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  1. Keeping the staff together along with personnel is very important. Hardly any team that has a new staff, many new players..whether young guys drafted or veterans acquired from another team, seem to do well. it takes more than two years...especially with the turnover of roster players along with coaches. Gettleman should know that. Maybe he finally got the right staff..now it’s about developing the young players and keeping the team together so they grow together. And know each other well. They can get in sync.
  2. Yeah...maybe Rudolph said nothing and Garrett was just angry over a discussion about William Butler Yeats being overrated and it spilled onto the field where ye took it out on rudolph? Could have happened
  3. I cant tell if youre being sarcastic or not. Either way, its funny.
  4. Congratulations. I didn’t know you were a grandfather. That’s marvelous!!! Must be so fun to spoil the shit out of her! my daughter is graduating grad school this year. And if she decides to get her ph.d then she won’t be having a kid any time soon. But I’d love a granddaughter and grandson.
  5. I was wild as hell.....i was too good for Manhattan little Leaguers...i used to play in the summer in staten Island...went ti the llws....would have won the whole thing if the rules didnt allow you to have a pitcher pitch on consecutive days with no off days. We had a future major League all star thst was untouchable in ll...he was a man amongst boys. We finished second. We lost because i pitched against the California team in the semifinals....calinfornia went on to beat the Japanese in the title game and we slaughtered Canada in the losers round. I tossed 5 innings of 3 run ball...9k's 5hbp...4 walks..one hit...bases loaded single scored all their runs off me. We lost 5-3. Jason marquis went a complete game shutout against canada...15 strike outs. He would have shut out cali...i was a risk starting that game but all our other pitchers weren't eligible.
  6. Its a ridiculous justification for assault 2...a class c felony in nyc...an eager, aggressive young hotshot prosecutor might even look for an attempted murder indictment. Anywhere from a 3-9 for a 10 to 20. Assault 2 is maxim sentence of 12 years i believe. Anyway, it happened, it was ugly, immature and reckless. No-one was hurt luckily. Lets move on. Its a violent sport with strong men who many have had difficult home lives and have anger issues. Especially race related anger...from both black and white players and personnel. Get over it...move on. The nfl lets wife beaters and murderers play and go to the hof. Get over it. Nobody was hurt
  7. You all know how i feel about this. If he becomes a ufa, whenever that may be, and he is still under 28, the giants better back up the brinks truck and sign him. Buy him a few very young, eastern European kidnapping/forced into slavery victims to woo him if that's what it takes...fuck it...buy a White GUY and let him kill that white guy. Just sign him. They play a violent game. God forbid it gets too violent. Pussies
  8. Last time i was clocked throwing a ball was a while ago, but i was pumping low 80's consistently. Probably have to take at lest 15mph off that now..but 65 to eye hurts....badly. Id hurl one at him myself gievn the chance.
  9. Ridiculous. First his wife doesn't want him to be seen shirtless. Then it was because of a bad tattoo. Jose altuve has hundreds of pictures of himself shirtless on his social media accounts. Also, theres been plenty of times his shirt was ripped off prior to that walk off. It was only a problem that day. Give me a break.
  10. I’m glad to see I’m not the only person here that knows the benefits of having a very black team
  11. No worries Bob, I like the darker side of you. Up until the early 2000’s , the bathrooms at the Friday night games at the stadium were like an 80’s club. Blow everywhere. it was awesome. I hate the new stadium. It’s awful. Like a warehouse mixed with a museum mixed with a factory. Ugly citifield on the other hand is fantastic
  12. Ill be there unless something unexpected happens like law enforcement, or some kind of tragic, unbeknownst catastrophe, i will be there. Last series of the year....it might even have playoff implications. Could be playing for the top AL team, and/or even best record for home field in the series
  13. But we can still go to a game if I'm alive and well enough this summer...they don't play eachother untik the last series of the season i think though.
  14. They dont play this spring or id book us a trip to Florida for a spring training game and debauchery on me
  15. “If I hit a home run that sends us to the World Series, my teammates can rip off my pants!” hysterical
  16. For a guy thats pretty black with a great black first name, i should like him more than i do. Obviously id take him over any white, but they can do blacker.....i mean better
  17. Is smoking hot. It’s funny...the only guy on the Chiefs who dates a black girl is a white guy.
  18. Traded to dodgers. Along with David Price. The dodgers are fucking stacked.
  19. Is it only me or has the Superbowl been really boring the past few years? Last year was atrocious. The previous had the iggles, before that the awful falcons debacle. The last good one was wheb Seattle blew it on the last play by throwing it from inside the 2
  20. If the Niners get a field goal and the score holds..I’m 100k richer
  21. I have 0 chiefs and 3 Niners. not bad but it always ends in crazy numbers winner takes all...$100,000
  22. Old boy style. if you don’t know The reference...check out a Korean film called old boy. It’s incredible. So sick. i believe there’s a American remake too that’s supposed to be decent but I’d watch the original korean film if you could
  23. Some geriatric writer that thinks that nobody should be unanimous for sure. Or a person with a severe Yankees bias. Very unprofessional. You need to be objective about that...even Michael Kay is pretty good at being objective even though he is a lifelong Yankees fan . And I don’t even like him much. Al trautwig was a homer. Guy definitely humped the stadium hallways when he was broadcasting the Yankees. He must have been heartbroken like he just found out his long lost daughter was his new girlfriend. And she cheated on him with Gary Cohn
  24. In this day and age you’re still insensitive assholes mocking drafts. I hope whenever you are drafting something a person will see it and copy it and put it on social media for all to mock
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