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  1. Im tougher than tate. Guy is a total sissie. Id beat the shit out of him...even with my arm broken
  2. Hell yes ...they have to win game 1. Hopefully the offense continues to be devastating like they were in Cleveland
  3. Not one elite player on either side of the ball...though collectively, the defense and the dc who calls a great game, are capable. Without Barkley, not one play maker on offense...its embarrassing when your leading rusher is a white quarterback. That said...i give them a mulligan on the season due to all the abnormalities that 2020 covid has done to sports and all the unknowns...no training camp...no real preseason not sure if there would be a season et cetera.
  4. arguably the worst giants team in my lifetime...i was born in 77. 0-16 is a strong possibility. Maybe 1-15 cause the cowboys
  5. Its always going to be around. Like the flu. Some got it..some dont. Unlike the fku you can be asymptomatic with this version of coronavirus so its more difficult to contain. Testing testing testing and more testing is the only way to tell
  6. Yeah, although he wasnt very good in the few innings he threw fir the Yankees, gallaegos turned out to be a good late inning reliever for the cardinals. But id take arguably the 3rd best 1st basemen (offensively) in baseball over a relief pitcher any day. I hate the rays...i hate Florida...i hate that depressing dome stadium they call home. Worst ballpark in baseball....and its by far...toronto is awful too...but its significantly better than the trop. I hate blake snell and his wigger accent....i hate kevin cash cause he played for the red sox...i hate their ugly uniforms....i hate everything about them. Yankees in 3. They tattoo snell in game 1...cole pitches a gem. Tanaka returns to his dominant October self in game 2 and happ continues his stellar pitching like his last 7 starts.
  7. Fake photo. Black guys dont do water...or boats other than the staten island ferry
  8. The best first baseman not named Paul or Freddie won the ml home run crown. And he shared time with ford and a revolving door at dh. Less at bats than all other qualifiers too. And he made like 200k this season Luke, no undershirt and 3 buttons undone, voit. Between him and le machine, the Yankees have 2 of the best bargains in baseball. Though DJ is due for a significant increase in pay come this offseason. Hopefully the Yankees retain him. Id give him 4 years 100 mil with an option/buyout. But some team might go longer and more....if that happens...sadly, you let him walk. Give DJ the cano treatment...heres our best offer..take it or leave it The cardinals must be happy with the trade too though...they have goldy at first and gallaegos turned out to be a dominant late inning reliever for them. Shreve is serviceable too. Though he left st. Louis after the trade
  9. Sanchez was clutch last night....and thats why you dont give up on him. This season was disastrous for sanchez, but it was a weird season in general. I take his regular season with a grain of salt. Must have been especially difficult for him to get in shape and used to the bizarre schedule. Hopefully this post season will bring the best out if gary. Theyre going to need everyone to be ar their best if theyre going to get passed the rays . But how about urshela? Flashing the leather...caught a laser grounder abd turned it into a double play while seated. Incredible
  10. I fucking knew it. Cole 2ks an inning so far...11 k through 6. Yankees offense laying it on thick 11-2 in the 7th. Hahahahaha
  11. Off to a prophetic start. 2 nothing yanks in the first Hahahaha
  12. They should win tonight. I know that beiber kid has been incredible this year but we have Cole going. And cole will absolutely carve up the indians pathetic line up. I see cole going 8 innings...1 hit 17 ks tonight. Yankees win 5-0
  13. Im giving everyone a mulligan on this season. Take everything with a grain of salt. Lets see what happens in a nromal season and let them have some continuity
  14. They go on a tear and now they are playing like shit. However....i think they're just getting ready for the playoffs. Lot of guys need at bats since they missed so much time. Im optimistic. I think they are going to manhandle niggaz in the playoffs. They have shown that they can go on a tear at any given moment
  15. He is finished. Saquon "Boobie Miles" Barkley An acl tear...will most definitely have a meniscus tear too...and a patella dislocation as well. A death sentence for any type of playwr that needs to cut and fake niggaz out. He will never be able to donthat again. If they ever have fans in the stands at gs...maube he cannsell popcorn cause he sure as hell can no longer play professional football....hell, he wont be able to play a pick up game of touch on thanksgiving with middle aged white grandfather's. Hed get embarrassed What a dumb Fucking pick. Assholes
  16. Thanks my man. I hope they can be a 500 team...just as long as they show progress I'll be happy and consider the season a success. I'm excited...I read your post in the other thread about them being young....that's great..but there has to be some continuity on the coaching staff and player personnel if there will be success in the future
  17. When does the season start? How bad will we be? Opinions on the new coaching staff? Will there be fans? Is my favorite player in the world still on the team?(guy who stuck up an illegal card game?)
  18. I should have just kept going on my run and died
  19. The Yankees need continuity. Their offense is awful. They're averaging only like 4 runs a game...but that's not a good indicator because they started out mashing. Over their last 20 they're averaging like 2.6 runs per game...that's awful
  20. They have been throwing inside all year to the Yankees. Tanaka was trying to hit people, but he doesn't throw hard and was aiming for their feet. They hit wendle...it should have been over. Chapman is a cowboy, he is old school. He didn't think hitting Wendel was enough. So he threw 100 mph fastballs at their heads. Rays didn't like it. Cash said he has a pitching staff full of guys who throw 100 and will retaliate. Should be interesting
  21. They should have swept the Mets. The Ray's are killing the Yankees this year. And they have only l, Glasnow healthy for their starting staff. Their bullpen is incredible. They throw like 6 innings everyday that Glasnow doesn't start. Sometimes 9 innings. The Yankees have too many injuries...no lineup continuity. It's very hard to hit when you're getting regular at bats. It's almost impossible to get in a groove offensively when you you have a new line up daily. Only voit and le machine are hitting and that's because they play every day. They are the Yankees offense right now. With Sanchez hitting a clutch home run now and then, when he isn't striking out. I'm glad they didn't do anything at the trade deadline, it would have been stupid. They need to play the kids regularly at this point. Who cares about winning the world series this year...it doesn't count in my book. Play the kids that you think are in the teams near future and rest the guys like judge so they're good to go next season. They should have traded guys like le maihue, tanaka, paxton...guys in their walk years. And they could just sign them again in the off-season. And they would get some talent to boot.
  22. Jesus Christ they are embarrassing. Lost a winnable game to the Mets where degrom didn't throw one pitch. 6 game losing streak is probably like a 15 game losing streak if this weren't a shortened season. They're lucky they started so hot because they'd be out of the 8 seed race right now
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