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  1. As long as he is actually big and black...i love the signing.
  2. How old is that guy? id still take him over a white guy, even a young one, but he is too old
  3. He is not even close to black either . Mexican American named Blake not even bilahkay....K M key would say it..and he is from Tucson Arizona. holy shit, I bet he needs sunblock to prevent getting burned on sunny days. And he definitely fucked or currently fucks a girl named Ashley.
  4. Do I like this guy, fellas? I don’t know anything about him....race, age etc. if he is black i like him
  5. Getty should have offered a 4th for him. This team needs a veteran number 1 receiver for its young quarterback. Thats such a sick trade. Houston is fucking insane
  6. I’d rather have evan Rachel wood on my football team than a black man named Evan any day. and you wonder why he’s always hurt....names Evan...that name makes a lamb seem dangerous
  7. Black guy named Evan. .should know better than to expect much out of him
  8. Jones, the 4th overall this year, a second next year and this year’s 4th round for Haskins, 2nd overall this year and one of the skins wideouts
  9. Gallery over mannimg!!!!! He was a pretty good player too though....but im glad we traded for eli. If you get a white guy, qb is the position that he should play. Nowhere else....maybe punter and/or kicker...but no more.
  10. Judge is a injury concern...he has only played one full season. He has missed significant time with an array of different ailments. Now Stanton caught whatever judge has. He was a pretty healthy player on the Marlins. He only missed significant tims when fiers hit him in the face. Now he isn't going to start the season healthy...who knows what's wrong. He has been feeling it since January. Again the yankees wait forever to have their players tested wheb they complain of a possible injury. I bet he needs surgery and will miss the entire season...or its something catastrophic....like cancer...which would be devastating for everyone. Fuck baseball...hes a good person and that would be very very heartbreaking for everybody.1
  11. As my main man Larry fishburn once said...."well, sometimes you gotta cut a muthafucka"
  12. I don’t know a thing about working out or physical fitness or being a top notch athlete. the last time I played baseball was 12 years ago.. I played in the mbl league in Manhattan/Bronx/Brooklyn/Queens....AA division. Filled with former professional ball players and/or college studs some guys even spent time in the show. Guys throw 90 plus with filthy breaking balls. Wooden bats only. 5th game of the year...I’m facing a tough lefty that played in the pirates organization. I hate lefty’s to begin with...one because I am left handed and you don’t see them much. The first pitch he locks me up with a sick curveball. Threw it again for a ball. Then another for a ball. I knew what was coming next. I barreled up a fastball. But there was rain earlier that day and my spikes got caught in the muddy dirt in the batters box. I felt my knee pop out and move..then another pop and I was on the ground screaming...dislocated knees and torn mcl. i haven’t played since. so if these guys can get hurt...even in their physical condition, I feel bad for them. they want to be out there...shit happens
  13. Never. Elite under 30 players will always get huge long term contracts. It’s the only way to retain them.
  14. They have to depth and offense to still be a contender....but this hurts....and Paxton is good for another trip to the il when he returns. Hopefully tanaka can stay healthy and productive
  15. I guess you can't blame the current training and medical staff...they weren't hired until January. But the yankees history with players injuries is awful. They seem to wait too long to have their players diagnosed and operated on. It wouldn't have mattered with severino this year....he would still be out for all of 2020...but he got hurt in the playoffs...had pain all offseason and didn't catch the tear until 2 weeks into spring training? Sheesh
  16. Keeping the staff together along with personnel is very important. Hardly any team that has a new staff, many new players..whether young guys drafted or veterans acquired from another team, seem to do well. it takes more than two years...especially with the turnover of roster players along with coaches. Gettleman should know that. Maybe he finally got the right staff..now it’s about developing the young players and keeping the team together so they grow together. And know each other well. They can get in sync.
  17. Yeah...maybe Rudolph said nothing and Garrett was just angry over a discussion about William Butler Yeats being overrated and it spilled onto the field where ye took it out on rudolph? Could have happened
  18. I cant tell if youre being sarcastic or not. Either way, its funny.
  19. Congratulations. I didn’t know you were a grandfather. That’s marvelous!!! Must be so fun to spoil the shit out of her! my daughter is graduating grad school this year. And if she decides to get her ph.d then she won’t be having a kid any time soon. But I’d love a granddaughter and grandson.
  20. I was wild as hell.....i was too good for Manhattan little Leaguers...i used to play in the summer in staten Island...went ti the llws....would have won the whole thing if the rules didnt allow you to have a pitcher pitch on consecutive days with no off days. We had a future major League all star thst was untouchable in ll...he was a man amongst boys. We finished second. We lost because i pitched against the California team in the semifinals....calinfornia went on to beat the Japanese in the title game and we slaughtered Canada in the losers round. I tossed 5 innings of 3 run ball...9k's 5hbp...4 walks..one hit...bases loaded single scored all their runs off me. We lost 5-3. Jason marquis went a complete game shutout against canada...15 strike outs. He would have shut out cali...i was a risk starting that game but all our other pitchers weren't eligible.
  21. Its a ridiculous justification for assault 2...a class c felony in nyc...an eager, aggressive young hotshot prosecutor might even look for an attempted murder indictment. Anywhere from a 3-9 for a 10 to 20. Assault 2 is maxim sentence of 12 years i believe. Anyway, it happened, it was ugly, immature and reckless. No-one was hurt luckily. Lets move on. Its a violent sport with strong men who many have had difficult home lives and have anger issues. Especially race related anger...from both black and white players and personnel. Get over it...move on. The nfl lets wife beaters and murderers play and go to the hof. Get over it. Nobody was hurt
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