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  1. Clearing cap space is only a success if that cap is re-allocated to improve the team. Has it been? Solder was the major acquisition after we got rid of JPP; he's a disaster. And the O-line in general is still horrible. Meanwhile, $22mm allocated to Williams and Fackrell and their 1.5 sacks this year, and we still haven't address the O-Line this offseason. The two highest paid players on this team being Solder and Williams, with $36mm between them, is a fucking disgrace.
  2. I have no problem with getting rid of JPP....problem is who have we replaced him with? Our pass rush has been sub-par last year, though Golden was a lone bright spot, and now he's gone. Now he's gone in favor of Williams and Fackrell (yes, plus Ximines and Carter). $22mm in cap space to these two. What are we doing?
  3. Such a disgrace. And the other interesting part is....Getty brings in Leonard Williams to replace a guy, BJ Hill, who produced 5.5 sacks for the team the previous season (in his rookie season), and a high 3rd round pick at that. Leonard Williams then proceeds to post 0.5 sacks in 8 games for us this season, the equivalant of 1 sacks per season. How much better is Williams than BJ Hill really? Is he really $16mm better? For a few more pressures per year? Heck, even PFF for what it's worth has BJ Hill graded above Leonard Williams. So when we finally part ways with Leonard Williams after this season and his one year contract, we will have wasted 3rd and 5th for him, plus likely squandered a 3rd rounder on BJ Hill. Gettleman is a moron. For every good move he makes (Daniel Jones, Dexter Lawrence), he makes two dumb moves, and then fails to make the other/additional move he should have made.
  4. You know what's interesting, the top 5 paid players on the Bucs outside of Tom Brady are ($61mm of cap space allocated to these): - WR Mike Evans (pro bowl caliber WR) - DE/OLB Shaq Barrett (a top pass rusher) - LT Donovan Smith (a good LT) - DE Jason Pierre Paul (a good pass rusher, if you get 8-10 sacks out of him) - G Ali Marpet (a good G) One other point, the Bucs have ~$28mm invested in two guys who produced 28 sacks last year ($1mm per sack), versus the giants who have $22mm invested in two guys who produced 1.5 sacks last year ($14mm per sack). Meanwhile, here are our top 5 players ($68mm of cap space allocated to these): - LT Nate Solder (a disaster) - DE Leonard Williams (overpaid/overrated) - G Kevin Zeitler (Good G who I'm fine with) - WR Golden Tate - LB Blake Martinez Getty has us paying $7mm more for this bullshit vs the Bucs. I fucking hate him. Is anyone confident about our OL and pass rush going into this season? I'm not.
  5. I think they will manage since the team draft rooms have always been virtual anyway (or have for the past 20yrs or so)
  6. Any chance the Jaguars trade up their #9 and #20 pick, and possibly a mid rounder, to us for the #4 pick, to jump ahead and pick Tua? Or do they believe Minshew is their answer at Qb? In that scenario, you risk Wills or your top OL prospect possibly being drafted by the Cards or Panthers, but you still likely end up with a good OT, or DL Derrick Brown, LB Isaiah Simmons, possibly even Okudah if he ends up falling.
