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  1. Just trying to read between the lines here Drizzle...but you seem to be pretty high on Jones. C. Wagon
  2. ...and I hope they win so he finishes with an above 500 record. C>W agon
  3. The Jets need to find were Bebe Pinilli is buried and dig him up. C. Wagon
  4. After Foles comes back.... I hear you....but I'd love to see Eli go out on a winning team...and Coughlin too. C. Wagon
  5. What if I say...."Pretty Please......". C. Wagon
  6. In the Moniest Game of all Money Game....he was Money....twice. The GOAT QB is O for Eli in the only game that matters. C. Wagon.
  7. Tauchman should be okay is sounds like...I'd take his 3 position utility as a defensive player and clutch pop over Frazier.....Holy fuck that kid is an adventure in left. Hicks is star struck and it is a shame.......hands down the best arm I have seen on the Yankees...ever..and they've had some great ones.... Winfield, O"Neil, Sheffield,....I mean....guy has a gun. I will check out that article.....Cleveland so fucked the dog on that guy. I mean...this guy is going to be close to All Star level he keeps this up. C. Wgaon
  8. Exactly....at half time I had a rare moment of clarity......Eli wont lose the starting job.....Pepper and Betha will lose it for him. C. Wagon
  9. Looks like Hicks is going get shut down for the year. Fuck...I love that guys' game. C.W gaon
  10. That is a pretty big if.....I bet Vegas does prop bets on this. I would bet the under on Brown.... C. Wagon
  11. .....what is the Status on Gio......I would HATE to see that Kid not make the Playoff roster....he (and DJ) carried them when Sanchez and HOF 2B were out.....and is a gold glover if he got the requisite number of chances.... Stanton....hasnt earned it. Plus...he didnt really show up in last years playoffs at the plate....Gio grinds and gives them a lot more options....which they will definitely need if they make the WS and play NL rules on away games. The Yankees got Soooooo much to trade for pitching this off season. Cashman......Best GM ever. Hey, we will do that game next year when you are up and around James. I know...the Stadium...aint The Stadium anymore...but we'll make the most of it. I just need to loo a client to get there in the spring...and you have to just keep on keeping the fuck on. C. Wagon
  12. HA! He's BACK! Good to see you James! I am getting a little worried about the playoffs....pitching is coming back.....but I'm not sure Stanton is the right call for the "5th outfielder"....particularly given he ain't that good an OF when healthy let lone on a bad wheel....and we have enough Bomb or K guys with Encarson...Sanchez and Volt. Pitching, fielding and hitting for average is what wins WS..... Glad you are making the turn pal. I am sure it has been hell. Tell the woman who thinks she is your girlfriend thanks for keeping us in the loop. C. Wagon
  13. I have to assume the Black Hand beak wetting is an actual line item in the construction budgets out your way. Survey Work Design Instracture Cockeyed Pete in Allwood Concrete Field Turf C. Wagon
  14. I had to watch that a couple of times.....what was he thinking? C. Wagon
  15. There's another baseball team in NYC? Good seeing you Jim you have your shit squared away if that is what you have been doing. C. Wagon
  16. Laundry was so incredibly innovative. On defense no coach has created as many successful schemes and practices as him. He had Huff Iso on Brown before anyone thought to do it....and he was a DB player/coach when he came up with it. I remember my old man would watch the Cowboy's slap the Giants around in the 70s and just be enraged they let him...and Lombardi get away. Throwing shit at the TV mad. C. Wagon
  17. This was the beginning....but it would be excellent if it came back. Sam Huff vs Jim Brown practically invented NFL TV. Thanks for the context on Mayfield's comment....that makes a lot more sense. C, Wagon
  18. O.....kay....so they were do to give up 19 runs in one game. C. Wagon
  19. Where the fuck is Fringe? C. Wagn
  20. Yeah...but....they keep winning with the nobodies....and they have some pitchers coming back. C.Wagon
  21. Its his feet ....watch his ball fakes..... dude is super polished. His teammates were jerking off all over themselves after the game about how good he is going to be. C Wagon.
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