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  1. Not to take anything away from Bradshaw in 2007, but holy shit what a difference a COMPETENT offensive line makes.
  2. I should have said the Giants were have rumored to offer him that, so take it with a grain of salt, but it sounds plausible since he didn't sign a deal with anyone.
  3. I give it a 10% chance of happening.
  4. The giants offered him a multi year deal, but one that was under $10mm per year, that he apparently rejected. My guess is it was something like 2-3 years and $7-8mm per year. Now he's getting half of that for just one season, so again, Golden's agent should be fired.
  5. He also had an injury history in the two years prior to the giants, missing 17 games in that span, and underperforming in the 15 games he did play (only 2.5 sacks), so injury history could have been a factor in making teams reluctant to offer a multi year or big deal.
  6. Allegedly Golden had better offers, but wanted over $10mm per year which no-one was willing to offer...and now he has a much worse deal than those better offers. He needs to fire his agent.
  7. I love Tomlinson. I just thought it was funny that he's excited about the coach because of the scheme, when he had the same approval of the scheme 2 years ago.
  8. Dalvin Tomlinson, June 2020: Dalvin Tomlinson says Giants' new defense has Alabama feel https://giantswire.usatoday.com/2020/06/29/dalvin-tomlinson-says-new-york-giants-new-defense-has-alabama-feel/?fbclid=IwAR08KFxL3Bbak1SpzLKkn5ag__8jkkbUGczhgzTND1YgPxbn3jpn8lUpFQs Dalvin Tomlinson, May 2018: New York Giants DL Dalvin Tomlinson: ‘New defense reminds me of Alabama’ https://elitesportsny.com/2018/05/31/new-york-giants-dl-dalvin-tomlinson-new-defense-reminds-me-alabama-interview/?fbclid=IwAR0TbKzSRAayd46iED9CmVwGLyg_J9UeW_12HW_xnEZvzP__d0l5K_u1cBQ
  9. I bet they don't even have a season. Too many players, coaches, and staff will get COVID-19 over the next several weeks (many already have) and they will call it off.
  10. Perfect. Can't come at a better time while our CB situation was already iffy heading into the season.
  11. I fucking hate when our first game is Sunday or Monday night.
  12. I think his skillset is there, but all of the other important elements are not, such as the mental makeup, leadership, etc.
  13. Yeah, I'm not sure what happened, but from 2011 through 2017, our drafts were an epic disaster. He missed on not one but two top 10 picks (Flowers and Apple) in recent years to make matters worse.
  14. Clowney's biggest problem is he's overrated, injury prone and has never produced except for two seasons with 9 sacks. He's not a bust, but he's definitely not worthy of his #2 overall pick, and not worth over $10mm.
  15. I think that's normally the case for a guy getting 10 plus sacks, but I think people might be thinking his injury history prior to 2019 gives reason to be cautious. Plus other factors could be his age (29, not a baby anymore), scheme fit (maybe people only see him as a 3-4 OLB or situational pass rusher), etc. Another factor is his side. We don't know what offers he got that he refused because he wanted more, offers that are now off the table once teams moved on. For all we know, he could have turned down close to 10 mil, like a 3 year $24mm contract.
  16. LOL...who were the ones saying Golden was going to get $10mm per year? He's going to end up with this one year prove it $5mm deal yet again.
  17. Yeah S may not have been as big of a position of need as some others on this team, buy I think we got an impact player in X man.
  18. Maybe he'll get better. There's hope for Hernandez with a new staff, but if he plays this year like last year, I'm ready to declare him a bust and move on. Nick Gates was serviceable and proved to be better than Hernandez (and Remmers). He could compete for the spot as well.
  19. I bet he has more of a shot at LG once Hernandez busts out.
  20. Yeah, plus I don't see how this is any different than us normally berating Gettlemen for his prior two poor free agencies like we always do. No different than any fans berating their GM in general for poor decisions. It's what fans do. Complain about poor decisions.
  21. He's had three coaches already, but now his fourth will make him Richard Seymour? And no other GM in the league could see that but Getty? Hah!
  22. The problem with the trade is it didn't need to happen. We could have just signed him in the off-season, likely for far cheaper, if we really wanted him. Possibly for something like 4 years $40-48 million, which wouldn't be too bad (I would have invested elsewhere, but that wouldn't be a bad deal). And we'd have a high 3rd rounder this year, a premium pick. I also trusted BJ Hill just fine in his place. Yes, Hill isn't as good, but it's not a huge drop-off to free up $17mm in cap space to allocate elsewhere. That $17mm could have gotten is Graham Glasgow and Markus Golden. It's just a huge blunder on Gettlemen's part.
  23. I agree. If you get anything out of a 5th - 7th rounder, whether it be rotational/backup and/or special teams player, consider that a win. Look back at drafts from 4-5 years ago and most teams 5-7th rounders are out of the league entirely. Everyone likes to glorify the Tom Brady's or even Ahmad Bradshaw's/Jessie Armsteads of the late rounds, but those instances are very rare.
  24. With a 4th round investment in a CB, we're lucky if the guy competes this season for a nickel back role (an important role that could see 50% of snaps), but not much more. If we get more out of him, that's a big win and great value. Heck even if he sticks as a nickel back for the next three years, that's not bad for a 4th round pick. It also make sense considering Beal can't stay on the field and has been bad when out there, plus the jury is still out on Baker and Ballentine.
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