  7. Why is the Chargers theory shot? Have they found a QB?
  8. I"d be happy with that draft. Here's mine, assuming the Chargers trade scenario: 1 (6): Jedrick Wills, OT Alabama 2 (36): Lloyd Cushenberry, OC LSU I believe OL in general is our top priority, and I'm not at all comfortable going into the season with Spencer Pulley at C. Cushenberry and Cesar Ruiz are the top C in this draft, but I presume Ruiz will be gone at this point, so the giants pick Cushenberry. I would also love to take a top pass rusher, but the position is thin in this draft and no player at this point warrants a high 2nd round pick (plus I'm hoping we bring back Golden). https://www.nfl.com/prospects/lloyd-cushenberry?id=32194355-5318-1630-6286-472cca057e78 3 (71): Terrell Burgess, S Utah Interchangeable safety who provides depth and sub-package coverage roles, plus insurance in case Love doesn’t pan out and/or Peppers leaves next year. https://www.nfl.com/prospects/terrell-burgess?id=32194255-5210-2577-4960-9b8e33e83c2a 3 (95): Troy Dye, LB Oregon LB depth with coverage ability. https://www.nfl.com/prospects/troy-dye?id=32194459-4530-5092-a5b4-c72f08356d17 4 (110): Josiah Scott, CB Michigan State The giants need depth at CB and a slot cover corner, particularly as Sam Beal can't stay on the field plus hasn't shown much. Scott plays bigger than his size. Nevertheless, his traits are perfectly suited for slot corner with spot starting capabilities as well. https://www.nfl.com/prospects/josiah-scott?id=32195343-4f42-6818-5881-c2c3131f23ff
  9. I tried watching tape of these OL and the problem is I have no idea what I'm supposed looking at or looking for. So being the lay person, I'm generally looking for 1) Can he handle his assignment (including on twists and stunts) and 2) Is his defender around the ball carrier/close to the QB/pressuring the QB a lot. Wills looks the like a dominant, smooth, and sound player. Probably pro bowl/lock down caliber. I know he's a RT, but I'd be fine taking him. Thomas and Wirfs seem solid but nothing spectacular. Probably solid starters in the league, with potential for high ceilings in time. I'll have to watch Bechton next.
  10. Well, that's what I really mean. He hasn't been able to produce a capable offensive line. But this offseason, I don't think he's addressed it at all. If you're telling me we're going into the season with a rookie at RT/LT, Spencer Pulley or a 2nd - late round Center, and Nate Solder at LT, then the off-season has been a failure. Keep in mind, between Solder, Hernandez, Pulley, Zeitler (who I like), Fleming, etc. Best case scenario is Nick Gates rises to the occasion, we hit big on an OT and C in the draft, and Hernandez takes a leap forward. That's an awful lot to count on there. I would have felt a lot better if we brought in Graham Glasgow at C, Bulaga at RT, and drafted Andrew Thomas or Michael Bechton at LT.
  11. Cool, that way we'll have a decent defense to make up for a garbage offensive line.
  12. Gettlemen is a genius at giving himself excuses to prevent getting fired. Last year was all about turning the page on Eli and developing a new QB, so we largely forgave him for the poor season, plus praised him for getting us Daniel Jones. With this upcoming season, he has several built in excuses: - New coaches/new systems. - Lots of turnover in free agency. - Given that he blatantly failed to address the offensive line in free agency, if he drafts OL and expects them to start, he can simply say we have young players at key positions on the O line who we're developing. - Well, I only brought in Williams for a season and a half.
  13. Sweet, RB depth and ST. We're on our way to the playoffs baby.
  14. And Corey Coleman. Prob 1 year minimum deals, or close to it. But we still have a shit line.
  15. And I remind everyone that Ogletree was a Gettlemen acquisition. This is the most depressing table. Here are our top 5 paid players: Solder Leonard Williams James Bradberry Blake Martinez Kevin Zeitler https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-york-giants/cap/ Zeitler is fine I guess.
  16. Given that we didn't address our offensive line in free agency, next year appears to be another wasted season for Barkley. Unless Solder and Hernandez gets their act together, Gates turn out to be for real, we upgrade at C over Pulley, and/or draft starting caliber OL. Lots of ifs.
  17. Yep. Plus Golden remains unsigned last I checked. We probably could have locked him in with like 2 years 12 million, or 3 years 18. Instead, between Williams and Fackrell, we paid 22 million for 1.5 sacks. Ugh.
  18. Yeah, I'm not big on drafting or spending a lot on RBs and TEs. For the run game, in my view the biggest factor is and always has been the talent at OL.
  19. It depends on how he does the next two years...if he endures too much damage and degrades in ability, then yeah, I'd be averse to any long term commitment. But if he's a true generational back with consistent production, then I'd keep him. Judging by the fact that we haven't really fixed our offensive line this offseason, this year figures to be another tough year for Barkley.
  20. I don't see Martinez as an improvement. Is Bradberry an upgrade over Janoris Jenkins? That's what I'm judging on. Jenkins wasn't released until late in the season.
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