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  1. He's setting up the next GM with a solid foundation of picks.
  2. C Creed Humphrey still out there
  3. I'm hearing a lot of chatter / rumors about the Giants and OL Landon Dickerson in the 2nd round, so maybe my draft prediction is completely off.
  4. If 2 of the 3 of drafted OL they picked last year pan out, it'll be a success. But Peart may not be there yet. There's 3 other positions on the line (don't forget we lost Zeitler). I've said on here before, you can get away with having a developmental guy like Peart starting if you have 3-4 solid OL besides him, but we do not.
  5. By the way, here's a fun fact. The last 3 draft picks in the 1st round of this draft were Edge rushers (Oweh, Rousseau, Tryon)...Between the 3 of them, they had 0 sacks in 2020. lol (granted, two of them opted out, but still a funny stat).
  6. Joking aside, I feel better about this 2021 team/season than I do 2017-2020...but it could easily go badly, even with a healthy team.
  7. Actual footage of me when we passed on Slater:
  8. Unfortunately DG and co have indicated that they think the current OL is fine.
  9. I agree we needed better receivers...but your skill position players are only as good as your OL. Again, deprioritizing the OL while the OL is mediocre is the giants approach of the last several years.
  10. You're all free to continue supporting the Giants approach of the last 7 years. How's it working out for you? Oh this year, the highly questionable OL is going to put it all together? This is the year it's finally going to happen, eh? Also FYI...DG's free agency this year was not as good as everyone's boasting about either. I'm looking forward to seeing our new WR3 on the field this season, and looking forward to the two top 15 draft picks in 2022 for the new GM. I noticed Toney ran lots of Jet sweeps, end arounds, etc...That skillset will serve him well, since the giants will have to run completely around and away from their OL if they want to run the ball successfully.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CA_x2nbCS7Q Shaun O'Hara at around 7:25. He points out the giants not drafting Rashawn Slater indicates that they are content at the T position, and I would extend that implication to the G position that the giants are content there as well. I don't expect the DG to draft OL early.
  12. Edge players started flying off the board in the last 10 or so draft picks, and DG already indicated Edge is a priority, therefore I expect him to target guys like Ossai, Ojulari, Ronnie Perkins, or Hamilcar Rashad with the #42 pick. CB Ifeatu Melifonwu, CB Aaron Robinson, LB Jabril Cox, LB Nick Bolton are possibilities as well, in terms of what I expect DG to do in round 2.
  13. Most outside observers realize the giants desperately need an OL.
  14. Even without a potential injury, going into the season relying on four starters in year 2 at their positions to all turn it on + Will Hernandez (or a mid round draft pick) to figure it out is wishful thinking. As far as knowing the rest of the draft picks...I'm telling you, if DG and the Giants weren't content with their current OL, they would not have a) Spent FA premium assets on everything but the OL and then b) Passed on Slater or Vera-Tucker when they fell into their laps. If DG and the GIants thought OL was a big need, they wouldn't have done this. 97% certain picks #42 and #76 will be defense...maybe, maybe #76 could be a TE if Hunter Long falls, or if they find themselves believing in Tommy Tremble. Only a very small, remote likelihood that they draft OL with the next two picks. As far as rounds 4-6. That's where I'd bet on the OL pick...in their view, for depth.
  15. I'm sick and tired of watching the same mediocre OL and offense in general year in year out, and then ending every season bewildered that we can't put together a competent OL. Year 4 of DG's tenure, where we knew going in that OL was an issue way back in 2018, and we're still going into the 2021 season relying on four guys in the 2nd year at their positions + Will Hernandez (or possibly plus a mid round pick, but I doubt it). This is what I might expect in year 2 of a GM...not year 4.
  16. Relying on one or two new/inexperienced OL to improve dramatically...that's fine. Relying on four to five to improve dramatically is the failed giants formula of the last several years.
  17. This is precisely what happened. I say again, they deluded themselves into thinking they can work with this LT: Thomas LG: Lemieux C: Gates RG: Hernandez RT: Peart Backups: Harrison, Fulton, Solder I can already tell you right now what's going to happen too...one of these guys is going to get hurt fairly early on, and when the OL inevitably sucks, we will be blaming the injury...not the GM...especially if it's Thomas or Gates hurt.
  18. Right...either way he leaves us in good draft position for 2022 with two top 15 picks (after the losing season this year). I can't wait to see the next GM build a component OL.
  19. It won't be his choice. He'll be canned.
  20. At the end of the day, I'm just glad DG is thinking about the future of this team when he's not here. Setting us up with what's likely to be two top 15 1st round picks in 2022 is a positive. I'm looking at the bright side here.
  21. It won't be his choice after this season.
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