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  1. If he's the 2nd ILB in a 3-4 alignment, and special teams contributor, not a bad signing. If we're expecting him to be the primary ILB, then we're dumb. Here's to hoping we sign Cory Littleton. Connelly has to come back healthy too.
  2. Yeah, that's a little too rich for my liking. He's a good CB, but he's not top 5, or a perennial pro bowler or anything.
  3. Very possible, but I have a feeling that his injury history and age (he's not old, but he's not young either) will hurt him in that pursuit, coupled with the fact that there is a rich market of EDGE players ahead of him.
  4. Yes, especially given we're so thin at the position, plus if we go 4-3, he can take on the WLB position, while in 3-4 can take one of the MLB positions alongside Connolly. He has position versatility. Speaking of which, I presume Connolly is expected to be ready for this season?
  5. I'm okay with paying Bryon Jones 5 years $75-80 million. Overall, if we have ~$72mm available, after factoring in draft picks, my plan would be: DL Chris Jones: 6 years $135 million. First year cap number could be ~$18mm. CB Bryon Jones: 5 years $75 million. First year cap number could be ~$12mm. On OT, I doubt they sign an OL to a big contract, since I suspect they like Nick Gates at RT, plus I believe they are banking on an OL in the draft; so I am going to cross this off my list. C Graham Glasgow: 5 years $60 million. First year cap ~$9mm LB: Cory Littleton: 5 years $70 million. First year cap ~$12mm Edge: I'd bring back Markus Golden. I think he won't command a huge contract. 3 years $20mm. First year cap $6mm Total spending on the above: 18 + 12 + 9 + 12 + 6 = $57mm. Leaving us with $15mm leftover for whatever other role players/backups we need. Meanwhile, after we draft an OL, cut Nate Solder and save an additional $6.5mm.
  6. Why Logan Ryan and not Byron Jones? From what I've read, Logan Ryan played mostly as a slot corner. I feel we need a solid veteran outside CB on this team, to pair with Beal, Baker, and Haley.
  7. Perfect. Chris Jones, here we come baby. 6 years $135 million. Do it Dave!
  8. If it's more than $10mm per year, Gettlemen got rolled. I wanted us to instead go all in on DL Chris Jones.
  9. Trade down with the phins or chargers, and pick up an extra 2nd rounder so we can draft this guy: https://www.nfl.com/prospects/harrison-bryant?id=32194252-5936-3372-c05e-d19e0eddbf05
  10. At this point, why not move him to wideout, with Slayton on the opposite side, with Shepherd and Tate alternating at or competing for the slot? He's not a good blocker anyway, and can't stay healthy as a traditional or even a move oriented TE. I think it's worth a try. I can't see anyone trading much for him. By the way, the kid from Florida Atlantic looks like he could be a steal in round 2.
  11. Trade to 6 or 7 and take the best OT available, hopefully Jedrick Willis or Andrew Thomas.
  12. That's definitely a possibility as well. Any scheme which frees him up to attack instead of taking on blocks.
  13. Well to me with his fantastic combine and demonstrably fast speed and agility, Simmons just made the case for why he can and should be moved SS in this league. If we took him and put him a SS, I'd be happy with it. I'm not sure we're going to extend Peppers after this year, the last year in his contract, though he does have the 1 year option if we choose to exercise it. Simmons can be the next Troy Palamalu, but hopefully without the injuries. Other case for him might be WILL LB in a 4-3 scheme. MLB could be difficult for him. Either way, he's likely going to be a successful defender in the league for a long time.
  14. Isaiah Simmons is the kind of guy we likely pass on, and instead land get a solid OT....yet years down the road, Simmons will have like 3x all pros by the time he's 30.
  15. Bethea and Ellison should be cut as well.
  16. I doubt the two get that much. Golden might come close though. His problem is past injuries might have him labeled as injury prone.
  17. Cuts to free up cap space, and cut the dead weight: Ogletree Ellison Kareem Martin Bethea Free agency: DL Chris Jones, 6 years $135 million LB Corey Littleton, 5 years $75-85 million CB Byron Jones, 5 years $75-85 million C Graham Glasgow, 5 years, $60 million Re-signings Olb Markus Golden, 3 years $24 million OT Mike Remmers (as a backup) 1 year, $2mm Lb David Meyo (backup, depth) 1 year, minimum WR Corey Coleman 1 year, minimum Draft: 1st: Best OT available. Thur far, I like Jedrick Willis 2nd: DE/OLB Jonathan Greenard, or best Edge available. 3rd (assuming compensatory pick for Landon Collins), best S available.
  18. "Gettleman thinks he got someone worth two draft picks....for 8 games...in a failing season.
  19. Oh now you don't care about the draft picks because it was never your decision? When has any Giants front office decision been your decision? Lol I didn't say I was an expert. All I said is it's rudimentary football knowledge that draft picks, which don't matter to you, are precious assets that help build a team. One must work in an NFL front office to grasp that? Having said that, let's review the facts: - We traded a 3rd and 4th/5th rounder (and a high draft picks in each round) for an underachieving Leonard Williams, for 8 games in a failing season. So what the hell did we get in return for those two draft picks? What other team not going on a playoff run does this? If we wanted him as a FA all along, we could have bid for and signed him in the off-season without giving up two draft picks, one of which is a premium pick. Getty threw away and wasted those draft picks for NOTHING. That is gross incompetence. And when you say we've wasted entire drafts...yeah. Bad GMs waste their draft picks. Our GM just wasted two of ours.
  20. The draft is largely how you build your team, and the those pics are precious assets Getty just squandered for nothing. This "we needed an 8 game audition to find out about him" excuse is a joke. Again, if Getty couldn't get a read on a player after 4 1/2 years in the league, he should not have pursued the guy. Most teams, good teams, covet their draft picks. Winning teams. Even middle round picks matter. For example KC: Kelce: 3rd rounder. Tyreke Hill: 5th rounder. Mahomes: Their trade included a 3rd round pick to get him. Nobody gives their DL enough credit but Derrick Nnadi, Kalen Saunders: 3rd rounders. You brought up the Eli trade. Guess what was part of the trade to bring him in...middle round picks! The reason you don't care about draft picks is because you don't know what you're doing.
  21. If Gettlemen thought that, then that's just another illustration of his incompetence. I also don't understand exactly why BJ Hill was in the doghouse all season, after a promising rookie year.
  22. The team was going nowhere last season. Trading away a high 3rd and 4th/5th for an underachiever for only 8 games in a losing season is gross incompetence. As I said, what other team does this? What the heck did we just get for our precious draft picks, key assets we need to build a winning team? At least when the Lions traded for Harrison, and Saint Eli Apple, they gave up far less for guys that they planned to have around for at least two plus years. Getty got rolled by the Jets.
  23. I doubt anyone is going to lose sleep over losing Williams. He's not going anywhere else and pulling a Shaq Barrett type enlightenment. If anything, if we sign him to a big deal and he underachieves as he always has, that will be the ammo to fire Getty.
  24. They have to find something to write about and they're hoping we have short memories, lol.
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