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  1. They let him just resign and extend Logan Ryan for some reason, like safety was a pressing need that couldn’t have just been filled with a mid round pick or UDFA. My guess is that Gettleman isn’t going anywhere. You don’t give the current GM input on the next years roster this late in the season if you aren’t planning on keeping him.
  2. Logan Ryan with a great tackle.
  3. Giants got em this drive though.
  4. Must win for them. They can’t afford to go a quick three and out.
  5. That’s way too much for an aged defensive back that no other team wanted that they has to transition to a safety. Lol.
  6. There’s a wide open Dez Bryant TD on Logan Ryan. There’s no reason to pay that dude as much as they paid him.
  7. Peppers, McKinney, Julian love. How many safeties do you need on the field at once?
  8. There’s younger players on the team at the position that should be on the field...
  9. Logan Ryan isn’t a bad player but that extension is fucking stupid.
  10. Terrible fucking first down play call. Horrendous. Just setting them up for failure with that shit. The team is not athletic enough to run screens where the quarterback runs to the right hash then throws all the way back to the opposite side of the field.
  11. How was that a penalty on Smith?
  12. I don’t see how anyone can look at this team and think Dave Gettleman should stay as GM. David Mayo is playing edge right now.
  13. It’s probably been said but I find passing up two field goals and not keeping the game within one score was not the right move. They could have kept to a ground game with a backup QB. Instead, they were forced to mount a three score come back with a backup QB.
  14. The Skins were one Alex Smith running off the field with the ball and one Pittsburgh taking the field goals they were presented with from losing the game. The Alex Smith deal should have been a penalty for delay of game and the end of the half.
  15. This is a statement win for the Giants. Two years from now when this team is consistently winning, we’re all going to look back on this win as a cultural shift. Guys like Carter Coughlin and Jabaal Sheard are kicking absolute ass. A late draft pick and a dude at the tail end of his career. There’s something to be said about that. He’s getting the best out of Leonard Williams. A guy who needed a wake up call. I hate Judges conservativeness when it comes to going for it on 4th down (not this game but in general), I like his style and his ability to get his team to buy in.
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