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  1. They aren’t going to move from Shurmur for next season.
  2. I’d like to see him lining up next to chase young and see how he does, personally.
  3. That spot for slayton was terrible.
  4. That makes more sense but what about NFL Films?
  5. Well, the NFL is definitely lying when they claim to not have any recorded audio. Those motherfuckers have crystal clear audio of Lawrence Taylor back from the 80s. There is no way they don’t have conclusive evidence of Garrett’s claim, either way.
  6. I’m on the Jerry Jeudy train, personally. But Young IS a generational talent.
  7. Has a legitimate shot to at least tie the rookie QB TD record. He needs to average 2 TD passes over the next 5 games. I think he’ll fall two or three short but he also missed weeks one and two so there’s that. Also, a lot has been made about his turnovers when the reality is he’s thrown 11 touchdowns to one interception over the last 4 games. You know, the things he can actually control. He’s getting it done. Fumbles are rarely a QBS fault. He’s the scrawniest, weakest guy on the team; if 300 lineman and 220 pound safeties are stripping him, that’s on the offensive line and his running back protects him.
  8. They have to resign him though. I mean really, there is no other option. They cant let the draft picks go with nothing in return. That said. In my opinion, Chase Young instantly makes this team a contender.
  9. Two missed field goals was the difference of the game. Let’s maybe see if there’s someone out there who can make a 42 yard field goal?
  10. QBs fumble when they get sacked. Its a fact of life. I see jokers like a Bomani Jones and Stephen A Smith hate on Danny Jones all day but are all over Jimmy Gs dick even when he fumbles and throws interceptions and the 9ers win in spite of him. The fact of the matter is if the Giants defense was good enough to keep them in games or come up big when needed, no one would say shit about Jones turnovers because the team would be winning. Garappalo and Jones have a similar stat line and Jones has played two less games.
  11. Ill take Shurmur. He needs an playcalling OC though.
  12. I got the impression he was trying to get his helmet back.
  13. Yeah, not getting your head around shouldnt necessarily be a foul. That was a horrible call.
  14. He makes a lot of great points. Doesnt change anything but his assessment is accurate.
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