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  1. They decided that they’re going to ask their CBs to cover for 7-10 seconds rather than rush the passer.
  2. Lateral moves, in my opinion. They didn’t improve pass rush, at all. Special teams is the only area I could see as improved and it’s such a small part of the game anymore, I don’t understand any team that is focused on signing special team tacklers.
  3. Taking a page out of Hugh’s book but I’m not a huge fan of three caucasians and a Latino covering running backs out of the backfield.
  4. I’m not sure why we’re paying Rosas 3.3 million to miss 10 extra points.
  5. Yeah I’m not impressed with any of these signings.
  6. 26th best run blocking tight end.
  7. Just don’t understand throwing that kind of money at a corner when outside of DT, it’s the strongest position. So many needs to fill on the team.
  8. I sure hope they have something up their sleeve for a pass rusher with 15 CBs on the team.
  9. Horrible trade if you’re a Texans fan, holy shit.
  10. Leonard Williams has more career QB hits than Dante Fowler and Bud Dupree combined. Leonard Williams is a 3-4 DE. His main job is to eat up space, stop the run, and allow edge rushers to rush the passer. Yet, he has still managed to create consistent pressure.
  11. Not a dude making $20 million per year. Terrible road to go down. Beal is a third year player who lost an entire season. What do you mean he hasn’t worked out? He’s played one season.
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