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  1. They call Becton a mauler which brings to mind memories of stupid ass Ereck Flowers. I want a guy with footwork and technique. Also, they’re defense needs a playmaker be it pass rusher or linebacker.
  2. Lot of talk on Lions snagging a QB, still. I think a top defensive talent can be had at 4.
  3. I honestly think that stopping the run is more important than running the ball yourself. But it depends on the team. If you get teams constantly in second and third and long all game, you’re giving yourself a higher percentage to win. It also makes them one dimensional so you can start rushing the passer even on what were rushing downs. It happened to the Giants all season when Barkley was injured and recovering while playing. However, the way to beat a team like KC, New Orleans, and even Baltimore is to run the ball and keep their offense off the field. And it’s a big reason why Tennessee beat some strong teams. Yes, those teams can basically score at will. But you have to limit their opportunities to. If you can limit a team like Baltimore to 9 possessions versus 12 just by controlling the football, you’ve shaved points off the scoreboard. Baltimore was very careless with the football in that game too, which hadn’t happened all season. So the Titans got lucky in that respect.
  4. Stafford broke his back. He broke his back. Spinal. Not sure why the Lions wouldn’t be in the market for a qb prospect.
  5. This would solidify the coaching staff. Would love to see it.
  6. The Titans won because the Ravens turned the ball over three times and failed to convert like 4 fourth down plays.
  7. Except that stat is a disingenuous outlier. Has never happened before in the modern era. Usually, teams are pretty good at both.
  8. Yeah, it makes the Jones quote disingenuous. He didn’t go into those interviews without knowing the ins and outs of the roster.
  9. If I had an every down back, I’d never have even signed him.
  10. Chubb should have had the rushing title and Hunt won’t be on that team this year. Chubb is an every down back. Just as efficient at catching passes. And I won my fantasy league.
  11. And..he doesn’t commit to Jones in his introductory press conference.
  12. Great. The same guy who couldn’t get Odell the ball or more than two touchdowns and inexplicably gave Kareem Hunt touches over Nick Chubb. What could go wrong, there?
  13. And if Bobby Hart was still on the team and blew an assignment. “God dang it, Bobby.”
  14. May as well have hired Mike Judge.
  15. I hated the hire. I would have hated Rhule hiring, too. McCarthy was the pick.
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