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  1. I’m wondering if Devante Booker will even make the 53. The contract was a waste from the start. And Clement is better, in my opinion. They’re similar backs. Not fast but quick and powerful.
  2. The Giants will add oline. It’ll be in the 6th or 7th. Which is fine considering they used the majority of their picks last year on the offensive line and there’s like a dozen other positions to look at.
  3. I like it. I hate how this team develops oline talent. Just sign those fuckers. You can never have enough....CBs, when you might not have an effective pass rush.
  4. This is a great point. He’s got Desean Jackson vibes with the injury potential.
  5. But they picked heavy oline last year, eventually your picks have to pan out and there’s only one way to do that: don’t draft their replacement every year.
  6. Well, Shepard and Slayton haven’t been part of a successful offense, either, and the receivers combined for what, 9 td receptions? I think the wide receiver position was much more of a glaring need. The Giants signed Fulton specifically to have flexibility at 11. Without receivers this year, the Giants would be for certain drafting a qb next year.
  7. I like this signing. Get all the first round talent you can.
  8. PFF is whack. They’ll show the PFF grades during the lineups of nationally televised games and like Von Miller will be like 25th of like 126 players at the position and all I’m thinking to myself is who the fuck are the 24 guys better than Von Miller at the position?? I have literally never watched a number 1 ranked PFF player. I don’t think they actually exist.
  9. Looks in poorer shape than Brady was...
  10. When you consider that the cap hit is less than half of Corey Davis, at least this year, lol.
  11. I’m of the opinion that Solder should probably start.
  12. He instantly becomes the Giants number 1, isn’t that all that matters right now? Plus, Jones can be every bit a gun slinger as Stafford if Garrett ran more than WR curls. Then again, with guys like Tate gone and Golladay, Ross, and Slayton, he actually has guys that can help him be confident as a passer.
  13. I think Stafford trusted him enough to toss him some contested catches...I don’t see it as a bad stat, he’s 6’4, I’d sling it to him, too. I believe the stat I saw, and it was on Twitter so I don’t know how to find it again, was that since entering the league, 52 of his receptions were considered “contested,” and it was something like 2nd in the league in that time frame.
  14. He’s near the top of the league in terms of contested catches, too.
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