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  1. Sorry it was over 1000 yards from scrimmage and 6 tuddies in 14 games. I misread the stars. It’s still respectable
  2. He rushed for 1,000 yards and 6 tuddies last year.
  3. Whoa I was gonna day, why the hell is he shut down for the year?
  4. Through no fault of Saquon, the offense looked better without him.
  5. I was thinking that about the Jones and running up the middle. I don’t think the target to Tate was even in the end zone. Again, it begs the question why the Giants didn’t try to take 3 or 4 shots to the end zone while that series was happening instead of making it do or die after a 4 yard out to Dion Lewis with 8 seconds left. I’m not sure if there’s enough time with 8 seconds left to hit the end zone twice but I think it was better to try that then the four yard out, at the least.
  6. Yeah I was super confused when the commentators said the giants were looking at his arm when Barkley clearly clutched his knee. I’m with ya. He definitely tore it on the long run and then was out there catching a pass a couple plays later.
  7. I’m still trying to figure out how it takes like 5 years to overturn a roster and make it competitive. Right now there’s probably four starters on defense that would be backups on most teams. And there’s probably 3 on the offense that would be. Ximines sucks, btw.
  8. As far as Barkley goes, jumping and turning sideways when you’re about to get hit is a terrible way to stay healthy.
  9. I’m surprised Jones didn’t move a bit though, plenty of chances for him to step up and throw on the run...
  10. Why not try to take some shots prior to 4 seconds left on the game clock?
  11. Jones confirmed he was indeed trying to throw it out of the back of the end zone. He does need to know that throwing it out toward the LOS is a much better way to throw it away there.
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