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  1. I just checked out salary cap for 2022....oyyy vey we are in cap hell. DG what have you done to this team?
  2. I'm on board with firing him unless this team stages as dramatic turn around.
  3. The pass/route for Shepherd was also short of the 1st down marker.
  4. The NFL network all post-game was absolutely gushing over Taylor Henike "this guy is a playmaker" and "maybe the Skins have something here." We are so fucking pathetic.
  5. The giants are now 8-25 in games with Saquon Barkley, and 6-8 without, over the last 3+ years. In other words, the giants winning percentage with Saquon Barkley on the field is less than 25%.
  6. I'm not sure why anyone was optimistic going into the season when Will Hernandez and Nate Solder we're our starting RG and RT.
  7. The Browns are pointed in the right direction! We're the Jaguars or Lions!
  8. If we lose to the fucking Falcons next week, I have to think some firings need to happen.
  9. We make backup qbs look like Joe Montana. Might be the worst example of it since we got crushed by CJ Beathard and the 0-9 49ers.
  10. And where was Kadarius Toney tonight? At least Ojulari had an early sack.
  11. For reference, the Giants just got schooled on offense by Taylor Henike, JD Mckissic, and Rick Seals-Jones. Ok ok, Terry McClauren too
  12. This team and organization are so pathetic. This loss is not on any one player but friendly reminder that the Giants are 8-25 with Saquon Barkley, and 6-8 without over the last 3+ yrs.
  13. Very possible, and of course he potentially kick starts his starting career by beating the shit out of us.
  14. It's pathetic. And keep in mind, we just played a shit team too with a backup QB. Imagine when we face good teams coming up too....oooyyy.
  15. He jumped. It was just a boneheaded move.
  16. Bunch to his credit was brought in to be more of a rotational guy and FB alongside Hampton, plus he had that one good year before injuries ruined his career. But overall the Giants and Big 10 RBs do not mix.
  17. The Giants are 8-24 (25%) with Saquon Barkely, 7-10 (41%) without Barkley over the last three plus years. He may not be the generational back we all expected him to be, and I think most importantly is you don't build a franchise around a RB.
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