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  1. I am so fucking glad you are around to talk about it too James. Boone has the right rotation going with the players ...just leave La Machine and Judge at 1 and 3...get Torres going and it off to the fucking races...giving the ball to the best righthander in baseball every fourth day. C. Wgaon
  2. Sweet Jesus...so far the 2020 Yankees look like the 27' Yankees and the 98' Yankees had a baby and the 39 Yankees were watching and jerking of in the corner when it was conceived. C> Wgaon
  3. Yeah..I was thinking the same thing too.....what happens when 50% of a team is in quarantine...how are those forfeits calculated. I think they should have done a tournament. ....5 game series with in your division....last year's division champ gets a first round bye.....and a seven game WS with league winners. They could knock that out in about a month..beat the clock on COVID.....and call it good for the year. The betting and interest on something like that might rival the NCAA Bball Tourney. C. Wagon
  4. Send me a mock up of what you come up with and I would be happy to touch it up.

  5. If the Doosan Bears get any sort of pitching I think they will take it all this year...fuck those Lotte Giants. C. Wagon
  6. .....dont'.....take...... a.....quarterback......? C. Wagon
  7. We aren't there yet...but it is only a matter of time before the New York Islanders or Detroit Red Wings make it to the NFL Wild Card Round. C. Wagon
  8. The Giants appeared to have signed a bunch of solid..."Do your Job" sort of guys. They aren't injury prone..they show up every game....they don't wow you...they just grind and don't make a lot of mistakes. ...now where has that worked in the past...hmmmm? C. Wagon
  9. Barkley is a football player...not a running back. I cant think of a skill position you could not plug him into where he would not grade out as a solid B to A other then maybe blocking TE. He is so much more versatile then the very good running backs that were named. ..he is also very smart ..and a leader. This guy is special....and the Gman will will alot more games with him...then without him. C. Wagon
  10. This is why a slow clap emoji needs to be invented... Bravo C. Wagon
  11. ....James....you okay pal? Bit of a jump from Cat 1 calf strain to......the Big Casino...dont you think? Your sister is going to be fine....bank on it. C. Wagon
  12. I think with a guy like Stanton...who is a specimen...they get so fine tuned...so ripped...that they got more shit to tweet...tear...strain...etc. Every once and a while when he wants to go for a 10 mile run with a weighted vest on...he should grab a beer and a Marboro. C. Wagon
  13. So...Stanton, Sevino, Paxon and Judge (Shoulder) You know...there is such a thing as being ...too fit. Between 1919 and 1934...Had only one season where he didnt get in 100 games (98) and averaged 145 a year. The man played 100% day games on shit fields in wool uniforms...with a hangover and virtually every STI there is have the Beast. He never strained a calf muscle ... Because he didnt fucking have a calf muscle. C, Wagon
  14. Thanks James. It is a whole different vibe. A good one to be sure. C. Wagon
  15. If I could get one day of my youth back...say 18...it would be to play baseball again....how fucked up is that? Everyone could still hit and throw pretty good ...but running....not so much.... I played into my 40s in a senior league but after I I throw a guy out from center ...at first base after he trying to leg out a two hop single to me...and I got balled out by my coach "We dont throw people out at first from the outfield in this league...it is considered bad form"....I had to quit. It just wasnt baseball. ...and it really sucked when I knew it was gone. Now my son is too old to play ball with....but I am a grandpa now....(did I tell you that...its a kick in the ass)....her name is Francis...we call her Franc...and while she is only 6 months old and doesn't know it yet...but she is going to be a great fast pitch softball player as soon as I figure out to teach someone to hit an underhand rising fastball C. Wagon
  16. 80s is quite respectable. I used to catch a guy that could get it in the upper 80s consistently and occasionally in the 90s if he was pissed off about something...he was wild as fuck. But that was back in the 80s nobody in rec ball had a speed gun....had to use a stop watch...so my guess is they guy was faster then we could track. One game I had been promised outfield time so I got really high at work with "the Negroes" (that is how the brothers on my construction crew referred to themselves..even though two of them were whiter than me)......I was relieved because this guy was pitching and he was as I noted..wild as fuck so it made for a lot of work. Sure enough....show up for a 5 p.m. game and the back up (fucking pussy) had a "sore knee"...aka...he didnt want to catch the guy.. Not alot of fun the first couple of innings. I only called one curve ball and I think when I did I might have actually verbalized it was coming ....cause the batter T'd the fuck off on it. That part I dont remember all that well..but we did win and I didnt get killed. C. Wagon
  17. Maybe we hit Golfie up for a Yanks vs. Met hook up. Hey...Aleve says he didn't want his jersey ripped off because it upsets his wife...it had nothing to do with the buzzer on his nipple telling him he was getting a slider. So I guess we are good. Baker has asked the league for protection for his batters so now anyone that drills them gets a shit ton of games ....hopefully Angels bring up some 32 year old ham and egger still playing A ball to come up on a 10 day contract in March to detach #2 left retina on first pitch of opening day in that amusement park of a stadium they steal games in. C. Wagon
  18. Good...sorry I had to show that ugly side of me James...but we're talking about the Yanks. :) C. Wagon
  19. I will be there...and you better be there too. I am a pretty nice guy most of the time James.......but not the type you want to piss off. I will...and have....desecrated a grave or two in my time. C. Wagon
  20. .....the Astro guys are going to need fucking Kavlar when they come to the stadium. If this is 1960...first guy...first pitch...in the earhole. C. Wagon
  21. nah....they should stick around...what could go wrong? C. Wagon
  22. Jesus Christ Hugh..you watching Korean Snuff Films now. C. Wagon
  23. Best ever in my book and that includes Ruth and DiMaggio. Wonder who the fuck was that voted against him? C. Wagon
  24. Me too. He was fucking money in the big game.. Every. Time. C. Wagon
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