching a game ..a life time ago...and kid on second was peaking in and then flashing fingers to the batter. Batter popped up...inning over. I went to their 3rd base coach as he was crossing the diamond and told him what his runner was doing and that if it happened again it would be bad. Kid comes up a couple innings later...leans back...and apologized for doing it. The ump laughed his ass off ...and said "Just try not to be so fucking obvious...that was embarrassing". God I love baseball. C. Wagon
  24. Yes....but if someone hadn't of been typing pitches out of the score board at the Polo Grounds, Bobby Thompson would not have been sitting on that fast ball and the Dodgers would have gone to the Series in 51'.......I mean....part of the game. I just fucking hate the stros.....wish they would go away as they are diminishing my hatred of the Sox.....guy's only got some much hate. C. Wagon
  25. Some of the glow looks to be coming off the Astros. Stealing signs is part of the game....getting caught doing it is...well....bad. C.W agon
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