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  1. He is finished. Saquon "Boobie Miles" Barkley An acl tear...will most definitely have a meniscus tear too...and a patella dislocation as well. A death sentence for any type of playwr that needs to cut and fake niggaz out. He will never be able to donthat again. If they ever have fans in the stands at gs...maube he cannsell popcorn cause he sure as hell can no longer play professional football....hell, he wont be able to play a pick up game of touch on thanksgiving with middle aged white grandfather's. Hed get embarrassed What a dumb Fucking pick.
  2. Thanks my man. I hope they can be a 500 team...just as long as they show progress I'll be happy and consider the season a success. I'm excited...I read your post in the other thread about them being young....that's great..but there has to be some continuity on the coaching staff and player personnel if there will be success in the future
  3. When does the season start? How bad will we be? Opinions on the new coaching staff? Will there be fans? Is my favorite player in the world still on the team?(guy who stuck up an illegal card game?)
  4. I should have just kept going on my run and died
  5. The Yankees need continuity. Their offense is awful. They're averaging only like 4 runs a game...but that's not a good indicator because they started out mashing. Over their last 20 they're averaging like 2.6 runs per game...that's awful
  6. They have been throwing inside all year to the Yankees. Tanaka was trying to hit people, but he doesn't throw hard and was aiming for their feet. They hit wendle...it should have been over. Chapman is a cowboy, he is old school. He didn't think hitting Wendel was enough. So he threw 100 mph fastballs at their heads. Rays didn't like it. Cash said he has a pitching staff full of guys who throw 100 and will retaliate. Should be interesting
  7. They should have swept the Mets. The Ray's are killing the Yankees this year. And they have only l, Glasnow healthy for their starting staff. Their bullpen is incredible. They throw like 6 innings everyday that Glasnow doesn't start. Sometimes 9 innings. The Yankees have too many injuries...no lineup continuity. It's very hard to hit when you're getting regular at bats. It's almost impossible to get in a groove offensively when you you have a new line up daily. Only voit and le machine are hitting and that's because they play every day. They are
  8. Jesus Christ they are embarrassing. Lost a winnable game to the Mets where degrom didn't throw one pitch. 6 game losing streak is probably like a 15 game losing streak if this weren't a shortened season. They're lucky they started so hot because they'd be out of the 8 seed race right now
  9. It's very odd with Stanton. Makes me question the Yankees training regimen or what they allow players to do and not to do. In any type of physical exercise/activity. Especially since it's a lot of players who never were fragile until they put on the pinstripes. Stanton played like 150 games a year...every year... except the year he was hit in the face....when he was with the Marlin's. Was healthy his first year with the Yanks...and in his second year...he is out all the time and now again You have to question the training staff. It
  10. Only silver lining is that voit has shown he is no fluke and arguably the best first baseman in baseball not named Paul or Freddie
  11. Well this awful season is pretty much over for the Yankees. I see it as the Yankees have imploded to the point of no return. Just play all the youngsters that either have no chance of making the team next year, or the guys like Garcia and Schmidt, Wade, Holder, Gittens et cetera who need to get their feet wet in the majors Like 2016, I'd do exactly what they did that year. More than half the starters are hurt. No need to get them hurt more and have them lost for 2021. Or guys like le machine who need to be extended lost for spring training next year
  12. No way. These guys are either already paid and have other interests they want to indulge in. Or they are showing what they can do at an early stage of their careers then sitting out often with made up or trivial injures so they stay fresh,( especially true for pitchers) then have a healthy walk year where they put up phenomenal numbers
  13. I don't get it I'm 43 years old. I'm 6'2. I weigh and anemic 159 pounds. I'm in awful overall health, especially for a Man my age... And I can swing a fucking bat. You're telling me that judge and Stanton.... physical specimen, in their 20's can't swing a bat because their hamstring hurt or their core is sore? Get the fuck out of here They talk about these guys like they're some 104 year old geriatric great grandfather
  14. The Yankees have a plethora of hard throwing right handers. Their bullpen will be all homegrown soon. And they have a ton of offensive depth . Especially on the outfield. They seem unbeatable right now. Happy they got off to a good start cause with only 60 games, you can. Be out of it by the third week
  15. This pandemic is such bullshit. I live in Chinatown. I'm middle aged with a plethora of health problems and I haven't gotten so much as a runny nose. The people who are dying from it would die from the flu too. It's sad and unfortunate, but that's life. And if it's inevitable that the entire human race is going to die from this shit, we might as well go out living our lives to fullest while we can. I know everything I said is ignorant,but I'm fed up
  16. Should be interesting. I bet a few guys will have batting averages near or above 400. And many starting pitchers will have sub 1 era's
  17. Looks like he did the gangsta thingband spent some money on the would be witnesses. I love him so much. I dont wear or buy for that matter sports Jerseys and have a mans name on my back vut id wear his. ...with pride
  18. Not only is deandre baker very black. He is also from miami florida and commits armed robbery I fucking love this kis
  19. Guess who is my favorite current or former ny giant? Ill give you a hint. He committed armed robbery to recoup a gambling loss.
  20. Game ones are always a toss up...but the steelers have more roster and coaching continuity and are just a better team. The bears always beat us. Plus they have gotten better this offseason. San fran is great and although they play in our house...they play the jets the week before so they wont have any cross country jet lag and fatigue issues playing a 1 oclock on the east coast. Possibly win against the rams they've regressed and lost many good players Dallas is much better than we are. Thats 1-4 at best. But i think they go on t
  21. It's possible they start 0-5.
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