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  1. Boy I hope that isn't true. C. Wagon
  2. Damn James.....they didnt pull a trigger on a pitcher..."In Cashman We Trust"....Correct? C. Wagon
  3. Seriously James.....they can get a pitcher(s) by the deadline...but that is not going to mean shit if German is the only guy you can count on in the playoffs. I mean a Stopper is good to rid this lead for the next 50 games...but you need two guys you can give the ball to and get you a good 6 innings when you get to the playoffs. The analytic guys will tell you you can do it all on bullpen given how deep they are...but even though guys get tried. I heard Reggie on the radio talking about the new starter strat is to go as hard has you can for as long as you "Max effort".....then go to bully early. 44 called bullshit on it....said its called "Pitching" and not "Throwing" for a reason. We need a couple of pitchers James. C.W agon
  4. I understand all of that Blue...but Tate strikes me as the sort of guy the NFL want's repping them. If he gets done on this...its a shame. C.W agon
  5. This is horseshit. You have guys that beat the christ out of women....beat their kids to the point of broken bones and welts....and a good guy just trying to have a family is going to get fucked. Four games? Isn't that what Rice initially got for knocking his old lady out...cold? The female fan base of the NFL...and there is one...is not going to like this. C>W agon
  6. Can you imagine what it is going to be like for that guy catching balls at the Met...in early December....3 months after breaking a thumb. Fuck me....it is going to suck to be him for awhile. C>W agon
  7. I hate those motherfucker James...since I was 5...hate them. That 19 runs was like 04' all over again. C. Wagon
  8. Well....lets remember that Dos was pretty vague for the most part...he NEVER called a draft pick of a completely obscure Freshman ...on a bad D I team (at the time)....to the correct team pro team ....4 years later. Dos hunts with a shot gun....you my friend use a blow dart. Degree of difficulty on that is off the charts. Even the East German judges have to give your ass a 10 on that....then there is the fact you kept documentation. Otherworldly. C. Wagon
  9. ....fuck man....Romine pitched last night....a fucking BP session. The WHOLE game... God I hate those cocksuckers. #19 has been owned by the Bosox the last two times he has faced them. That shit cant happen in October. C. Wagon
  10. I strongly suggest you change your name to PDamsus use this as your avatar. It would be fitting in a number of regards. C. Wagon
  11. You were right about Sanchez....10 day DL for that hammy again. If he is catching with a bad hammy that might explain some of those past balls. Hope you are right on those down stream teams looking to deal. C.W agon
  12. He had an nice rip last night to help bring them back. Damn, these fuckers are NEVER out of a game. If they get any sort of B + Playoff pitching they are going to get deep into the playoffs. They still need a stopper though...my money is on CC....he is a real baseball player. He will nut the fuck up in the PO's.....Could play in any era. Fucking love that guy. C.W gaon
  13. I think Fringe in on vacation....but I am sure he will appreciate the effort. C. Wagon
  14. They need a mid range guy too...someone to pair with Green or somebody that can get you to the back end of the bully if a starter gets shelled in the 2nd......a Dick Tidrow / Ron Davis....Remiro Mendoza / Jeff Nelson sort of tandem. Not sure what happened last night but it is becoming apparent they got way the fuck too many DH/1B guys....Sanchez is killing us behind the plate and he calls a shitty game...fuck...thank God he can rake. (I know, I am down on Sanchez...just let me go until he has a 3-4 6 rbi game...then I will be good again..and he is pretty much due one too). What is up with the big balls on Trachman....dude has bump his avg 30 points in a week and has two assists from the outfield. Hey, what is the story on Stanton....? C. Wagon
  15. If they rent an arm I'm going to be crazy pissed..... With that offense, they don't need Cy Young....they need to go find a innings eater...and nasty guy that can go every 4 days and go 6 +....guy that is a 2 or 3 on his current team....somebody maybe on the back end who can have a little left in the tank if he is getting runs support.....a Dave Cone. ...a Doc Gooden.....shit...even further back...a Doc Ellis...a Mike Torres. We can give up some AA prospects and a sack of BP balls...like we did to get Coney. Just dont give up a 23 year old kid that is going to be an all star some day for some guy who is going to be a free agent in a year or two who had never pitched on a stage like NY or in the playoffs. C. Wagon
  16. If they trade Frazier for a Sonny Gray 4th starter matha fucka' in the next 10 days I am going to lose my shit James. Lose it....it will be CLASSIC 1980s thinking...the decade where they rolled up the most wins of any team...and never made the playoffs. C. Wagon
  17. James..... They are going to bronze Boone's cock and put it next to Ruths plack in Monuments park the way things are going. https://www.lohud.com/story/sports/mlb/yankees/2019/07/18/aaron-boone-ejected-first-game-yankees-vs-rays-doubleheader/1771987001/ C. Wagpn
  18. Well, he's no Dave Magget that is for sure.... C. Wagon
  19. That...and your about a 100,000 to 200,000 miles closer to the sun in NYC. That sort of glare aint for everybody. Dave Winfield should have been the best player of his generation....but isnt even an honorable mention on almost all decade teams. C. Wagon
  20. Going to be the white Ken Griffey Jr. Incredible waste. C.W agon
  21. Jesus...was that really his 40 time....? I had no idea he was that fast. C> Wagon
  22. Your organs can only take so much. Saw an article recently about Gronk and how he has dropped about 50 lbs since retiring....smart. People arent meant to be that big. C. Wagon
  23. Shit...BoSox and Yankees has some great softball tourney in London didnt they? I have never seen two games...with what...one error....where no lead was safe. C. Wagon
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